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OptimalResume - Workforce Case Study

  1. 1. WORKFORCE CENTER CASE STUDY OTTAWA CO. MICHIGAN WORKS!Ottawa County Michigan Works! uses OptimalResume’s online tools to serve a newtype of customer.Modules used: Resume, Website, Letter, Skills Assessment, Video Resume, Portfolio, InterviewChallenge: New demographics demand new toolsUntil the Great Recession, most Ottawa Co. Michigan Works! (OCMWA) customers were “blue collar,” aiming for positions inmanufacturing, non-technical or service sectors. When the economy changed, so did their customer base. The recession brought awave of white-collar professionals. These former knowledge workers, some even former executives, sought a more modern,technology-based approach to the job hunt that had never been requested by blue-collar customers.OCMWA staff needed new career resources comprehensive enough for tech-savvy and experienced professionals, but easy enoughfor customers with limited career and computer experience. The team, led by service coordinator Bill MacDhubain, agreed an idealsolution would:  Be web-based software, accessible 24-7  Provide interactive mock interview assistance  Assist with writing resumes and cover lettersSolution: 7-in-1 online career center with help for all levels of job seekerOCMWA subscribed to OptimalResume because it met all three criteria. “OptimalResume was a good fit for our professional leveland young job seekers who are more connected to the web and into using web-based tools,” said MacDhubain.Now OCMWA staff offers customers of all levels a 24-7 resource where they can execute both basic and advanced job-searchtechniques, everything from drafting a resume to creating a professional website.Results: Something for everyoneOptimalResume helps OCMWA serve a greater variety of job seekers. Less tech-savvycustomers are able to write resumes, cover letters and conduct an interactive mock interviewthanks to what MacDhubain called the “ease of setting up and navigating the features.”More experienced white-collar professionals are getting the technology-based resources theywanted to stand out in the job search. They’re creating professional websites, complete with OPTIMALRESUME.COMonline portfolios and video resumes. 1415 WEST NC HIGHWAY 54 SUITE 103“We’ve had numerous clients express appreciation and frank amazement that we can offer DURHAM, NC 27707them this program at no cost to them,” said MacDhubain. 877.998.7654 INFO@OPTIMALRESUME.COM WWW.OPTIMALRESUME.COM