Plataforma Oracle para la mejora de la experiencia de clientes


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Plataforma Oracle para la mejora de la experiencia de clientes

  1. 1. Agenda
  2. 2. Safe Harbor StatementThe following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver anymaterial, code, or functionality, and should not berelied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of any featuresor functionality described for Oracle’s productsremains at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  3. 3. Customer Engagement Platform Experience Customer Experience Orchestration Process Orchestration Functional Components Functional Components Data Management Data Management
  4. 4. Customer Engagement/Experience Platform Off-line Customer-Facing Channels On-line Experience Experience UI / Portal Web Application Content Design Framework Design Orchestration Security | Process Management | Intelligence Adaptive, Real-Time Decisioning Sentiment Knowledge Commerce Self Service Functional Components Industry eBusiness CRM Other Applications Applications Applications Applications Data Management Data Data Data Management Storage
  5. 5. Oracle Customer Experience Management Platform Web Contact In-Store Kiosk Mobile eMail Social Center Device Channel enablement CustomerInteractions WebSite Framework eCommerce eCare Loyalty & eBilling Marketing Front Siebel Office Siebel Siebel Siebel Orders Service Marketing & Loyalty Back EBS EBS MDM WebCenter ERP OMS CDH / PDH EDQ Content Office CMS Engineered Systems Exalogic/Exadata 5
  6. 6. Master Data Management Compuesto de metodología, tecnología y servicios History• Consolida y mantiene & Audit Business un maestro de Profile & Events and Workflow información único, Correctcompleto y actualizado Standards- Highpara toda la información performance Trusted basedde cliente de la empresa Bulk Import Customer Data Business Object Web Tool Services Cleansing & Roles , Usage & Publish & Relationships Party Subscribe Cross-Ref • Distribuye y during Import Related Data Transports & Entities Connectorsproporciona acceso a la Survivorship información maestra Rules Registry como única fuente Cleanse & Manageauténtica para todas las Standardize Decay aplicaciones Parse Enrich Match & Merge / Unmerge
  7. 7. Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Introducción y módulos• La familia de productos Oracle Enterprise Data Quality permite obtener el máximo valor añadido de sus aplicaciones de negocio críticas.• Proporcionando información con una calidad adecuada al propósito de cada una de ellas: Data Fit for Purpose.• Además, facilitan tanto a individuos como equipos identificar y solventar rápidamente cualquier tipo de problema en los datos subyacentes. Match, Merge & EDQ Match and Merge Survivorship Parse, cleanse & transform EDQ Parse and Standardize Understand & EDQ Profiling explore
  8. 8. Oracle Enterprise Data QualityIntegración Siebel UCM – Enterprise Data Quality• La integración entre Siebel UCM Siebel Server y Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Universal DQ Connector interface se realiza a través del conector EDQ Siebel Connector Siebel Data Quality• Los Web Services de EDQ se Shared Staging utilizan para estandarización y Database prevención de duplicados, mientras que los Jobs se utilizan para identificación de duplicados Web Services Jobs en modo batch/incremental EDQ Server• EDQ no contiene los datos de Siebel UCM, evitando problemas de sincronización. Tan solo utiliza una BBDD propia para los Jobs de identificación de duplicados
  9. 9. ATG Web Commerce Fills “Cross-Channel” NeedOracle becomes the instant market leader Complements existing Oracle products • 100% additive to the Oracle footprint • Highly complementary with Oracle CRM , Retail solutions, and technology
  10. 10. Oracle ATG Web Commerce Suite Oracle SaaS Services For any website or commerce platform, ATG or otherwise Live Help Recommendations Call Chat Co-browse eMail Products ATG Web CommerceApplications Business Reference Applications Business and Commerce Experience REST Web Services Merchandising Customer Service Management AnalyticsCommerce Platform Catalogs and Personalization Commerce Engine Search Site Management Transactions 10
  11. 11. Oracle ATG Web Commerce Market-leading e-CommerceBenefits• Support variety of site types including B2C, B2B, mobile, brand & country• Share infrastructure and content• Increase conversions and loyalty• Increase order sizes• Re-capture lost salesKey Features• Core e-commerce capabilities including catalog management, Pricing, promotions and order engines• Coupons, discounts, gift certs, wish lists• Abandoned cart recovery• Payment and tax connectors• Rule-based content targeting including personalized recommendations, offers, information, cross-sells, up-sells, promotions 11
  12. 12. Oracle ATG Web Commerce Commerce Reference StoreBenefits• Rapidly implement a best-in-class shopping site• Reduce implementation costs• Fully leverage ATG Personalization and Multi- Site capabilitiesKey Features• Shopping cart, checkout process• Manage catalog, pricing, promotions• Shipping, tax and payment processing• Multisite, multi-brand and international support• Search Engine Optimization• Personalized with sample segments and pages of targeted content• Agent-assisted sales with integrated CSC and Click to Call 12
  13. 13. Oracle ATG Web Commerce Merchandising Merchant Inspired, Multi-Site ManagementBenefits• Perform all essential web merchandising operations in single environment• Dynamically manage all sites and the full customer experience• Streamline common tasks and simplify promotions management• Optimize search for merchandising• Ensure proper review/approval processesKey Features• Feature rich, multi-site catalog management• Streamlined work environment with split-screens• Pricing and promotion management• Dynamic, in-context preview• Faceted search management• Best practices and custom workflows for content change review and approval process• Support for multi-lingual catalogs 13
  14. 14. Multi-Site Commerce Separate Unaffiliated Country Affiliated Microsites Sites Sites Stores Sites neighbors in-laws twins raised apart sisters parent & childATG OnDemand &, & Lance Nikestore,, NikeiD, Nikelab……& &, martin+osa, & &,Sephora Int’l… Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared Codebase Merch instance Brand Brand Brand Integrations* Codebase Merch instance Merch instance Merch instance Integrations Codebase Codebase Codebase Separate Profiles Integrations Integrations Brand Separate Profiles ProfilesMerch instance Brand Separate Orders Orders Profiles Profiles Integrations* Session Orders Orders Orders* Separate Session Session Session Session* Separate Catalog Catalog Catalog Catalog Catalog Content Content Content Content Content 14
  15. 15. Oracle ATG Web Commerce Adaptive Scenario Engine (Personalization Engine)Benefits• Improve conversion rates and customer experience with intelligent recommendations and personalized offers• Build brand relevance, customer loyalty, and trigger impulse buying with segmentation models that deliver targeted function, content and imagesKey Features• Rule-based content targeting including personalized recommendations, offers, information, cross-sells, up-sells, promotions• Based on any attribute including segment, persona, purchase history, click behavior, search term, location, and loyalty status• Integration with service channels for multi- channel, multi-stage campaigns 15
  16. 16. Oracle ATG Web Commerce Content AdministrationBenefits• Enable rapid change with easy, reliable content creation and modification processes• Reduce TCO and avoid expensive CMS’s by using content management processes that are built into the eCommerce business processes• Increase IT productivity – interface designed for business users to publish and manage online content more quicklyKey Features• Flexible and easy to use interface• Powerful workflow engine uses easy-to-create workflow wizards• User-friendly business rule management• Pre-configured work zones• Live update preview• Deploy to staging, production and one-off to other environments such as QA / testing 16
  17. 17. Oracle ATG Web Commerce Search Integrated Search, Personalization & Faceted NavigationBenefits• Quickly connect shoppers with the products they are looking for• Enable business owners to optimize the presentation of search results• Provide more accurate results with natural language processing• Offer shoppers multiple browsing and sorting optionsKey Features• Guided navigation with contextual facets• Intuitive management UI with search test and inspection capabilities• Type-ahead keyword search• Natural language processing, including thesaurus 17
  18. 18. Oracle ATG Web Commerce Service Center Common View of Customers, Orders & InteractionsBenefits• Deliver high quality service• Increase conversions, order size, and customer retention• Provide a consistent brand experience across self and assisted service channels• Gain single view of customerKey Features• Order history, creation & modification• Visibility of shopper’s active carts, gift & wish lists• Personalized offer management• Incident management in single environment• Returns, exchanges, replacements & refund handling• Customer profile management• Set agent limits and approval workflows 18
  19. 19. Oracle Live Help Online Service - OptimizedBenefits• Reduce cart abandonment• Lift online sales revenue• Improve customer satisfaction Sell Satisfy Serve• Reduce service costsKey Features• Best-of-breed click to call, click to chat, co-browse and email response solution• Real-time Web site visitor monitoring and proactive engagement engine• Intelligent routing and queuing of all queries• Agent-initiated escalation from email to chat to voice• Live Context™ technology informs agents of live caller and chatter context• Rich business portal with actionable reporting
  20. 20. Oracle Recommendations On Demand Online Merchandising - Optimized Relevancy Refinement The most relevant The merchant recommendations control youBenefits available need• Increases revenue-per-visitor Relationship Reach• Lifts conversion rates and average The retail relationship & The reach order values resources to improve your across your results catalog &• Increase engagement and repeat channels purchasesKey Features• Optimized cross-sells, up-sells, product recommendations and other online merchandising displays in any online channel• Relevancy model uses more real-time data than other solutions• Automate and personalized merchandising under your control with customizable rules• Real-time conversion and AOV reporting for Web & email; actionable merchandise analytics
  21. 21. What Is Personalization? Interactions Rules, ScenarioCUSTOMER Engine, Predictive CONTENT AnalyticsSegmentation Products, Offers& Personas & Information Personalization Contact Mobile Web In-Store Catalog eMail Social Center Device The right content to the right people through the right channel at the right time. 21
  22. 22. Four Ways to Manage the Experience Explicit Rule-Based Scenario Driven Implicit Rule-based Automated Adaptive Scenario Adaptive Scenario Adaptive Scenario Engine Engine Engine Predictive Targeting Engine Basic Rules Event-based Dynamic Rules EngineProfile settings Customer “state” Session behavior Many data inputsAccount information Event-based Pages clicked Dozens of attributes includingSegment Current state drives content Categories Viewed ProfilePersonal preferences State based on activity hx Shopping cart contents SessionLocation Web form entries Behaviour andLanguage Search terms historyDevice 22
  23. 23. ATG Personalization / RTDProduct & Positioning Synergies Explicit & Scenario Driven Implicit & AutomatedATG Adaptive Scenario ATG Product Engine Recommendations • On-Prem ATG Commerce Platform • SaaS-based Optimization Services • Prescriptive (Rules-Based) • Prescriptive and Predictive Oracle Real-Time Decisions • Prescriptive and Predictive Decision Optimization • Business Intelligence Ecommerce Personalization Use Cases 23
  24. 24. ATG Personalization / RTDProduct & Positioning Synergies ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine Highly competitive in Ecommerce Integrated Powerful Optimized Commerce Workflow Prescriptive Rules & Combination is highly competitive Predictive Self-Learning Segment Based Decisions Commerce Catalog Logic in Cross-Channel Customer Experience Reports Commerce Profile Analytic Optimization Web Channels Other Channels Highly competitive in Interaction Optimization RTD Decision Engine 24
  25. 25. ATG / Siebel Product & Positioning SynergiesSiebel ATG Master of sales definition of  Personalized customer facing Product and Subscription user experience Services • Recommendation • Product attributes and structure • Personalization • Pricing & promotional bundles • Search Merchandising • Eligibility, compatibility and other  Online or Customer facing order constraints capture • Pricing and discount policies  Channel specific UI enrichment, Master of customer information including Multi-site management Employee and Partner facing  Dynamic preview, site QA, online order capture publishing Enterprise Order Hub  Responsible for channel specific integration such as web analytics, product ratings/reviews
  26. 26. ATG / Siebel LoyaltyIntegrated ATG and Siebel Loyalty• Enable Dynamic, Differentiated Cross-Channel Loyalty Programs• Maximize Conversion and Basket Size of Online Commerce Transactions• Enhance Brand Affinity and Engagement with Closed-Loop Social Rewards and Interactions• Leverage Next-Gen Online Award Redemption Capabilities and Membership Experiences• Drive Engaging Online Customer Experiences and Customer- Centric Promotions• Increase Value Of Customer Interactions with Live Help and Recommendation Services
  27. 27. Siebel / ATG Integration Plan Overview Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3Support Commerce Core – Support Commerce Core – Product Support Commerce AdvancedCustomer Integration and Shopping Cart Integration Integration Customer Mapping and Integration  Product Mapping and Integration  Eligibility and Compatibility • Account and Profile • Product Description incl. Translation  Dynamic Pricing (Service) • Contact and User • Product Class and Attribute  Check-out – Related entities and services • Address • Product Structure • Product Promotions • Partial Shopping Carts • Catalog and Category • Updates to Customer Profile for Billing • Product Line  Edit Bundled Promotions Available now at • Price List  Asset Based Ordering – Modify, Upgrade  Shopping Cart Mapping to Siebel Order and Apply (Search for ATG Siebel Integration)  Configurator - Service  View Assets Siebel Application Enhancements  ACR 764 – ATG Siebel Commerce Integration
  28. 28. Oracle Siebel/ATG Integration Strategy1 Technology Adoption and Standards Compliance2 Application Enhancements – Simplify the Integration3 Implementation Guide INCLUDES:  Design Principles  Key Assumptions  Integration Use Cases  Entity Mapping  Process Flows  Integration Components/Run-time services  Design Considerations  References4 Reference Implementation Code and Scripts5 New Reference Applications (by leveraging Oracle Partners)
  29. 29. Siebel-ATG Commerce Use Cases Key Touch Points Siebel CRM ATG • Product Specification (description, images…) • Product Specification (description, images…) • Product Catalog • Product Catalog • Product Class and Attributes • Product Class and Attributes • Price List • Price ListDesign-time • Constraints and UI Definition • Eligibility and Compatibility • Offer Presentment • Promotions (Marketing Offers/Bundles and Loyalty) • Browse Catalog and Product Search • Recommendation • Pricing and Discounts • Discount Policies • Order Validation • Account and Profile Management • Account and Profile Management • Shopping Cart (Quote/Order) • Shopping Cart (Quote/Order) • Shipping Detail • Shipping Detail • Payment Detail • Payment DetailRun-time • Order Status • Order Status • Contact On Demand • Click-to-Call/Click-to-Chat • Asset Based Ordering and Supplemental Orders • Advanced Order Capture • B2B Commerce: Contract Management &Bulk Orders Batch Integration Real-time Integration
  30. 30. Online Shopping Experience – CoreAccount Management• Self-service account registrationProduct Management• Product Details• Catalog / CategoryPersonalization• Content Targeting• Customer Segmentation• Adaptive Scenario EngineSearch Merchandising• Dynamic Navigation• FacetingPrice Management• Price List• Order / Shipping DiscountsMulti-site Management• Micro-sites• Country Stores• Affiliates Siebel ATG
  31. 31. ATG / Endeca Product & Positioning Synergies • ATG leads the Web Commerce market – A Commerce platform with market leading commerce features – Empowering Merchants to take control of their brand – Capturing and growing knowledge of the customer • Endeca leads the Customer Experience market – Lets customers ‘break the chains’ of rigid, narrowly-defined search and navigation – Empowering Merchants to actively take control of web page layout, content and the delivery of the user experience across Web, Mobile and Social channels • Oracle WILL lead the converged marketOracle Changes the Game for Web Commerce 31
  32. 32. Introduction Commerce & Business Intelligence Solutions Endeca extends and strengthens Oracle’s Commerce & Business Intelligence portfolios Cross Channel Agile Business Intelligence Experience Management + Endeca InFront helps customers Endeca Latitude provides engage with your business business users with advanced, yet whenever and wherever they may simple-to-use, data exploration and be by delivering, analyzing and analysis tools to unlock hidden targeting just the right content to insight in semi-structured data. just the right customer to encourage clicks and drive business results32
  33. 33. Business Influence and Guidance at Each Step Many ways to guide and influence What offers are the What dimensions are most relevant? the most important to the customer for this  Relevancy Ranking context?  Refinement Option Order and Display Options What are the most relevant product results?  Special Offers / Promotions What Dimension Values should be  Content Spotlighting first? Last? What content will give the customer confidence to  Page Layout and purchase? display options 33
  34. 34. Packaging Summary Information Discovery and BI Main Products Developers Oracle Endeca Oracle Endeca Oracle Oracle Endeca for Social for Mobile Commerce Oracle Endeca Endeca Business Experience Manager Developer Intelligence Oracle Information Discovery Page Builder Oracle Endeca Oracle Endeca (For use with Guided Search only) for Social for Mobile Oracle EndecaRelationship Discovery Oracle Endeca Text Analysis Experience Manager Guided Search Oracle Endeca CMS Text Analysis with Oracle EndecaConnector Sentiment Analysis Guided Search Server SEO Module Document Conversion Purchasable Product Included Module or Product (with use restrictions) 34
  35. 35. Oracle Endeca Guided Search Market Leader & Innovator for 10+ Years Integrated search and navigation purpose-built for commerce • Designed for diverse, highly attributed data sets like product catalogs • Unparalleled performance at scale • Data-driven relevancy, without manual configuration • Enterprise-ready features • Streamlined external data integrationRated top search and information access provider for 10 years 35
  36. 36. Attract| Publish & Optimize More Pages URLs optimized for natural search rankings SEO Module  Increases page rankings  Indexes more pages  Optimizes paid search terms …  Adapts as data changesSitemap based on all possible valid combinations 36
  37. 37. Engage | Robust Search Endeca Search  Informative content & reviews  Data-driven spell correction  More relevance strategies  Innovative search-ahead37
  38. 38. Oracle Endeca Experience Manager One tool to manage delivery of relevant experiences Revolutionize how digital experiences are created, delivered and optimized • Assemble experiences dynamically, without pre-configuring customer paths • Use all content and data from across the commerce ecosystem to drive personalization and merchandising • Give business users balance of automation and granular control to impact every interaction • Centrally manage all cross-channel experiences38
  39. 39. A platform for business users to create, optimize, and influence the experience for every customer across all channels Page Builder39
  40. 40. Oracle Endeca for Mobile Best-in-class experiences, out-of-the-box Fully integrated for cross-channel consistency and flexibility • Rapid time-to-market with customizable reference applications • Business user control and preview functionality within Experience Manager • Pre-built mobile features: Templates optimized for each platform, automatic device detection, social integration, location-based features, barcode scanning, cart integration40
  41. 41. Best in Class Experience Out-of-the-Box Robust reference applications are optimized for each platformMobile Web Android iPhone iPad Focus on innovation, not building from scratch Fully customizable1 Best in class experience 41 out-of-the-box
  42. 42. Oracle Endeca for Social Real-time personalization, recommendations Open Graph data to drive personalization on and off Facebook • Leverage the world’s largest and free self- optimizing database to personalize experiences and merchandising in real-time • Target recommendations and tailored gift suggestions • Enable in-Facebook checkout, integrated with existing car42
  43. 43. Leverage Existing Infrastructure and Page Builder Standard Business user control Page Builder cartridges with Page Builder Social Page Builder cartridges Connect to external data Integrate with existing technologies sources to automate merchandising and commerce platform Personalize content and Provide personalized merchandising product assortment to every customer at run time1 Increase customer engagement 2 Capture additional sales with a 3 Leverage existing infrastructure 43 across channels Facebook store and Page Builder
  44. 44. Oracle Endeca Commerce Business Intelligence Visibility, Insight, Action into Commerce Analytics Interactive analytics application with actionable insight • Centralized view into any structured or unstructured data • Easy-to use business users tools for rapid insight • Visibility into customer behavior to take fast action and get immediate results44
  45. 45. ATG / Endeca Product & Positioning Synergies • The combination of ATG & Endeca heralds a new type of Commerce Solution – Inside looking Out – Merchant Control – Outside looking In – Customer Experience • Oracle is the ONLY vendor with a Commerce solution that can deliver on both perspectives45
  46. 46. Ejemplo:Experiencias de Compra 46