Oracle tech fmw-02-soa-suite-11g-neum-15.04.2010


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Oracle tech fmw-02-soa-suite-11g-neum-15.04.2010

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Enabling Next Generation Business Applications Ermin Prašović Senior Sales Consultant Oracle BH
  2. 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. © 2009 Oracle Corporation 2
  3. 3. Why do companies implement an SOA?
  4. 4. Where can you use SOA in your Organization? Integration New/Upgrade Application Business Process B2B Master Data Mainframe Application Consolidation Automation Integration Management Modernization Application Development New Java EE / SOBA or Integrate Customize COTS Enhance home- Portal / web application composite app. home-grown app. application grown app. Web 2.0
  5. 5. Oracle Fusion Middleware
  6. 6. <Insert Picture Here> Oracle SOA Suite 11g overview
  8. 8. 4 key themes Simplified & Productive Development Unified Platform for Services, Events & Processes Unified Management & Monitoring Extreme Performance & Scalability
  9. 9. Simplified & Productive Development SOA Composite Editor • Problem: Many standards and tools, Metadata fragmentation Version, test, manage composite applications • Business Requirement: Increase Developer Productivity • SOA 11g Feature: SOA Composite Editor • Drag & Drop • Visual • Single Unit of Deployment • Easy versioning • Based on SCA standard
  10. 10. Built-in Governance • Problem: How do you discover existing services to re-use? How do you manage the lifecycle of SOA assets? How do you identify dependencies? • Business Requirement: Manage and re-use assets to increase ROI • SOA 11g Feature: Oracle SOA Governance, including Oracle Enterprise Repository • Automated artifact harvesting to Enterprise Repository • Relationship management for impact analysis • Controlled advancement of assets through the lifecycle -- Repository to Registry • Discovery and consumption of services from JDev • Service re-use • SOA portfolio management analytics
  11. 11. Some of the Adapters Available for Oracle SOA Suite… Applications Databases Technology Oracle Oracle 8i and above SOAP Applications IBM DB/2 HTTP, HTTP-S, REST SAP R/3, mySAP Informix Email – POP3, SMTP, IMAP Peoplesoft Clarion FTP, FTP-S JD Edwards Clipper Flat Files Siebel Cloudscape JMS Clarify DBASE Oracle AQ Lotus Notes Dialog IBM MQSeries Ariba Essbase TIBCO Rendezvous AXIOM mx/open FOCUS Data Access Socket Baan Great Plains MSMQ BroadVision Microsoft SQL Server Clarify MUMPS (Digital Standard MUMPS) Commerce One Navision Financials (ODBC 3.x) Legacy Hogan Financials Nucleus CICS i2 Technologies Paradox IMS/DB Lawson Pointbase IMS/TM Bundled Livelink PROGRESS VSAM Sold as an option, Manugistics Red Brick ADABAS direct from Oracle Microsoft CRM RMS Natural Available through Vantive SAS Transport Format Tuxedo certified partners Walker Interactive Sybase CA-Datacom Remedy Teradata Screen Scraping Unisys DMS 1100/2200 CA-IDMS UniVerse C-ISAM,D-ISAM,K-SAM, QSAM
  12. 12. 4 key themes Simplified & Productive Development Unified Platform for Services, Events & Processes Unified Management & Monitoring Extreme Performance & Scalability
  13. 13. Unified Platform for Services, Events & Processes: The Service Infrastructure • One infrastructure to: • Install • Cluster • Configure • Monitor • Radically simplified administration task
  14. 14. Unified Platform for Services, Events & Processes Unified Process Platform • Problem: Why use different tools & technologies for integration processes and business processes ? • Business Requirement: Unified process engine technology for integration and business processes • SOA 11g Feature: Unified Process Platform • BPEL, BPMN, HWF, Rules – All in the same SCA-based IDE • Common process server, monitoring & management • Round-tripping between BPA & BPM Suite
  15. 15. Unified Platform for Services, Events & Processes • Business Requirement: Unified & simplified infrastructure for events and services -> SOA 11g Feature: Event Delivery Network • Business Requirement: Monitor streams of events, correlates seemingly unrelated events into patterns -> SOA 11g Feature: Complex Event Processing (CEP) EDN CEP BAM event createSupplier ADF page flow Mobile Devices and BC BAM Dashboards event SOA composite ADF (active RCF & DVT) Other event JMS sources (feeds, etc.) close loop
  16. 16. BPM 11g – Highlights • BPMN 2.0 support • Business Studio including simulation • Web based process and rules composer • Enhanced business rules – Decision Tables • Rich form design leveraging ADF • Process portal based on Web Center Spaces • Task synchronization with Exchange server • Imaging and content management integration • Process analytics
  17. 17. Unified Platform for Services, Events & Processes new BPM editors Web-based Process Customization • Process templates including customization constraints BPM Studio in JDeveloper • Palette of pre-configured activities Web-based Business Rules Authoring • Add or modify rules • Change constants and other definitions
  18. 18. 4 key themes Simplified & Productive Development Unified Platform for Services, Events & Processes Unified Management & Monitoring Extreme Performance & Scalability
  19. 19. Unified Management & monitoring End-to-End Instance Tracking • Problem: How can I get complete end-to-end visibility and increase my auditing capabilities in such a distributed environment? • Business Requirement: end-to-end visibility & auditing • SOA 11g Feature: End-to-End Instance Tracking • All-in-one management console • End-to-end (process) instance tracking • Unified error handling BPEL • Events: it’s loose- External Service coupling, not “lose” Drill-down Drill down coupling ! Hum an into Workflow components Routing Business Rules
  20. 20. Unified Management & monitoring Faults & Exceptions Handling exceptions • Unified exception handling framework (“Error hospital”): • Search Recovery screen log • Delete • Recover failed instances (individual or batch) • Directly access corresponding log entries Recovery Action Edit payload
  21. 21. Unified Management & monitoring Integrated Security • Problem: How do I implement and manage end-to-end security in a highly distributed, heterogeneous environment, yet prevent security silos? • Business Requirement: unified security model • Clearly separates • SOA 11g Feature: Integrated Security process logic from security concerns • Centralized policy management • WS-* standards support • Policy reuse, impact analysis • Policy versioning, rollback, auditing • Policy violation monitoring • Policy Advertisement in WSDL • Attach/detach policies • at design-time (JDev) • at runtime (EM)
  22. 22. 4 key themes Simplified & Productive Development Unified Platform for Services, Events & Processes Unified Management & Monitoring Extreme Performance & Scalability
  23. 23. Extreme Performance & Scalability • Problem: SOA applications are becoming more critical every day and require high availability and extreme performance • Business Requirement: high availability and extreme performance • SOA 11g Feature: Unified Service Platform • Optimized SOA runtime • Running on Application Grid • Coherence • WLS • JRockit
  24. 24. Extreme Performance & Scalability Higher Performance/Availability, Faster Deployment, & Lower TCO • Easy Maintenance, Patching and Scaling out • using WLS’ modularized architecture for install/config/hosting (with clear separation of binary/domains config/hardware) • Performance, Availability & Scalability • Predictable Performance, Scale on Demand, 5 9’s Availability • Automated failover across physical boxes using WLS’ whole server migration • Coherence for caching & clustering • GridLink for RAC • High-performance Messaging & Service Virtualization • OSB is the industry’s most scalable service bus • Highly scalable in-process JMS provider • Unit of Order, Unit of Work, JMS Clustering • Advanced management capabilities • Sophisticated scripting administration leveraging WLST and ANT. • Lock & Edit capability console
  25. 25. Performance at the core JRockit, WLS, OSB, and CEP JRockit WLS OSB CEP 1M events per sec at sub-millisecond latency
  26. 26. Product Highlights B2B BAM OSB HWF Service Fusion out-of-the-box 100% java Virtualization Workflow
  27. 27. Oracle B2B Oracle B2B enables the secure and reliable exchange of messages between an enterprise and its trading partners: • Document Management • Transport & Exchange Management • Trading Partner Management • Reports and Monitoring • System Management
  28. 28. Oracle Business Activity Monitoring Core Value Proposition – 100% Java – Platform Independent • MONITOR … business processes & services in real-time • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) • Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) • ANALYZE … events as they occur • Correlate events & KPIs • Identify trends as they emerge • Alert users to bottlenecks & solutions • ACT … on current conditions • Event-driven alerts • Real-time dashboards • BPEL processes & web services integration
  29. 29. Oracle Business Rules 11g New Features Highlight • Tight integration with SOA Suite • Rules component in JDeveloper • Decision Tables • Conflict and Gap Analysis • Point and Click Editor • Rule Activation and Effective Dates • Dictionary Links • Decision Point API • Updated web-based editor
  30. 30. OSB 11gR1 OSB 11g - Result Caching with Coherence Out-of-the-box, Checkbox Caching Business Service • Cache Results ? • Cache Token – XQuery • Time To Live Result Cache is an implementation of the side-cache pattern Oracle Confidential
  31. 31. SOA Suite 11g – Key Takeaways Complete Integrated Open Best of Breed #1 Standards- Comprehensive Designed to Based Industry SOA Offering Work Together Architecture Leader Broad & Deep Less Effort More Choice Robust, Proven Offering More Value Maximizes Industry leading Lower Cost, Existing Software Lower Risk Investments Oracle Confidential
  32. 32. For More Information Quote Attribution Title, Company Get Started • Downloads, Docs & Technical : • SOA Resource Center: • Datasheet: • SOA Product Management blogs: © 2009 Oracle Corporation 32
  33. 33. Questions © 2009 Oracle Corporation 33
  34. 34. Upgrade SOA Suite 10g to SOA Suite 11g Oracle SOA Suite 11g Free upgrade, nominal cost to Business Activity Monitoring + Oracle SOA Suite 10g BPEL Process Manager + upgrade to WebLogic Suite Web Services Manager + Business Activity Monitoring + Business Rules + BPEL Process Manager + B2B Server + Web Services Manager + Mediator (OESB) Business Rules + License + New B2B Server + migration Oracle Service Bus + Oracle Enterprise Service Bus Complex Event Processing New Get as part of support contract Oracle WebLogic Suite Oracle iAS EE (OC4J) 11g Oracle SOA Suite 11g OSB and CEP are available for Business Activity Monitoring + BPEL Process Manager + use only if iAS EE is upgraded to Web Services Manager + WebLogic Suite 11g Business Rules + B2B Server + Mediator (OESB) … and WebLogic Suite has JRockit Real Time, Coherence EE, Oracle iAS EE EM Diagnostics Pack (WebLogic Server Basic) M anagement Pack for Coherence.
  35. 35. 10g 11g Technical Upgrade Path JDeveloper 11g or command-line 3. deploy 1. open 2. save 11g SOA Suite Server 10.1.3 ESB or BPEL project 11g composite project Significant support for 10gR3 to 11gR1 metadata upgrade in JDeveloper OESB/BPEL/Rules: BAM: B2B: 1. open your 10g project in 1. Create new 11g repository 1. Create new 11g repo JDeveloper 11g 2. Use assistant to copy data 2. Export 10g agreements to zip file (or upgrade from cmd-line) objects/reports/alerts from 10g to 11g 3. Use assistant to copy 2. Fix any upgrade problems repository agreements to 11g repo 3. re-deploy to 11g runtime 3. Enterprise Link no longer supported (but native support for JMS and ODI)
  36. 36. 11gR1 PS1 SOA Suite – Main New Features (Released Nov. 2009) ADAPTERS: RULES: • Generic singleton service • Web-based composer application • FTP over SSL (added Windows support) BAM: • Pre/post processing hooks (file) • IE 8 cert • 1-click dashboards initial support • Enhanced support for RefCursors (DB) • Runtime enable/disable sensors • MQ 7.0 cert. (MQ) B2B: • XA Recovery (MQ) • AS1, 1Sync, Positional flat file INFRASTRUCTURE: • MLPP and CPP/CPA improvements • Invocation API • Payload obfuscation • SAR export from runtime server • AQ/JMS delivery channel support • Central storage of SOA config • Simplified task editor in JDev PREVIEW-ONLY* • Spring component • UDDI interop improvements • Resequencer • Safari certification • Additional B2B protocols/formats (NCPDP, • Web-based DVM editor EDIEL, custom non-XML) • Certify MS SQL Server • Self-service API to create B2B BPEL: document/TP/TPA from command-line Ability to pub/sub EDN events *: available for evaluation purposes; not supported for production use More details and doc links available at: 36
  37. 37. Oracle SOA Suite – Some Related Books © 2009 Oracle Corporation 37
  38. 38. Leader in Middleware 150+ Industry Awards Oracle SOA Suite VAR Tech Innovator 2007 SD Times 100 Development Platforms & Integration Middleware Excellence in Directory Services & Single Sign-On 2007 Finalist Best Identity Management Solution Oracle won 15 of 20 awards in 2007 Buyer’s Choice Highest Rated SOA Information Integration Product 2007 Technology of the Oracle Universal Year Information Rights Records Management Management Trend-Setting Product Progressive Manufacturing Award for Web Content Management Implementation
  39. 39. BPEL / SOA Suite Customers Select Customer List Over 4,000 SOA and 450 BPA customers Finance/ Banking Public Sector Manu. / Logistics Telecom High Tech Media / Energy Healthcare Retail/ CPG Other