Keynote presentation from Systems Spotlight Aug 27


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Keynote presentation by Abdul Sheikh, CTO of Cintra Systems from the Systems Spotlight New York August 27, 2013

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Keynote presentation from Systems Spotlight Aug 27

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> Cintra Software & Services Proven Trusted Experienced Specialized Oracle Architects Revolutionizing IT Driving Business Value from Engineered Systems Abdul Sheikh, CTO August 2013
  2. 2. Driving Business Value from Engineered Systems 2000 Hours Less Support, 2000 Hours More Innovation
  3. 3. Cintra – Experienced and Specialized • Oracle Partner Since 1996 • Established in the US, UK, Ireland and Asia • Oracle Platinum Level Certified Global Partner • Oracle Global Database Partner of the Year 2011 • Oracle Titan Award Winner – Database and Clustering 2011 • Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year for 2012 • Oracle Specializations & Certifications • Oracle Exadata • Oracle Database Appliance • Oracle Database 11g • Oracle Performance Tuning • Oracle RAC • Oracle Data Warehousing • Oracle GoldenGate Replication • Oracle Enterprise Linux • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  4. 4. • Database Architecture Design, Deployment and Support • Long term trusted advisory services providing vendor neutral guidance • Next Generation modernization architecture roadmaps including Grid Computing • Design and deployment of robust Oracle Database and BI Architectures • Highly Available & DR Architectures including Oracle CRS, RAC, Data-Guard and BI • Business Intelligence & Reporting • Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions Development • Portal Solutions for BI and Reporting access and disconnected published reports • Sensor RemoteDBA • SensorDBA - Expert Fast Response Remote DBA services • SensorSOS – 24x7 SLA based monitoring and DBA Coverage • Support for Oracle and SQL Server across all certified platforms • Value Added Reseller • Oracle Hardware and Software and other best of breed products Cintra Services
  5. 5. A New Car • Order 1,000 parts from 100 different catalogues looking for the lowest price • Contract with dozen different suppliers to hire engineers to assemble parts into sub-assemblies (frame, engine, drive train, body etc) • Take at least one year to put it all together • Spread another 6 months fixing problems to get it to run • Pay a fortune to maintain it and get 2 miles per gallon ✘ Parts not guaranteed to work together ✘ Too many variations; No Standards ✘ Not optimized for best performance or maintenance ✘ Many specialized skills required ✘ No Overall Warranty Evolutionary Architecture – Complex Integration
  6. 6. Typical Business Complaints of IT • Return on Investment • What have we actually achieved? • I’m not seeing more business capabilities for my IT investment? • Increasing Complexity • More vendors to manage • Complex integration, devils are in the details • Fragmented support sources, vendor finger pointing • Greater technical skills required in-house, often under utilized • Challenging Complex Upgrades • Costly, require extensive manpower, high level of risk to the business, involve outage windows, and are rarely smooth
  7. 7. We Need a Architecture Revolution! • To enable us to: • Provide a quantum leap in our business capabilities ! • Provide a quantum leap in end-user experience ! • Provide a quantum leap in operational efficiency ! • Provide us with the confidence to move to the next generation ! • How do we do this ? • Integrate teams and employ thought leaders – Architects ! • Simplify IT - remove typical IT barriers • Remove complexity – enable smarter architecture design • Consolidate – fewer systems with greater capability • Manage Data Effectively – compress and partition data • Focus on Security – secure the data and audit access • Monitor effectively – in depth monitoring for decision making
  8. 8. Time Cost Build Your Own SAVINGS Simple to Install, Manage and Maintain Installation Expertise Optimization Expertise Network Administration Storage Administration System Administration Oracle Appliance Manager
  9. 9. Option 1: Build Your Own License 32 Cores for Anticipated Growth Year 2 Year 3 Option 2: Buy Database Appliance License as You Grow and Save Significantly 4 Cores 8 Cores Year 1 32 Cores Year 2 Year 3Year 1 Pay It All Now Pay As You Grow OR 16 Cores 12 Cores Capacity On Demand for Huge License Savings 24 Cores Capacity When You Need It
  10. 10. Major Trends Driving ODA Adoption & Momentum • Windows Customers • Customers seeking greater resilience with Linux and clustering • Oracle SE to EE Upgrades • SE customers wanting to upgrade to EE for greater uptime and performance but needing to manage the cost • RAC Complexity Removed • Customers who previously desired RAC but didn’t have the skills to deploy and integrate on commodity hardware • Simplification Strategies • Customers looking to simplify and standardize on an Enterprise-class architecture • Storage Performance – ODA is Quick Fix • Customers experiencing significant storage performance issues but unable to resolve without major reinvestment • ERP-in-a-box • ERP customers looking to consolidate onto a single virtualized appliance
  11. 11. Cintra ODA Customer Success Story #1 Performance Issues Removed with ODA • Who: Global Shipping / Logistics Company • Challenges • Inconsistent performance from NetApp Storage Appliance as capacity grew • Legacy HP servers nearing capacity • Mixed workload (OLTP vs Batch) competing for resources • Business reports failing to be produced in a timely and consistent manner • Solution: • Oracle Database Appliance with ZFS Storage Appliance • Benefits • On average 4x performance improvements even under peak load • High availability introduced with Oracle RAC • ZFS cloning for Dev – each developer has their own daily copy of Production 4 x Performance!
  12. 12. Cintra ODA Customer Success Story #2 Extreme Time-To-Market • Who: Global Tire Replacement Organization • Challenges • Acquired by Japanese parent company • Dictated to have new Point of Sales system in place within weeks • New architecture required to support POS system • Solution: • 3 x Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance • Benefits • Extremely fast deployment – 6 x faster than commodity hardware • 3 ODAs and ZFS online within one week • RAC and Data Guard databases configured and in use within 4 weeks 6 x Time to Market
  13. 13. Cintra ODA Customer Success Story #3 Virtualized Oracle EBS – ERP in a Box ! • Who: National Sports Club Chain • Challenges • Requirement to implement Oracle EBS under unified platform • Upgrade and convert from EBS 11.5.1 Linux 32-bit to EBS 12.1 Linux 64-bit • Short timescales with objective to minimize hardware required • Solution: • 2 x Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle VM with Oracle EBS • Benefits • 4 x more cost-efficient than commodity hardware • Additional cost savings through rapid time to market (6 x faster) 4 x Cost Efficiency
  14. 14. Design, Implementation and Support Services Assessment Design & Planning Configuration Deployment Management Database Upgrades and Testing to 11gR2 Initial Architecture Roadmap Design Workshops, POC Education Detailed Architecture Design Oracle Support Coordination ODA QuickStart Configuration Database Builds Config and Initial Migration Setup Sensor Processes Golden-Gate Zero Downtime Migrations RMAN Backup and DR with Data Guard Impact Program Business Case ODA Health-Check Performance Optimization Testing EM Grid Control Monitor Installation Proactive 24x7 Support ODA Private Cloud Architecture Design Cross Platform Migration Planning and Execution
  15. 15. Cintra’s Engineered Systems Data Center (ODA/EXA) Engineered Systems Test Center • Database Appliances • Oracle Exadata X3 - 1/4 Rack • Oracle Database Appliance X3-2 • Oracle Database Appliance • Backup and Cloning Storage • ZFS 7320 Storage Appliance with: • 20 x 900GB SAS Drives • Infiniband & 10Gb Connectivity • Application Stack • VM Servers for Application Testing • Security • SSL VPN
  16. 16. What’s Next – Assessment and Business Case • Contact Cintra today to: • Assess your architecture for a roadmap to next generation • Build a business case for a simplified appliance based architecture • Optimize your investment in Oracle Software and ensure compliance • Leverage Cintra blueprints for highest levels of standards and lowest risk • Benefit from Proactive Expert 24x7 Real Time Database Support • Establish a Cintra partnership for expert Oracle architecture guidance • Establish Cintra as your one stop shop for all things Oracle
  17. 17. Partnering with Cintra 17yearsasaprimaryOraclePartner SingleFocusonOracleProductExpertise Over300+ClientsServed Over2000+ProfessionalServiceEngagements Establishedcustomerbasedonrepeatbusiness FastresponsesupportdeliveredfromtheUSandUK 2011OracleTitanAwardWinner 2011OracleGlobalDatabasePartneroftheYear 2012OracleSpecializationAwardWinner Yourtrusted,consistentandqualifiedOraclepartner
  18. 18. <Insert Picture Here> Oracle Infrastructure, Applications and BI Solutions Cintra Software & Services Expert Database Services & Solutions est. 1996