Kendle Transforms Its Enterprise with Oracle Business Intelligence


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Due to swift and steady growth, Kendle found that its operations had begun to outgrow its technologies and processes and as a result required upgrades to its existing systems to properly report on performance and provide improved analytical capabilities to make effective revenue growth and profitability decisions. Find out how Kendle decided to pursue the use of a world-class BI and performance management solution to optimize its ERP investment. In this session, you will learn how Kendle took the ambitious step of implementing an integrated ERP, BI, and EPM system including Oracle Essbase, Oracle Hyperion Planning, Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (Oracle Project Analytics, Oracle Financial Analytics, Oracle Human Resources Analytics), and Oracle's PeopleSoft Financials.

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Kendle Transforms Its Enterprise with Oracle Business Intelligence

  1. 1. INC Research (Kendle) Transforms it’s Enterprise withOracle Business IntelligenceJohn Stilwell, MarketSphere | Bill Hayfer, INC Research© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  2. 2. WelcomeToday’s Agenda 1 Components to Achieve ERP Value 2 Improve Collaboration – Where to Start 3 The Business Issues 4 Our Vision, Roadmap and Project Goals 5 Implementation Approach and Lessons Learned 6 Common Access Point – Consistent Visualization – User Experience 7 Results, Benefits Realized, and Next Steps© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 2
  3. 3. About MarketSphere Creating Business Harmony: We are strategic technology and advisory experts to help you deliver integrated Oracle EPM, BI, and ERP solutions that improve business performance.© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 3
  4. 4. Components to Achieve ERP ValueWhere’s the data SINGLE ENTERPRISE INFORMATION MODEL• Data is everywhere; Financial, Projects, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Customer systems• Dimensions are embedded in each system, causing communication and data quality issues• Multiple technologies are used to store data. i.e. Multiple Essbase, Data Marts, Cognos cubes etc..• Understand your current footprint, with a desire to obtain and information model that can be accessed by all. This is the starting point.© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 4
  5. 5. Components to Achieve ERP Value• Process information with business interaction to derive SMART decisions. REPORT SINGLE ENTERPRISE FORECAST ANALYZE INFORMATION MODEL MODEL© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 5
  6. 6. Components to Achieve ERP ValueDefine a Foundation that endures • Relational and multi-dimensional access to your content. • Interact with groups of information in 3D • Drill to ledger, invoice and product detail • Gain confidence to act REPORT SINGLE ENTERPRISE FORECAST ANALYZE INFORMATION MODEL MODEL© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 6
  7. 7. Components to Achieve ERP ValueTypical Starting Point. Transactional Systems• Understand the components• Determine what is desired• Define the Vision• Create Implementation Roadmap© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 7
  8. 8. Components to Achieve ERP ValueERP value is Realized through Business IntelligenceERP Analytics CRM Analytics• Financials • Sales and Marketing• Human Resources • Service• Procurement • Contact Center• Projects • Price, Loyalty• Supply Chain REPORT• Order Mgmt SINGLE ENTERPRISE FORECAST ANALYZE INFORMATION MODEL MODEL IndustryEPM • Clinical• Financial Close • Financial Services• Planning and Analytics (OFSAA) Forecasting • Healthcare• Strategic Planning • Communications• Profitability Management • Retail© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 8
  9. 9. Oracle BI Applications – System Components 1 3 Logical Business Model – Data Pipe Access – ERP extraction for loading to the Oracle Application Configuration of the BI Server and Warehouse. pre-mapped metadata. Presentation layer Logical business model Physical sources 2 4 Dashboard and Reports – Standard Data Model Load – Subject – Domain specific schemas to support analytics out-of-the-box reports for the focused and reporting. schemas (i.e. GL, AR) subject area, that can be extended and customized with OBIEE 11g..© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 9
  10. 10. Improve Collaboration – Where to Start?© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  11. 11. Establish your ERP EnvironmentTransactional excellence and process re-engineering Operational Systems Financials Connect your operational systems and subsidiaries. Projects Human Resources Thin / Right General Ledger Procurement Sales / CRM Supply Chain Manufacturing© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 11
  12. 12. Manage your Hierarchies, Values & Mapping: DRM Master your analytical content and distribute the integrity of data Data integration ConsiderationsOperational Systems Financials Projects DRM Data Relationship Human Resources Mgmt Procurement Sales / CRM Supply Chain Manufacturing © MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 12
  13. 13. Establish a BI Framework BI Apps to provide the Certified engine of ERP data that is used by EPM and CRM Data integration ConsiderationsOperational Systems Financials Projects DRM Data Relationship Human Resources Mgmt Procurement Sales / CRM Supply Chain Oracle Oracle BI BI Apps Apps - - Model Reports Manufacturing Operational Dashboards © MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 13
  14. 14. Manage Close & Consolidation in Hyperion: HFM Leading companies use Hyperion Financial Management to close the books Data integration ConsiderationsOperational Systems HFM DM EPMA / FDQM / ERPi Financials Close & Consolidate Disclosure Mgmt Projects DRM Data Regulatory Relationship Reports Human Resources Mgmt Procurement Sales / CRM Supply Chain Oracle Oracle BI BI Apps Apps - - Model Reports Manufacturing Operational Dashboards © MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 14
  15. 15. Variance Reporting through Planning & Forecasting: HP Hyperion Planning provides the predictive and driver based forecasting Data integration ConsiderationsOperational Systems HFM DM EPMA / FDQM / ERPi Financials Close & Consolidate Disclosure Mgmt Projects DRM Planning Data Strategic Regulatory Relationship Financial Reports Human Resources Mgmt Operational Procurement Management Reports Sales / CRM Supply Chain Oracle Oracle BI BI Apps Apps - - Model Reports Manufacturing Operational Dashboards © MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 15
  16. 16. Expand BI Platform: Essbase and OBIEE Essbase Analytics with Hyperion platform, and connected with OBI Apps Data integration ConsiderationsOperational Systems HFM DM EPMA / FDQM / ERPi Financials Close & Consolidate Disclosure Mgmt Projects DRM Planning Data Strategic Regulatory Relationship Financial Reports Human Resources Mgmt Operational Essbase Procurement Analytics Management Reports Sales / CRM OBIEE Ad Hoc Analysis Supply Chain Oracle Oracle BI BI Apps Apps - - Model Reports Manufacturing Operational Dashboards © MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 16
  17. 17. Harmony: MarketSphere Differentiator We are different because we do it all. OBIEE 11g ( Systems HFM DM EPMA / FDQM / ERPi Financials Close & Consolidate Disclosure Mgmt Projects DRM Planning Data Strategic Regulatory Relationship Financial Reports Human Resources Mgmt Operational Essbase Procurement Analytics Management Reports Sales / CRM OBIEE Ad Hoc Analysis Supply Chain Oracle Oracle BI BI Apps Apps - - Model Reports Manufacturing Operational Dashboards © MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 17
  18. 18. About the Speakers John Stilwell, Director of Business Intelligence, MarketSphere John is a Director of MarketSphere’s Business Intelligence Practice and brings over 10 years of experience implementing Oracle Solutions. John is a recognized leader in business transformation initiatives involving technology selection and implementation. He has been focused on business intelligence, analytics, metrics and reporting with specializations in the supply chain and procurement functions. He has more than 10 years of consulting experience in a range of industries where he has provided client’s with business solutions in the areas of business intelligence, enterprise performance management, strategic planning and strategic cost reduction.Bill Hayfer, Vice President – Business Systems, INC ResearchBill brings 28 years of Global Information Technology and extensive Enterprise ResourcePlanning and Business Intelligence implementation experience to the INC ResearchTeam. Bill’s responsibilities include the establishment of a vision and model for the ERPand set business automation priorities, establishing and maintaining the enterprise datamodel to facilitate efficient data maintenance and reporting, automating routine businesstransactions and eliminate data administration redundancies through systems integrationand working with the Brands and support units to maximize utilization of the ERP leading toimproved Business Intelligence.© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 18
  19. 19. The Business Issues© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  20. 20. The Business IssuesINC Research Introduction and Situation INC Research is a therapeutically focused contract research organization with a high performance reputation for conducting global clinical development programs of the highest integrity. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies look to INC Research for a complete range of customized Phase I - Phase IV programs in therapeutic areas of specialty, and in innovative pediatric and women’s health trials. INC Research’s Trusted Process® methodology and therapeutic foresight leads our customers to more confident, better-informed drug and device development decisions. INC Research recently merged with Kendle to form a new organization that now employs approximately 5,000 employees across six continents who have experience spanning more than 100 countries.Business Issues:• Due to tremendous growth, business model began to overwhelm its technologies• Burdened by overly manual processes & cumbersome spreadsheets to manage the business• Multiple Financial Systems that were not aligned• Multiple concepts of customer• Lack of alignment of classic business data, locations etc.• Searching for “single version of the truth”• Multiple versions of data from disparate sources• Recent merger presents new data aggregation and reporting challenges© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 20
  21. 21. The Business IssuesWhat Problems Needed to be Solved• Common access point Business• Validation of ERP Intelligence• Information to the right person at the right time HRMS Finance• Standardize global processes• Siebel as a subset CRM strategy – bidding and pricing INCR CRM Clinical• Linking sales to operations• Common view – driving value to the customer© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 21
  22. 22. The Business Issues Why INC Research embarked on this project • Enable control of processes, costs, delivery, standards, security, compliance • Implement BI as joint venture between business and IT • Treat BI as an ongoing program rather than a series of disconnected projects • Drive adoption of BI throughout the business • Manage stakeholder interests at all levels • Align BI with corporate strategy • Define and measure outcomes, and course-correct to achieve them • Encourage strategic thinking while allowing for tactical implementation and reduced time to value • BI never ends. There is a hunger for more and more information“We understand the concept that Business Intelligence never ends. There will always be more information that our end users will want to improve their execution.” © MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 22
  23. 23. Our Vision, Roadmap and Project Goals© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  24. 24. Our Vision, Roadmap and Project GoalsRoadmapRoadmap and Strategy• Began with the A3 roadmap to assess the technologies and processes around INC Research’s metrics, reports, and data strategies for each affected subject area. – Interviewed 70 INC associates participated in more than 30 functional and technical workshops, providing their assessment of the current state and vision for the future state BI environment. BI Roadmap – Identified and sequenced 12 work streams across ERP, EPM, Oracle BI and BI extensions.Key Project Objectives• Develop an overall technology and systems strategy and define an architecture that enable’s a common data management platform• Take advantage of the packaged BI applications purchased from Oracle• Leverage BI warehouse features for Essbase• Work closely with implementation teams for PeopleSoft Financials and PeopleSoft HR to coordinate data requirements and sourcing strategy for BI warehouse© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 24
  25. 25. Our Vision, Roadmap and Project Goals Comprehensive Business Transformation Optimization What’s the best that can happen? Predictive modeling What will happen next? AnalyticsCompetitive advantage Forecasting/extrapolation What if these trends continue? Statistical Analysis Why is this happening? Alerts What actions are needed? Query/drill down Where exactly is the problem? Access and reporting Ad hoc reports How many, how often, where? Standard reports What happened? Degree of intelligence • From the book “Competing on Analytics”, adapted from SAS © MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 25
  26. 26. Our Vision, Roadmap and Project GoalsAccess PointSetting Standards for Access to Widespread Information© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 26
  27. 27. Implementation Approach and Lessons Learned© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  28. 28. Implementation Approach and Lessons Learned Upgrade Plus ConceptERP Real Time ERP Upgrade • Real-time management information • Comprehensive Integrated • Integrated – Single version of the truth • Accessible Comprehensive • Defines and Supports work Processes “Upgrade Plus” Source Systems Data Management BI & ERP Analytics Data • Source Systems IntegrationBI & ERP Governance • Data ManagementAnalytics • Data Governance • Reporting and Analytics Reporting & Analytics © MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 28
  29. 29. Implementation Approach and Lessons LearnedPreparation for the A3 Methodology – Road Mapping Phase Analytics Solution High Level Solution Build vs. Buy Assessment Review & Requirements Capabilities Decision Approach Selection (A3) • Vision • High level review • Business Case • Functional review • Measurement, Reporting, Data • Business • Demo of • General level of • Qualitative fit Strategies Transformation capabilities effort • Benefits of • Quantitative fit • End Users • Evaluation of • Conceptual integrated system • Road Map and Implementation Product Guides framework planning Packaged Fit Gap – Initiative Road Map & Implementation Informed Level of Effort Prioritization Planning Initiatives # Financial Analytics – Packaged and 1 Basic & Intermediate Extensions Initiatives Value Matrix Financial Analytics – Advanced 2 Extensions and Customizations Projects Analytics - Packaged and 3 Basic & Intermediate Extensions High 3 4 9 Projects Analytics – Advanced 4 Extensions and Customizations 1 2 HR Analytics - Packaged and Basic & 5 Intermediate Extensions DO IT NOW 8 12 STRATEGIC 13 HR Analytics – Advanced Extensions 6 7 and Customizations COMPASS BI Reporting – Custom 7 Value 10 Balanced Scorecard 8 Backlog BI Reporting - Custom 9 11 PSR BI Reporting - Custom 10 5 Clinical BI Reporting - Custom 11 Budgeting & Planning 12 6 Costpoint Integration 13 SELECTIVE SELECTIVE Packaged Oracle BI Applications with Basic and Intermediate Extensions Custom BI Work Streams Low Budgeting & Planning Low Effort High Advanced Custom Development© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 29
  30. 30. Implementation Approach and Lessons LearnedValue Proposition – ERP upgrade with AnalyticsTypical Linear ApproachParallel Approach – INC Research© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 30
  31. 31. Implementation Approach and Lessons LearnedHow INC Research did Planning Differently… We sourced from OBI Applications• Actuals were used from ERP in Hyperion Planning through OBI Financial Analytics• Approach improved user adoption of Hyperion Planning – same data was used for BI and Planning• Data was already brought together in a star schema and in the right way.• Future steps were avoided by reusing the actual ERP data for Planning via the OBI Applications End User Portal – Dashboards, Scorecard, Planning & Reporting BI EPM Common Business Data Warehouse Clinical ERP Source Systems PeopleSoft Siebel Operations© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 31
  32. 32. Implementation Approach and Lessons LearnedHyperion Planning and Essbase multi-dimensional analyticsImplemented Hyperion Planning to streamline INC Research’s planning processes.The implementation resulted in the following benefits: • Transformed the budget process from very difficult and disconnected to a streamlined structured process • Reduced the cost and effort to complete INCR Planning processes • Upgraded the Budgeting and Planning toolset from an Excel based collection of spreadsheets to a Oracle Planning System • Leveraged the BI infrastructure for metadata management and sourcing of historical data • Utilized the BI infrastructure for variance analysis • Hyperion Planning help get the right info into the right hands for doing the annual budget, while relying on the same data source that served as the basis for BI. • The approach helped with change management and user adoption because the confidence in the data was high given that it was the same as the financial analytics BI reports.© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 32
  33. 33. Implementation Approach and Lessons LearnedHyperion Planning and Essbase multi-dimensional analytics • Standard/operational reports automated so time with finance spent more value • Financial information easily More timely added information and quickly accessed • Business users were without waiting on others empowered resulting in improved finance acumen Better Improved EPM information finance Benefits for decision partnership making • More information available • Improved cycle time for with a consistent level of detail planning process as the time to standardize analysis Reduction consuming detail handled by of non value • Tools were provided so that the systems added users were able to easily find Finance • Less time spent searching for activity exactly what they needed with information to answer the flexibility to slice/dice in questions multiple ways© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 33
  34. 34. Implementation Approach and Lessons LearnedLessons Learned - Recap• Legacy BI environment with highly disparate reporting• Could not replicate in PeopleSoft• Ability to leverage out of the box OBI Applications – high hit rate• Focus on underlying ERP Data• Deeper dive into the data• Comprehensive approach to MDM• Data conversion – start earlier• Start common processes as early as possible• Through sometimes painful, eventual realization and understanding of BI value© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 34
  35. 35. Common Access Point – Consistent Visualization – User Experience© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  36. 36. Common Access Point–Consistent Visualization–User ExperienceOne point of access for both Financial and Operational Users- INC Research’s meanings of Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Self–Service Planning Corporate Communications HRMS Finance Project Function Management Communications PM Support Unit Communications CRM INCR Regional Clinical Communication© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 36
  37. 37. Results, Benefits Realized, and Next Steps© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  38. 38. Results, Benefits Realized and Next Steps Landscape Realized Currently in Process ERP Analytics EPM Applications HUMAN SALES & CLINICAL HYPERION HYPERION FINANCIALS PROJECTS RESOURCES EXPERIENCE ANALYTICS ESSBASE PLANNING• General Ledger • Project Funding • Employee • Experience • Clinical • Pipeline • Enterprise and Budget Productivity Reporting operations Analysis• Accounts Planning Receivable • Product Cost • Compensation • Proposals • PSR Operations • What if application,• Accounts • Talent Modeling sourcing from • Project • Bids / Re-bids Oracle BI Payable Revenue Management • Backlog• Cash Flow • Project Billing • Recruiting Analytics• Profitability Analysis • Project• Expense Profitability • Learning Management Analysis • Workforce Profile • Analytics phased with the PeopleSoft implementation • Used Pre-build models to create a OBI Financial application for Income Statement and Trial Balance reporting • Extended the OBI Model for Project Forecast, Revenue and Employee Utilization • Backlog Analysis by integrating data from PeopleSoft (hard backlog) and Siebel CRM (soft backlog) • OBI Financials Analytics served as the data source to the Planning Applications ORACLE BI SUITE ENTERPRISE EDITION (OBIEE)SOURCE ADAPTERS: OTHER DATA SOURCES © MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 38
  39. 39. Results Benefits Realized & Next Steps What’s Next on the Roadmap Initiatives Value Matrix # Initiatives High 1 Clinical Analytics – Customer Experience 1 6 2 Clinical Analytics – PSR & Metrics Automation 3 TACTICAL STRATEGIC 3 Planning – Budget v. Actual 4 Project / Financial Analytics – Operations 4 5 Rollout*Enterprise Value 7 2 9 5 Project / Financial Analytics – Answers to 8 Super User 10 16 6 COMPASS Analytics – Phase II 11 7 Backlog Analytics 8 Advanced Custom Analytics – Projects 9 Advanced Custom Analytics – Financials 12 14 10 CRM Sales Analytics OPPORTUNISTIC SELECTIVE 11 Planning – Forecasting Business Process 13 15 12 Project / Financial Analytics – Workspace, Performance, Security optimization 13 Planning Automation Low 14 HR Analytics 15 Metrics Stream Low Level of Effort High 16 Planning – Demand Side (#11 dependent) (Business and IT) © MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 39
  40. 40. Results Benefits Realized & Next Steps Kendle-INC Research Integration Initiatives Value Matrix # Work Streams High 1 3 8 1 Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) Integration 2 Hyperion Planning TACTICAL STRATEGIC 3 Customer Portals & Dashboards 6 4 4 Project Analytics (additional; incl. backlog)Enterprise Value 5 Employee Utilization (Additional) 5 6 Financial Analytics (Additional: AR, AP, GL) 2 7 HR Analytics 7 8 Clinical Analytics OPPORTUNISTIC SELECTIVE $Most Estimated $ Indicates BI Focus Initiative # $ Capital Cost $Least Low Expense Low Level of Effort High (Business and IT) © MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 40
  41. 41. Results Benefits Realized & Next StepsCombined BI reporting from different systems Kendle • Leveraging Kendle investments and extending the BI reporting platform for Inc Research • Co-locate the data in the same data warehouse with unique identification of transactions by source system Clinical • A unified reporting platform leveraging common business model for both the organizations Siebel Proposal Current State BI Reporting PeopleSoft Kendle Dashboards OBIA Kendle Global INC Research Inc Research Inc Research Dashboards Future State EBS • Delivering Role Based Dashboards for the various Business Units across ERP systems Clinical Others • Pervasive BI across all the data sources and business process with an ability to deliver the data across the reporting spectrum • Deliver a “single version of truth” for reporting and convergence© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 41
  42. 42. Results, Benefits Realized and Next StepsBenefits Realized• Better understanding of the value of BI• Increased utilization of business intelligence and user satisfaction• Faster, more reliable decision-making• Better able to respond and adapt to business, process, and technology changes• Scalability to meet business growth and change• Greater collaboration between IT and business• Prevention of data silos• Reduced resource and infrastructure costs• Common standards, security, compliance, and business rules across the enterprise• Improved return on the BI investment© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 42
  43. 43. Conclusions© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  44. 44. QuestionsJohn Stilwell, Director,© MarketSphere Consulting, LLC