Oracle Software.Hardware.Complete positioning versus competition - Shahin Taromsari


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Presentation from conference "Oracle Day 2011" in Estonia
11.03.2011 Nordic Hotel Forum

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Oracle Software.Hardware.Complete positioning versus competition - Shahin Taromsari

  1. 1. Oracle Software.Hardware.Complete positioningversus competition Dr. Shahin Taromsari Senior Director Business Development Oracle, EMEA
  2. 2. The Marketplace is Constantly Changing and Becoming More ComplexBusinesses are in constant pursuit of new competitive advantages.
  3. 3. IT Complexity Inhibits Business Slows Product Introduction Interferes with Customer Service Stifles Business Processes Inhibits M&A Synergies
  4. 4. And Cripples Innovation 35-65% is integrationBottom line: 4 percent of revenue is spent on something that doesn’t improve competitiveness.
  5. 5. = Making IT Simpler
  6. 6. Oracle on OracleCustomer Benefits of Vertical Integration • High Performance • Fastest execution of mission critical transactions • Innovation delivered faster • Better reliability and security • Low Cost • Shorter deployment times • Better reliability and security • Lower cost of management and upgrade • Agility • Quickly adapt to changing business imperatives • Reduced change management risk • Easier to tune, manage, and upgrade
  7. 7. Enterprise Evolution To Cloud ComputingExadata and Exalogic – building blocks to success Silo Consolidated Optimized Cloud Compute, Storage, Network Optimized Systems Engineered Systems Building Blocks
  8. 8. Strategic Platform for Mission Critical ApplicationsExadata + ExalogicBusiness Need: Cost Savings, SimplificationOracle Value: 50%+ less cost, faster time to value, better performance
  9. 9. Oracle Exadata X2-8• Fastest for Data Warehouse Oracle Database Server Grid & OLTP • 2 8-Socket Intel Servers • 128 Cores• Best Data Warehouse • 2 Terabyte DRAM & OLTP Cost/Performance Unified Server/Storage Network • 40 Gb/sec Infiniband Links• 100% Fault Tolerant & Scalable • 880 Gb/sec Aggregate Throughput On-Demand • 10 Gigabit Ethernet to Data Center• Software Breakthroughs Exadata Storage Server Grid • Exadata Storage Grid • 14 Storage Servers • Smart Flash Cache • 5TB flash storage • Hybrid Columnar Compression • 336 TB Disk Storage • Secure Database Machine
  10. 10. Engineered System: Oracle ExalogicVertical Integration Delivered Extreme Java Mission Critical Integrated Performance Cloud/Application System Consolidation Improved Operating Cost Time to Deploy up to Reduced Reduced 12x 60% 95%
  11. 11. Oracle on Oracle – Optimized Solutions Low Cost, High Performance, and Business Agility Low Cost • Lowers deployment costs and riskto buy, operate, • Supports more users on a smaller footprint at lower and manage cost High • Delivers faster response time for more productive performance for employees, higher satisfaction, lower cost operationsaccelerated value • Enables faster application processing for less business disruption and optimal use of resources Agility through • Gracefully manages spikes in demand from business simplicity and processes without maintaining excess capacity flexibility • Flexibility to adapt to complex business scenarios
  12. 12. Oracle’s Optimized Solutions Captures Oracle’s Expert Knowledge to Best Deploy Oracle SW on Oracle HW Up to 3x Faster Than Up to 10x Faster Than Intel Any Consolidated Platform with 3x less CPU Overhead OOS for Siebel CRM OOS for WebCenter Fastest Payroll Bulletproof Non-stop Business Processing By 52% Services for High Availability OOS for PeopleSoft HCM OOS for E-Business Suite 4x Faster e-Commerce Fastest DB for ERP, OLAP, DSS, Query Transactions Payroll, PeopleSoft Campus OOS for WebLogic Suite OOS for DatabaseReduce risks, and cost, and receive up to a 75% reduction in time to successful deployment
  13. 13. Oracle Fusion MiddlewareComplete, Open, Integrated, Best-in-Class • Application Grid • Data Integration • SOA & Process Management • Business Intelligence • Content Management • User Experience • Identity Management • Enterprise Management • Development Tools
  14. 14. Oracle Fusion Applications Embedded Transactions Embedded Intelligence What do I need to do? What do I need to know? Configurable Applications Embedded Collaboration How do I get it done? Who do I need to reach? Designed for Cloud: Native Single or Multi-Tenant; Self-Service Administration & Configuration; Deployable on Exadata & Exalogic
  15. 15. Oracle Server & Storage SystemsComplete, Open, Integrated, Best-in-Class • Servers • Storage • Networking • Operating Systems • Virtualization • System Management • Development Tools
  16. 16. Partnership & passion for Success