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  • In looking at the aforementioned market trends, we have grouped them into 10 key categories that we believe will most affect your business. They address the previously stated market trends and more.The first is the Digital Consumer:What has driven so much of the change in retailing is due to the advent of the digital consumer. Mobility is changing the game in the store. Inexpensive, powerful new mobile devices, particularly smartphones, put seemingly limitless services and information in the hands of both employees and customers. Your customers can bring the internet into your store. From product information, to social advice, to offers, to payments, mobility is changing the face of retail. The challenge is not letting new technology create a barrier to real, personalized customer service. The successful retailers will leverage mobility to build customer relationships and enhance the brand experience.Channel Convergence:This is about combining typically channel-specific capabilities into a new store channel experience. Product search, reviews & recommendations, shopping carts, wish lists, social networking, social media, etc., which are typically only available on the web are being brought into the store shopping experience. Channel convergence is about knocking down the old channel walls and enabling the connected systems to operate together on one device. It’s also about changing the store itself. Stores are becoming smaller with less inventory; designed more as showcases for products andPersonalization:As we have seen, the customer is changing in both ideas, values and level of empowerment. All of the strategic business drivers documented here show that customers demand more value, more attention, and more service. Additionally, customers want to feel like they're special. We want to grow the relationship between the retailer and the customer by leveraging knowledge about the customer and offering personalized services they can’t get elsewhere.Content Explosion:Looking at the digital consumer, converging channels and personalization and you can see that the amount of content that's required to support these is exploding for retailers. This includes consumer created content like reviews, social, etc. The retailer is also managing significant content from manufacturers, like descriptions and images and much, much more.Business Empowerment:Managers and employees are a retailer’s most important, and often most ignored assets. The biggest challenge for store managers is overcoming the continual pressure to manage operating expenses and shrink so they can focus more on providing excellent customer service. The need for store managers to be the retailer’s brand ambassadors on the store floor has only increased. This is even more challenging today because consumers have much more information at their fingertips than ever before. This is forcing retailers to better empower their employees to more quickly and effectively deal with operational issues and provide better service to more knowledgeable customers.Cloud Services:Cloud computing is fast evolving from a futuristic technology into a commercially viable alternative for companies in search of cost-effective service-based solutions. In fact, Gartner Inc. predicts that by 2012, 80 percent of Fortune 1000 enterprises will pay for some cloud-computing service, while 30 percent of them will pay for cloud-computing infrastructure. Retailers are looking at cloud-based solutions to provide benefits like scalability, ease of implementation, lower cost for people and resources, and better QoS. More and more retailers are looking to move servers out of the store and into the cloud and leverage more cloud services at the POS.Operational Optimization:There are always opportunities to improve store operations particularly in areas like sales and returns and managing inventory. Complex and manual processes lead to extended training time and low employee productivity. Further, Wal-Mart has indicated “it can save $12 million for every second it can cut from the checkout process in the U.S.” Inadequate systems are getting in the way of growth and competition. All of the efficiencies achieved by operational optimization translate into time that can be invested in to improving the customer experience. Regulatory Compliance:Another area that is having huge impacts without our businesses is regulatory compliance. PCI, PA-DSS, SOX, Tax and Fiscal requirements are all major challenges that frequently require significant changes to a retailer’s processes and systems. In addition to being compliant, the solutions retailers deploy must be highly flexible and configurable to address regulatory rules that differ around the world and seem to change overnight. Environmental Awareness:Retailer’s are looking for opportunities in driving down their environmental impact. Removing the need for paper receipts and extra hardware like servers not only lowers their totally cost of ownership but the carbon footprint. Additionally, customers are becoming increasingly aware and concerned over product manufacturing location and contents. Providing more information about the retailer’s commitment to green initiatives is an important component in building customer trust.In summary, retailers are seeking single-provider solutions that empower them to drive their business in these key areas.
  • In-context editing, authoring, & preview of website for different device typesManage mobile site plan/navigation structures in Contributor UIUse same templates for mobile & desktop or customize for mobile specific pages Supports HTML-5 / responsive designWSDT manages mobile templatesMobile targeting leverages full Sites targeting capabilitiesDetect incoming devices and render device optimized siteDevice group support:Definitions of groups representing common capabilities or screen sizesOOTB definitions for most common device groupsClassification of devices making web requests into the proper device groupSupport for mobile specific templates per device groupAssignment of which site plan used per device group
  • Main Point:With Oracle, you can foster customer engagement through social and interactive online customer experience.Script:It’s no secret that the online experience has been completely transformed by social computing. Increasingly, customers are looking to interact with your brandsocially and to share their experiences with their extended social networks. For organizations, this creates a host of challenges. Businesses need to incorporate social computing capabilities into their online presence in order to create an interactive experience that helps build community engagement. But at the same time, they must take care to assert a level of control that safeguards brand integrity. So what are some of things you need to consider?User-generated Content: Encourage social interaction with ratings, reviews, comments, polls, etc.Social Sharing: Enable customers to share content they like with their social networksSocial Login: Make it easier for customers to interact by enabling them to login with their social networking IDsDynamically Driven Sites: Utilize customer ratings or reviews to drive the content of dynamic sites.Notes:Oracle WebCenter enables you to:Easily plug-in widgets to enable comments, ratings, reviews & polls on any site pageModerate UGC centrally to ensure that content is kept in line with corporate guidelinesLeverage corporate blogs to open a dialog with customersEnable UGC to drive the content of dynamic sitesEnable site visitors to login to your site and share content using Facebook & Twitter IDs right out of the boxSocial sharing widget can be added to any page within minutesGather site visitor profile information to inform marketing programs & create segmented campaignsExtend to 20+ social networks, including Google+, LinkedIn & more (this is achieved via Janrain integration)
  • Main PointWebCenter Sites Marketer-Managed Targeting Offers Rules-based Personalization That Gives You Control Over The ExperienceScript:The segmentation and targeting capability in WebCenter Sites is essentially a robust rules engine that gives marketers easy-to-use interfaces for defining what content will be delivered to each customer segment online: Site visitors can be placed into segment groups based on implicit or explicit characteristics such as demographics, preferences, online behavior and moreSpecific content can be targeted to visitors based on a list of content recommendations (these can be individual content assets, lists or categories of content, or specific promotions)Recommendations can be weighted, so that when multiple segments apply, users are shown the most appropriate content for their needsMarketers can easily tag and query content for use in their targeting effortsThe targeting UI has been recently redesigned to make the process of building segments and recommendations even more intuitive and easy-to-use Best of all, the segmentation and recommendation logic is set and controlled by marketers – no coding is required. With WebCenter Sites, marketers can quickly and easily set-up and manage online campaigns.
  • Main Point:With Oracle, you can empower marketers and other line of business users to manage the online experience with a minimum of IT involvement.Script:With Oracle, you can empower marketers and other line of business users to manage the online experience with a minimum of IT involvement. Gone are the days of long lead times and IT bottlenecks for routine site updates or the launch of campaigns. By enabling marketers and other line-of-business teams with intuitive online authoring and management tools that simplify the creation, management, moderation and optimization of the online experience, reliance on IT for day-to-day site management activities can be reduced thereby empowering the business to deliver more effectively on online customer experience initiatives. Because of WebCenter Sites’ intuitive and easy to use tools for managing online experience, our customers have gained the ability to get to market faster with their online marketing initiatives. As marketers and other LOB users take greater control of managing the web experience, customers have seen the lead time for new online campaigns shrink from months or weeks down to a matter of days and routine site updates can be made in a matter of minutes without having to secure a developer resource to execute them.WebCenter Sites offers:Fast & easy page creation & editing via a WYSIWIG environmentDrag ‘n drop site content onto pages & edit content in-contextFind images & videos quickly with visual-enhanced search results Manage tasks efficiently with parallel workstreams & a contributor dashboardEasily set-up, manage and moderate user-generated content based on business rules you’ve set
  • Main Point:With Oracle, you can deliver a highly scalable and high performance multisite, multilingual, and multimedia online customer experience.Script:Assuring optimal performance across enterprise web deployments is a critical component of the online customer experience. With Oracle, you can deliver a highly scalable multisite, multilingual, and multimedia online customer experience. You can execute on a global scale without sacrificing performance. Assure rapid, dynamic delivery of high-volume sites, streamline the management of hundreds of sites, manage vast and complex product catalogs with ease, and seamlessly incorporate digital assets into the online experience through rich media management.
  • Plataforma de mensajería de misión críticaRendimiento extremoElástica Capacidad bajo demanda Robusta
  • Customer examples:The best example is Toyota (TMS), where we have been prototyping a system to capture automotive Big Data such as telematics, diagnostic data from vehicle servicing, etc. into a Hadoop environment on BDA. This data would be made available for selective loading into sandbox EID applications, allowing analysts to quickly examine and explore samples of this data, which is high variety, high volume, and unknown value in many cases. Based on what they find, they may select data for loading into Oracle Database for higher performance querying, expand OBI models for broader reporting, or load additional data into production Data Discovery applications for ongoing visibility for business users.We have discussed a similar model alongside our Warranty Claims / Vehicle Quality analysis application at BMW, but are not as far along in actually getting a prototype effort engagedWe discussed an similar model with PepsiCo R&D, with an eye towards aggregating their disparate research data created during product development, especially analysis of new product ingredients, and then making this data available for re-use by other research groups across PepsiCo. Again, we are not as far along in actually realizing this example, but the interest was strong.We have also discussed this architecture with JP Morgan Chase. They have a strong vision of using Hadoop in the manner that this model implies, as a central repository of all sorts of data that may be interesting to re-use. Again, we are early in the more concrete discussions with them around actually adopting EID in this architecture, but the general approach there is highly validating of the depicted approach.Technical notes:We don’t yet have self service data loading for Hadoop into EID in the 3.1 version of the EID product, so we should be careful to avoid suggesting that self service sandbox setup for business users is in the product today. This is planned for 3.2.That said, there are numerous straightforward approaches for setting up this kind of data load on a per-deployment basis with a small bit of development/deployment customization. Options include providing a bit of automation to populate a file-based data sample from Hadoop, which can then be easily picked up and loaded but the out-of-the box EID tool. Another option is to use ODI.
  • Large global tier 1 bankOracle Event Processor (OEP)CoherenceOracle Real-time Decisions (RTD)Big Data ApplianceOBIEE
  • Driven by Popular Standards and Open Source Talking Point: Java EE 6 and Java SE 7 in WebLogic Server 12c. Same team driving forward with Java EE 7 which is focused on HTML 5 and Productivity – key developer themes today. Higher Performance with Database 12c - We have 3 or 4 features targeted at DB 12c - Databse Resident Connection Pool integration, Transaction Guard/Application Continuity integation and support for Oracle DB 12c Pluggable DB. This slide is one I constructed for Cameron today for the analyst meeting which is a light drill down on this. Availability with Oracle Database RAC and CoherenceTalking point: Our RAC integration carries forward with Active GridLink for RAC – newer innovations include Fast Connection Failover, Session and Transaction Affinity, Read and Transaction Replay, Pluggable Database Support, Database Resident Connection Pools. Integrated Deveopment for Both Public and Private Cloud Talking Point: Our three IDEs – Jdeveloper, Eclipse, are designed to work tightly with WebLogic Server and have huge communities around them. Now with the Java Cloud Service, built on WebLogic Server, those same tools have full cloud integration letting WebLogic Server developers build both off and on premise. Even better, significant investment has been put into developer lifecycle tool integration – Maven, Hudson, Subversion, GIT etc – there is built in integration with these tools and now this extended into the Cloud with the Developer Service integrating into the Java Cloud Service
  • Our answer to the need for a native mobile experience is ADF Mobile. The key value it provides is write-once, deploy to any platform we support, which today is iOS and Android. You will be able to move your application to any new platform added in the future with very little or no effort. ADF Mobile delivers a native container that includes local storage with encryption and access to device features, like camera, email, contacts, location, etc.
  • A2A - Simplifying integration complexity by spanning cloud, mobile, B2B, Event Processing (Fast Data), and On-premises with a single unified integration platform.
  • Slide Transition: If your business – and the applications that support it -- can’t keep up with constant change, innovation won’t happen.Before, if you wanted to modify an enterprise application, you had to rewrite and retest code every time you made a change. Now, open, standards-based, best-of-breed middleware technologies provide a common applications platform that let you keep pace with new business demands. With Fusion Middleware, you can extend and maximize your existing technology investment with the same technologies used in Fusion Applications, including embedded analytics and social collaboration, and mobile and cloud computing. Oracle’s complete SOA platform lets your IT organization rapidly design, assemble, deploy, and manage adaptable business applications and—with Oracle’s business process management tools—even bring the task of modeling business processes directly to the business analysts. Oracle Business Intelligence foundation brings together all your enterprise data sources in a single, easy-to-use solution, delivering consistent insights whether it’s through ad hoc queries and analysis, interactive dashboards, scorecards, OLAP, or reporting. And, your existing enterprise applications can leverage the rich social networking capabilities and content sharing that users have come to expect in consumer software. Oracle Fusion Middleware is based on 100 percent open standards, so you aren’t locked into one deployment model when your business requirements change.
  • For additional information, I recommend that you:Join the community on these social networks… (read from slide)And check for updates on the Engineered Systems web page.
  • Nuevas soluciones tecnológicas para retail Paco Bermejo

    1. 1. Soluciones para los nuevos Canales Online y Móvil y nuevas estrategias Fast Data de venta Paco Bermejo, Responsable de Generación de Negocio en Retail
    2. 2. Trends in Retail The Digital Consumer Targeting & Personalization Content Explosion Business Empowerment Cloud Services Global Expansion Operational Optimization Regulatory Compliance 2 Channel Convergence Environmental Awareness Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    3. 3. The Digital Consumer Engage Customers Consistently Across Web and Mobile Channels • In-context editing, authoring, & preview of website for different device types • Manage mobile site plan/navigation structures in Contributor UI • Use same templates for mobile & desktop or customize for mobile specific pages • Supports HTML-5 / responsive design • WSDT manages mobile templates • Leverages full Sites targeting capabilities • Detect incoming devices and render device optimized site 3 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    4. 4. Channel Convergence Encourage Interaction Through Social Computing • Create blogs and enable user-generated content (UGC) such as comments, reviews, ratings and polling • Facilitate social participation by enabling visitors to log in with their Facebook, Twitter or Google IDs out-ofthe-box • Enable users to share content they like with Facebook and Twitter out-of-the-box • Extend social sharing and log in to 30+ social networks • Utilize UGC such as ratings or reviews to dynamically drive the content of your site 4 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    5. 5. Targeting and Personalization Personalize the Experience with Rules-Based Targeting • Empower marketers to employ rules based targeting and personalization • Define attribute-based segments • Assign content recommendations to target to customer segments • Supports implicit (behavioral) and/or explicit (known) segmentation • Enables granular targeting based on membership in multiple segments • Easily tag and query content for use in targeting efforts 5 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    6. 6. Content Explosion Empower Business Users with Intuitive Authoring Tools • Enable marketers and line-of-business teams • Simplify site creation and management • Reduce reliance on IT for day-to-day site maintenance • Simply drag-and-drop text, images, videos, social computing components and more, right into the context of a page 6 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    7. 7. Global Expansion Cost-effectively Grow Your Online Presence to Meet Global Needs • Scalable dynamic delivery of personalized content • Re-use digital assets & other content across multiple sites 7 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. • Streamlined multisite management • High performance delivery of rich media driven sites
    8. 8. Value Proposal: Real Time in Retail Operational Optimization • Logistics tracing • Design and manufacturing • Price optimization • Inventory and stock management • Operational intelligence (M2M) • Market analysis 8 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Customer Experience • Multi-channel • Buying trends and patterns • Recommendations • Loyalty • Brand Reputation Innovation • Customer, supplier and product segmentation • Offers personalization • Campaign Design • Mobile PoS
    9. 9. Value Proposal: Real Time in Retail Optimización Operacional • Big Data • Event Processing • Extreme Performance • Data Integration • Advanced Analytics • Business Processes 9 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Experiencia de Cliente • Websites • eCommerce • CRM • CRM Loyalty • Social Relationship Management Innovación • Mobility • Mobile Point-of-Service • Real-time Decisions • Fast Data
    10. 10. Value Proposal: Shops in Real Time FINANCIAL SERVICES Real Time Architecture Oracle’s Value Proposal Solution based on market leader technology Flexible and Reliable Complete and Integrated 10 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. SOLUTION • #1 Application Server: WebLogic Server • Fast integration patterns: OSB and Coherence • Different shop topologies • Thin PoS with Store-and-Forward client • Reliable messaging • • • • • • Shop messaging Central services and stores messaging Database for offline selling Deployment of PoS infrastructure End-to-end administration (lifecycle, monitoring) High performance messaging platform
    11. 11. Oracle Fast Data Complex Event Processor In-Memory Data Grid Business Processes & Decisioning No SQL Database 11 Alerts & Human Actions Business Applications Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    12. 12. Real-time Location-Based Offers Tier 1 Global Bank Objectives  Increase revenue through realtime, location based offers Solution  Customer profile enrichment with Big Data  Capture credit card POS and merchant data with event processor  Determine geo location of POS and nearby bank wholesale customers  Leverage real-time decision engine to generate offer to mobile device 12 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    14. 14. New: Oracle WebLogic Server & Oracle Coherence Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Applications Applications WebLogic Server Coherence In-Memory Data Grid Oracle Database 12c 14 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.  Deep Integration with Oracle Database 12c – Oracle Multitenant – Oracle Rapid Application Cluster (RAC)  Real-Time Data Refresh: Live Events via Oracle GoldenGate Hotcache  Built-In Scalable Support for WebSockets
    15. 15. New: Mobile Development Framework  Build Once, Run on Any Platform  Phones & Tablets, iOS & Android  Native Container on Each Platform  Device Access via Cordova  Disconnected: SQLite with Encryption 15 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    16. 16. New: Mobile Development Environment  Declarative, Visual Development  50+ Visual UI Components  Customizable via Metadata  Extensible with Java  Develop, Test, Package, Deploy 16 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    17. 17. Service and Data Integration A2A B2B Cloud Mobile Legacy Apps SERVICE INTEGRATION Database DATA INTEGRATION Big Data Real-time Replication 17 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Bulk Data / ETL Data Quality
    18. 18. Oracle Fusion Middleware Web Social Mobile User Engagement Business Process Management Content Management Service Integration Business Intelligence Data Integration Identity Management Development Tools 18 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cloud Application Foundation Enterprise Management
    19. 19. For More Information Twitter Facebook Blogs LinkedIn Visit: 19 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. YouTube
    20. 20. 20 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.