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Opulentus - GREEN CARD is issued by DENMARK Govt. for Professionals in the streams where Danish companies are facing shortage

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Opulentus - Denmark green card

  1. 1. What is DANISH GREEN CARD  This GREEN CARD is issued by DENMARK Govt. for Professionals in the streams where Danish companies are facing shortage  Danish Govt. issues Green Card, wherein you can go further and apply for Denmark Citizenship.  This VISA serves the purpose of Denmark Govt. as Danish Companies as facing shortage in getting qualified employees.
  2. 2. What is this Green Card all about?  Under the Green Card scheme, visa holder will be granted a first -time temporary residence permit for 3 years  Residence permit can be extended if you have worked for the past 12 months for a minimum of ten hours per week  If you have held a Danish temporary residence permit for at least four years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit.  You will be eligible to apply for Danish Nationality or Citizenship status if you have lived in Denmark for a continuous period of at least 9 years
  3. 3. What can I do with this Green Card ??  This Green Card allows people from other countries to work and settle in Denmark  This Green Card helps you to get your Citizenship in Denmark, through which you can enjoy the Govt. benefits.  This VISA helps you to Migrate your Spouse, Children and family members to Denmark.
  4. 4. Can I APPLY??  Is your Age below 40 years  Are you holding Master’s Degree or above  Does your occupation relate to your education  Does your occupation come under Positive list employment  Do you have an relevant experience in the mentioned field. If you say “YES” to the above condition you are eligible to apply for the Danish Green Card.
  5. 5. Is this ENOUGH??  There are minute things that immigration takes into consideration  For a detailed description and to check your eligibility we have an Evaluation program, driven by professionals.  This report assess your profile and details you about the points earned, which decides your further process
  6. 6. What is PBS?  The Denmark Immigration draws the eligibility of the candidate through Points Based System (PBS)  Minimum points required to apply for this Green Card are 100 points.  This points will be calculated from following criteria's:  Age  Occupation  Educational Qualifications  Work Experience etc.
  7. 7.  We provide this Evaluation service called as IRR (Initial Review Report)  This report will be issued to the client within 24 hrs after registration, which explains in detail the score he/she will secure. (This will be based on the information provided by the client)  This will help the client to decide weather he/she shall proceed further.
  8. 8. We ASSISST YOU…  Once the client gets positive response from IRR, he can go ahead and sign up for a full service with us, which includes:  Detailed list of documents required for the process  An dedicated Case coordinator allotted to your file  Assist in every step of process  Relocation Assistance  Resume Marketing etc.
  9. 9. Frequently Asked Questions Quest: Why should I go with Initial Evaluation? Answer: Prevention is better than cure, there are many critical and minute areas where Immigration will review your application, which may lead to rejection of your application. We at Opulentus, expertise professionals give a detailed review about your profile and eligibility as per Immigration guidelines and which adds to your confidence in going ahead and applying for the VISA. It is recommended to go ahead with the review prior applying for the VISA where in you have to pay Immigration fees, which is your hard earned money.
  10. 10. Frequently Asked Questions Quest: What should I do after receiving my Evaluation report? Answer: The Initial Evaluation Report will give you information which will release you from the dilemma wherein you can go ahead and apply for the VISA. If your report says YES you are ELIGIBLE, then you can go ahead and sign up for our FULL SERVICE where in our professional assistance will help you in achieving your dreams Dare to Dream..Care to Achieve. - Bill Gates
  11. 11. Frequently Asked Questions Quest: How much will it Cost me for the entire process? Answer: The process cost include the following Immigration Fee Opulentus Fee This is not an expense its your “FUTURE INVESTMENT”
  12. 12. Frequently Asked Questions Quest: How much time will it take for my VISA to get approved? Answer: Every Immigration has there own processing time depending on the application flow and VISA type. Ideally it will take 8 – 12 months of time to complete the process. At Opulentus a specialized case CO-ORDINATOR will be appointed to your file, and he/she will regularly update you with your application status, and he/she will be continuously be working on your application till you hear the four golden words.
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