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Oracle Social Network – Social Networking Without the Noise
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Oracle Social Network – Social Networking Without the Noise


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Your teams are disconnected and disengaged. You want a tool to easily connect expertise across your organization and provide visibility into all the relevant business processes and activities. You …

Your teams are disconnected and disengaged. You want a tool to easily connect expertise across your organization and provide visibility into all the relevant business processes and activities. You want a way to enhance and retain organization knowledge. Oracle Social Network is the answer.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Drive enterprise collaboration through natural ConversationsEnable purposeful social networking without the noiseBuild cross-enterprise knowledge by integrating Conversations with business applications
  • Sample from Left to rightOpportunityCustomerSocial LearningContentCustom Data
  • Business ObjectsContentConversationsActivity Streams
  • Deploy Oracle WebCenter Connect in the Cloud or On PremiseIntegrates with your Applications located in the Cloud and/or On Premise
  • Business ObjectsContentConversationsActivity Streams
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Oracle Social Network – Social Networking Without the Noise Andy Kershaw, Senior Director Oracle Social Network, WebCenter Product Management Tara Roberts, Vice President, Social CRM Product Management, Oracle1 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.2 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 3. Program Agenda • Oracle WebCenter Overview • Collaboration Trends • Oracle Social Network Overview • Oracle Social Network with CRM • Demonstration • Q&A3 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 4. Featured Speakers • Andy Kershaw – Senior Director of Oracle Social Network, WebCenter Product Management • Tara Roberts – Vice President of Product Management, Oracle Social CRM4 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 5. Program Agenda • Oracle WebCenter Overview • Collaboration Trends • Oracle Social Network Overview • Oracle Social Network with CRM • Demonstration • Q&A5 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 6. Oracle WebCenter The User Engagement Platform for Social Business Oracle Fusion Middleware Oracle WebCenter is the user engagement Oracle WebCenter platform for social business, connecting User Engagement Platform people and information • Increase customer loyalty with personalized Sites Portal online experiences Web Experience Composite Applications Management & Mash-Ups • Drive innovation with portals & composite applications • Enhance productivity with contextual Social Content Social Networking Enterprise Content collaboration & Collaboration Management • Optimize information access with content management6 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 7. Need for Enterprise Social Tools The Collaboration Gap Collaboration Tools Activity Steams are Not Collaboration Evolves are Siloed Enough Document and social collaboration across multiple teams & channels + Historical context is important to participate effectively + Single-threaded streams are ineffective for multi- threaded conversations is difficult There is an artificial separation among business, collaboration & social applications today7 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 8. Oracle Social Network A Secure Collaboration Tool for Everyone You Work With Engage Inform Drive ExtendEnterprise collaboration Updates streamed from Purposeful social networking Integrates into your businessthrough real-time Conversations across your business without the noise applications 8 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 9. Socialize with Oracle Social Network CRM HCM Custom App Content Defined Teams App Information Experts ERP Self Forming Teams3rd Party App New Contract Escalation Distribution Team Project New Hire 9 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 10. Socialize Your Business Oracle Social Network Platform API Oracle Social Network Conversations Business Objects Content Activity Streams Oracle WebCenter Custom 3rd Party Applications ApplicationsFoundations Identity Management Oracle Database Oracle FMW LDAP Advanced Compression Oracle WebLogic Server Oracle Access Mgmt Grid Control Oracle Database 11g Single Sign On Real Application Clusters 10 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 11. Multiple Deployment Models Social Network Cloud On-Premise Cloud Applications On-Premise Applications Custom Applications 3rd Party Applications Custom Applications 3rd Party Applications11 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 12. Oracle Social Network Foundations12 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 13. Conversations Enterprise Ready Dialogues • Discover & discuss any topic with any group of people, enabling targeted and private communications • Associate Conversations to one or more Business Objects • Start as easily as IM and email to gracefully escalate in the scope of the Conversation • Features documents, annotations, video and voice13 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 14. Business Objects Connecting People to their Business Objects • Connect with Business Objects • Receive a data-stream of important events • Enables Collaboration with others connected to the Business Objects – Post message to the Business Object – Start a Conversation with the Connections related to a Business Object14 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 15. Content Connecting People Together • Real-time annotation, versioning, application sharing and in-place editing • Enable content flow of content, documents, images and other rich media between people and groups • Start Conversations • Discover, browse, and follow people • Post messages to people and their followers15 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 16. Activity Streams Insight into Activities • Receive a summary of activity – Updates to People, Business Objects, and Conversations • Filter and facet information based on social and business context • Leverage Social Network Live Digest to review only activity you have not previously reviewed16 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 17. Program Agenda • Oracle WebCenter Overview • Collaboration Trends • Oracle Social Network Overview • Oracle Social Network with CRM • Demonstration • Q&A17 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 18. Business Challenges • Employees bring consumer expectations to their workplace • Organizations have numerous sources of data • Information is locked in predefined silos • Employees are challenged to stay on top of things18 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 19. Oracle Social Network – CRM Use Cases Sales Marketing Service• Collaborate with the sales team in • Incorporate timely field and customer • Follow top agents to understand how context of an opportunity feedback with real time annotation of they service customers effectively• Share and update documents to marketing collateral • Collaborate with other agents to refine positioning • Push latest marketing materials to the resolve customer issues field with document versioning • Connect with subject matter experts• Expedite deal closures by inviting and collaborating with product • Get real time feedback based on to expedite case resolution experts, legal and others at the right comments and promotion of ideas • View streams of customer history to time and documents quickly understand the customer’s• Gain competitive intelligence by • Follow people and groups to identify needs collaborating with and following leads • Collaborate effectively as people and groups conversations escalate to different channels 19 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 20. Oracle Social Network with CRM Easy, Effective and Efficient to use across Virtual Teams • Drive sales force collaboration with natural conversations throughout the sales cycle • Promote sales team productivity through purposeful social networking without the noise • Build cross-team knowledge by integrating conversations with CRM and other business applications20 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 21. Business Benefits• Engage in conversations in context of • Get real time updates on • Accelerate business response via business goals content, knowledge and people expertise connection• View conversations and take • Discover knowledge to make better • Enhance virtual team communication immediate action from a single place decisions by staying on top of peer activities• Invite others to join in public or private • Gain insight via comments by other • Quickly review connection content conversations users and respond directly• Promote and share information and • Encourage teamwork through • Streamline enterprise content more freely and openly collaboration and communication communications 21 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 22. Demonstration22 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 23. Connect Anywhere Anytime23 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 24. Oracle Social Network Differentiators Deployment Conversations Business Objects Content Activity Streams Real-Time Multiple Application Annotation Live Digests Integration Cloud Multimedia Feeds Real-Time Tools Follow-up On-Premise Share Gadgets Search Filtering Oracle Social Network Extension Framework & API24 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 25. Oracle Social Network Benefits• Anytime Access • Connect Faster • Faster Results• Quickly Update • Work Together • Solve Problems CRM Data • Easily Engage • Build Knowledge• Facilitate Sharing Expertise • Increase Visibility• Better Prepared • Create Your Personal BrandSmarter Smarter SmarterCollaboration Teams Decisions25 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 26. “We are excited by Oracles vision for Oracle Social Network, it’s flexibility for cloud deployment and the business benefits it will bring to customers that require collaboration in the context of their CRM and other business processes. We are creating a center of expertise around Oracle Social Network to focus on helping our customers become social businesses.” Siva Subramanian Solutions Head, Oracle and Cloud Applications, Wipro Technologies26 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 27. Q&A27 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 28. Q&A Oracle Social Network Homepage: Oracle WebCenter blog: Oracle WebCenter Homepage: Oracle WebCenter Newsletter: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 29. 29 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation
    • 30. 30 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation