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  • 1. Community Phone story …
  • 2. « an individual poor personis an isolated island byhimself or herself.Information Technology canend that isolation overnight »Dr. Muhammad Yunus2006 Nobel laureate
  • 3. learn« Orange provides a fully branded pack to support the community phone operator to start their activity»« We introduced greener solutions via a solar charger to eliminate the need to use car batteries topower the Orange Community phones»« We kept in mind the target audience – the man who had to walk 16km just to make a call. Wetested, then tested again to source the most robust equiprment. » Orange Project team
  • 4. test« Everybody held their breath during the test call, but when the phone call came in and was over, wholevillage rang out » Orange Djamaa Phone coordinators
  • 5. listen…« They said that before [telecommunications services]; when there were injured people,they had to travel 80km to find an ambulance »« When there were no telephones, store keepers hadto go to Bamako to restock. It could cost up toFCFA10 000 for travel fees, whereas now they can manage it for FCFA200 to 500 by using a phone »« Before community phone, we weren’t in Mali because we weren’t connected to the world »« We were in the darkness, and the callbox lit us up » Malian Villagers
  • 6. listen…« Usually to call we had to go to the town because there was no solution here. We walked for around 13km, fora call….”« I have eleven children and only two livewith me, so imagine how important it is to join them or to bereachable » Madagascar
  • 7. Mama Tangara, from katiana village First Djamaa Phone operator, previously out of job, today a micro entrepreneur with a particular place within his community and a revenue higher to Mali GDP PPP per Capita. « Before Djamaa, he lived off the community, he was dependent but since Djamaa launch, he is the one who helps it and one of the most important person of the village.» Katiana Prefect
  • 8. launch ….In the villages and in the presence of government representatives, local authorities, regional notables,microfinance institutions, Orange’s delegation to promote the Orange Community Phone
  • 9. Malian Diaspora event in ParisAn event which gathered 300 members of the Malian Diaspora together. Organized with Migrant Malianorganization and in the presence of Mali’s government.Aimed to present Djamaa Phone product to Malian migrants to allow them to finance a community phoneequipment for their own native village .
  • 10. …celebrateSharing experiences within the community
  • 11. orange community phone in AMEA
  • 12. orange community phone in AMEA
  • 13. orange community phone in AMEA
  • 14. « Because for all of us, it ismuch more than a simpleantenna»Orange Community phone team
  • 15. la vie change avec orange