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Beneficios del gestor documental bi publisher
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Beneficios del gestor documental bi publisher


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Maximize your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne …

Maximize your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
BI Publisher

Published in: Technology
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  • Report specific email subject and body text: RD application P95620 shall be modified to allow user to input DD item they desire to be used for sending as subject and body. The user should enter only those DD items which have data structure template assigned in DD item application. Recipient Language: Currently we are sending all available outputs to all users, the XMLP kernel will be modified to send output to recipient based on their language preference. Below tables tells recipient types and their preferred langauge Address Book recipient - Language preference shall be depicted from F0101 if available else from user profile table F0092. Static Email Address recipient - User needs to select the language from visual assist containing H95/XL UDC provided in P95620 Data Driven recipient - User needs to provide XPath field pointing to the data in xml, the field must contain data from 01/LP or H95/XL UDC's Consolidated output: It is desired to provide user a way for requesting consolidated output for bursted jobs. The RD application is modified to provide user checkbox for requesting the same.
  • Design Time E1 native UI widget type dedicated to display OBIEE Utilize existing E1 application design tools and framework Allow catalog browsing and searching for any OBIEE report Allows copy and paste of report path and report metadata (e.g. filters) Allows preview and test of OBIEE reports Runtime Interaction with OBIEE with web services calls Reponses from OBIEE rendered within an IFrame on the screen. Allows OBIEE server full control over the rendering Allows maximized windows, drill in, prompts, history, move back and forth Allows end user to browse and select any OBIEE report Allows context sharing Context Sharing: All E1 context can be passed into OBIEE as filters Includes data entered by the end user Includes filter column name, operator and the filter value Allow dynamically switch to a different report based on E1 context Still investing “Action Links” where the OBIEE report would contain a link back to E1 applications.
  • This slide shows the robust integration of OBI EE and JD Edwards E1. Point out that the BI Report shows Western Publishing in the 61-90 day past due category. Click the Action Link. The action link drills into the JDE application and passes parameters to reflect the information in context. Click once more to show BI reports embedded in a JDE application.
  • With the JDBC Driver for JD Edwards World, you have the full BI Publisher application at your disposal, and can access the JD Edwards World databases from releases A7.3, A8.1, A9.1, or A9.2
  • Connection string determines if descriptive table / column names and UDC descriptions are used.
  • Los modelos de datos en el BIP 11g son independientes de los informes - en un modelo de datos 10g fue atado a un informe específico lo que la reutilización de modelos de datos difíciles Cadena de conexión determina si descriptivo de tabla / columna nombres y descripciones UDC se utilizan. E1 controlador JDBC proporciona: La recuperación de datos (SQL y vistas empresariales) seguridad formato Nombres intuitivos columna Data models in BIP 11g are independent of reports – in 10g a data model was tied to a specific report making reuse of data models difficult Connection string determines if descriptive table / column names and UDC descriptions are used. E1 JDBC Driver provides: Data retrieval (SQL and Business Views) Security Formatting Intuitive column names
  • Seguimos mejorando el Generador de plantillas para presentaciones RTF - los informes más complejos pueden continuar aprovechando la Palabra plug-in, pero esto es más una herramienta de desarrollo que el usuario final. Por 11g estamos mejorando la usabilidad de la interfaz de usuario con una barra de herramientas Ribbon Hemos añadido medidores y gráficos Dual-Y Hemos mejorado el Asistente para tablas para hacer más fácil para crear totales acumulados, así como mejoras para la funcionalidad de grupo de la izquierda En respuesta a las peticiones del cliente, hemos mejorado la instalación Ya no es necesario ser un administrador en la máquina para instalar el Generador de plantillas We continue to enhance the Template Builder for RTF layouts – for more complex reports can continue to leverage the Word plug-in, but this is more of a developer tool than end user. For 11g we are improving the usability of the UI with a Ribbon Toolbar We’ve added Gauges and Dual-Y Charts We’ve improved the Table Wizard to make it easy to create Running Totals as well as enhancements for Group Left functionality In response to customer requests we’ve improved the Install You no longer need to be an Administrator on the machine to install the Template Builder
  • Excel / Windows como aplicación, pero con la ventaja de estar basado en un navegador. Gráficos con animación - informe interactivo se contextualmente consciente, por lo que cuando se selecciona en la tabla, la tabla de datos es también de filtro. Y vica versa - cuando se filtra en la tabla, el gráfico se actualiza automáticamente. Con BIP 11g, los usuarios pueden crear el panel de instrumentos como los informes sobre datos transaccionales. Excel / Windows app like, but with advantage of being browser based. Charts with animation – interactive report is contextually aware, so when select in the chart, the table data is also filter. And vica versa – when you filter in the table, the chart automatically updates. With BIP 11g, users can create dashboard-like reports over transactional data.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Jesus Alonso  JD Edwards Consulting Maximize your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne BI Publisher
    • 2. Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System
      • Complete. Open. Integrated.
      OLTP & ODS Systems Data Warehouses Data Marts Packaged Applications (Oracle, SAP, Others) Excel XML/Office Business Processes OLAP Sources Exadata Unstructured & Semi-Structured ERP Analytics Planning & Forecasting Financial Close & Reporting Strategy Management Profitability Management CRM Analytics Industry Analytics BI Server Common Enterprise Information Model Essbase Dimension Management Predictive Analytics Interactive Dashboards Reports & Publishing Query & Analysis Detect & Alert Office Search Embedded Mobile Scorecards
    • 3. BI Publisher Enterprise Edition Integration with JDE E1 – Interactive and Embedded JDE EnterpriseOne XML Email Printer PDF RTF HTML Excel Fax Extract Transform Publish Distribute BI Publisher Interactive (JDBC) Embedded File System Feature available beginning with JDE E1 Tools 8.97 / 8 UBE XSL Report Definition
    • 4.
      • Leverage UBEs to extract report data
        • Use existing UBEs or create new UBE extracts
        • Some UBEs may require retrofit or more extensive template development
      • Report template creation using familiar tools
        • Use Word, Adobe to format pixel perfect reports
      • Print Immediate
        • Define a default template to print immediately upon report generation
      • Document distribution
        • Distribute reports to printers or emails
      • Report bursting
        • Burst a single report data extract into multiple print outs or emails
      • Integrated Lifecycle Management
        • Two new OMW object types – Report Definition and XML Publisher Object
      Embedded BI Publisher for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Key features Feature available beginning with JDE E1 Tools 8.97 / 8
    • 5. Embedded BI Publisher Customer Driven Enhancements
      • Report Specific Email Subject and Body
        • Includes ability to substitute text
      • Recipient preference language
      • Consolidated Output by recipient for reports with bursted output
      Revisions to the BI Publiser Report Definition Feature available beginning with JDE E1 Tools 8.98 Update 3
    • 6.  
    • 7. Embedded BI for JDE E1 – New Tools Control FDA Control
      • Native E1 Tools Control
      • Context sensitive reports in any form invoked through web services
      • Context Sharing
        • Map E1 Form Values To OBIEE Reports
      • OBIEE User Interface preserved
        • Maximized Window
        • Drill in
        • Prompts
        • History
      • Multiple Reports per E1 Application
      • Web Service Interface
      • End User Configurable
    • 8. Oracle Business Intelligence/JD Edwards Robust Integration FDA Control Western Publishing Corp. has $164,200 in the 61-90 day past due category Drill to JD Edwards Application and view information in context Embedded Business Intelligence for JD Edwards E1
    • 9. Embedded BI for JDE E1 Example FDA Control Evaluating Customer Account Balance Increase Credit Limit Review % Credit Limit Used Trend "This information is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described remains at the sole discretion of Oracle"
    • 10. Oracle BI Publisher Standalone can also produce reports through the JDBC Driver for JD Edwards E1 and World Layout Templates XML EDI EFT Output Formats Destinations PDF HTML Excel Power Point CSV Flash RTF
      • Word
      • Acrobat
      • JDev
      Layout Tools
      • Excel
      • Flex
      • Others
      XSL JDE E1 & World JDBC Driver BI Publisher Email Printer Fax e-Commerce Repository
    • 11.
      • Database connection string configures new settings
      • Intuitive table names
        • Improve the usability of BIP Query Builder
      • User friendly column description
        • Display col name from the DD
        • Display end user language
      • Automatically retrieve UDC descriptions
      BI Publisher with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Simplifying Query Building for Interactive Reporting Query Builder: Table descriptions retrieved from Object Librarian Query Builder: Column descriptions retrieved from Data Dictionary Template Builder: both UDC and description are available Feature available beginning with JDE E1 Tools 8.98 Update 3
    • 12. BI Publisher with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Simplifying Query Building The description is automatically Retrieved In template builder, the UDC code and description are available to the user
    • 13. JD Edwards with BI Publisher 11g
    • 14.
      • Typically created by Power User or IT for commonly requested data sets
      • Knowledge of the JDE E1 data model required
      • Data models in BIP 11g are independent of reports
      • JDE E1 JDBC driver simplifies this step
        • Intuitive table and business view names
        • User friendly column description
        • Automatically retrieve UDC descriptions
        • Security, data formatting
      Oracle BI Publisher 11g for Interactive Reporting 1) Build the data model Query Builder: Table descriptions retrieved from Object Librarian Query Builder: Column descriptions retrieved from Data Dictionary Template Builder: both UDC and description are available Feature available beginning with JDE E1 Tools 8.98 Update 4
    • 15. Oracle BI Publisher 11g for Interactive Reporting 2) Design the report
      • Web base layout editor
      • Intuitive layout creation
        • Minimize user clicks
        • Drag and drop to create layout
        • New gauges
        • Running totals
        • Simplified grouping
      • Rich layout support (rich text, charts, tables, crosstab, layout grid, images, header & footer, repeating, page break)
      • Instant preview in PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel and PPT
      Design – Layout Editor Feature available beginning with JDE E1 Tools 8.98 Update 4
    • 16. Oracle BI Publisher 11g for Interactive Reporting 3) Execute / Use the report
      • Dynamic column sorting and filtering
        • Excel like data filtering
      • Group filters
        • Drop downs list box
      • Charts with animation
        • Pop-up dialogs with data value details
        • Dynamic selection and filtering of table
      • Collapsible Regions
        • Enable users to personalize viewing regions
      Runtime– Interactive Report examples Feature available beginning with JDE E1 Tools 8.98 Update 4
    • 17. Oracle BI Publisher Benefits … For All your Business Documents
      • Government Forms
      • Order Forms
      • Invoices
      • Operational Reports
      • Correspondence
      • Financial Statements
      • Checks
      • Purchase Orders
      • Labels / Bar Codes
      • Collateral
      • eText
    • 18.