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Nationwide insurance adopts analytics as part of its talent management strategy


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Nationwide Insurance is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the United States. It provides a diverse set of products and services that focus on the long-term financial …

Nationwide Insurance is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the United States. It provides a diverse set of products and services that focus on the long-term financial strength of its customers. Driven by the strategy to use best practices and, out of the box, fully integrated solutions, Nationwide switched from niche talent management vendors to a fully integrated solution using Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Release 9.1. This strategy also facilitated the inclusion of Oracle Human Resources Analytics as part of talent management to eliminate manual reporting efforts and set the stage for future BI within HR. In this session, you will hear about Nationwide Insurance's HR BI technology strategy, lessons learned, and the company's roadmap going forward.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. 1
  • 2. S14518 – Nationwide Insurance Adopts Analytics as Part of Talent Management StrategyLing Xiang – HR Analytics Product ManagerLes Vandermark –Nationwide HRIT Solution Architect 2
  • 3. Program Agenda•  Oracle HR Analytics Overview•  Oracle HR Analytics Roadmap•  Oracle BI Application in Fusion•  Nationwide HR Analytics Project•  Q&A 3
  • 4. Safe Harbor StatementsThe following is intended to outline our general productdirection. It is intended for information purposes only,and may not be incorporated into any contract. It isnot a commitment to deliver any material, code, orfunctionality, and should not be relied upon in makingpurchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of any features orfunctionality described for Oracle’s products remains at thesole discretion of Oracle. 4
  • 5. Oracle’s BI and EPM Today Comprehensive, Open, and IntegratedBI / EPM Planning & Strategy Apps Forecasting Management ERP CRM Industry Financial Close & Profitability Analytics Analytics Analytics Reporting Management Interactive Query & Analysis Dashboards Scorecards Reporting & Publishing Office Search Detect & Alert Embedded Mobile PlatformBI/EPM Common Enterprise Information Model Dimension BI Server Essbase Management Predictive Analytics Packaged Sources OLTP & ODS Data Warehouses Exadata OLAP Unstructured & Excel Business ApplicationsData Systems Data Marts Semi- XML/Office Processes Sources (Oracle, SAP, Others) Structured 5
  • 6. Oracle BI Applications Analysis Spanning Heterogeneous Sources in a Conformed Model Marketing Procurement Financials and Spend Sales Price Projects CRM Human ERP Service and ResourcesContact Center ANALYTICS ANALYTICS Product Customer Data Supply Chain & Information Loyalty Management* Order Management* Management ORACLE BI FOUNDATION AND OTHER OPERATIONAL AND ANALYTIC SOURCES * New for Fusion Applications 6
  • 7. Alignment across the Enterprise Integrated Best Practice Analytics Front Office Back Office Employees Marketing Impact of product mix and Financials discounts on revenue and marginsCustomers Sales Projects Correlation between training & compensation Loyalty and worker productivity Human Resources Visibility into supply chain enabling delivery of the Procurement and Suppliers Price perfect order Spend Complete visibility across Service and value chain to better Supply Chain & Contact Center Order Management manage supply and demand fluctuations Customer Data Product Information Management Management 7
  • 8. Oracle Human Resource Analytics Prepackaged HR Analytics HR Performance Operations Compensation Recruitment Learning Leave & Absence Role-Based Dashboard Finance Managers Recruiting Mgr Workforce Performance •  Headcount budget Retention Hotspot Demographics Trend Employee Performance Pay for Performance •  Vacancy Analysis•  Compliance Workforce Performance •  Workforce Cost •  Employee Performance •  Employee Performance •  Compensation Trend Pay for Performance •  Quality of Hire•  Compliance •  Absences Cost •  Learning Development Employee Performance •  Compensation Trend •  Recruitment Cost •  Learning Development 8
  • 9. What’s in Human Resources Analytics •  No. of dashboards 9 •  No. of dashboard pages •  47 •  No. of dashboards 9 •  No. of dashboard pages 47•  Human Resource Performance •  Retention •  Recruitment •  Human Resource Performance –  Corporate Contribution •  –  Overview •  –  Overview –  Effectiveness Retention Hotspots Requisitions –  Trends Top Performers Vacancy Analysis•  Trends Recruitment Pipeline •  Workforce Profile Absence Offer Analysis –  –  Overview •  New Hires –  Demographics Absence Trends Applicant Pool –  Trends Absence Details Quality of Hire•  Absence Calendar Recruiter Effectiveness •  Workforce Development Compensation Requisition Recruitment –  •  –  Compensation Analysis Activities –  Recruitment Event Details Supervisor Performance –  Employee Trends Candidate Sourcing –  Supervisor Performance Pay for Performance Learning –  Internal Mobility US Statutory Compliance –  Overview •  –  Top Performers •  Manage Enrollments –  Under Performers –  EEO Audit Compliance Training Results VETS 100 –  Training Results Delivered Training 9
  • 10. HR Analytics Components1 Pre-built warehouse with 5 star-schemas 3 Pre-mapped metadata, defining real-time access to designed for analysis and reporting on HR data analytical and operational sources, embedded best practice metrics for the HCM practitioner Workforce Profile Payroll Absence Recruitment Learning model •  Physical sources2 4 Pre-built ETL to extract data from over 3,000 A “best practice” library of over 230 role-based operational tables and load it into the DW, dashboards, reports and alerts for HR sourced from HCM systems and other sources Managers. Analysts and Business Executives 10 10
  • 11. Analytic Workflows – Human Resources Analytics Business Ensure human capitalObjectives/ leveraged properly Issues Drill to Detail Is turnover within manageable limits? Is voluntary turnover increasing? Gain Insights Why are people leaving? Which groups are Affected? Take Proactively Manage Action At-Risk Top Performers 11 11
  • 12. Leverage OBIEE 11g Mobile Analytics•  Available with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g•  Zero deployment effort•  Entire BI catalog can be accessed on the mobile device 12
  • 13. Leverage OBIEE 11g Mobile Analytics Entire Catalog Available for Mobile BI 13
  • 14. Leverage OBIEE 11g Mobile Analytics 14
  • 15. Leverage OBIEE 11g Mobile Analytics 15
  • 16. HR Analytics Roadmap • New architecture • Major content• Branded • Certify enhancement BI PSFT 8.9 & • PSFT 8.9, 9.0Apps 9.0 • EBS 11i10, r12 •  Certify 11g PS1 11g PS2 • Certify PSFT 9.1 7.8.x 7.9.5 7.9.6 • Certify EBS OBIA w/h 12.1.2 OBIEE 11g • One code line • Benefits for Fusion, PSFT, EBS & Siebel • Talent Manage-2006 2008 2009 2010 • Dual INFA & ODI ment Support 11gR1 Fusion Applications •  Fusion v1 Adaptor •  Uptake OBIEE 11g This roadmap is not a commitment to product delivery and is subject to change without notice and can not be written into any contract.
  • 17. HR Analytics 2-Year Development Plan•  New Subject Areas to be Added: •  Time & Labor Analytics •  Benefits Analytics •  Talent Management (performance mgt, competencies, succession planning) •  Surveys and Benchmark•  Cross-Functional Analytical content – align Fin/HR Analytics for better cost & budget analysis•  Essbase Integration – Leverage OBIEE and Essbase with HR Analytics data store for better workforce planning
  • 18. Oracle BI Applications Implementation Strategy Insight for Today’s Applications and for Fusion1.  Add insight layer over existing IT assets •  Use prebuilt BI Apps to implement quickly and follow best practices •  Start with a single area or tackle Oracle EBS HR Oracle several in parallel Financials •  Also build custom analytic apps as necessary Oracle BI Applications 2.  Benefit from enterprise-wide analysis as you broaden your PeopleSoft HCM Other Apps implementation3.  Incorporate Fusion Apps using same architecture and Oracle Fusion Applications technology
  • 19. Fusion Coexistence Pre-Packaged Customer Before Reports & Reports & Fusion With Fusion Embedded Fusion Dashboards Dashboards Analytics •  Embed analytics •  Get faster time to directly into key business processes value with prebuiltadapters for CRM and BI Common Semantic Model •  Deliver real-time ERP applications and analytical OBIA OTBI reporting in a single •  Gain visibility to user interface employee performance and PSFT  HR   Real •  Provide new internal mobility to analytical reportingengage and develop OBIA Data Time content for Payroll, key talents Warehouse Query Leave Accrual and Headcount Gain/Loss• Lower costs through EBS  HR   ETLreduced turnover and •  Tightly integrated more targeted BI View Objects with Oracle’s next- recruiting generation Fusion • Optimize Human Capital Management systemcompensation plansto meet goals while Other Fusion Talent managing costs Sources Management
  • 20. Na;onwide  Insurance  Adopts  Analy;cs  as  Part  of  Its  Talent  Management  Strategy   Les  Vandermark  –  HR  IT  Solu;on  Architect  CTO  Enterprise  Applica.ons  
  • 21. CTO  Agenda   Enterprise  Applica.ons   §  Company  Overview   §  Talent  Management  Program  &  HR  Analy.cs   §  Project  Overview   §  Business  Benefits   §  Lessons  Learned   §  Roadmap  10/6/11 10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   21  
  • 22. CTO  Company  Overview   Enterprise  Applica.ons   We help our customers do together what they cannot do alone, and we keep this commitment through capital strength and financial stability Founded in 1926 as a mutual company to serve the needs of our customers §  No. 1 provider of public-sector retirement plans §  No. 1 writer of farm owner insurance §  4th largest excess and surplus lines insurer §  6th largest auto insurer in the United States §  7th largest homeowner insurer in the United States §  9th largest variable annuities provider10/6/11 §  127 on the Fortune 500 list §  33,000 employees, largely salaried workforce based in North America   §  Home office, Columbus OH 10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   22  
  • 23. CTO  Talent  Management  Program  &  HR  Analy;cs   Enterprise  Applica.ons   §  Talent  Management  Program  Ini.ated  in  2009   §  Create  predictable  &  consistent  processes  enabled  by  a  talent  management  system   §  Replace  outdated  TM  applica.ons  with  one  solu.on  that  enables  access  to   talent  data   §  Analy.cs/BI  not  in  the  scope  of  the  program   §  Plan  to  handle  with  low  tech  solu.on  outside  of  the  TM  program   §  Selected  niche  SaaS  Talent  Management  System   §  Integra.on  &  func.onal  challenges   §  System  performance  concerns   §  Large  development  &  ongoing  integra.on  cost  10/6/11 §  New  IT  Leadership  (Strategy)  +  Challenges  =  New  Direc.on   §  Implement  PeopleSoR  9.1  for  Talent  Management   §  Inclusion  of  HR  Analy.cs  in  the  program  scope   10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   23  
  • 24. CTO  Talent  Management  Program  &  HR  Analy;cs   Enterprise  Applica.ons   Guiding Principals We value enterprise consistency of process over business unit uniqueness We value the configuration of package solutions over the development of customizations We value breadth of integration over depth of functionality We value insights from analytics over efficiency of transactions We value in-sourcing of critical skills over outsourcing10/6/11 * Based on the understanding that Enterprise Applications are critical but not differentiating 10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   24  
  • 25. CTO  Program/Project  Overview  –  Ini;al  Timeline   Enterprise  Applica.ons   Q2 2010 Q3 2010 Q4 2010 Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Q3 2011 Q4 2011 A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D HCM v9.1 Upgrade PeopleSoft v9.1 Talent Management Initiatives HR Analytics Profile Management Recruiting Solutions10/6/11 Succession Planning Compensation Performance and Development 10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   25  
  • 26. CTO  Program/Project  Overview  –  Original  Scope   Enterprise  Applica.ons   §  Analy.cs  Goals   §  Deliver  Analy.cs  first  à  Forces  TM  business  decisions  based  on  integra.on   §  Implement  Workforce  Profile  subject  area   §  Replace  current  manual  process   §  Monthly,  Excel  based,  4  –  5  FTE  over  15  work  days   §  Implement  other  subject  areas  with  components  of  Talent  Management   §  i.e.  &  Compensa.on  10/6/11 §  Con.nue  to  implement  new  content  delivered  from  Oracle   10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   26  
  • 27. CTO  Program/Project  Overview  –  Actual  Scope   Enterprise  Applica.ons   BI Data Governance Quick terms, starts, DNS Position Audit Leader Level Leader Name Strategic HCM - TM Org Hierarchy Usage Position Deactivation Workforce Mgmt Service Delivery Org/Reports To Alignment Position Clean Up10/6/11 Position Change Mgr Self Service Core HRMS Position Mgmt Leader Name Organization Hierarchy (Define, Convert, Maintain) 10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   27  
  • 28. CTO   Program/Project  Overview  –  Actual  Scope   Enterprise  Applica.ons  §  Organiza.on  Hierarchy   §  Defined  –  3600  plus  departments/nodes  (PS  department  table/tree)   §  Converted  –  1  Million  plus  PS_JOB  rows  (History  back  to  12/31/2007)   §  Maintain  –  Business  processes  &  ongoing  data  governance  processes  §  Posi.on  clean  up   §  Inac.vated  80,000  plus  posi.ons   §  Business  process  changes  and  to  keep  clean  §  Customiza.ons  to  HR  Analy.cs   §  Leader  Level  –  Data  clean  up/governance  issue   §  Leader  Name  –  Organiza.on  hierarchy  change  management   §  Quick  Terms/Did  Not  Starts  10/6/11§  Upgrade   §  Lessen  risk  for  other  subject  areas   10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   28  
  • 29. CTO  Program/Project  Overview  –  Revised  Timeline   Enterprise  Applica.ons   Q2 2010 Q3 2010 Q4 2010 Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Q3 2011 Q4 2011 A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D HCM v9.1 Upgrade PeopleSoft v9.1 Talent Management Initiatives HR Analytics (Data Governance & Clean Up) Profile Mgmt Recruiting Solutions Performance and Development10/6/11 Compensation Succession Planning 2012 10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   29  
  • 30. CTO  Project  Perspec;ve  -­‐  Lessons  Learned   Enterprise  Applica.ons   Perspective Initial •  Our data is a mess, no organization structure Thoughts •  How are we going to explain to our sponsors •  We need data governance Reality •  Our data is a mess, problems we didn’t know about •  Data clean up and governance took too long to implement •  Learning for many users must be “hands on” •  Focused too much on the current manual dashboards •  Less customization visibility than other TM modules Technical •  No real issues with the product View •  HR Analytics is a packaged application •  Need implementation partner with experience with BI apps •  Have dedicated technical resources •  Train before the project starts10/6/11 Revisions •  Increasing the budget, timeline •  Successfully implemented July 2011 10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   30  
  • 31. CTO  Lessons  Learned   Enterprise  Applica.ons   §  Learning  Curve/Cultural  ShiR   §  Understanding  and  the  data   §  May  be  uncomfortable  with  the  data  and  the  story  it  tells   §  Need  a  strong  data  person  to  tell  the  story   §  To  gain  credibility,  data  accuracy  must  be  built  into  processes   §  We  are  changing  business  processes  to  insure  accurate  data   §  Don’t  underes.mate  the  amount  of  work  to  clean  up   §  And  keep  accurate  going  forward   §  Clear  roles  &  10/6/11 §  Who  owns  processes,  data,  system,  etc.   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs  
  • 32. CTO  Business  Benefits   Enterprise  Applica.ons   §  Efficiencies     §  Eliminated  4000  hours/year  to  produce  manual  Excel  reports   §  Reports  available  first  day  of  the  month  versus  15th  work  day   §  Integra.on/Technology  Value  Proposi.on   §  HCRM  team  is  now  focusing  on  strategic  ini.a.ves   §  Workforce  Analy.cs   §  HR  Performance  Scorecards   §  Strategic  Workforce  Planning   §  Providing  views  of  data  never  before  available  (e.g.  historical  trends,  drill-­‐down   capability,  turnover  by  leader  level)  10/6/11 §  Business  Process  Improvement   §  problema.c  processes   §  Reinforcing  data  governance     10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   32  
  • 33. CTO   Business  Benefits  –  Moving  Forward   Enterprise  Applica.ons  §  Today:    Much  of  HR  Planning  is  done  by  Finance  à    What  can  we  afford?  §  Strategic  Workforce  Planning   §  and  the  future  based  on  trend  analysis   §  Model  workforce  demand   §  Develop  HR  gap  closure  plans  and  interven.ons   §  Supply  Side   §  Who  is  our  workforce  today,  who  is  going  to  leave  and  why?     §  Demand  Side   §  Forecast/model  based  on  workloads  &  Strategy  (pay  bands,  skills,  geography,  etc.)  §  Results  of  planning:    Gap  closure  plans  and  HR  interven.ons:  10/6/11 Planned  moves  (hires,  transfers,  promo.ons,  exits,  etc.)   §  §  Engagement  strategies  (e.g.  cross-­‐func.onal  moves)   §  Compensa.on,  learning  and  development  planning   §  Integrated  planning  that  aligns  the  people  strategy  to  the  business  strategy  and  financial  budget   10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   33  
  • 34. CTO  BI  Roadmap   Enterprise  Applica.ons   Q4 2011 Q1 2012 Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2012 Q1 2013 Q2 2013 O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J Recruitment Workforce Profile Phase II Compensation HR Analytics Upgrade10/6/11 10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   34  
  • 35. CTO   Enterprise  Applica.ons   Thank  You   Les  Vandermark  10/6/11     10/6/11   Na;onwide  HR  Analy;cs   35  
  • 36. Q&A
  • 37. Unlocking Back Office Business Insights through BI •  Analyze intra-period financial •  Analyze workforce data by department or role performance •  Maximize efficiency of collections •  Reduce cost of compliance reporting Financial Analytics HR Analytics Alignment Across Functions Optimize profitability and operational efficiencies •  Control cost before they impact •  Visibility into supply/demandProject Analytics profitability to better manage inventory SCM & OM Analytics •  Identify at risk projects and •  Accelerate order to cash initiate corrective actions process •  Increase visibility into direct •  Deliver accurate and and indirect spend consistent product Procurement & Spend •  Optimize supplier selection and information Analytics performance *PIM Analytics •  .Identify gaps and data * New for Fusion Applications quality issues
  • 38. Delivering Front Office Business Insights with BI •  Improve pipeline visibility •  Reduce revenue leakage •  Quickly spot opportunities / from Opportunity to Quote to threats Order •  Discover high potential •  Identify customer data gaps segmentsSales Analytics •  Optimize customer reach Price Analytics •  Maximize return on spendMarketing Analytics *Customer DM Analytics Alignment Across Functions Optimize customer relationships across all business processes •  Improve customer service •  Increase customer retention •  Drive efficiency, lower costs and promotion effectiveness.Service Analytics Loyalty Analytics •  Optimize staffing for call •  Enhance partner channel volumes visibility and coordination Contact Center Partner Analytics Analytics •  Monitor CSR performance & * New for Fusion Applications drivers