Oracle Cloud Computing


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Oracle Cloud Computing

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Oracle Cloud ComputingGabriel TrauvitchBusiness Development Manager – Exalogic Elastic CloudOracle Fusion Middleware - EE & CIS
  2. 2. NIST Definition of Cloud ComputingCloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-on-demand network access to aashared pool of configurable demand network access to shared pool of computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage,configurable computing resources (e.g., networks,servers, storage, applications, and services)effort provisioned applications, and services) that can be rapidly can and released with minimal management that or servicebe rapidly provisioned and released with minimal provider effort or service provider interaction. This cloud model promotes availability and is composed of:This cloud model promotes availability and is 5 Essential Characteristics 3 Service Models 4 Deployment Models • On-demand self-service • SaaS • Public Cloudcomposed of: • Resource pooling • PaaS • Private Cloud • Rapid elasticity • IaaS • Community Cloud • Measured service • Hybrid Cloud • Broad network access Source: NIST Definition of Cloud Computing v15
  3. 3. Private Clouds and Public Clouds Private Cloud Public Clouds• Exclusively used Apps I SaaS • Used by multiple I by a single N N tenants on a T shared basis organization T PaaS R PaaS E A• Controlled and N R • Hosted and N managed by managed by E IaaS T E IaaS cloud service in-house IT T provider Trade-offs Lower total costs Lower upfront costs Greater control over security, compliance, QoS Outsourced management CapEx & OpEx OpEx Enterprises will adopt a mix of private and public clouds 3
  4. 4. Do You Provide or Use Internal or Private Clouds? Yes, in production at scale 11.3% Yes, in limited use 12.8% 28.6% Yes, in pilot stage 4.5% Preliminary planning 4.9% Under consideration 10.5% No 47.4% Don’t know/unsure 8.7% 28.6% of respondents have internal or private clouds todaySource: IOUG ResearchWire member study on Cloud Computing, conducted in August-September 2010. 4
  5. 5. Does Your Company Use Services from Public Cloud Providers? Yes 13.8% No 54.6% Under consideration 11.2% Don’t know/unsure 20.4% 13.8% of respondents use public clouds todaySource: IOUG ResearchWire member study on Cloud Computing, conducted in August-September 2010. 5
  6. 6. What Type of Private Platform and Infrastructure Cloud Services Is Your Company Providing? Application server platform as a service 24.7% Database platform as a service 21.4% PaaS Identity as a service 4.7% Compute as a service 10.2% Storage as a service 18.1% IaaS Software development and test as a service 14.9% Don’t know/unsure 20.5% None 37.2% Most popular: App Server as a service Database as a serviceSource: IOUG ResearchWire member study on Cloud Computing, conducted in August-September 2010. 6
  7. 7. Cloud Computing Delivers Real Benefits• Solution: • Solution: – JAP – Java Application Platform – “Oracle as a Service” PaaS – DHP – Database Hosting Platform – Consolidate 300 small to medium – CHP – Compute Hosting Platform database environments onto 3 grids – Centralized deployment of 200+ apps – Advanced chargeback model for cost – Oracle: recovery • WebLogic Server 10.3 – Oracle: • Oracle Database 11g • Oracle Database 11g • Solaris • Exadata • Sun M-Series/T-Series• Benefits: • Benefits: – 35% reduction in operating costs – 50% operating cost improvement – 30% reduction in project costs – P&L breakeven in Year 1 – 44% power consumption avoided in – Server utilization: 15%  80% 4 years, while doubling capacity – Elasticity – CPU can be taken from – No downtime incidents in 3 years resource pool as needed 7
  8. 8. Oracle Has a Broad but Focused Cloud Computing StrategyPrivate Cloud Solutions Public Cloud Solutions• Applications on a shared platform • Oracle On Demand cloud services• Database & middleware for PaaS • Oracle on 3rd party public clouds• Hardware & systems for IaaS • Powering 3rd party public clouds Private Cloud Public Clouds Apps I SaaS I N N T T PaaS R PaaS E A R N N E IaaS T E IaaS T Cloud Integration • Security, business process integration and data integration spanning on-premise and public clouds 8
  9. 9. Roadmap to Cloud Computing From Consolidation to Private PaaS Exadata and Exalogic as the Foundation for Private PaaS Oracle’s Complete Cloud Offerings 9
  10. 10. Evolution of Private and Public CloudsPublic Cloud Evolution Public Clouds Hybrid MSP ISP CSP/ Telcos IaaS PaaS IaaS SaaS ASP ISV PaaS SaaSPrivate Cloud Evolution Virtual Private Cloud App1 App2 App3 App1 App2 App3 App1 App2 App3 App1 App2 App3 Consolidate Private PaaS Private PaaS Private PaaS Standardize Private IaaS Private IaaS Private IaaS Silo’d Consolidated Private Cloud Hybrid• Physical • Virtual • Self-service • Federation with• Dedicated • Shared services • Policy-based public clouds• Static • Dynamic resource mgmt • Interoperability• Heterogeneous • Standardized • Chargeback • Cloud bursting appliances • Capacity planning 10
  11. 11. Server Virtualization and Clustering Deliver Resource Pooling and Elastic Scalability Server Virtualization ClusteringMake one physical resource look like many Make many physical resource look like one Consumers Consumers Single Virtual Resource Multiple Virtual Resources Clustering Software Virtualization Software Single Physical Resource Multiple Physical ResourcesBoth server virtualization and clustering are key technologies for cloud 11
  12. 12. Database Consolidation Approaches Three Options Using Oracle Database 11g Common building blocks are shared server and storage pools DW CRM ERP DW ERP CRM DW ERP CRM DB DB DB DB DB DB DB OS OS OS Oracle VM Oracle VM OS OS OS OS Server Operating System DatabaseDeploy in dedicated VMs Share server pool Share database instances Server virtualization Real Application Clusters Real Application Clusters 12
  13. 13. Middleware Consolidation Approaches Three Options Using Oracle WebLogicCustom CRM ERP Custom CRM ERP Custom CRM ERP Web- Web- Web- Web- WebLogic WebLogic WebLogicLogic Logic Logic Logic Server Server ServerServer Server Server Server Guest Guest OS OS Guest OS OS OS OS Oracle VM Virtualization Shared Single Server Clustering with Guest OS Dedicated App Servers Shared App ServerDedicated App Servers OS isolation Shared Pool of Hardware Server virtualization 13
  14. 14. Roadmap to Cloud Computing From Consolidation to Private PaaS Exadata and Exalogic as the Foundation for Private PaaS Oracle’s Complete Cloud Offerings 14
  15. 15. Exadata and ExalogicExtreme Performance, Engineered Systems• Database and middle tier machines• Unmatched performance, simplified deployment, lower total cost• Building blocks for private and public PaaS 15
  16. 16. Oracle Exadata Database MachineFastest OLTP and DW Performance Best for Database Consolidation • Database Server Pool – Oracle Database 11g Release 2 – Oracle Real Application Clusters – Automatic Storage Management – X2-8: 2 servers, 8 sockets/server – X2-2: 8 servers, 2 sockets/server • Storage Server Pool – Up to 14 servers – Up to 336 TB disk – 5 TB flash storage – Oracle Exadata Storage Software • InfiniBand Network – 40 Gb/sec redundant switches 16
  17. 17. Oracle Exalogic Elastic CloudFastest Java Performance, Best Java Cost/Performance • Oracle WebLogic Server Grid – 30 compute servers; 360 cores – 2.8 TB DRAM – 960 GB solid-state disk • Integrated Storage Appliance – Software images & application files – 40 TB SAS disk storage – 4 TB read & 72 GB write caches • InfiniBand Network – 40 Gb/sec redundant switches 17
  18. 18. Roadmap to Cloud Computing From Consolidation to Private PaaS Exadata and Exalogic as the Foundation for Private PaaS Oracle’s Complete Cloud Offerings 18
  19. 19. Oracle Cloud Solutions Applications Cloud Management Oracle Enterprise Custom Apps Oracle Applications ISV Apps Manager Application Performance Mgmt Platform as a Service Lifecycle Integration: Process Mgmt: Security: User Interaction: Management SOA Suite BPM Suite Identity Mgmt WebCenter Application Grid: WebLogic Server, Coherence, JRockit Configuration Exalogic Elastic Cloud Management Database Grid: Oracle Database, Database Options Exadata Database Machine Application Quality Mgmt Infrastructure as a Service Oracle Solaris Operating Systems: Oracle Enterprise Linux Oracle Linux Ops Center Oracle VM for SPARC (LDom) Oracle VM for x86 Solaris Containers Physical & Virtual Servers Systems Mgmt Storage Network Fabric 19
  20. 20. Cloud Application Development Data Page Report Process Composer Composer Composer Composer Developer Business User Extensibility Open Scripting – Java, Other Languages Business User Business BusinessData Model Logic Interface Process Intelligence Layered, Multi-Tenant Aware Metadata Customization Unified Multi-Tenant Aware Metadata Manager 20
  21. 21. Oracle Cloud Management Capabilities Cloud Management CapabilitiesSelf-Service Metering and Policy-Driven Capacity AssemblyProvisioning Chargeback Resource Mgmt Planning Packaging Foundation Capabilities for Managing DatacentersConfiguration Lifecycleand ManagementComplianceApplication ApplicationPerformance QualityManagement Management Full Apps to Disk Management 21
  22. 22. Cloud Security Roles & Authentication Authorization EntitlementsIdentity Management Identity User Auditing Federation Data Provisioning Database Firewall Audit Data Vault EncryptionDatabase Security Database Backup Vault Encryption 22
  23. 23. Cloud Integration Oracle BPM Suite Oracle Identity Manager & Identity AnalyticsERP PLM SCM HCM CRMCRM Oracle SOA Suite DATA SYNC Oracle Data Integrator Oracle GoldenGate 23
  24. 24. Oracle on Demand Cloud Services On Premise @Customer @Oracle SaaSSoftware License Customer Customer Customer Oracle Software Mgmt Customer Oracle Oracle Oracle Oracle On Demand Infra Mgmt Customer Customer Oracle Oracle Oracle is the premiere cloud service for Datacenter Customer Customer Oracle Oracle Oracle software 24
  25. 25. Summary From Consolidation to Private PaaS Exadata and Exalogic as the Foundation for Private PaaS Oracle’s Complete Cloud Offerings 25
  26. 26. 26
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