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Customer Success Stories

  1. 1. Agricultural Market Agency Boosts Critical ITSystem Availability By 800%COMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Implements European Union (EU) Common Agricultural Policy ―Oracle Advanced Customer schemes, pays funds on aid programs, and analyzes the Polish agricultural market Services experts show in-depth• Industry: Public Sector understanding of our customers• Employees: 1,300 needs and challenges and are a• Revenue: US$900 million single point of contact with Oracle, saving us a lot of time. Thanks toCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES Oracle, we were able to ensure• Improve performance of more than 20 critical systems supporting the agency’s operations as the EU payment agency service continuity. We have reduced overseeing agricultural and food products in Poland transactional systems downtime• Reduce downtime of critical financial systems eight-fold and have practically• Automate and subsidy applications submitted by farmers eliminated the risk of failure.‖• Ensure seamless operation of the agency’s systems Roman Huk, Information andSOLUTIONS Communications Technology (ICT)• Oracle Advanced Customer Services Department Director• Oracle Database• Oracle Real Application Clusters RESULTS• Oracle WebLogic Server • Eliminated system slow-downs from• Oracle SOA Suite thousands to a dozen annually• Sun Fire T2000 servers• Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 servers • Reduced downtime resulting from• Oracle Solaris database failures or unavailability from 16 hours to 2 hours annually May 2011
  2. 2. Allegro Group Ensures Enterprise Scalabilitywith Integrated Data Warehouse SolutionCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• The leading e-commerce company in Eastern Europe and the ―Oracle’s data warehouse solution second-largest online auction business in the world operating Web sites in 14 countries and hosting 18 million auctions daily has accelerated system performance• Industry: Retail by up to 100 times. In addition, this• Employees: 1,500 implementation has greatly improved the user experience withCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES vast new analytical capabilities,• Build a scalable enterprise data warehouse that meets business such as generating dynamic reports users’ expectations for performance and quality of service• Optimize transactional data storing and processing, such as on-the-fly, and real-time data processes originating from the user activity tracking system that updates.‖ generate approximately 500 million operations per day Rafał Kudliński, Data Warehouse• Create a central location to store data from all Allegro Group sites including advertisements, auction sites, the online payment Manager system, and the price comparison engines• Enable the company to efficiently manage more than 15 RESULTS terabytes of data in a consolidated database that can scale to support a 50% annual increase in data volume • Enabled 100 users to access 400 reports in less than five secondsSOLUTIONS • Reduced report generation time• Oracle Exadata Database Machine from several hours to 45 minutes• Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition • Accelerated data warehouse query processing by 50 times August 2011
  3. 3. Argonne National Laboratory ImprovesSystem Performance to Support ResearchCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• One of the U.S. Department of Energy’s largest research ―Using Oracle’s Sun technology in centers and the world’s most comprehensive scientific institutes that brings together science, engineering, and technology key parts of our organization has• Industry: Education & Research enabled us to focus on our mission-• Employees: 3,200 critical work instead of on systems• Revenue: US$630 million management, which differentiates us from other IT shops. We spend moreCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES time on strategic tasks.‖• Enable more cost-effective and efficient delivery of IT services• Standardize the core infrastructure to increase overall David Salbego, Department Head, efficiencies for business systems and minimize power use Infrastructure and Operations• Provide a unified development and deployment framework to enable secure access to key applications, data, and business- RESULTS critical processes for improved collaboration• Ensure software is up-to-date and consistent across data • Created a single sign-on Web portal centers • Saved $50,000 a year in software licensing and supportSOLUTIONS • Achieved 100% return on investment• Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 Server in 18 months• Oracle Solaris • Provided predictable licensing costs• Oracle Glassfish Server• Sun Java System Application Server with increases capped at 5% yearly• Oracle OpenSSO • Greatly improved management and• MySQL Enterprise Database support of core IT environment• Oracle Solaris Containers November 2010
  4. 4. AFG Reduces the Time Taken to Process BrokerCommissions from 37 Hours to 9 HoursCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Australia’s largest third-party mortgage wholesaler ―Oracle Exadata Database Machine• Industry: Financial Services• Employees: 190 gives us the storage power we need• Revenue: US$292.9 million as we introduce new mortgage products.‖CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES Malcolm Watkins, Executive Director• Improve efficiency and provide a better user experience through faster application performance for brokers using the company’s FLEX platform to source loan products, lodge applications, RESULTS manage customers, and generate leads• Reduce total cost of ownership by rationalizing existing legacy • Improved Siebel CRM database hardware infrastructure performance by eight times • Cut the time it took to processSOLUTIONS monthly trail commission payments• Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 HP Quarter Rack for brokers from 37 hours to 9 hours• Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM)• Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition • Reduced the time it took to update• Oracle Advanced Customer Services warehouse data overnight from nine hours to less than two hours • Provided the performance to deliver new on-demand management reports to brokers April 2011
  5. 5. Bank of East Asia Reduces Data Center Spaceby 50%, Creates Virtual Servers within HoursCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Provider of retail and commercial banking services to customers ―Oracle’s servers and virtualization in Hong Kong and around the world• Industry: Financial Services technology enable us to deploy new• Employees: Over 10,000 electronic banking services in a• Revenue: US$1.3 billion timely and efficient manner.‖CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES Eric Wong, Head of IT• Replace ageing Sun servers that were reaching end-of-life with RESULTS modular server systems that offer improved performance• Move the company’s core banking applications to a more cost- • Deployed servers within minutes or effective and reliable server platform hours rather than days or weeks to• Take advantage of server virtualization to deploy applications provision new physical servers faster, cut costs, and save space in the data center • Rolled out Oracle databases andSOLUTIONS new applications for electronic• Sun Blade 6000 Chassis banking services 10% faster• Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server • Reduced the space in the data• Oracle Solaris 10 center to house physical servers for electronic banking by 50% • Reduced the overall cost of running electronic banking services in the data center by 10% • Increased banking server use by 200% October 2010
  6. 6. BT Retail Migrates 13 Million Customers forIncreased Capacity and Resilience CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE ―With 13 million customers in ourCOMPANY OVERVIEW CRM system, the migration to• BT Group plc is one of the world’s leading communications providers with operations in 170 countries Oracle’s Sun SPARC Enterprise• BT Retail is the U.K.’s largest communications provider with M9000 servers was necessary but 20.7 million fixed lines and 4.8 million broadband lines risky. Oracle and Sun combined• Industry: Communications efforts with EMC to execute rigorous• Employees: 18,000• Revenue: US$12.2 billion high-scale testing that enabled a successful migration with exemplaryCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES teamwork and commitment from all• Migrate 13 million customer records across to Oracle’s Siebel parties.‖ Call Center, BT Retail’s key customer CRM system Deepak Mahal, Customer• Improve stability and decrease outages of the business critical systems housing key customer information and processing Management Platform Director transactions such as orders, faults and billing enquiries RESULTS• Enable BT Retail to achieve its growth targets for products such as high speed broadband by providing a reliable and stable • Grew the number of customer platform on which to launch new products and services records held on Oracle’s Siebel Call Center from 1 million to 13 millionSOLUTIONS • Improved availability, resilience and• Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 capacity with the new servers• Oracle Solaris running at just 22% to 33% capacity• Siebel Contact Center• Oracle System Application Readiness Service compared with the previous 90% • Enabled BT Retail to process 90,000 orders every day September 2010
  7. 7. CGSDTC Improves Operational Safety by50%, Increases Reporting Efficiency by 90%COMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• China Government Securities Depository Trust & Clearing ―The Oracle platform enabled us to (CGSDTC) is a state-owned organization acting as a centralized depository and settlement entity for China’s bond market improve risk management it alerts us• Industry: Public Sector to any abnormal transactions so we• Employees: 150 can act quickly before they impact the bond market.‖CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES• Install a system that can monitor bond transactions in real time Lian Zhang, Senior Manager,• Detect and resolve suspicious or ‘abnormal’ transactions before Software they impact the bond market• Minimize risk by taking swift action to deal with emergencies• Speed reporting time RESULTS• Maintain the stable operation of China’s bond market • Improved operational safety by 50%• Ensure scalability to support business growth by implementing a system monitorsSOLUTIONS bond transactions in real time• Oracle Business Activity Monitoring 11g • Increased the speed for risk• Oracle Data Integrator prevention and emergency response• Oracle WebLogic Server 11g by 100%• Oracle Database 11g • Increased daily reporting efficiency• Oracle Sun Solaris 10• Oracle Sun M4000 Server by 90% after providing staff with reports featuring flexible rules and data definitions September 2010
  8. 8. Carglass GmbH Ensures Peak Load Stabilityfor First-Class, 24-Hour ServiceCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• A leading vehicle specialist in Germany, repairing glass on all ―We had pretty much a full overhaul types of vehicles for more than 500,000 drivers each year• Industry: Automotive of our data center with a new application being installed at theCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES same time, and everything went• Update the company’s hardware and software to ensure an brilliantly well. We managed to keep optimally balanced solution within the budget and we are very• Handle heavy loads, such as those generated by TV campaigns satisfied with the solution. This• Ensure drivers get glass delivered and installed around the clock move has put us in the best possibleSOLUTIONS position to respond to future IT• Sun StorageTek 6140 Array needs.‖• Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server Frank Müller, IT Manager• Sun Fire V490 Server• Sun Fire E2900 Server RESULTS• Sun StorageTek SL500 Tape Library• Oracle Database • Simplified system administration,• Oracle Supply Chain Management enabling adjustments with almost• Oracle Financial Management zero downtime• Oracle Purchasing • Abolished performance bottlenecks, even during periods of peak load • Provided more redundancy • Enabled a high load capacity October 2010
  9. 9. CEDAR Document Technologies, Inc.Ensures Customer CommunicationsCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Delivers integrated solutions to meet communications ―With Oracle, we are able to deliver challenges for Fortune 500 companies, enabling them to communicate with customers across multiple channels tailored solutions to solve client-• Industry: Communications specific communications problems• Employees: 65 across all industry verticals. Oracle gives us the scalability and flexibilityCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES to remain competitive as our• Deploy a reliable and scalable storage solution to handle a high customer base and its performance volume of communications data for customers across various industries—including insurance, financial services, and retail demands continue to grow.‖• Enable clients to connect core business systems to their Anthony Tarone, Vice President of IT customers through various outbound and inbound Operations communications channels, all while meeting regulatory requirements RESULTSSOLUTIONS • Increased customer satisfaction• Oracle Database Enterprise Edition with multichannel communications• Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control across various industry verticals• Oracle Partitioning • Stored 140 million documents with• Oracle Streams ability to retain archived data for six• Oracle Data Guard• Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 to eight years• Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 • Provided fast multithread, parallel queries on tables in excess of 2 billion records January 2011
  10. 10. Certisign Digital Certification Inc. Respondsto 75% Increase in Business DemandCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• The first Certification Authority in Brazil, providing solutions, ―Our Oracle Sun equipment had an products, consulting, and training to guarantee authenticity, integrity, confidentiality, and validity of electronic documents almost zero failure rate for the nine• Industry: Professional Services years we had been using it. When• Employees: 550 the time came to update our environment, we once again choseCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES Oracle’s Sun solutions as well as• Improve the database disaster recovery and contingency system Oracle Database’s Data Guard to guarantee continuity for critical data processes, such as issuing electronic signatures and revoking certifications feature to ensure real-time• Build a more robust and trustworthy software and hardware redundancy and maintain the quality environment to handle increased demand in the Brazilian digital of our services.‖ certification market due to new government requirements• Maintain a highly available IT environment that supports the Leonardo Pereira Guimarães, Data company’s main business of rendering electronic services Center Operations Manager RESULTSSOLUTIONS • Enabled IT staff to receive alerts and• Oracle Database warnings at individual work stations• Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server • Guaranteed better system performance, even in peak months • Cut the time to issue reports from 30 minutes to less than 2 minutes November 2010
  11. 11. COMPAREX Austria GmbH Lays Foundationfor New Proof-of-Concept Services PracticeCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Independent IT service provider operating in Europe, Asia, and ―The benefits of Oracle Exadata Africa that creates and deploys IT infrastructures to small-to- medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Database Machine were obvious to• Industry: Professional Services the customer with the very first use.• Employees: 69 The run time on the applications• Revenue: US$84 million tested was reduced by 75%—without having to adapt or migrate theCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES applications in use.‖• Provide an environment that enables organizations, ranging from SMEs to large enterprises, to rapidly, conveniently, and Wolfgang Flögel, Business securely conduct proofs of concept (PoC) for planned IT Consulting initiatives• Offer realistic conditions for PoC benchmarking to help RESULTS customers make sound IT investment decisions• Expand IT service portfolio and revenue potential via the • Created a new consulting practice creation of a state-of-the-art PoC consulting practice and test that runs PoC initiatives onsite or at environment a client’s data centerSOLUTIONS • Cut monthly analysis compilation in half and time for installment• Oracle Exadata Database Machine• Oracle Linux calculations from 30 minutes to five• Oracle Solaris 10 • Achieved 9,125 transactions per second using the swing-bench test December 2011
  12. 12. Eagle Investment Systems LLC Meets the ITNeeds of Financial Services IndustryCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Financial services technology firm offering solutions to help ―Over the last seven or eight years, customers with data management, investment accounting, and performance measurement we have done a number of• A BNY Mellon Asset Servicing Company benchmarks, and with Sun we• Industry: High Technology continue to hit the numbers that our• Employees: 400 customers require for capacity and uptime.‖CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES• Ensure scalability and stability to meet needs of customers, with Steve Taylor, Head of Architecture large amounts of data and the highest security levels and Technology• Provide robust data model to financial services requirements• Improve management of Eagle’s growing hosted business RESULTSSOLUTIONS • Met high performance and security• Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 needs of financial institutions• Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 • Provided a robust and scalable data• Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 model to support the company’s• Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 software for the financial service• Oracle Solaris industry• Oracle Database 11g• Oracle Real Application Clusters • Helped manage hosted systems• Oracle Data Guard • Improved system long-term as• Oracle Enterprise Manager technology has grown April 2011
  13. 13. eServGlobal Increases Number of ElectronicTransactions to More Than 20 Million Per DayCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• France-based supplier of electronic payment solutions for ―The implementation of Oracle Sun telecommunications service providers with more than 60 client operators in 45 countries x86 servers running on Oracle• Industry: Communications Solaris enabled us to reduce the• Employees: 350 number of installed base servers by• Revenue: US$76 million more than 80% while also maintaining our ability to reliablyCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES meet the needs and expectations of• Handle large transactional volumes to offer better service to the mobile subscribers of its telecommunications service provider the telecommunications industry.‖ clients François Dambricourt, Senior• Guarantee 99.999% availability of its operator-class solutions Technical Expert• Offer preventive and reactive operational support around the clock, 365 days per year RESULTS• Respond to the growth in traffic and load by reinforcing the platforms, thereby permitting incremental capacity increases • Enabled multithreading server management, processing 5 to 6SOLUTIONS million transactions per hour• Sun Fire x4470 Server • Consolidated 32 servers to 6• Sun Fire x4270 Sun Cluster • Optimized management resources• Oracle Solaris 10 to meet payment load demands • Guaranteed 99.999% system availability April 2011
  14. 14. Frimesa Cooperativa Central Redesigns ITEnvironment to Support Growth, Cut CostsCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Provider of meat and milk derivative products with production plants in three cities throughout Brazil, delivering 630,000 liters ―After Oracle acquired Sun, it was of milk daily clear that the company would• Industry: Consumer Goods strengthen Sun’s products. That• Employees: 3,500 fact, plus the replacement of the• Revenue: US$480 million licensing model and theCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES improvement we have seen in• Support a 12% increase in industrialized food products sales support has led Frimesa to reaffirm and 17% increase in profits its commitment to the Sun platform.‖• Update server platform to ensure high system availability to Anderson Andrei De Bona, IT support expansion into new foodstuffs markets in the state of São Paulo and the North region of Brazil Infrastructure Manager• Reduce property and technology cooperative’s structure RESULTS maintenance costs • Consolidated old machines ontoSOLUTIONS new servers, saving 70% on energy• Oracle Database Enterprise Edition • Achieved 100% IT environment• Oracle Linux Basic performance improvement through• Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 clustering, scalability, and stability• Oracle Real Application Clusters• Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition • Eliminated need for customizations• Oracle Solaris • Guaranteed next-day shipment of purchase orders made before 5 p.m. January 2011
  15. 15. Gracenote Powers Mobile Music Service,Doubles Server PerformanceCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Gracenote is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of ―We live and die by how quickly our America• It provides solutions that help consumers manage, enrich, and systems respond to customer expand their digital media experiences. queries. With Oracle Solaris• Headquartered in Emeryville, CA operating systems, our servers can• Industry: Media & Entertainment handle twice as much traffic, which• Employees: 300 helps us deliver a scalable, cost-CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES effective, and highly reliable service• Processes an average of 4.5 billion queries each month, and up to our customers.‖ to 17 billion during peak periods Matthew Leeds, Vice President of• Handle the volume and provide customers with a consistently Operations speedy online experience• Need an extremely fast, reliable, and scalable computing RESULTS platform• Require rapid onsite technical support to keep its network • Doubled system speed with no operating at peak performance around the clock. increase to energy or costs • Gained greater control over ITSOLUTIONS capital and operating costs• Oracle Database 11g • Accelerated technical support• Oracle’s Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server• Oracle’s Sun Fire X2270 server response time from days to hours• Oracle Solaris Operating System • Ensured fast processing of queries• Oracle SunSpectrum Support • Enabled future growth in product features with no performance hit September 2010
  16. 16. Gunsan City Hall Cuts Power Consumptionby 50%, Reduces Carbon FootprintCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Entity responsible for civic administration of a city of 280,000 ―Implementing a virtual desktop people• Industry: Public Sector environment enabled our staff to• Employees: 1,363 work more productively, which• Revenue: Not disclosed resulted in higher quality public service.‖CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES• Support corporate green initiatives to reduce carbon footprint Deug-ha Park, Junior Official, Office• Replace standard PCs with virtual desktops to reduce the cost of Information and Communications and time associated with maintaining and replacing PCs• Improve document security RESULTS• Provide staff with a comfortable work environment and tools that • Cut power consumption by 50%, increase productivity saving US$3,590 annually, bySOLUTIONS replacing 100 desktops with Sun• Sun Ray Clients Ray Clients• Sun Fire X4170 M2 server • Completed data backups in 10• Oracle Solaris minutes, compared to three to four• Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure hours in the past• Oracle Premier Support • Improved security by storing confidential data on a central server • Reduced the time and money spent on maintaining desktop PCs March 2011
  17. 17. Hansen Transmissions Improves ServerPerformance with Infrastructure UpgradeCOMPANY OVERVIEW• Manufacturer of gearboxes for wind turbines with CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE operations in Belgium, India, and China ―The consolidation of our enterprise• Industry: Industrial Manufacturing• Employees: 1,450 resource planning solution with our• Revenue: US$768 million database via Oracle Solaris containers improved our serverCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES performance by more than 300%.‖• Upgrade the existing hardware infrastructure to a high Marnix Maes, Corporate Director performance infrastructure, incited by the company headquarters changing location Information Technology• Reduce costs by setting up an efficient, scalable, and future-proof hardware infrastructure, with the ability to manage an increase in user numbers and transaction RESULTS growth • Optimized system performance and• Set up a test environment identical to the production improved system utilization, with a environment to test infrastructure stability and performance, without impacting the production server load that was reduced from environment 40% to 15% and energy and cooling• Improve client-server network communication and test new costs reduced by 50% infrastructure configurations to further optimize performance enterprise-wide • improved system performance by more than 300%SOLUTIONS • Implemented a test environment• Oracle Database 11g identical to the production• Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 Servers environment, allowing nondisruptive• Oracle Solaris 10 testing and easy migrations June 2011
  18. 18. Igloo Consolidates on Server Platform, OnTrack to Earn 169% ROI Over 3 YearsCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Igloo Products Corp is the world’s #1 cooler manufacturing ―We’ve always been an Oracle shop, company• The company is credited with inventing the cooler category in so migration was relatively easy. 1947 and today one out of every three households in America Going Oracle-to-Oracle saved us owns at least one Igloo product time in not having to rewire apps• Industry: Consumer Goods into a different environment. And the• Employees: 850• Annual Revenue: US$100 million to US$500 million performance improvements have been dramatic and game changingCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES for our business.‖• Achieve product quality and innovation to maintaining market Gagan Bhardwaj, Oracle Systems share Architect, Igloo Products Corp.• Boost profitability by focusing on building lean manufacturing and accurate forecasting systems RESULTSSOLUTIONS • Achieved 169% ROI over three years• Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 Server • Gained 100% system uptime• Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 Server • Achieved 89% reduction in• Oracle Database 11g• Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition transaction time• Oracle BPEL Process Manager • Reduced third-party hosting costs• Oracle Application Server • Avoided one-time hardware cost• Oracle iStore • Showed 90% reduction in power• Oracle E-Business Suite • consumption September 2011
  19. 19. Ingeniería de Software Bancario ImprovesData Warehouse Performance by 40%COMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Company belonging to Grupo Santander, responsible for ―With our Oracle Exadata Database defining the IT architecture, developing IT projects, maintaining systems and supporting systems in production Machine architecture, we increased• Industry: Professional Services our data volume by 140%, gained• Employees: 800 30% in storage space with data compression, and reduced backupCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES time by 90%.‖• Integrate Santander Bank’s IT technological environment with Banco Real bank—the third largest private Brazilian bank Marcelo Miranda de Souza Pinto,• Improve IT performance to offer high-level customer service CRM and Management Information• Maintain the bank’s competitiveness in the retail and wholesale Systems Superintendent markets while meeting the requests of regulatory bodies• Develop Banco Real’s competitive advantages in Santander’s RESULTS banking systems• Consolidate data warehouses and calculation engines of the • Reduced backup time by 90%, controlling, marketing and finance departments to improve the • Improved performance up to 260% level of service that existed before incorporating the new bank with no additional tuning • Reduced the time to generate theSOLUTIONS management group’s monthly• Oracle Exadata Database Machine reports by 83%, from 36 hours to 6• Exadata Storage Server Software hours, and reduced the time to• Oracle Advanced Compression• Oracle Consulting generate client position reports by• Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services 45%, from 9 hours to 5 hours • Reduced allocated storage by 30% October 2011
  20. 20. Immonet GmbH Consolidates Real EstateData and Enables Real-Time AccessCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• One of Germany’s leading online portals for real estate ―Oracle Exadata Database Machine supporting more than 2.5 million monthly users• Industry: Professional Services is the most highly performing• Employees: 220 solution on the market. Oracle is the only company that offers a one-stopCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES shop-approach for data• Ensure infrastructure is capable of supporting significant growth warehousing, as it can deliver• Centralize real estate and financial data for efficiency everything, from hardware and• Unify KPIs to create real-time reports for executive decisions• Replace ad hoc budget controls with data warehouse-based, databases, to business intelligence centralized, automated, and accelerated budgetary control solutions and implementation. This• Improve agility for capitalizing on real estate market changes is a clear advantage for Oracle, and and new trends, made difficult with heterogeneous systems and we are elated with the results of our a lack of transparency• Create accurate forecasting scenarios data warehouse project.‖• Prepare Immonet for future growth Christian Maar, Chief Executive Officer, Immonet GmbHSOLUTIONS RESULTS• Oracle Exadata Database Machine • Reduced energy costs by 90%• Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition Plus On • Cut total cost of ownership for the Demand• Oracle Customer Support portal by 75%• Oracle Consulting • Accessed data 100 times faster November 2011
  21. 21. Keste, LLC Deploys Optimizes CustomerExperience at Its Center of ExcellenceCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• An Oracle software solutions and development company ―Representing both Oracle Exalogic focused on delivering Oracle technologies in various industries• Industry: High Technology and Oracle Exadata is a wonderful opportunity for our company. TheCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES investment to become the first• Enable potential customers to demo Oracle solutions running at Oracle partner with the complete their peak performance Exastack was immediately obvious• Demonstrate how Oracle Exalogic can exponentially enhance for our IT department, as it ensured application processing speed, assisting customers in making optimal decisions regarding their IT investments customers visiting the Solution Center can truly test how anSOLUTIONS integrated hardware and software• Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud environment can maximize their• Oracle Exadata Database Machine technological objectives.‖ Howard Moore, Chief Executive Officer RESULTS • Became the first partner to showcase a complete stack • Ensured customers can see the benefits of an integrated solution November 2011
  22. 22. Kookmin Bank Slashes Development Costs,Optimizes 24/7 Mission-Critical ComputingCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Largest bank in South Korea with 1,200 offices and assets of ―Sun delivers not only hardware but more than US$145 billion• Services 24 million+ customers, 50% of the countrys population support and services to implement• Industry: Financial Services the MCI and K-Portal projects, which• Employees: 34,000• Revenue: Not disclosed are crucial to our organization.‖ Park TaeHoon, Team Head, ITCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES• Maintain its position as Korea’s leading bank Planning Department• Increase reliability and performance of IT infrastructure• Reduce IT expenditure RESULTS• Ensure a stable, scalable operating environment • Achieved successful applicationSOLUTIONS implementation• Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 Server • Reduced development costs and• Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 Server application complexity• Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server• Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 • Ensured highly reliable and secure• Solaris 10 Operating System environment• Solaris Cluster 3.2 • Optimized for 24/7 mission-critical• SunSpectrum Support computing • Increased server consolidation and enhanced RAS features • Decreased IT administration time March 2011
  23. 23. Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryIncreases Data Storage Support ResearchCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Addresses urgent scientific challenges by advancing sustainable ―At NERSC, our challenge is to energy, protecting human health, and creating new materials• Industry: Education & Research figure out how to grow our data• Employees: 4,300 storage capacity exponentially• Revenue: US$811 million without growing our budget exponentially. Oracle’s StorageTekCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES T10000C delivers that magical• Ensure IT systems are available, reliable, and secure combination, which is why we• Grow data archiving exponentially—by 50% to 70%—each year• Contain and reduce costs by more efficiently using space and signed on as early adopters.‖ power to comply with regulation as a Federally funded Jason Hick, Storage System, Group laboratory Leader• Enable fast access to data to meet scientists needsSOLUTIONS RESULTS• StorageTek T10000C • Stored more than 20 petabytes of• StorageTek T10000B• StorageTek SL8500 data, five times the capacity of• Oracle Database previous models• Oracle Solaris 10 • Freed up to 80% of the tape cartridge slots in its existing libraries, enabling it to avoid adding more libraries August 2011
  24. 24. Merkl IT GmbH Offers Cloud ComputingSolutions for Medium-Sized CompaniesCOMPANY OVERVIEW RESULTS• Operates a highly available IT infrastructure for cloud computing • Provided customers with office for medium-sized business in Germany• Industry: High Technology applications and services via a cloud computing infrastructureCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES • Delivered services to customers that• Offer medium-sized enterprises a professional office are extremely energy and cost infrastructure that is both cost-effective and flexible in efficient accordance with the current order situationSOLUTIONS• Sun Blade Server Modules• StorageTek Arrays• Sun Ray Clients• Sun Ray Software• Oracle Solaris• Oracle Secure Global Desktop• Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure• Oracle Customer Support March 2011
  25. 25. MyLife Ensures Scalability and Performancefor Site Adding 2.4 Million Members MonthlyCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• The world’s first single source for people search with advanced ―Oracle Database 11g with Real tools that help 41 million registered members find anyone across the Web Application Clusters have provided a• Industry: High Technology very secure and stable environment.• Annual Revenue: US$60 million They are the most critical• Employees: 100 components of our infrastructure— ensuring 24x7 reliability andCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES availability with superior fault• Deploy a high-performance, reliable, and secure database system to support MyLife’s people-search Web site growth tolerance.‖• Provide fault tolerance environment to ensure 24x7 availability Thod Nguyen, Senior Vice President and scalability to support high traffic growth as the company of Technology adds 2.4 million members each month in the United States RESULTSSOLUTIONS • Guaranteed 24x7 database uptime• Oracle Database 11g • Ensured that the site could handle• Oracle Real Application Clusters• Oracle Solaris 20 million site visits each month• Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server with no impact on site performance• SPARC T3 server • Provided flexibility needed to scale without adding new memory/storage • Consolidated 10 database servers to five, reducing operational costs May 2011
  26. 26. National Instruments Corporation ImprovesSystem Performance and Reduces CostsCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Provides engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate ―We have a high degree of faith in productivity, innovation, and discovery• Industry: High Technology Oracle Solaris and the SPARC• Employees: 6,000 Enterprise server series. Oracle• Revenue: US$873 million hardware and the Oracle Solaris operating system are very solid andCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES robust. The level of up-time that we• Consolidate the technology footprint and leverage virtualization get on our hardware is great.‖ capabilities to improve efficiency worldwide, while reducing hardware and software maintenance costs Ronan Dunne, Manager – Global• Enhance system performance and achieve higher availability Unix/Linux/SAN Team• Increase agility in provisioning new technology environments• Serve the technology needs of customers globally, in diverse RESULTS industries, by ensuring business applications are up to date• Improve key business processes, such as the ability to quickly • Reduced the physical server process, build, ship, and bill approximately 250,000 complex footprint by 11% to date software and hardware-configured orders per year • Cut maintenance costs by 19% with an expected reduction of 74% by theSOLUTIONS time the migration is complete• SPARC Enterprise M8000 • Reduced power consumption and• SPARC Enterprise M5000 costs on servers by 25% to date• SPARC Enterprise M4000• Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g • Enabled the IT team to react to• Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.2 business project needs in two hours December 2011
  27. 27. PHH Corporation Improves Business Agility,Lowers Overall IT CostsCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Leading outsource provider of mortgages and automotive fleet ―We chose Oracle Exalogic Elastic management services offering mortgage solutions nationwide• Industry: Financial Services Cloud and Oracle Exadata Database Machine to help standardize our ITCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES infrastructure, centrally manage our• Implement a flexible technology framework to provide greater systems, free up resources, and agility in a rapidly evolving market maintain tighter control over• Improve means to capitalize on new business opportunities unstructured data and storageSOLUTIONS growth. Oracle technology and resources are critical to the success• Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Half Rack• Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software of our common technology• Exadata Database Machine Half Rack platform.‖• Oracle Advanced Customer Services Jeff Bell, Chief Information Officer RESULTS • Installed a robust technology framework, leading to lower IT costs • Facilitated increased agility in the market with the new framework August 2011
  28. 28. PetroChina Changqing Oil Field CompanyCuts System Response TimeCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• One of China’s largest oil producers and distributors ―The deployment of Oracle’s SPARC• Industry: Oil & Gas• Employees: 70,000 Enterprise M5000 server and Sun• Revenue: US$13.4 billion Storage F5100 flash array enabled us to improve database and systemCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES response times. Our users can now• Implement a powerful but stable database server and storage receive timely responses to their ad infrastructure to improve data processing, ensuring oil queries and generate reports faster.‖ production reports could be generated quickly• Deliver high-performing database services capable of supporting Chen Jian, IT Director high numbers of concurrent users and large reporting loads• Boost the input/output performance of the storage system to RESULTS ensure users receive timely responses to their queries and can • Cut system response time from six to generate oil production and distribution reports quickly eight minutes, to four to six secondsSOLUTIONS • Achieved server CPU usage below• SPARC Enterprise M5000 10% during peak time and storage• Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array input/output performance that was• Oracle Database 100 times faster than traditional fiber channel or serial attached SCSI discs • Eliminated bottlenecks in system response time April 2011
  29. 29. Reliance Commercial Finance ProcessesFinancial Transactions 40% FasterCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Indian financial services firm that provides loans for mortgages, ―The Oracle infrastructure ensures vehicles, construction equipment, and infrastructure• Industry: Financial Services we can provide our customers with• Employees: 1,600 access to loans as quickly and• Revenue: US$292 million efficiently as possible.‖CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES Shashi Kumar Ravulapaty, Senior VP• Deploy IT infrastructure that would support a plan to grow the and CTO company to become a top three lending provider in India• Improve the performance of the organization’s FinnOne core RESULTS lending application • Processed customer loans and• More easily analyze financial and customer data other account information up to 40%• Provide a highly available environment that avoids unnecessary system downtime faster, improving service levels • Provided automatic failoverSOLUTIONS capabilities so staff could still use• Oracle Exadata Database Machine core applications if a server failed• Oracle Database 11g • Processed 25,000 transactions per• Oracle Real Application Clusters day, instead of 5,000• Oracle GoldenGate• Oracle WebLogic Server • Cut the time it took to collate• Oracle Linux monthly loan transactions from• Oracle Active Data Guard eight hours to one hour• Oracle Consulting December 2011
  30. 30. Robi Axiata Accelerates Customer Insights andControls Costs; Achieves Payback in One YearCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• One of the largest Asian telecommunication companies focused ―We are constantly on the lookout to on high growth/low penetration emerging markets• Founded in 1997, as Telekom Malaysia International give our customer best value for (Bangladesh) money propositions. To do so we are• Industry: Communications continuously improving our• Headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh capabilities to serve our customer better. Sharpening our analyticalCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES capabilities obviously play a big role• Gain capacity to keep up with Robi’s massive and growing data- in that.‖ processing demands, Michael Kuehner, Managing Director• Needed a fast, reliable, and scalable business analytics platform that wouldn’t burden the company with high operating costs and CEO• Achieve significant system performance increases, including RESULTS exponentially faster data loading and query speeds, and lower • Achieved 60% ROI, and payback system utilization• Eliminate reporting delays, boost business user productivity, and within the first year enable the company to gain rapid and reliable insights into • Gained total savings of US$2.1 customer preferences and profitability million over three years • Gained US$1.3 million savingsSOLUTIONS • Witnessed 5% increase in profitable• Oracle Exadata Database Machine customer base; 10% boost in• Oracle Enterprise Manager• Oracle Data Mining customer loyalty December 2011
  31. 31. Robur S.p.A. Consolidates IT Architectureand Reduces Energy Consumption by 40%COMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Italian company that develops and manufactures high-efficiency ―Robur is a manufacturing company and low environmental impact heating systems• Industry: Industrial Manufacturing that operates a very long and• Employees: 220 complex supply chain. By• Revenue: US$50 million implementing Oracle solutions, we enhanced efficiency, realized anCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES optimal infrastructure level, and• Consolidate IT architecture to enhance business continuity, improved our company. Oracle is a security, and privacy for its growing international customer base• Reduce maintenance and service costs continue offering real resource multiplier and the best heating systems at a competitive price technology partner due to its• Decrease energy consumption and carbon dioxide levels to commitment to innovation.‖ maintain the company’s values and mission• Increase service quality and efficiency for all internal and Maurizio Agazzi, ICT Manager external operations via the internet• Extend ERP to sales, technical service centers, and suppliers• Improve business efficiency by automating processes RESULTSSOLUTIONS • Consolidated hardware• Sun Storage 2530 – M2 infrastructure for a three-fold• Sun Ray 270 Client increase in IT efficiency• Oracle Solaris • Cut the time it takes to process• MySQL Database elaborations from 40 minutes to 1• Java Desktop System• NetBeans November 2011
  32. 32. Sogeti USA LLC Improves Performance andProductivity of Its Critical Business SystemsCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• A leading provider of IT consulting services, with local branches ―As an IT consulting services in 25 cities across the United States• Industry: Professional Services provider, we know a successful• Employees: 1,900 project when we see one, and our• Revenue: US$2 billion migration to Oracle Exadata was a huge success. We have consolidatedCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES OLTP applications and enhanced• Support growth with scalable, cost-effective business systems reporting, while improving• Improve performance of company’s OLTP applications• Move from a batch-reporting to a real-time reporting model to productivity and reducing costs.‖ better meet the needs of its clients Manohar Reddy, Sr. Manager of• Reduce time for customizing code and optimizing queries Applications• Consolidate multiple database instances to simplify RESULTS administrative tasks, and reduce infrastructure costs• Decrease periods of unavailability of its business systems • Cut weekly tape backup to five theminutes, enabling daily backupsSOLUTIONS • Provided real-time reporting for• Oracle Exadata critical key performance indicators• Oracle Database • Enabled users to better keep up with• Oracle Financials changing needs of their customers• Oracle Human Resources• Oracle Assets • Cut the number of servers required• Oracle Internet Expenses and simplified software licensing,• Oracle Financials resulting in meaningful cost savings• Oracle Time and Labor May 2011
  33. 33. Sonus Networks, Inc. Delivers Reliability andSpeed with Carrier-Grade IT InfrastructureCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Pioneer in IP networking serving more than 150 customers in 50 ―Our products are crucial to our countries and carrying approximately 40% of the world’s long- distance VoIP traffic operator customers’ networks and• Industry: High Technology must have five-nines availability. The• Employees: 940 combination of Oracle’s Sun Netra• Revenue: US$227.5 million servers and Oracle Database enables us to deliver solidly on thatCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES requirement.‖• Scale database environment by millions of lines and update multiple times daily to accommodate the switch reconfiguring to Kumar Vishwanathan, Vice President route traffic to the least costly routes Engineering and Chief Architect• Maintain rapid throughput during peak loads• Provide customers with server replacements and spares RESULTS• Integrate financial and human resources systems to reach maximum efficiency • Met network operator customers’ needs for reliability and scalabilitySOLUTIONS • Enabled the database to scale to• Sun Netra X4250 support millions of routing changes• Sun Netra T2000 while keeping performance high• Sun Netra T5220 • Met service-level agreements with• Oracle Solaris• Oracle Database low latency and high reliability• Oracle Human Resources • Gained a long shelf life and high• Agile Product Lifecycle Management level of support for servers December 2010
  34. 34. SunGard Supports Mission-Critical BusinessSystems with New Servers and DatabasesCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Provides software and processing solutions for financial ―Oracle E-Business Suite Release services, higher education, and public sector organizations• Industry: High Technology 12.0.6 running on SPARC Enterprise• Employees: 20,000 servers is remarkably stable,• Revenue: US$5 billion reliable, and fast. The Sun SPARC Enterprise servers are invaluable toCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES SunGard availability services and• Provide highly available and reliable system to support mission- our Oracle E-Business Suite critical applications, even during maintenance and upgrades• Reduce hardware and software costs associated with supporting environment.‖ various systems Hal Moretto, Director, Database• Make the online store available 24/7 for channel partners around Platforms the world selling SunGard’s products and services RESULTSSOLUTIONS • Delivered 99.999% availability to• SPARC Enterprise M5000• SPARC Enterprise T5440 operate mission-critical systems• SPARC Enterprise T5220 • Supported customer-facing• SPARC T3 solutions• Sun Netra T2000 • Provided channel partners with• Oracle Solaris• Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.0.6 reliable online ordering• Oracle Database • Cut hardware and software costs by• Oracle Enterprise Manager 70% October 2011
  35. 35. Sungshin Women’s University EnhancesSecurity While Ensuring High System PerformanceCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• South Korean university offering courses designed to foster ―From an IT perspective, the greatest leadership and vision in women• Industry: Education and Research benefit of Oracle’s security solutions• Employees: 680 is that we don’t have to go through trial and error—the solutions work.‖CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES Lee Seungwon, Manager, Computer• Strengthen the security of its Oracle database management system, which stores student and other university information Information Operation Team• Comply with new information protection regulations• Ensure security solutions do not impact on the performance of the Oracle database and university systems to enable students RESULTS and academic staff to work as normal• Enhance the collection and storage of data for auditing purposes • Enabled encryption to take place without affecting database orSOLUTIONS system performance, ensuring• Oracle Database students could enroll for courses at• Oracle Database Vault• Oracle Advanced Security peak times with ease• Oracle Audit Vault • Achieved a less than 5% increase in• Oracle Enterprise Manager system loads, compared to pre-• Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server encryption levels• Sun Fire 4800 server • Encrypted 40,000 data instances in less than 10 seconds August 2010
  36. 36. Tata Teleservices Accelerates Time to Market,Reduces Energy Costs by 45%COMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Indian telecommunications company with more than 88 million ―The total Sun suite has provided us subscribers and 3,000 retail outlets• Industry: Communications with better manageability and we are• Employees: 9,500 looking forward to further engagement with Oracle on newCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES innovations that support a real-time• Consolidate a patchwork of systems and servers from IBM, HP, environment.‖ and Sun that had become complicated to manage and took up too much space Rajesh Gandhi, General Manager• Reduce the cost of other technologies, including database infrastructure RESULTS • Delivered stable IT platform forSOLUTIONS business growth• Sun Blade 6000 Chassis • Provided 24-hour service, whether• Sun Blade T6320 Server Module customers are speaking to call• Oracle Solaris• Sun Storage 7110 System center agents, downloading new• Oracle Identity Manager services, or making cell phone calls• Oracle OpenSSO • Replaced a 10-person manual• Oracle GlassFish Server operation with a system that• Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition automates up to 250 provisioning and de-provisioning requests daily • Reduced energy consumption by 45% March 2011
  37. 37. Therap Services Builds Foundation for itsHealth Services Documentation SolutionCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Web-based service with an integrated solution that automates ―Our clients in the social enterprise documentation needs of agencies providing support to people with disabilities and health services sectors demand• Industry: Professional Services high levels of availability and• Employees: 100 security from our documentation solution because of the stringentCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES regulatory and security requirements• Ensure a secure and highly available foundation for the they face. Oracle Database and company’s Web-based health services documentation solution to ensure compliance with customer requirements and Oracle’s Sun Fire servers enable us government regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability to deliver on these requirements, and Accountability Act (HIPPA) while ensuring the scalability we• Ensure IT scalability to support rapid growth, as the company need to continue to support our has doubled in revenue annually in recent years rapid growth.‖SOLUTIONS Richard Robbins, Chief Executive• Sun Fire X2270 M2 Officer• Sun Fire X4270 M2• Sun Fire X4470 RESULTS• Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 11g • Enabled high levels of security and• Oracle GoldenGate reliability required by agencies • Stored more than 1 million records without strain on the system June 2011
  38. 38. Time is Money Billing Systems Realizes99.5% Uptime with Virtualized EnvironmentCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Helps professionals to capture their mobile time effortlessly and ―Knowing the amount of revenue at securely• Industry: Professional Services stake for our customers as well as• Employees: 4 our reputation in the industry, we had to design our service from theCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES ground up to be scalable and• Deploy a reliable, high performance technology infrastructure to extremely reliable. In our minds, the support the company’s Time is Money Billing System service, only solution was to install Oracle’s which enables professionals like lawyers and accountants to accurately track billable hours spent while working on mobile Sun Fire servers, which have the devices reputation of being very solid• Ensure that the system stays up and running so that the machines, and they have not company’s customers do not lose revenue opportunities disappointed us.‖• Enable the company to remotely manage and support servers placed in clients’ firms Michael Bluestein, Chief Executive OfficerSOLUTIONS RESULTS• Sun Fire X4100• Sun Fire X4140 • Virtualized the environment to• Sun Fire X4150 consolidate six servers on one box• Sun Fire V20z • Achieved approximately 45% in cost• Oracle VM VirtualBox• Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager savings by virtualizing several production servers onto one box September 2011
  39. 39. TIM w.e. Ensures Competitive Edge withReal-Time Analysis of Marketing CampaignsCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Portuguese provider of interactive digital services for marketing, ―The highly competitive entertainment, and payments to global mobile operators, media groups, marketing and advertising agencies, and consumers communications industry in which• Industry: Media & Entertainment we operate demands a robust,• Employees: 300 flexible, and scalable IT• Revenue: US$132 million infrastructure with the ability to ensure around-the-clock availabilityCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES and support real-time analysis of• Process thousands of digital transactions per day in real time• Analyze data, obtain backup information for real-time decision- thousands of daily transactions. making, and reduce report delivery time, obtaining fast, simple Oracle Exadata Database Machine and rigorous analysis of the life cycle and value of each client makes this possible. Support from• Connect more than 280 mobile communications carriers to more the Oracle Portugal team has also than 3 billion mobile phone users throughout the world• Establish an IT infrastructure capable of supporting the been critical to our success.‖ company’s around-the-clock operations to maximize future Paulo Salgado, Chief Technology growth potential Officer and Chief Operating OfficerSOLUTIONS RESULTS• Oracle Database 11g • Increased query response speed• Oracle Exadata Database Machine and cut evaluation processes • Improved efficiency of 150 internal users and 60 external partners May 2011
  40. 40. Universidad Autónoma de OccidenteAutomates Administrative ProceduresCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• Private institution of higher education in Columbia integrating ―We can always rely on Oracle’s Sun teaching, research, and outreach with an international perspective for 7,946 students SPARC Enterprise servers for• Industry: Education & Research information processing. They never• Employees: 1,200 crash; they’re totally secure; and• Revenue: US$25 million they provide excellent cost benefits to the university.‖CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES• Establish an IT infrastructure and acquire new tools to Jorge Ernesto Peñaloza, Director of accommodate rapid growth of the student body as well as Technology Division program expansion• Enable students to select courses, access content, and secure RESULTS campus-related information from their personal computers • Achieved nearly 100% availability for• Update hardware and software to reach goals for system and process efficiency the administrative and academic• Safely secure data for more than 10,000 users databases, and Web site that serves students, faculty, and administrationSOLUTIONS • Achieved 99.98% availability for the• Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 database used to provide data to the• Oracle Solaris portal, intranet, and Web site• StorageTek LTO• Oracle Portal • Delivered virtual access to content• Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition for students, faculty, researchers,• Oracle Real Application Clusters and the general public April 2011
  41. 41. University of Central Florida Keeps Pace withGrowth, Streamlines Academic AdministrationCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• An academic and research leader, educating 53,500 students on its main campus and 11 regional campuses throughout Central ―The tremendous growth we’ve been Florida able to manage wouldn’t have been• Industry: Education & Research possible without the vision of our IT• Employees: 10,350 staff and the Oracle and SunCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES products helping realize that vision.‖• Keep pace with that growth is the top priority of UCF’s IT Bob Yanckello, Chief Technology administrators, who each year must contend with several critical Officer traffic spikes• Stay far ahead of users’ behavior, which has shown a growing preference for Web-enabled portals and self-service options RESULTS over filling out papers and standing in line. • Achieved reliable access for moreSOLUTIONS than 50,000 students, faculty, and• Oracle Database 11g staff during the busiest days of the• PeopleSoft Enterprise campus solutions academic year• PeopleSoft Enterprise applications • Gave users an array of self-service• Oracle Advanced Customer Services and Web options that freed them• Oracle Solaris OS• Sun Fire X4600 M2 server from long lines and paperwork• Sun SPARC Enterprise T-Series servers • Managed 25% percent growth over• Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers 10 years despite budget decreases and with minimal staffing changes September 2010
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