Extremni vykon aplikaci s oracle exalogic elastic cloud
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  • 1. ORACLE PRODUCT LOGOExalogic Elastic Cloud I Extrémní výkon aplikacíJaroslav NovotnýIT Architect
  • 2. Engineered Systems I Dawn of a New Era Before Now
  • 3. Horizontal Standardization I The Dream START Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 ?
  • 4. Horizontal Standardization I Year 2 Reality START Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • 5. Horizontal Standardization I Year 3 Stall START Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?
  • 6. Engineered Systems I The FamilyExadata Exalogic Database Exalytics Big Data SPARCDatabase Elastic Cloud Appliance Appliance SuperClusterMachine • Expedited time to value • Reduced change management risk • Easier to manage and upgrade • One-stop support • Lower cost of ownership • Extreme performance
  • 7. Exalogic 1.0
  • 8. Exalogic Elastic Cloud I Best in Class • Engineered System, Best ROI • Extreme Performance for Java Applications • Extreme Performance for Oracle Business Applications
  • 9. Exalogic 1.x ROI I Performance Comparative ROI• 25% processor • Up to 5X processor utilization utilization advantage advantage for for many other standard Linux application types: or Solaris • Java EE and Fusion applications Middleware • Oracle Applications • OLTP with Oracle 25% 50% 2X 3X 5X Exadata Exalogic ROI Standard Hardware ROI Exalogic Processor Utilization Efficiency Advantage Less hardware, Less software: Easier to Deploy, Manage, Maintain
  • 10. Exalogic I vs. the Status Quo Applications & Middleware Operating System Compute Networking Storage Exalogic X2-2
  • 11. Exalogic X2-2 I Complete, Integrated Compute Power• 3.06 GHz Xeon processors• 1333MHz DRAM, RAID SSD Disks• Redundant InfiniBand, Power, Management Internal I/O Fabric and Data Center Connectivity• 40 Gb/sec internal I/O backplane• 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to datacenter Integrated Storage• Shared storage for applications• Clustered for HA• 60 TB SAS disk• 4 TB read cache,73 GB write cache EL X2-2
  • 12. Exalogic X2-2 I Integrated Storage• Enterprise-grade NAS – 60TB disk capacity, – 4TB read cache, – 73GB write cache• ZFS clustering• Embedded software suite – Clones – Remote replication Exalogic Sun 7320 ZFS Storage Appliance
  • 13. Exalogic X2-2 I Seamless ScalabilityEighth Rack Eighth Rack QuarterRack Quarter Rack Half Rack Half Rack Full Rack Rack Multi-rack Multi-Rack 4 Nodes 8 Nodes 16 Nodes 30 Nodes 240+ Nodes384 GB RAM 768 GB RAM 1.5 TB RAM 2.8 TB RAM 23+ TB RAM800 GB SSD 1.6 TB SSD 3.2 TB SSD 6 TB SSD 48+ TB SSD 60 TB NAS 60 TB NAS 60 TB NAS 60 TB NAS 480+ TB NAS
  • 14. Exalogic I Elastic Cloud Software 1.0 Middleware and Business ApplicationsEnterprise Manager WebLogic Coherence Tuxedo Exabus Integration Oracle Linux or Solaris Exabus Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Hardware = Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0
  • 15. Exabus I Optimized Network Virtualization Standard Hardware I/O Exabus Application Application Application ApplicationApplication Buffer Application Buffer Copy TCP IP Transport Kernel 20% Buffer Copies Zero Buffer Copy 40% Transport Processing Direct Memory Access 40 % Kernel Context Switches Kernel Bypass 4X Throughput, 6X Lower Latency
  • 16. Exalogic Performance I Fusion Middleware Tuxedo 11g SOA 11g ADF 11g UCM 11g Response time Response Time Concurrent Users Throughput 520ms 240,000 1.1ms 7X 9X 10X 17,340 tps 3X 5,640 tps 0.16ms 58ms 24,000Standard Hardware Exalogic Standard Hardware Exalogic Standard Hardware Exalogic Standard Hardware Exalogic
  • 17. Exalogic Performance I Business ApplicationsE-Business Suite E-Business Suite PeopleSoft Siebel UCM Self Service and HR Order to Cash Self Service HRMS, FIN Customer Hub and Procurement3x better Response Time 3x better Response Time 8x better Response Time 8x better Response Time2x better Scalability 5x better Scalability 4x better Scalability 2x better Scalability Response Time Response Time Response Time Response Time 200 ms 11.94 s 2.23 s 8X 1.18 s 8X 3X 3X 0.74 s 0.39 s 1.42 s 25 ms Exalogic and Exadata Standard hardware
  • 18. Exalogic Performance I Business Applications JD Edwards Utilities Communications ATG Web Commerce Order Management Meter Data Management Billing Revenue Management Commerce Reference Store3x better Response Time 2x better Response Time 2x better Response Time 3x better Response Time2x better Scalability 7x better Scalability 2x better Scalability 3x better Scalability Response Time Scalability Scalability Scalability 10 4000 20 million 0.51 s 3X 7X 2X 3X 2027 3.1 0.17 s 2.75 million Exalogic and Exadata Standard hardware
  • 19. Exalogic Adoption I All Regions, Industries
  • 20. Exalogic Success I Case Studies • China-based multinational consumer electronics and home appliances manufacturer’s WebLogic application • 7X faster than competition at ½ the cost • Mission critical asset recovery management application built in Java + BPEL/SOA • 9X response time improvement with 5X concurrent users • Global Postal Services application built in Java + BPEL/SOA . Deployed & completed benchmark on Exalogic within 2 weeks • Quarter rack Exa logic selected HP servers and open source solution • Cloud Computing Service Provider built in Java EE on WLS,Oracle RAC and WebSphere MQ • Response time up to 22x times faster than existing WebSphere, MQ, DB2 solution
  • 21. Exalogic Elastic CloudSoftware 2.0
  • 22. Exalogic I Elastic Cloud Software 2.0 Middleware and Business ApplicationsEnterprise Manager Traffic Director WebLogic Coherence Tuxedo Exabus Integration Exabus Integration Exabus Integration Exabus Integration Oracle Linux or Solaris Exabus Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Hardware = Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0
  • 23. EECS 2.0 I Application Delivery Controller• Oracle Traffic Director Application Application Application – 3.5X higher throughput and 28% better CPU efficiency than Apache – Native Exabus integration – HTTP Reverse proxy Traffic Director – AES Accelerated SSL 3.0 and TLS Exabus Fabric – Request-based routing – Request rate throttling – Connection limiting Datacenter Service Network – Detailed metering and logging
  • 24. EECS 2.0 Virtual Firewall I InfiniBand Partitions• Firewall-level end-point security Application Application Application Partition Partition• Enforced directly by Exabus fabric switches – Immune to all known IP-layer exploits – Immune to known firewall vulnerabilities Traffic Director Exabus• With Traffic Director: complete Fabric “virtual firewall” for Exalogic• Multiple management options: Fully Datacenter integrated with EM for Exalogic, Service Network stand-alone or hybrid
  • 25. Elastic Cloud Software 2.0 PerformanceContinued Exabus software performance improvement Web JMS Enterprise Java Requests/Sec. Messages/sec. Operations/Sec. 836,520 49,460 1,979,940 10X 5X 5X 1,237,462 22,481 3.1X 246,035 2.3X 401,070 9,56078,840 3.1XStandard HW EL 1.x EL 2.x Standard HW EL 1.x EL 2.x Standard HW EL 1.x EL 2.x
  • 26. Exalogic Elastic CloudSoftware Vision
  • 27. Exalogic Vision I Exalogic 2.x • Better Management • Better Consolidation • Even Better Performance
  • 28. Exalogic I vs. the Status Quo Applications & Middleware Operating System ROADMAP Virtualization & Cloud Management Compute Networking Exalogic X2-2 Storage
  • 29. Exalogic 2.x I Full Lifecycle Automation ROADMAPDeployment Plan and Software Virtual Assembly Elastic Cloud
  • 30. New Approach I Virtual Assemblies• VM images and deployment ROADMAP configuration and instructions• Oracle middleware and applications downloadable as ready-to-run assemblies• Develop custom assemblies with authoring tools
  • 31. Application Deployment I Automation Engine• Exalogic Control ROADMAP – Deploy, un-deploy and scale – Create, manage and monitor clouds, users, virtual machines, networks and Exalogic storage volumes Control – Runs on Exalogic: fully integrated out- of-the-box• EM12c Cloud Control integration• Cloud management API Oracle VM
  • 32. Exalogic Management I Cloud Model ROADMAP• Exalogic Control Exalogic X2-2 – Manage hardware, storage 1 Exalogic Compute Nodes PaaS/IaaS API volumes, clouds, scaling, Assembly deploy/un-deploy, security, Exalogic Appliance Appliance Appliance 2 Control VM A VM C VM VM B users, etc. OVAB 1. Cloud Management API for Studio Assembly Assembly developers Assembly Appliance VM A Appliance B Appliance VM A Appliance C Appliance B VM VM VM VM Administrator VM VM VM VM VM 2. Oracle Virtual Assembly 3 Builder Studio support 3. Full EM integration for Appliance Appliance Appliance Appliance Appliance Appliance application-to-disk EM Appliance Appliance management System and Cloud Exalogic Storage Administrators
  • 33. Virtual Assemblies I Optimized for Exalogic ROADMAP• Virtual Appliances Virtual Assembly – Java EE Server, Database, Data Appliance Appliance Appliance Grid, Load Balancer, etc. A C B 1 – Packaged as bootable disk images/scripts and metadata 2• Assemblies 3 – Complex applications may be 1. Virtual appliances packaged as assemblies 2. Assembly deployment topology and – Easy to deploy, manage, scale, traffic routing metadata patch, upgrade 3. Assembly versioning, security and descriptive metadata
  • 34. Exalogic Hypervisor I Enhanced OVM 3.0 ROADMAP Guest VM Guest VM Guest VM• Secure segregation of traffic for specific VM guests Device Device Device Driver Driver Driver• Optimized I/O performance 1 1. Inbound traffic is sent to correct Virtual Switch guest VM 2 OVM Device Driver Server 2. Guest VM is configured to use selected dedicated virtual function on HCA Virtual Physical Virtual Function Function Function 3. Traffic flows directly between 3 Exalogic guest VM and physical HCA port Physical I/O Port HCA
  • 35. Cloud Management I EM12c Support ROADMAP• Complete Cloud Lifecycle Management – Creating virtual system slices – Self-service assembly deployment – Automatic scale-up and scale-down – Metering and chargeback• Deep, Integrated Hardware, Software and Applications Management• Proactive Support – Phone home – Patch recommendations – Health checks
  • 36. Exalogic I Elastic Cloud Software Vision ROADMAP Middleware and Business Applications Virtual Assembly BuilderEnterprise Manager Traffic WebLogic Coherence Tuxedo Director Exalogic Exabus Exabus Exabus Exabus Control Integration Integration Integration Integration Oracle Linux Guest OS Physical Oracle Linux/Solaris Oracle VM 3.x for Exalogic Exabus Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Hardware = Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software Vision
  • 37. Exalogic Vision I Cloud-in-a-box • Full-featured, ready-to-deploy private cloud • Extreme performance for Java and Oracle Business Applications • Engineered System with best ROICopyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  • 38. For More Information Contact Resources• david.krch@oracle.com • oracle.com/exalogic • twitter.com/OracleExalogic• josef.krejci@oracle.com • facebook.com/Exalogic• jaroslav.novotny@oracle.com • blogs.oracle.com/exalogic • linkedin.com/groups/Oracle- Exalogic-Elastic-Cloud-376418638 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential