Introducción Oracle Policy Automation


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Introducción Oracle Policy Automation

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Oracle Forum OPA Directores de Sector PúblicoDemetrio Chaparro – Regional Sales Manager OPAMadrid 24 Marzo 2011
  2. 2. Focus of 2011 Public Sector ITInvestments
  3. 3. Focus of 2011 Public Sector ITInvestments
  4. 4. Public Sector Job Reductions andNominal Wage Reductions
  5. 5. Una Legislación / Regulación dinámicagenera la Necesidad de Automatizar Creciente Tomar decisiones ajustadas y consistentes Complejidad es difícil cuando se necesitan políticas y Regulatoria reglas claramente definidas para generar las mejores decisiones Aceleración de Seguridad, geopolítica y eventos financieros los cambios generan frecuentemente cambios y altas legislativos expectativas de puesta en marcha Ajustes Se espera que Proyectos Tecnológicos Presupuestarios costosos y Centros de Atención con alto fuerzan a la número de recursos, innoven y proporcionen eficiencia más por menos “Rendir La libertad de información incrementa la cuentas” presión de clientes y ciudadanos para requiere demostrar la conformidad a estándares y transparencia reglas de las organizaciones y gobiernos
  6. 6. Gestionar la Complejidad de las Políticas y loscambios RegulatoriosDar poder a los usuarios de negocio Modelling Usuarios de negocio transforman legislación compleja y documentos normativos en reglas de negocio. Adaptarse a los cambios a la vez que los ciudadanos reciben rapidamente la asistencia y los beneficios requeridos de manera que las decisiones se pueden explicar Automatizar la elegibilidad, el cambio de circunstancias y la monitorización de eventos.
  7. 7. Automate Policy – Direct from Documents Natural Language Modeling in any Language English Oracle Policy Modeling Francais Import Deploy Microsoft Office 中文 Español Transform Enterprise and Model Dansk Deutsch Nederlandse Svenska ... Español Français English 中文 Easily Sync with Source Document ChangesFuente Legislativa
  8. 8. Transformar legislación compleja en reglas• Proporciona la capacidad a los usuarios de negocio de traducir la legislación en reglas de negocio con lenguaje natural basado en un motor de reglas• Traducir políticas en reglas flexibles, configurables y reutilizables• Adaptar procesos de negocio para reflejar los continuos cambios de las reglas Fuente legislativa Copiar material fuente y Documento ejecutable en lenguaje natuarl que los o política pegarlo en Word usuarios de negocio pueden entender y modificar
  9. 9. Generación automática delcontenido a evaluar Rulebases pueden ser desplegadas con Las preguntas son un simple click en la web mediante automáticamente Oracle Web Determinations. creadas de los documentos fuente de definición de las reglas sin necesidad de programación Pregunta el menor número de preguntas y en el orden más lógico para finalizar la determinación
  10. 10. Policy Automation Strategy Multi-Channel Delivery, Flexible Integration Consistent Customer / Citizen OutcomesMobile Online Call Center Agents Branch Office Community Service Case Analytics Interactions AIA and Fusion Middleware Back Office Back Office Applications Policy Automation runtime Applications Policy Modeling Policy Area 1 Policy Area 2 Policy Area 3 Policy Area 4
  11. 11. OPA Product Components CRM, Portal Oracle Policy Automation Connector for Siebel OP & OD Oracle Policy Middleware / Native Web Automation Services / Java / .NET Oracle Policy Automation Connector for SAP & PeopleSoft HCM HR, ERP Legacy
  12. 12. Sample Oracle Policy Automation applications Citizen Self-Service and Guidance • Improved citizen access to government information • Dynamic advice, rather than static HTML or PDFs • References include: • Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles • Internal Revenue Service (USA) and HM Revenue & Customs (UK) • Multiple US state governments • Department of Immigration and Citizenship (Australia) • BusinessLink – government advice for small businesses (UK) Human Resources and Pensions • Complex and agency-specific rules, e.g. New South Wales State Government (Australia) uses OPA to provide HR advice to 300,000 employees • Eligibility for benefits • Calculations, e.g. payroll, allowances, benefits • Merit-based hiring • Time & Labor • Change of circumstance Social Services • Full range of eligibility, assessment, rate calculation determinations, e.g. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Unemployment Insurance, Medicaid • British Columbia Integrated Case Management (Canada), many UK local governments, Centrelink (Australia)
  13. 13. Sample Oracle Policy Automation applications Grants Management - Subveciones • Pre-application advice • Eligibility • Payment calculations and on-going eligibility Health • Eligibility • Triage and rapid multi-channel advice • Claim adjudication for coverage and specific benefits, e.g. for Medicaid • Complex rules for payment processing, e.g. for Medicaid Procurement • Strategic Sourcing (Approvisionnement) • Supplier Management (Proveedores) Financials – Expense Policy Compliance • Claims adjudication after submission – travel and other benefits • What class can I fly? Does it depend on distance, seniority, cost differential? • What travel costs are covered? Vaccinations? Baggage insurance? • What portion of a phone bill can I claim? • How is an allowance pro-rated if I have a leave of absence during the year?
  14. 14. Public Sector Customers Références SOCIAL TAX – EMPLOYMENT Sales Tax Deduction Interactive Housing Benefit and Calculator Tax Assistant Council Tax Benefit Employment Status Indicator Safety Self- Eligibility for Assessment gov. benefits Worker Status Self-Assessment GOVERNEMENT DEFENCE – JUSTICE – Self-assessment of entitlements POLICE – IMMIGRATION Visa Wizard Citizenship Wizardadvice andguidancefor small Registry of Motorbusinesses Vehicles license
  15. 15. Background & ESI project Administracion Tributaria & AduanaOverview• HMRC is responsible for collecting the bulk Business Results of UK tax revenue, as well as paying Tax • Up to ten-fold productivity improvements Credits and Child Benefits, and for system development compared to strengthening the UKs frontiers. conventional software approaches• 29.5 million taxpayer records, 8.4 million • For first system rolled out (Employment Self Assessment Status Indicator): • Business case assumed 25% selfChallenges service but actual results over 90%• Pan Government requirements for • Saved £3M+ in additional administrative efficiencies headcount that would have been• High volumes of enquiries at high cost required without automation• Mystery shopper exercise: same • Projected headcount reallocation of enquiry made 9 times, 9 different over 3,000 staff responses given by staff• Massive uncertainty for taxpayers Strategic ImpactSolution • OPA continues to assist HMRC in delivering on its Public Service Agreement• Interactive systems deployed which targets faithfully reflect complex legislative and associated policy and business policies • Oracle Enterprise Policy Automation established as key delivery tool in• Interactive guidance platform based on HMRC’s five year Strategic Plan Oracle Web Determinations
  16. 16. Pension Forecast CalculationsOverview• HMRC (UK Tax Office) shares Solution responsibility for UK pensions with the • Oracle policy automation was used to Department for Work and Pensions capture the complex rules for pensions• Pensions forecasting is applied to all UK forecasting citizens, with some special groups (eg • Data relevant to the pension calculations is overseas residents) having complex rules retrieved from legacy systems and fed applied through the calculation rulesChallenges Results• Very complex Pension rules for some • The implementation took less than 10% categories of pensioner of the time for the previous legacy• Data from several back end tax system to be implemented systems, in particular the taxation • Massively reduced maintenance costs contributions system (NIRS2) • Significant UK Pension Reforms able to• Legacy systems very expensive to build be handled dynamically in the system well and maintain within budget and time• Government required pension reforms • After the UK Pension Reforms, increase to be implemented quickly to effect their of up to 30% in the number of forecasts desired policy outcomes issued by HMRC.
  17. 17. Delivering rapid benefits to Dentists in SwedenChallenges• Implement new Dental Reform legislation in tight timescales• Deliver new Dental benefits calculations and improve Fraud detection• Complete in parallel with modernisation of Legacy back office systemsResults• New legislation delivered in four months• Highly scalable and performant solution• Success achieved by ‘externalising’ rules from core applications• Business users built and now own the rules• Benchmark for future modernisation projects
  18. 18. Internal Revenue Service Administracion TributariaOverview Customer Perspective• The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collects approximately USD$2.4 trillion in tax revenue. “OPA allowed us to utilize our• With over 100,000 employees and a budget of approximately USD$11 billion processing around 225 million tax returns it is subject matter experts rather than one of the world’s most efficient tax administrators. IT personnel to write rules whichChallenges eliminated interpretation errors• Inconsistent interpretation and application of rules due to and reduced major IT project cost” the variations in staff knowledge and skill levels• Significant number of errors when subject matter experts asked IT to interpret and utilize code to develop the Business Results solution • Empowered Subject Matter Experts• Facing a large knowledge drain in the next 5 years due to Build and change policy without having to retiring workforce. rely on ITSolution – Interactive Tax Assistant Eliminated interpretation errors as subject matter experts are controlling the solution• 86+ Tax Law Categories live so far Facing a knowledge drain in the next 5 years,• 20,000+ internal users, 256 call centers, 54 service centers OPA provides a “knowledge repository” to capture experience • Greater Flexibility With OPA, policies can easily be modified by non-IT personnel Able to apply complex rules to individual taxpayers’ circumstances • Improved Time to market OPA is proven to significantly reduce time in transforming policy documents into an “active” form
  19. 19. Outcomes at the IRS Audited figures from the US General Accounting Office 2% 12% OPA introduced“They identified ITLA in particular, for the increase in accuracyin tax law and return assistance, which is used by both IRS’stelephone and walk-in site assistors to provide more accurateand consistent answers to taxpayers’ questions.”Source:
  20. 20. Immigration Self ServiceBackground Solution• The Australian Government receives • Visa Wizard thousands of requests for Visas and citizenship every year • Determines the visas a client may be• Requests come from both within Australia eligible for and externally • 58 visa subclasses modelled – covering 98% of applications madeChallenges • Citizenship Wizard• Difficult for applicants to • High political profile determine eligibility, and which • Determines the best path to Visa or citizenship type to apply Citizenship available to the client for Business Results• Heavy cost in dealing with • More than 10,000 hits per day enquiries via phone or face-to- • Massively reduced load on call centres face • Consistent provision of advice to• The complexity of the different applicants whether going through web, Visa types and Citizenship call centre or face-to-face processes make it difficult to • Access through Internet allows applicants determine the appropriate and their advisers to get instant, correct application type information personalised to their situation
  21. 21. BusinessLink Subvenciones y ayudas para Pymes• BusinessLink is a government-funded advice and guidance service for small businesses in England. (There are equivalent organizations providing similar services in other parts of the UK.) BusinessLink has built and deployed several applications which are powered by the Oracle Policy Automation product. • Assess the best method of payment for your transaction: • Find out which Incoterm you should use: • Assess the health of your business: • Get the right website for your business: • Business Start-up Organizer: • Health and safety performance indicator: r.s=a • Identify export opportunities: • Check tax and legal issues when selling a business: • Identify potential sales channels: • Choose the right legal structure for your business: • Identify where you can save money by going green: 1073858808&r.s=tl&topicId=1077472554 • Choose the right advertising media: • Identify which VAT (sales tax) scheme your business is eligible to use: • Closing a business checklist: 1073858808&r.s=sm&topicId=1074419970 • Create a growth action plan: • Expectant and new mothers: • Create a personalised regulation checklist: • Personal development plan: • Setting up a basic IT system: • Discover who your most valuable customers are: • When to register for VAT (sales tax): • Environmental compliance assessment: • When you can deregister for VAT:
  22. 22. Servicio Social Gestión de Beneficios del Gobierno LocalIntroducción Resultados Obtenidos• Northgate Information Solutions plc es el proveedor líder en UK de soluciones Ayuntamiento de South Hams software y servicio IT para gobiernos locales • Reducción del proceso de una queja de 30• Tiene 160 gobiernos locales, desde distritos a 3 días hasta algunos de los gobiernos más grandes • Despliegue remoto de la tecnología allí de Europa del Oeste donde el ciudadano lo necesiteRetos • Procesar 250 nuevas quejas por semana con un 100% de precisión y un 100% de• Los ciudadanos deben completar extensos satisfacción de cliente y confusos formularios• Los ciudadanos no tienen conocimiento de otros beneficios a los que tienen acceso Ayuntamiento Municipal Metropolitano de Rotherham• El tiempo para procesar el “papeleo” y el pago va de 30 días a varios meses • Reducción de costes anuales en el equipo de gestión de £250,000 (275.000Solution EUR)• eBenefits (Oracle Policy Automation) Impacto Estratégico • Cálculo de elegibilidad online de acceso a beneficios. • Los Servicios Sociales pueden cambiar la realización del servicio del back-office • Único punto de contacto que evalua al front-office (anteriormente no era la elegibilidad de los ciudadanos, sobre posible debido a la complejidad del los 61.000 beneficios de la seguridad material) social de UK
  23. 23. UK Local Government Social Services 29
  24. 24. Local Councils in the UK• More than 50 local governments in the UK, including Rotherham and Renfrewshire, are using OPA to determine eligibility for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.• Renfrewshire:• Rotherham:
  25. 25. US Defense Finance & Accounting ServiceDFAS (the worlds largest finance and accounting organization) usesOPA to model complex business rules to quickly automate thecalculation of very complex military disability payroll adjustments –Concurrent Retired Disability Pay (CRDP) and Combat-RelatedSpecial Compensation (CRSC)DFAS receives over 10,000 retro-active rating changes per monthA technician can take over an hour to manually process a caseTechnicians receive 6 weeks of training to process the simplest casesOnly 30% of cases could be automatically processed prior to theimplementation of OPA – now the batch process for an entire monthruns in less than one hour
  26. 26. New South Wales HR eXpert Background Issue • Need for shared services, employee self service • One of the major functions of the New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet is the provision • Increased complexity of content for HR staff of advice on HR matters for NSW’s 300,000+ public sector employees • Problems with accuracy and consistency, especially given differences in HR policies across government agencies and over time Solution Benefits• Haley developed HR eXpert, an online interactive • Freeing up of time of HR, employees and other staff advisory application for use by 60,000 NSW public (e.g. line managers) and reduction in re-work due to sector employees (up to 300,000 have access to the incorrect advice system) • Greater employee satisfaction, reduced grievance• Allows confidential self-assessment of a range of rates and improved industrial relations entitlements and conditions • Diminished need for HR staff to have expansive• The system is precisely tailored with the policies knowledge/training applicable to every agency covered by the NSW Public Sector Management Act • Standardized outputs and audit trails, plus the facilitation of policy development and quality assurance
  27. 27. Sample HR Self-Service Application: NSW HR eXpert - CONFIDENTIAL: INTERNAL USE ONLY
  28. 28. Rijksgebouwendienst (RGD): The Dutch Government Real Estate Agency Bienes inmuebles del Estado • RGD is responsible for design/architecture, build, exploitation and maintenance of all government buildings in The Netherlands • E-Business Suite will manage all back-office functions • Oracle Policy Automation will manage the complex rules and laws that determine which properties are inspected and how they are maintainedORACLE CONFIDENTIAL: INTERNAL USE ONLY
  29. 29. British Columbia (Canada)Social welfare modernizationRequirements• Better tools and "simplification" of business processes• Replacement of obsolete, aging and inflexible legacy systems• Provide better integration of services and protection of children• Deliver a single view of the citizen across servicesImplementation• Phase 1: Two OPA rulebases integrated with Siebel are now live: • One rulebase receives data from a Siebel form, and uses rules to determine the worker/organizational approval level required to issue the form and returns the result to Siebel • The other rulebase is called from Siebel, then OPA interactively conducts a worker interview to determine if the applicant has immediate needs, is exempt from a three week work search, determines the applicant employability screening score, and determines if the applicant has employment obligations. It can also be used to identify services that a person might qualify for, based on their needs and life events.• Phase 2: OPA will determine client eligibility and benefit calculations. This rulebase will address 300 pages of legislated rules, plus Provincial policy and work practices.
  30. 30. Three Options to Automate Using OPA Standalone interactive advice from OPA to guide people through complex and difficult- to-understand rules and processes Leverage OPA as an interactive advice- giving front-end to Legacy systems Replace aged legacy rules with Oracle Policy Automation, and build new rules for those systems in OPA
  31. 31. OPA – Implementation Methods■ Traditional / coded development o Defined stages and little or no overlap in activities. o Considered to be ‘safe’ delivery method but often unnecessary lengthy, inflexible and change control focused■ OPA Agile o Parallel development, quicker development cycles. o 62% reduction in time and effort on a medium sized project:
  32. 32. OPA - Partner enablement services1) Rule Specialist training o Foundation, Intermediate, & Advanced levels. o Examination & competency assessments. o Rule architecture design & support.2) Technical Specialist training. o Technical architecture & design o Integration3) Specialist Project Management training. o Project start-up, estimation, risk management4) Other Specialist training o Test Manager o Commentary Author5) Mentoring & Support.
  33. 33. OPA – Implementation Methods■ Establish a Centre of Excellence o An organisation within your business that contains the business, technical and rule specialist teams. o Maximises ability to share and re-use rulebase components. o Develops mechanisms for exchanging OPA related materials with other organisations. Control o Management of best practice, resourcing, prioritisation and communication. Data Model o Contains Rule Developers, Project Leaders, Technical Specialists, Business Experts, Expertise Templates Testers & Commentary Writers. Support Forums Training Budgets Build
  34. 34. BeneficiosMejora drásticamente la puesta en marcha decambios de reglas y políticasSimplifica el desarrollo y mantenimientoAsegura la precisión y consistencia en las decisionescomplejas y determinaciones de elegibilidadReduce la necesidad de recursos técnicosEvalúa el impacto en los clientes o ciudadanos decambios en las políticas de la organización.Proporciona una trazabilidad completa de lasdecisiones tomadas
  35. 35. “The OPA technology is the most exciting and innovative technology currently within the HMRC Estate. Buildingon the success of this project, the key priority now is to grow our rule development capability and to use thetechnology and methods to reduce fraud and errors.”, Steve Lamey, Director General, HMRC, 3rd December 2009.“The Rules Based Service is friendly to use and is much quicker to navigate through than the current guidanceprovided. I particularly like the new Tax Credit calculator which is much quicker to operate” Contact Centre Adviser at HMRC, 3rd December 2009.“It has not been necessary to sell the use of the Rules Based Service to advisers as they have instantly taken toit. They have been provided with a small amount of training and have needed very little other support since then.The streamlining of the process seems to indicate that advisers are now more likely to use and follow theguidance than they did previously, a great result!” Helen Parkinson, HMRC Project Manager, 3rd December 2009.The new system empowered subject matter experts to develop rules-based applications directly fromcomplex legislative text, policy documents, and regulation—eliminating scripting or programming andreducing reliance on technical experts and, ultimately, reducing the time needed to transform policydocuments into active forms.” John Drann, Finance Director, Wage and Income: Strategy and Finance (formerly ITLA / COLDS R2 Project Manager), Internal Revenue Service