Oracle web center sites for travel and hospitality


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Oracle web center sites for travel and hospitality

  1. 1. AGENDA §  10:30 Registro y Café de Bienvenida §  10:50 Opening Andrés García Arroyo, Dir. Comercial Middleware Oracle Iberia §  11:00 Digital Tourism Javier Cañadillas, WebCenter Sales Specialist §  11:30 Experiencia de Usuario y Canal Online Representante de Iberia §  12:00 Business Process Automation y Customer Experience Carlos Casares, Principal Sales Consultan BPM §  12:30 Debate y Conclusiones Miguel Maia, Sales Leader Fusion Middleware Commercial Institutions §  13:00 Visita Guiada a las Bodegas y Cata §  14:00 Almuerzo en las Bodegas
  2. 2. DIGITAL TOURISM Oracle WebCenter Sites for Travel & Hospitality Javier Cañadillas Medina WebCenter Sales Specialist
  3. 3. “The Tourist is a nomad 2.0 that connects to mobile devices and share in social networks” José Manuel Soria CIMET 2012
  4. 4. Tourists now dream in a different way
  5. 5. 71% of leisure trip shoppers say they consider posts on sites like Facebook and Twitter when planning vacations They plan and share 52% On Line of travelers have changed their original plans based on social media suggestions 51% of travelers wrote a review about their accommodations
  6. 6. cus·tom·er ex·pe·ri·ence The sum of all experiences a consumer has with a supplier of goods or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier.
  7. 7. NEED / RESEARCH WEB Comparison Site SELECT RECEIVE / USE PURCHASE Purchase Online Visit Competitive Site The Chat CONTACT CENTER Change Flights Or Seats experience is Take Trip IN-STORE multichannel Make Selection CATALOG Get Trip Details MOBILE Web Search Receive Email Confirmations EMAIL Ask Facebook Friends For Recommendations SOCIAL MAINTAIN / RECOMMEND Read Reviews Tweet About Purchase Experience Share Experience On Travel Site
  8. 8. Investment in 25% Brand Sites of all travel bookings in Asia/ Pacific are made online 50% is bookings in the to Critical of all travel Revenue 53% US are made online of hoteliers believe their brand website will see the most bookings growth
  9. 9. 1 Information The Overload Challenges 2 Plan and book is complicated 3 Decide on the go
  11. 11. Make it African Safari Baby Boomers Family Vacations Gen X Personal With WebCenter Sites Caribbean Cruises Mature
  12. 12. Predict your Targets combining WebCenter Sites with RTD Empty nest Adventurous Cultural
  13. 13. “After evaluating the leading tools on the market through meticulous research, we chose Oracle for the freedom its tool offers in all processes—from implementation to content editing—as well as its excellent campaign and content segmentation method.” Kleber Linhares, Information Technology and E-Commerce Director Read the Azul Brazilian Airlines customer story
  14. 14. Empower your SEO With WebCenter Sites
  15. 15. Rapid, Relevant Enable Travel Searches combining WebCenter Sites with Endeca Search
  16. 16. Visual content is King
  17. 17. Manage your Digital Assets With WebCenter Content & WebCenter Sites
  18. 18. …and external content too
  20. 20. Listen, Connect & Influence Listen Listen what people are saying about you Measure trends Connect Be present on most social networks Encourage customers to rate and share the experience Influence Respond to positive and negative feedback Use positive feedback in marketing campaigns
  21. 21. Loyalty: create fans of your brand
  22. 22. Encourage Social Interaction Enable Safe & Moderated User Interaction Around Website Content Ratings and Likes Blogs/Articles with Comments Polls Off the Beaten Path Discover Australia’s Unspoiled Beaches, Cliffs & Islands by Nick Howard Exploring Coastal Australia Video: 5 Great African Safaris Not all African safaris are the same. Here are 5 different ones that give you a feel for what’s possible. With around 31,000 miles of spectacular coastline, complete with islands, stunning beaches, fringing reefs and long meandering drives, you’ll find millions of places to explore… Great article. Driving the Great Ocean Road was spectacular! Lorne was my … Snorkeling on the Whitsunday Islands near the Great Barrier Reef is a must! … How many leisure trips are you planning to take this year? None 1-2 2-4 More than 4
  23. 23. Encourage Sharing Among Visitors And Extend the Reach of Website Content to Social Networks Website Article Jeff’s Facebook Post Marie’s Response Off the Beaten Path Discover Australia’s Unspoiled Beaches, Cliffs & Islands by Nick Howard Exploring Coastal Australia With around 31,000 miles of spectacular coastline, complete with islands, stunning beaches, fringing reefs and long meandering drives, you’ll find millions of places to explore… Great article. Driving the Great Ocean Road was spectacular! Lorne was my… Lorne is beautiful! However, my favorite was the Whitsunday Islands near…
  24. 24. Site Community Management for real Social Community & Gadgets with WebCenter Sites
  25. 25. Manage your mobile & screens With WebCenter Sites
  26. 26. Manage Brand Across Multiple Channels Engage Travelers Consistently Across Web and Mobile Channels •  •  •  •  •  Same business interface Reuse across channels Optimize to devices Preview in a comparative way Enable location-based travel services •  Incorporate channel appropriate video and rich media
  27. 27. Communicate in Their Native Language Built-in Multi-Lingual Support, Optional Partner-Enabled Translation •  Provide articles, pages and sites in multiple languages •  Deliver multilingual experiences across thousands of devices •  Manage multiple translations from the same business user interface •  Integrate with third-party automated, crowd-sourced, and expert translation services •  Manage translation costs – easily select and manage what to translate, when and by who
  28. 28. Would you rather…?
  29. 29. Interact Throughout Their Online Journey Seamless Integration with Back-End Travel Systems and Applications §  Streamline and simplify the user’s experience throughout their customer journey §  Present a consistent user Partners CRM Loyalty Inventory Flight Status Ticket Availability Reservations Payment Processing experience across channels §  Seamlessly integrates critical back-end travel systems into the user experience
  31. 31. Safeguard Brand Integrity Easily Moderate and Manage Comments/Reviews on Your Site •  Encourage social interaction while safeguarding brand integrity and message consistency •  Moderate traveler's reviews and comments to corporate standards •  Streamline moderation with built-in review •  Easily set various levels of manual, automatic and community based moderation •  Employ whitelists, blacklists, key word filters and flagging to automate moderation
  32. 32. Ensure Brand Consistency Monitor and Publish to Multiple Social Sites §  Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) enables companies to: –  Get a real-time holistic view of the traveler across multiple social sites –  Coordinate travel campaign messaging and content publishing to multiple social sites –  Acquire social analytics on travelers
  33. 33. Speed Time to Market Empower Marketers and Business Users with Intuitive Authoring Tools •  Empower marketers and business users to rapidly change content to meet CX initiatives •  WYSIWYG, drag-n-drop editing enables rapid site creation, update, and approvals without IT involvement •  Significantly reduce time-to-market with website changes and updates •  Create innovative, dynamic cross-channel sites that share content, build loyalty, and engage your visitors
  34. 34. Scale to Meet Business Needs Easily Deploy and Manage Robust Large Scale Sites •  Streamlined multisite & multilingual management •  Handle millions of visitors, content assets, or page views •  Provide high performance delivery of rich media driven sites •  Scalable dynamic delivery of personalized content •  Re-use digital assets & other content across multiple sites
  35. 35. KEY WebCenter Sites Customers with multichannel and multilanguage sites
  36. 36. Manage 1 Personal & tailored 2 Easy to findExperiences 3 Make it visual
  37. 37. 1 Listen & Connect & Engage Influence Customers 2 Manage your brand 3 Wrap your assets in a nice package
  38. 38. Attract 1 Control your brand 2 Be quick Travelers 3 Be ready to scale
  39. 39. ¡Gracias!