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Cloud java Evento 25 nov Palma

  1. 1. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not bematerial, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. 1
  2. 2. Enterprise Java en la Nube: Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Enrique Martín ( MW Presales Manager
  3. 3. Engineered Systems Driving trend in IT for the next decade 3
  4. 4. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software. Hardware. Complete. Building the 21st Century Datacenter 4
  5. 5. • Fastest Java Performance – Application performance improved up to 10X • Foundation for Mission Critical Cloud One Platform for the Whole Enterprise Performance, reliability and simplicity 5 Critical Cloud – Best for application consolidation – Best for elastic capacity on demand • Engineered System – Lowest cost to deploy and operate – Fastest path to production
  6. 6. Engineered System One standard platform for all workloads • 100+ person years of Oracle system engineering investment – Built in and available on day one • Engineered system – Java Middleware stack 6 – Java Middleware stack – Device firmware – Drivers – OS kernel modifications – IO configuration • Move enterprise IT talent to higher value work
  7. 7. Oracle’s Elastic Cloud Foundation Application Grid, OS, Enterprise Manager and hardware JRockit and HotSpotJRockit and HotSpot WebLogic ServerWebLogic Server CoherenceCoherence EnterpriseManager 7 EL X2-2 Oracle Linux or SolarisOracle Linux or Solaris Exalogic Elastic Cloud SoftwareExalogic Elastic Cloud Software EnterpriseManager Exalogic Elastic Cloud HardwareExalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware
  8. 8. Exalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware Extreme performance, high availability for varied workloads 8 EL X2-2
  9. 9. Scale from One Application to Cloud Start small and grow 9 Quarter RackQuarter Rack Half RackHalf Rack Full RackFull Rack MultiMulti--rackrack • Seamless hardware upgrade • Flexible software licensing
  10. 10. Application Support and Certification Optimized for enterprise Java, ready for everything Extreme Performance No Certification Required Runs 1000’s of existing applications 10 Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  11. 11. Extreme Java The power of the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 (Lower latency is Better) 11 2-3X improvement in Database OLTP 60% more Java Operations/sec. – Run-time connection load balancing – JDBC over SDP – Enhanced buffer handling for InfiniBand – Optimized multi-core scheduler – Cluster IPC multiplexing over SDP – Scatter-gather IO 0 CreateWS Purchase Manage Browse Standard Platform Exalogic Up to 10X faster response time
  12. 12. InfiniBand Performance Advantage Up to 12x Performance • Network IO is critical – #1 limiting factor for application performance and scale • Eliminate buffer copies – From four to zero TCP/IP SocketsSockets DirectDirect ProtocolProtocol Exalogic Software 12 – From four to zero • Use larger packet size to reduce network overhead – 64K instead of 4K packets • Optimized for InfiniBand – 3x throughput over 10 GbE – 50% less latency via native SDP Host Channel Adapter (Driver) InfiniBand Core IPoIBIPoIB ProtocolProtocol
  13. 13. Standard Inter-process Communication Multi-core, memory and IO bottlenecks TCP/IP over Ethernet SingleMuxerSingleMuxer SingleMuxerSingleMuxer Single Connection 1111 2222 3333 13 1. Work manager self-tuning for varied architectures 2. Single muxer lock contention for narrowband 3. Small (4K) message sizes incur substantial overhead WebLogic WebLogic 2222 3333
  14. 14. Exalogic Inter-process Communication 60% higher workload, 1/2 latency SDP over InfiniBand ParallelMuxerParallelMuxer ParallelMuxerParallelMuxer Many Connections1111 2222 14 1. Multi-core scheduling algorithm optimized for Exalogic 2. Parallel muxer reduces lock contention 3. Large (64K) message sizes reduce processing overhead WebLogic WebLogic SDP over InfiniBand2222 3333
  15. 15. Exalogic GridLink for Exadata Unique Oracle RAC integration and OLTP fault tolerance • Integrated Exalogic and Exadata clusters • Dynamic load balancing of requests to RAC nodes • RAC node transaction affinity for data locality • Maximum JDBC performance with SQLNet over native InfiniBand protocol (SDP) • Instant load balancing and failover with RAC changes 15 • Instant load balancing and failover with RAC changes GridLink WebLogic GridLink WebLogic 80% 20% RAC Node Load Aware Connection Requests GridLink WebLogic GridLink WebLogic RAC Node Affinity For Transactions XA GridLink WebLogic GridLink WebLogic Continuous Connections Even with RAC Changes
  16. 16. Complexities in Setting Up & Deploying Application Infrastructure Today Infrastructure Setup • VM, Vnet, Volume creation / config. • App. server creation / config. • Middleware creation / config. • Application deployment / config. • Data access config. • Security config. Tools & Utilities • Multiple tools and methods to handle various stages of infrastructure lifecycle • Different tool for each discrete component • Fragile, customized scripts Operations Procedures • Service configuration across multiple hosts and instances • Performance tuning EasyEasyEasyEasy 16© 2010 Oracle – Proprietary and Confidential • Security config. • Messaging config. • User config. • Load balancer config. People Considerations •Precise coordination among multiple administrators •Specialized expertise distributed across various individuals •“Ad hoc” and cultural knowledge It Just Takes Time • Component setup is slow • Various long running steps • Lead times and scheduling among various administrators • Errors lead to restart of entire process and lifecycle • Performance tuning • Software updates • Infrastructure scaling • Change management & validation • Problem diagnostics and resolution EasyEasyEasyEasy
  17. 17. Application Aware Virtualization Assembly Virtualized Software Appliances Web Appliance Application Server Appliance Transform Multi-Tier Application Components into Collection of Configurable Building Blocks Web Web Web Tier Reference System 17© 2010 Oracle – Proprietary and Confidential Metadata Database Appliance WLS WLS SOA Svc RAC RAC Application Tier Database Tier
  18. 18. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder WLS WLS SOA Svc Web Web Assembly • Application aware virtualization • Package software components into collection of configurable appliances • Standardized building blocks 18© 2010 Oracle – Proprietary and Confidential Svc RAC RAC Metadata ……. ……. blocks • Multi-tier application assemblies using virtual appliances • Simplified and rapid provisioning • Single step, template-based complete application deployment onto virtualized environments
  19. 19. Why Assemblies? • Repeatedly provision entire application environments • Allowing customization without adding complexity • Reduce configuration errors • Fewer knobs to turn and get wrong Assembly 19© 2010 Oracle – Proprietary and Confidential • Fewer knobs to turn and get wrong • Greater uniformity across environments • Reuse standardized building blocks • Accelerates deployment of new infrastructures and applications • Single step, template based deployments Metadata ……. …….
  20. 20. Assembly Structure Appliance • Bootable VM disk image containing all necessary s/w required to run single component instance • Optimized for Oracle software • Templatized for repeatable deployment into Assembly • Final configuration completed upon start-up Assembly Metadata ……. ……. Metadata Appliance 20© 2010 Oracle – Proprietary and Confidential Assembly Metadata Appliance Metadata upon start-up • Component-specific default configuration parameters • User-specified & dynamic late binding parameters • Input/output connections • Scaling requirements • VM resource requirements • Deployment plan for entire multi-tier application • Wiring connections describing relationships of multiple Appliances • Appliance start-order dependencies Software Component OS JRockit VE Metadata …….
  21. 21. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Studio Assemblies, Appliances Catalog Properties Inspector 21© 2010 Oracle – Proprietary and Confidential Deployment Resource Pools Assembly Editor Command line interface for scripted actions
  22. 22. Deployment Efficiency with Assemblies Development & Test Production Assembly Catalog WLS WLS SOA Svc Web Web 22© 2010 Oracle – Proprietary and Confidential RAC RAC Select Appliances Introspect System Create Assembly Publish Assembly Deploy Assembly
  23. 23. Enterprise Application Consolidation One platform engineered for the whole enterprise • Cost containment and IT agility – One system to buy, deploy and maintain – Increase velocity and flexibility • The path to mission 33rdrd PartyParty CICS/CICS/ COBOLCOBOL CRMCRM IDMIDM E20E20 CustomCustom 23 • The path to mission critical cloud – Open platform – Support varied workloads – Application isolation – Scalability and elasticity CustomCustom LogsLogs BatchBatch JobsJobs ERPERP SOASOA E20E20 ContentContent 33rdrd PartyParty
  24. 24. Primary Value Drivers for Exalogic Eliminate 60% of Middle Tier TCO Cost Reduction 24 Notes: • Hardware costs include acquisition and maintenance • Data Center costs include power, cooling and floor space • Software costs include acquisition, maintenance and support • Labor costs include all systems management /support personnel Cost Reduction
  25. 25. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Delivering real business value 25 Mission Critical Cloud Operational Cost Reduced up to 60%60% Integrated System Time to Deploy Reduced 90%90% Extreme Java Performance Improved up to 12X12X
  26. 26. Exalogic Elastic Cloud Roadmap Exalogic V2 NextGen 26 • Software upgrade • Software upgrade
  27. 27. 27