Servicio gratuito de asesoramiento para el proceso de migración


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JDE 9 Upgrade Assessment Guidelines

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Servicio gratuito de asesoramiento para el proceso de migración

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. JDE 9 Upgrade Assessment GuidelinesOracle Consulting ServicesNoviembre, 2011 Oracle Confidential - Upgrade Services 2 2
  3. 3. Agenda• Upgrade Objection Handling• Oracle Consulting Upgrade Assessment• Upgrade Assessment Process Overview• Expected Output of the Assessment• What is Required of You?• Appendix – Example of an Assessment Oracle Confidential - Upgrade Services 3 3
  4. 4. Upgrade Objections Handling• Have you considered or planned to upgrade your Oracle Application(s)?• Have you defined your IT roadmap and understand your upgrade options?• Do you need assistance developing a business case, so you can justify your upgrade?• What are the key benefits that you’re seeking / pain points that you’re seeking to address by upgrading (i.e. support continuity, expanded features/functions, reduced complexity, increased agility, improved usability, improved performance/reliability)?• What impact does your current backlog of projects have on your decision to upgrade or timeframe to upgrade?• What concerns do you have about upgrading? (e.g., system downtime, migrating customizations, lack of resources, business justification, other risks, etc.) Oracle Confidential - Upgrade Services 4 4
  5. 5. Upgrade Objections Handling: Roadmap Oracle Confidential - Upgrade Services 5 5
  6. 6. Upgrade Objections Handling: Roadmap Oracle Confidential - Upgrade Services 6 6
  7. 7. Oracle Consulting Upgrade Assessment• The Upgrade Assessment Services will provide your company a well-defined and proven approach to guide you in setting up a successful upgrade project• The proven approach helps you to reduce costs and will safeguard your future investments at lowest possible risks.• Easy to get started with our free assessment• Determine the best upgrade path for your organization• Assess and plan for upgrade readiness to minimize risk Oracle Confidential - Upgrade Services 7 7
  8. 8. Upgrade Assessment Process OverviewSequence of activities for delivering your Upgrade Assessment Schedule a Review by Identify contacts to Oracle to send contacting your Oracle assist capturing info Questionaire and Scripts Consulting Rep about your environment for CEMLI Complete Meeting/Call to review the Download/Run scripts Questionnaire Questionaire and send back the results and send back Oracle to interpret data Oracle to complete Oracle presents Migrationand validate initial results Assessment for Upgrade Assesment Report Services Utilize AssessmentOutput to begin planning your upgrade CEMLI: Configuration/Customization, Extensión, Modification, Localization,and Integration. Oracle Confidential - Upgrade Services 8 8
  9. 9. Output of This Assessment• The primary output of this assessment is a presentation consisting of the following elements to be discussed as part of a formal meeting scheduled with designated members from your organization: – High level value drivers for upgrades. – High Level Technical architecture considerations. – High Level Functional description of the enhancements. • New JDE 9 functions. – CEMLI analysis.output. – High level Migration Plan – Summary of Next Steps for your consideration Oracle Confidential - Upgrade Services 9 9
  10. 10. What is Required of You?• Identify primary contact to assist us with gathering appropriate information on your current environment, answering questions, etc.• Execute the scripts to gather information about CEMLI´s.• Complete the questionnaires, run/gather information requested in the scripts and send back the questionnaire.• Review most important CEMLI´s for better estimation.• Confirm during the meeting initial results with Assessment team.• Organize appropriate participants and attend the assessment readout meeting. Oracle Confidential - Upgrade Services 10 10
  11. 11. Index • High level value drivers for upgrade • Architecture analysis output • Prerrequisites • New Functions Report • CEMLI analysis output • High level Migration Plan • Summary of Next Steps for your consideration Appendix 1: Basic Parameters summary Appendix 2: Current customizations summary 11
  12. 12. High Level Value Drivers for upgrade Key Drivers Priority• Internet Explorer. Needed • High• Manufacturing enhancements. • Low• Platform Outsourcing. • X• Improve the investment with red stack• X 12
  13. 13. E9 Upgrade – Architecture Analisys Output Platform changes Current Platform required ( if any )# Production EnvironmentsDB version# DB InstancesRemote access availableHardware Platform vendor / MachineOS and versionHardware Platform vendor / MachineDB sizeMost importan files and sizeTotal disk capacityFree disk spaceOther advance architecture? MIMIX, RAC, Load balancer etcWeb component 13
  14. 14. JD E 9.0 Upgrade – Prerrequisites Architecture & Prerrequisites 14
  15. 15. New Functions Rerport(*) A more detailed analisys should be performed to determine theadequacy of the functionality to business needs 15
  16. 16. CEMLIS Analysis Output CEMLIS ANALYSIS OUTPUT(*) Current CEMLIS Current CEMLIS to replace to adaptArea CEMLI Area CEMLI (*) A more detailed analisys should be performed to determine the replacement or adaptation needs 16
  17. 17. High Level migration Plan Meses 1 2 3 4 5Planificación y Arranque de proyectoArquitectura Técnica e Instalación E9 FASE I – Primera Prueba Migración Clonación Entorno Producción y Upgrade Estudio impacto Desarrollos y cambios E9 Adaptación Desarrollos y configuración Entorno Desarrollo Pruebas Unitarias FASE II– Segunda Prueba Migración Migraciónn de datos Entorno Aceptación Pruebas Funcionales FASE III – Migración a Producción Entorno Producción Migración de datos instalación de Desarrollos y configuración Apoyo a la estabilización del Sistema Gestión Seguimiento y control del proyecto 17
  18. 18. Summary of next steps for your considerationNEXT STEPS 1 2 3 18
  19. 19. Appendix 1: Oracle JD Edwards – Basic Parameters SummaryJD Edwards Modules Licensed/Installed JD Edwards characteristicsFinancials: Current JDE VersionHRMS: # Legal entities # Country LocalizationsSupply Chain Mgmt.: # LanguagesSales and Marketing: # set of charactersManufacturing: #Servers or users in different time zoneOthers # EmployeesOther Oracle prod. # UsersintegratedVertical APPSThird party softwareintegratedCore BusinessApplicationsArchievementsystem 19
  20. 20. Appendix 2: Oracle JD Edwards – CurrentCustomizations Summary CEMLIS Summary Complexity High Medium Low TOTAL Reports Xx Forms Xx Data structure XML Publisher Xx Reporting Interfaces Xx Workflows Xx Tables / Views Xx Business Functions Xx Others Xx TOTAL xx xx xx XX 20
  21. 21. 21