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For more information, please call 800-826-4200 or visit

For more information, please call 800-826-4200 or visit

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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  • 1. D A I LY L I V I N GSOLUTIONS Improving The Quality Of Life For The Visually Impaired ELECTRONIC LOW VISION NEW!Optelec ClearReader+ Page 20 HOME & LEISURE Optelec Power TV Glasses Page 30 KITCHEN & DINNING Culinary Finger Protector 866-999-9188 Page 35
  • 2. INFORMATION INFORMATION 2 3 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • www.ShopLowVision.comWELCOMEFRIEND Our mission is to improve the qualityDear Friend, of life for those who are visuallyIt is with great pleasure we introduce our Daily Living Solutions Catalog. Daily impaired, through awareness,Living Solutions by offers a wide assortment of productsenabling those who suffer from vision loss to enjoy life and remain independent. resources and solutions.With the right tools, individuals with low vision can perform their daily activities,continue their hobbies, read, write and maintain employment. ABOUTUS Awareness: partners with leading low vision organizations to promote the best practice model for low vision rehabilitation and we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who are visually impaired. Resources:,, and offer both consumers and professionals educational materials on low vision rehabilitation, tips and tools for coping with visual impairment, and an extensive list of services and resources As part of our service to the low vision community we offer a myriad of available in the United States. resources through our family of brands. Find new product information, up to Solutions: date low vision news, eye disease information, locate your local representative is the first e-commerce website with a comprehensive line and more by visiting us on the web! (4000+) of low vision solutions with daily living products, video magnifiers, optical products and professional tools. In addition, is the first ever low vision e-commerce store with business to business, business to consumer, and business to professional interface all-in-one, and to be aligned with the best practice model for low vision rehabilitation (AOA, AAO, AOTA, AER). Warm regards, Whether you need to research the latest low vision news, purchase a rehabilitation product or find information on a medical condition that causes André Hardy vision loss, is committed President to providing the most comprehensive low vision solutions. &211(&7 /($51 /,9(
  • 3. INFORMATION INFORMATION 4 5 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • INFORMATION RESOURCES Welcome Letter ............................................................................. 2 67 ........................................... Low Vision Rehabilitation Services About Us......................................................................................... 3 68....................................... Low Vision Rehabilitation Resources What Is Low Vision? ...................................................................... 6 70 ....................................................................................... Glossary Low Vision Rehabilitation ............................................................. 8 73 ...................................................................................Order Form 75 ......................................................................................... Returns12 22 35 38 45 60 62 66ELECTRONIC HOME KITCHEN HEALTH OFFICE TRAVEL GLARE CELLLOW VISION TECHNOLOGY LEISURE DINING WELLNESS MOBILITY CONTROL PHONEClearView+™ Power Tv Glasses Measuring Tools Eye Patches Large Print Graphite Canes Fit-Over Absorptive JitterbugSeries Talking Organizers Aluminum Canes Lenses Color Teller MirrorsFarView ™ Thermometers Reading Stands Folding Canes Fashionable Talking Blood Pressure Talking Timers Writing Guides Absorptive LensesCompact+™ Thermometers Monitors Support Canes Liquid Level Talking Clip-On LensesClearNote™ Big Button Diabetic Aides Cane HolstersSeries Remotes Indicator Calculators Complete line Talking Cane Tips Oven Mitts Large Button availible atCompact Mini™ Money Thermometers Telephones ShopLowVision.comClearReader+ ™ Organizers Cooking Utensils Pill Box Wall Clocks Organizers ComputerMultiView™ Watches Software Games Lamps Sewing Aides
  • 4. INFORMATION INFORMATION 6 7 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • www.ShopLowVision.comWHAT IS LOW VISION? How Do I Know When To Get An Eye Exam? Regular dilated eye exams should be part of your routine health care. However,What Is Low Vision Or Vision Impairment? if you believe your vision has recently changed, you should see your eye careLow vision means that vision cannot be fully restored or corrected with regular professional as soon as possible.glasses, contact lenses, medicine or surgery. Despite all conventional treatment, What Should A Person Do If He Or She Has Low Vision?vision will still remain blurred or distorted. Reading the mail, shopping, cooking, A person who is having vision difficulties should immediately make anseeing the television and writing can be challenging. Millions of Americans lose appointment with an eye care professional for an eye examination. If thesome of their vision every year. Irreversible vision loss is most common among person’s vision cannot be treated by conventional methods, such as glasses,people over age 65. contact lenses, medication or surgery, then he or she should ask their eye careWhat Causes Low Vision? professional for information about vision rehabilitation. These services mayLow vision can result from a variety of diseases, disorders, and injuries that effect include eye examinations, a low vision evaluation, training on how to use visualthe eye. Many people with low vision have age-related macular degeneration, and adaptive devices, support groups and training on how to perform everydaycataracts, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy. Age-related macular degeneration activities in new ways.accounts for almost 45 percent of all cases of low vision. Is A Low Vision Examination Covered By Health Insurance,How Many People Have Low Vision? Medicaid, or Medicare?According to the National Eye Institute, low vision While costs vary by region, typically a low vision evaluation costs between $100currently effects 3.3 million Americans over age 40. and $300. Policies vary by state, but generally Medicare will cover low visionThere will be 5.5 million visually impaired people by examinations performed by eye doctors. Private health insurance may also coverthe year 2020. low vision evaluations. Check with your insurance carrier to be sure.Is Losing Vision Just Part Of Getting Older?Some normal changes in our eyes and vision occuras we get older. However, these changes canbe corrected with conventional eye glasses andusually does not lead to uncorrectable vision. Mostpeople develop low vision because of eye diseases Normal Vision Retinitis Pigmentosa Glaucomaand health conditions like macular degeneration,cataracts, glaucoma and diabetes. A few peopledevelop vision loss after eye injuries or from birthdefects. While vision that is lost usually cannot berestored, many people can make the most of thevision they have. Your eye care professional can For information on lowtell the difference between normal changes in the vision and its effects visit Age-Related Macular www.LowVision.comaging eye and those caused by eye diseases. Diabetic Retinopathy Degeneration
  • 5. INFORMATION INFORMATION 8 9 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • www.ShopLowVision.comLOW VISION REHABILITATIONTalk With Your Eye Care ProfessionalIt is important to talk with your eye care professional about your vision problems.Even though it may be difficult, ask for help. Find out where you can get moreinformation about services and devices that can help you. Take charge of yourhealth care. Ask about available resources that might help you continue to liveindependently. Learn more about needed visual devices and receive trainingon how to use them. Many people require more than one visual device, such asmagnifying lenses for close-up viewing and telescopic lenses for seeing in thedistance. If your eye care professional says, “Nothing more can be done for yourvision,” ask about vision rehabilitation. These programs offer a wide range ofservices, such as low vision evaluations and special training to use visual andadaptive devices. They also offer guidance for modifying your home as well asgroup support from others with low vision.Questions You Should Ask Your Eye Doctor • What changes can I expect in my vision? • Will my vision loss get worse? How much of my vision will I lose? • Will regular eyeglasses improve my vision? Questions You Should Ask Your Eye Doctor Who Specializes in Low Vision • What medical/surgical treatments are available for my condition? Rehabilitation • What can I do to protect or prolong my vision? • How can I continue my normal, routine activities? • Will diet, exercise, or other lifestyle changes help? • Are there resources to help me in my job? • If my vision cannot be corrected, can you refer me to a specialist in low vision • Will any special devices help me with daily activities like reading, sewing, cooking rehabilitation? or fixing things around the house? • Where can I get a low vision examination and evaluation? • What training and services are available to help me live better and more safely with low vision? • Where can I find an individual or support group to help me cope with my vision loss? “help you continue to live independently. ...ask about available resources that might Investigate And Learn ” Be persistent. Remember that you are your best health advocate. It is important that you ask questions about vision rehabilitation. Write down questions to ask For information on how to take control your doctor, or take a tape recorder with you. There are many resources available to help you. Rehabilitation programs, devices and technology can help you adapt of your low vision visit to vision loss. These resources will sustain your independence.
  • 7. ELECTRONIC LOW VISION ELECTRONIC LOW VISION12 13 Call 866-999-9188 for a product demonstration Visit for product information and videosOPTELEC CLEARVIEW+ GENERATION 2 IN HOM MODULAR FEATURES: STRAT E DE MON Monitors – 18” Wide Screen and 19” Flat Screen, and 22” Wide Screen.BENEFITS: IO N Models – Black White, Color, PC and NEW HD. • Read text and view images from 2.6X – 72X. • One-button controls on reading table keeps OPTIONAL FEATURES: eyes focused on reading material. BASIC FEATURE PACK – • New Reon HQV technology increases sharpness and • Read text and view images in 16 alternate modes. crispness in images allowing for longer, more comfortable reading time. • Position indicator keeps track of place on reading material. • Adjustable, flexible arm with five directional movements, including 180 degree • Images brightness control. turn, for optimal reading ergonomics. • Find function navigates to exact document location. • Reading platform glides easily and can be locked with electronic break. ADVANCED FEATURE PACK – • Adjustable contrast and brightness for personalized reading comfort. • Includes all Basic Feature Pack options. • Even light source eliminates glare. • Adjustable reading lines and windows. • New find function navigates to exact document location. ZERO BUTTON FEATURE PACK – • Modular, upgradable features to meet any budget and need. • Hands free magnification. • Three Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. FOOT PEDAL – • Toggle from PC to Unit. Exclusively distributed through Authorized Dealers. Find an Optelec Dealer at
  • 8. ELECTRONIC LOW VISION ELECTRONIC LOW VISION14 15 Call 866-999-9188 for a product demonstration Visit for product information and videos PERFE THE STCT FOR O UDENTOPTELEC FARVIEW OPTELEC FARVIEW N THEBENEFITS: BENEFITS: GO! • 7 Mega pixel camera delivers quality image. • Center mounted auto-focus camera displays accurate • Read text and view images from 2X - 42X. location of text and images. • Distance viewing for reading street names, departure times, menu boards, • 4.3” screen for optimal viewing. meeting presentations, and whiteboard. • AutoFocus button creates crisp, clear images. • Capture complete documents from a business meeting, read your favorite • Use reading stand to display more images on screen and for book or magazine. ergonomic reading. • Connect to a VGA monitor to view in live mode. • Simple scroll function makes reading documents easy. • Auto return feature scrolls text back to left margin making reading • FarView stores up to 100 images. documents simple and easy. • Unit automatically powers off to retain battery life. • Built-in menu to enhance reading comfort by selecting color modes, • Light weight – only 10.2 ounces. rotating images, saving and deleting images. • Protective leather case included. • Adjustable contrast and brightness for personalized reading comfort. • Snapshot feature easily captures images. • USB connections allows for images to be saved onto a PC. • Two Year Manufacturer Warranty. • Rechargeable unit with approximately 4 hours of battery life. • Neck / Shoulder strap included. Exclusively distributed through Authorized Dealers. Find an Optelec Dealer at
  • 9. ELECTRONIC LOW VISION ELECTRONIC LOW VISION16 17 Call 866-999-9188 for a product demonstration Visit for product information and videosOPTELEC CLEARNOTE+ OPTELEC CLEARNOTE PORTABLEBENEFITS: BENEFITS: • Portable video magnifier - magnifies text and images 3X to 46X for near and • Portable video magnifier – magnifies text and images 4X to 40X for distance viewing. near and distance viewing. • Color, black and white, reverse and semi-color viewing modes. • Color, black and white, reverse and semi-color viewing modes. • Line markers and text windows. • 3 camera positions including self viewing option for make-up application. • Integrates with laptop or VGA monitor. • Integrates with laptop or PC with USB connection; power steamed • USB connection and internal batteries included. directly from laptop – no unit power supply needed. • Picture-in-Picture software enables viewing window to be • Remote control for simple and easy controls of magnification, modes, placed anywhere on screen. auto focus and reading lines. • Quick save or save to computer to read when ever or • Picture-in-Picture software enables viewing window to be placed where ever needed. anywhere on screen. • Compatible with Lunar, Lunar Plus, SuperNova and ZoomText. • Quick save or save to computer to read when ever or • Simple set up and collapse, unit comes with carrying case. where ever needed. • 4 hour internal rechargeable battery. • Compatible with Lunar, Lunar Plus, SuperNova and ZoomText. • Extremely light weight at 2.4 lbs makes the Portable perfect for any student or business professional. • Simple set up and collapse, unit comes with carrying case. Exclusively distributed through Authorized Dealers. Find an Optelec Dealer at
  • 10. ELECTRONIC LOW VISION ELECTRONIC LOW VISION 18 19 Call 866-999-9188 for a product demonstration Visit for product information and videosOPTELEC COMPACT MINI OPTELEC COMPACT+BENEFITS: BENEFITS: • Portable video magnifier – magnifies text and images from 2X to 11X. • Portable video magnifier – magnifies text and images at • 3.5” screen for optimal reading and writing capabilities on the go. 5X, 7.5X and 10X. • 6 viewing modes for optimal reading comfort. • 4.3” widescreen viewing pane. • Snapshot feature easily captures images. • Adjustable center camera for reading or quick signature capabilities. • Read medication labels, phone book, price tags, maps, airline tickets and more. • Snap shot feature for viewing comfort. • Ergonomic reading stand allows for hands free viewing. • Collapsible hand grip for optimal reading convenience. • Change contrast or magnification in snapshot mode for ultimate convenience. • Five viewing options available. • Center mounted camera displays accurate location of text and images. • 3 hour rechargeable AA Batteries. • Unit automatically powers off to retain battery life. • Comes in five color options citrus orange, electric green, pink punch, • 3 hour rechargeable battery - never have to be without your Mini. ocean blue and midnight black. • Protective case and wrist strap included. • Leather carrying case included. • 2 year warranty. • 2 year warranty. Exclusively distributed through Authorized Dealers. Find an Optelec Dealer at
  • 11. ELECTRONIC LOW VISION ELECTRONIC LOW VISION 20 21 Call 866-999-9188 for a FREE product demonstration Visit for product information and videosCLEARREADER+ MULITVIEWBENEFITS: BENEFITS: • Portable scan and read system. • Continuous zoom magnification: up to 90X magnification. • Fits perfectly in any environment with retro design and ultra-slim size. • Flexible and stable camera head (tilt-and-swivel) for desktop, • High-powered scan system scans and reads text in matter of seconds. distance andself-viewing. • Lightweight, easily transportable weighing only 5 pounds. • 19-inch full color TFT widescreen. • Wide-angle lens reads books, magazines, newspapers, recipes and more. • Camera arm reach allows left and right-handed use. • User friendly controls and buttons. • Ergonomic camera position. • Customize language and reading voice from four selections. • Transportable and simple to set-up. • Five hours of continuous use with rechargeable battery. • Ultra-slim, movable reading table. • Headphone connector. • Minimal desk space needed. G G BA • Foldable carrying handle. • Auto-focus with focus lock. • 2 year warranty. RYIN • User-friendly control panel with large high-contrasting buttons. CAR AND NES • Multiple viewing modes. HO ADP ABLE HE VAIL • Fully adjustable brightness and contrast. • Carry case available separately. A • 2 year warranty. Exclusively distributed through Authorized Dealers. Find an Optelec Dealer at
  • 12. HOME LEISURE22 HOME LEISURE More Products Available Online • 23 TEK PAL LARGE BUTTON REMOTE Tek Pal will significantly reduce your chances of hitting the wrong button and accidentally changing important settings. A great addition to any home reducing frustration while watching TV. Not a universal remote. Weighs only 5 ounces. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). 5165 $13.95 HY-TEK TEK PARTNERŒ TV REMOTE Enjoy your favorite show with this extra-large, easy-to-see remote control! Huge 3/4” buttons are illuminated to provide greater visibility. Weighs just 11 ounces. Can be programmed to operate the TV, VCR, CA and cable box. One year warranty. Four AA batteries (not included). Measures 8”x 5 1/2”. 8678 $29.95 HY-TEK BIG BUTTONŒ REMOTE CONTROL Never lose the remote again! This large print universal remote controls up to four devices. Has 5/8” buttons with lighted keys for greater visibility. Two AA batteries (not included). 8679 $17.95 BRYTECH TALKING COLOR TELLER® BUMP-ONS Color Teller® announces all the common colors, plus many tints Mark appliances with raised adhesives for easier use. and shades like pink, pale blue-green, dark brown and vivid Assorted Black/White/Tan (25pcs) 0452 $4.95 yellow. It is six inches long, weighs about three ounces and Fluorescent Orange (16pcs) 8789 $2.95 is very durable. Color Teller® has three volume levels, English, Large Black Round (28pcs) 5463 $2.95 French and Spanish language selection and two levels of color Medium Clear White Round (25pcs) 5458 $2.95 announcement detail. Large Clear White Round (25pcs) 5459 $2.95 0500 $178.95 BRYTECH TALKING BANK NOTE TELLER 2® Reads all old and new designs of U.S. bank notes, THERMOSTAT MAGNIFIER including the latest “colored” bills! Simple instructions in Magnify the numbers on your household thermostat for large print and audio CD are included. Announcement is greater visibility. Magnifies the temperature setting on easily switched between English and Spanish. Six month thermometer to almost 2X their size! Snaps easily and warranty. Battery powered (long-life inconspicuously onto any existing Honeywell thermostat. battery included). 9050 $12.95 0503 $323.95
  • 13. HOME LEISURE HOME LEISURE24 25 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • TALKING THERMOMETER TALKING PYRAMID CLOCK Attractive indoor/outdoor large print and talking Unique and practical, this pyramid design clock delivers thermometer provides the temperature at the touch of a time reports with a touch of its large, black button at button! Temperature announced in either Fahrenheit or the top. Announces hours and minutes during setting Celsius. Large print LCD visual display. Alarm is available process. Alarm makes a crowing noise or a loud signal. to signal when temperature goes above or below a set Clear female voice. Four AA batteries (not included). range. Three AAA batteries (not included). 8702 $11.95 9056 $13.95 SHOPLOWVISION.COM TALKING KEY CHAIN CLOCK TALKING THERMOMETER ALARM CLOCK This lightweight talking clock key chain is perfect for Of all our talking products, this one wins first prize for its those who have trouble seeing a watch! Small enough crystal-clear speech! Also great for those with hearing loss. to fit into your purse or pocket but large enough to The numbers are 1” high on the brightly-lit LCD display. keep track of your keys. Option to speak the time every Rubber feet to prevent sliding. Daily alarm and a separate hour on the hour. Easy-to-set alarm. Battery included. weekend alarm. Four AA batteries (not included). Measures 2.5” x 1.5” x 0.5”. 0450 $28.95 0453 $9.95 MOSHI TALKING CLOCK DATE XX® ITALK BACKPACK BUDDY® Voice activated clock features 4 alternating background This talking time/temperature alarm clock key chain is a colors for speaking, listening and temperature. Through great take-a-long to hook to your purse, belt, backpack, voice commands ask time, set time, sleep sound, play golf bag or hang in your car! Pleasant female voice with sleep sounds, today’s date, temperature, night-light and optional hourly chime. Wake up to a pleasant female voice, help mode. not a jarring electronic beep or buzz. EZ-Touch Time and 5570 $39.95 Temperature on demand. Temperature range 14˚F to 104˚F. BIG N’ BOSSY DESK CLOCK Requires two batteries. Measures 3” x 2” x 0.5”. With an 80 decibel alarm, this sleek clock will ‘boss’ 8999 $12.95 anyone out of bed. Stylish silver toned desk clock with an extra-loud alarm and large numbers. Hi/low TALKING WATCH volume switch. Large 2” numbers on the time display. Fun for all ages! 1/4” black numbers on LCD display. AC powered with 9-volt battery backup (not included). Audible female voice speaks time. Alarm. Hourly time Measures 8”x 3.5”x 3”. announcement. Unisex style. 8711 Red LCD $19.95 8799 Fish Design $10.95 8712 Green LCD $19.95 8801 Clear $9.95 DATE XX® TALKING CLOCK Awake to a pleasant female voice announcing the time and the room temperature. Hourly chime is also an option. A TEL-TIME TALKING WATCH great gift for all ages! Especially welcomed by the seniors Talking black watch with matching plastic band. 1/4” or anyone who enjoys the convenience of getting time the black numbers on LCD display. Audible female voice easy way. Temperature range 14˚F to 104˚F. Two AAA speaks time. Square face style. Alarm. Hourly time batteries (not included). Measures 3.06” x 2” x 1.5”. announcement. Unisex. 9000 $11.95 5121 Spanish $10.95
  • 14. HOME LEISURE HOME LEISURE26 27 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • SEIKO® MENS DAY/DATE EXPANSION UNISEX 4 BUTTON TWO-TONE TALKING WATCH See time in the dark! Featuring large print, bold ZC Voice Technology. Clear female voice speaks numerals, a stainless steel band with 3-fold, push button the time, day, date and year with a press of a button. release clasp. LumiBrite dial – glow-in-the-dark dial. 30M Features an hourly chime, alarm mode with a choice of 3 water resistant. Bold, black numbers with white face. melodies. Setting of time and alarms are all audible(and Quartz technology. easy). Features silver tone case and flex band. Lifetime 3509 $107.95 Limited Warranty and Gift Box Included. 5354 Silver/White Face $40.95 5356 Gold/White Face $40.95 PULSAR® MENS DAY/DATE CLASP WATCH 5371 Brown/Gold/White Face $40.95 A large print watch for everyday! Featuring a stainless silver with gold-tone detail bracelet and illuminous hands and markers. 30M water resistant. Quartz technology. 1 BUTTON TWO-TONE TALKING WATCH 1116 $142.95 ZC Voice Technology. Features 1 button simplicity only speaks the time. Lifetime Limited Warranty and gift box Included. PULSAR® MENS DAY/DATE EXPANSION UNISEX Illuminated watch provides high contrast and visibility! 5357 Brown/Gold/White Face $40.95 Featuring LumiBrite dial and hands that light up dial so numbers 5415 Silver/White Face $40.95 stand out. Large print, bold numerals. English/Spanish day/ 5416 Gold/White Face $40.95 date calendar. Stainless steel silver expansion band. 100M MENS water resistant. Railroad approved. Quartz technology. 5545 Silver/White Face $40.95 3506 $100.95 TALKING WATCH XXL EZC® SERIES TALKING WATCH Talking black watch with matching plastic band. 1/4” This watch features an XXL case size of 43 mm. 1 button black numbers on LCD display. Audible female voice technology with loud and clear voice makes telling time simple. speaks time. Alarm. Unisex style. Additional features in clued XL easy to see numbers and hands. 8794 English $9.95 Silver watch with white face. 8795 Spanish $10.95 5549 $40.95NEED HELP FINDING THE RIGHT WATCH OR CLOCK? FIND WHAT YOU NEED ON THE WEBCall 866-999-9188 and speak to our knowledgeablerepresentatives to help you find the perfect watch orclock for your needs. If you cannot find something you are 6KRS/RZ9LVLRQFRP RIIHUV RYHU ORZ YLVLRQ VROXWLRQV IURP HOHFWURQLFlooking for, let us know! PDJQLILHUV GDLO OLYLQJ VROXWLRQV PDJQLILHUV DQG DVVHVVPHQW WRROV
  • 15. HOME LEISURE HOME LEISURE28 29 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • LARGE PRINT CROSSWORD PUZZLES PLAYING CARD HOLDER Your favorite puzzles are now in large print format that is Hold playing cards easily despite problems with dexterity! easy-to-use and see! 51 large print crossword puzzles in Holds up to 15 cards. Stands on table or can be held in each book. Solved puzzles at end of book. Pack of two. your hand. One pair (two card holders). 9091 $5.95 9112 $7.95 LARGE PRINT SEARCH AND FIND This easy-to-read, fun-to-do large print search and find HOYLE® SUPER JUMBO CARDS book has over 90 challenging puzzles. Each book is 160 Extra large 1” lettering! Enjoy playing cards again despite pages. Pack of four. visual impairment. Durable plastic coated standard size 9090 $11.95 playing cards with bold, 1” printed numbers and letters. 8810 $2.95 GIGANTIC LAMINATED BINGO CARD Enjoy playing bingo with your friends! The card has extra large 2” black numbers against a white background. BICYCLE® EZ-SEE LOW VISION CARDS Measures 11”x 17”. Extra large 1 1/2” bold lettering. Suits are easily identified 9094 $3.95 by colors: black, red, green and blue! Poker size. 8812 $2.95 BINGO CARDS Continue to play bingo with friends and family with our BICYCLE® PINOCHLE JUMBO DECK large print bingo cards. Bright colored card with large- Bold, large print deck with blue backing. Durable plastic print high contrast numbers for easy visibility. Comes in coated standard size playing cards with bold large print. red, blue, green or yellow. Measures 7” x 6 ¾”. Featuring 9/16” and letters. This is a Pinochle deck so it 8808 One Card $1.55 has 48 playing cards 5035 Pack of 10 $12.95 8807 $2.95 5036 Pack of 50 $62.95 ELITE PLAYING CARDS SINGLE PACK EASY READ FINGER TIP BINGO CARDS Plastic cards feature 1 1/4 numerals with red and black Easy-to-use, just move finger over plastic shutter to colors on white. Small corner indices can be used by cover the number. Large, easy-to-read, 3/4” numbers. normally sighted players, while partially sighted players Measures 8”x 9”. can fan their cards a little further and see the large indices. 5037 Single Card $2.95 8813 $3.95 9095 Pack Of 5 $13.95
  • 17. HOME LEISURE HOME LEISURE32 33 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • WITCH HEXE NEEDLE THREADER The easiest way to thread a needle! Lay the thread across the groove, place the needle (eye down) in the MAGNISTICH® SEWING chute, press the button and a small loop of thread will AND CRAFT ATTACHABLE pop out. Comes with a small stand for spool, a thread MAGNIFIER cutting attachment and instructions. Do fine detail work without stress! 0026 $2.95 Magnistitch® Sewing Craft Magnifier makes sewing projects or any fine craft activity so much PONY METAL NEEDLE THREADER easier. Double-ball joint arm Thread needles and continue sewing despite visual lets you adjust the lens angle to impairment! Easy-to-use, simply push the metal loop suit your needs. The arm also through the eye of the needle, insert the thread through snaps out of the ball attachment the loop, pull the thread and loop back through the to be used as a hand-held needle. Comes in pack of two. Measures 2” long. magnifier. Magnifier attaches to 0757 $1.55 sewing machines or work lamps. Can even be used to see the thermostat on a wall. Has 2.25X JOHN JAMES OF ENGLAND NEEDLES magnification with an 8” focal Continue hand sewing despite visual impairment. length. Lens measures 3” x 1 ¾” 0761 Heavy Weight 5 Machine Needles $2.95 lens and the handle is 3 ¼”. 0760 Light Weight 5 Machine Needles $2.95 8660 $7.95 0767 4/8 Size 6 Hand Needles $1.95 EASY THREAD NEEDLES FREE STANDING MAGNIFIER Thread needles despite visual impairment with our easy The Big Eye 2X magnifier keeps your hands free while thread needles! A small groove at the top of the needle providing needed magnification! Great for crafts, eye catches the thread, then with a little pressure the hobbies, writing. 14” flexible arm makes it simple and thread pops in securely. Six per pack. Assorted slit eye easy to position. needles. 8432 $69.95 8657 $1.95 THREADED NEEDLES BAUSCH LOMB® MAGNI-VIEWERŒ Sewing kit for the visually impaired and the traveler! Sew This neat 4” x 6” magnifier hangs from your neck and quickly and easily with pre-threaded needles. 10 pre- rests on your chest with soft pads. It is great for reading, threaded needles, each having 32” of assorted colored hobby work, inspecting stamps, coins or other small thread. Set includes a safety pin and scissors. objects. 2X magnification. 9100 $2.95 1300 $24.95
  • 18. HOME LEISURE 34 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order KITCHEN DINING 35INFILA AUTO NEEDLE THREADERAutomatically threads large or thin needles! This simplepush-button needle threader is easy-to-use even if youhave limited vision. Thread large or small needles. Canbe used for single or double threading.8659 $2.95INFILA “EZ-IN” NEEDLE THREADEREvery owner of a sewing machine needs this eye andtime-saving device! Easy threading for sewing machineneedles! Practical and easy to handle, this unit threadsthe finest needles in a jiffy. Packed in plastic case withinstructions.8658 $2.95VISUAL MATE®A lightweight (less than 1 lb.), versatile magnifyinglamp. Wear it around your neck to place light exactlywhere it is needed. Great for hand crafts and reading.5” diameter 1.75X acrylic lens for distortion-freeviewing. Includes a 22-watt energy-saving circulinetube. Built in handle and adjustable neck strap. Ninefoot cord plugs into any standard AC outlet. Madefrom easy-to-clean hardened plastic in a flat white OXO® MEASURING CUPSfinish. Desk clamp available for stable use for table With these non-slip measuring cups, Low Vision cooking isreading similar to a table top magnifier. a breeze! Durable easy-to-use measuring cup. Stainless9098 Visual Mate $53.95 steel with angled surface. Sleek, modern look with soft grip5400 Desk Clamp $28.95 handle. Angled side makes it easy-to-read measurements from above. Dishwasher-safe. 9026 2 OUNCE $5.95 For Tips and Tools on Living a Healthy Lifestyle CULINARY FINGER PROTECTOR Do you have trouble when cutting food in your kitchen? Visit VisionZone.Org Look no further. The culinary finger protector will prevent you from accidentally cutting yourself when cooking. Slice and dice safely. This product is made from strong plastic and an essential product for every kitchen. 5129 $4.95
  • 19. KITCHEN DINING KITCHEN DINING 36 37 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • www.ShopLowVision.comTALKING DIGITAL THERMOMETER LIQUID LEVEL INDICATORThe only universal talking digital thermometer that has Liquid level indicator lets you pour liquids withouta clear female voice! Apply the tip of the probe to the spilling a drop! Great product for people with a visualsubstance to be measured and you will get a voice impairment! Level hangs over lip of container and buzzesreading in seconds! Temperature ranges from -4˚F to when liquid reaches ½” from top of glass or cup. One+248˚F. Easy-to-use. Length 9 1/2”. Probe length 5”. 9-volt battery (included).8699 $28.95 0484 $10.95SHOPLOWVISION.COM TALKING TIMER THE KITCHEN RULER AND OVENA two-in-one product with a talking count-down timer RACK PUSH-PULLERand a talking clock! LED face also shows time in large You will wonder how you got along without thisprint. Unique auto-repeat function. Magnet allows timer wonderful, yet simple idea. Its a wooden stick that usesto stick to refrigerator. notches to push in, or pull out, hot oven racks. AND0489 $11.95 it’s long, so it also includes a 12 inch rule to assist in measuring pans or the diameters of pie dough. HangsSUNBEAM® QUARTZ LONG RING TIMER easily with included magnet back or by using the pre-Each Sunbeam® Quartz Large Print Timer is a precise drilled hole. GREAT item for any kitchen!timekeeping instrument designed for style and ease of 5307 $1.95use! Enjoy baking again! 90-second crescendo alarm OXO® 6-PIECE MEASURING SPOON SETwith alternating ring signals. Large, bold 1/4” numbers. Feature brightly colored numbers and large print sizeEasy to turn knob. One AA battery (included). markings so the size of the spoon is easily recognizable.9043 $9.95 The spoon handles have soft grips for added comfort. Constructed of sturdy plastic, the black spoons provideBLACK WHITE HIGH CONTRAST CUTTING BOARD contrast to light foods such as sugar making them easyMade of unbreakable polycarbonate this cutting board to see and measure. White spoons help make foodsresists scratching, is odorless sanitary and will not dull such as cocoa more visible. Dishwasher safe. Includesknives. Our cutting board provides good contrast to your six spoons: 1 tablespoon, ½ tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, ½food for greater visibility when cutting. Place chicken teaspoon, ¼ teaspoon and 1/8 teaspoon.bread on the black side and darker items on the white 9040 White $5.95side for best contrast. Measures 9.5” x 15.5”. 9037 Black $5.950143 $12.95 OXO® 7-PIECE MEASURING CUP SET Oxo measuring cups provide contrast to light colored foodsNEW 17” OVEN MITT such as flour and sugar. Purchase the white measuringYour hands are your most valuable kitchen tools, so why cups for measuring dark colored foods such as cocoa ornot give them the ultimate in protection? Extra length offers light colored food such as sugar. Six measuring cups andsuperior protection against heat, steam, grease or hot oil an egg separator. Brightly colored large print markings.splatters and ensures your hand’s safety in the kitchen, at the Non-slip rubber thumb spots for soft secure grip.barbecue or by the fireplace. Machine washable. Dishwasher safe.5572 $3.95 9036 Black $7.95 9039 White $7.95
  • 20. HEALTH WELLNESS38 HEALTH WELLNESS More Products Available Online • 39 PRO EYE PATCH Black eye patch covers eye to block vision and light. Made from black hard shell with comfortable foam backing and elastic cord. Made of washable material. 5112 Black Cloth $5.95 PRODIGYŒ TALKING GLUCOSE MONITOR (ENGLISH AND SPANISH) This talking glucose meter has complete instructions that include logbook, manual, quick reference and a one-year warranty card. Meter has a 450-test memory with date/time plusmore options. Fast, accurate results in six seconds. One year warranty. Two AAA batteries (included). 8719 Glucose Monitor $30.95 8720 Test Strips (50pcs) $18.95 8721 Control Solution $8.95 MAGNI-GUIDE SYRINGE MAGNIFIER Magnify your syringe for easy and exact loading! The Magni- Guide is designed to accept the barrel of an insulin syringe and guide the needle into the center of the insulin vial stopper. One end of the guide is recessed to firmly hold a 10cc insulin vial. Fits 1cc and 1/2cc insulin syringes. Magnifies 1.7X. 8759 $9.25 MAGNIFYING NAIL CLIPPERS INJECT – EASE Clip your nails despite visual impairment! Superior quality Injections made easy. Conquer the anxiety of injections with the clippers. Removable, multi-adjustable 5X magnifier. Inject-Ease, the device that makes injections easy. Simply place Magnifier helps prevent cutting nails too short. your loaded syringe in the Inject-Ease, place the tip against your 8762 Finger Nail Clippers $5.95 skin, and press the button to automatically deliver the needle 8766 Toe Nail Clippers $6.95 through the skin. 9046 $31.95 HANDHELD MAGNIFIED TWEEZERS Tweeze your brows and remove splinters with added TALKING CLINICAL THERMOMETER magnification. 5X magnification lens made of optical Take a temperature despite visual impairment with our quality acrylic resin with heavy plastic frame and stainless talking digital thermometer! Automatically announces steel tweezers. Ideal for jewelers and stamp collectors. the body temperature when the measurement is done. Excellent for removing both wood and metal splinters. Memory recall of last measured temperature. Accuracy Provides clear view for fine work. Hinged joint for is +/- 0.2˚ Fahrenheit (0.1). Automatically shuts off after convenient storage. seven minutes. FDA and medical CE approved. 8705 $4.15 9072 $12.95
  • 21. HEALTH WELLNESS HEALTH WELLNESS 40 41 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • ZADROŒ GOOSENECK VANITY MIRROR Multi-use mirror provides needed magnification and will alsoTIP: Install grab bars, towel bars or tub/shower seat store jewlery or beauty accessories. Vanity mirror adjusts to the height that you need while providing a contrasting color to provide safety and visibility of Adjustable height control up to 22”. Elegant clear acrylicthese objects. organizer base stores jewelry and beauty accessories. 8732 7X Mirror $24.95 ZADROŒ LED LIGHTED SPOT MIRROR ZADROŒ ULTIMATE MAKEUP MIRROR Mirror attaches to many surfaces providing the New innovative mirror features ‘Natural Sunlight’! Both 1X and magnification that you need where you need it! 10X an 10X magnification illuminated mirror. Adjustable height magnification and illumination lets you see even the control to a height of 16”. 360˚ swivel design so you put the smallest details. 3.25” optical mirror at the angle you prefer. Lifetime bulb. Mirror closes to quality mirror. a mere 1”. LCD digital clock/alarm, travel pouch and much 8736 $14.95 more. AC adapter included, also takes four 4 AA batteries (not included). ZADROŒ LIGHTED 10X COMPACT MIRROR 8744 $47.95 This innovative, illuminated compact purse mirror features a 10X and 1X magnification mirror for close-up ZADROŒ MOTORIZED STAND MIRROR and full-image touch-ups. Distortion free. 3” diameter Fogless, variable magnification mirror great for shaving or for in a beautiful pearl gold finish. Mirror folds into vanity putting on make-up! Power ZoomŒ magnification zooms in position for hands-free counter top use. Use the built-in and out like a camera lens and provides magnification from flashlight feature to illuminate dark areas. 1X to 5X. Adjusts in seconds with the touch of a button. 8739 $14.95 Three LED lights around the mirror for maximum lighting. 3X DUAL GRIP SUCTION CUP MIRROR Fogless mirror. Battery operated or AC adapter. Two suction cupos hold the mirror securly to any smooth 8738 $35.95 glossay surface. Ideal for make-up application, use while shaving and being placed in a gym locker. Easily move it from place to place. 5316 $9.95 ZADROŒ 5X STAND VANITY MIRROR Vanity mirror adjusts to the height that you need while providing 5X magnification! Pedestal vanity mirror with adjustable height control up to 22”. Distortion free. 9” diameter optical quality mirror. Chrome. 8740 $59.95
  • 22. HEALTH WELLNESS42 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order %ULQJLQJ -R WR RXU /LIH HOMEDICS® WRIST MONITOR Featuring an Irregular Heartbeat Detector for better health ZLWK WKH monitoring. Supersize DigitsŒ are over 3/4” tall for an easy- to-read display. Portable and convenient for your active lifestyle. Risk category indicator alerts user when a reading falls into Pre-hypertensive or Hypertensive. 120 memories / 2 (OHFWURQLF /RZ 9LVLRQ users. Date and time stamp and memory averaging function. Batteries and storage case included. 3URGXFW 6HOHFWLRQ 0495 $61.95 TALKING WRIST BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR Talking wrist blood pressure monitor featuring a one touch operation with a jumbo digital display. Time and date stamp. 60 dual memory zones. 1102 $53.95 -VOKOKNO ULTRA BUBBLE-LOK PILL HOLDER BOX Easy-to-see and easy-to-use, our jumbo pill holder will hold a weekly supply of pills! Extra large letters for the days of the week. Extra large compartments to hold more than your standard pill holder. 8803 $1.95 TALKING BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR LifeSource adds the convenience of an audio announcement to the popular One Step Auto-Inflation monitor. Clear voice 7_V^S@SOa announcement of pressure and pulse. One button, fully automatic measurements. Easy-to-read large digital display. Lifetime manufacturers warranty. 9060 $111.95 SHOPLOWVISION.COM MEDICINE ORGANIZER Four dosages per day for seven days. Use the MediChest to 9LVLW XV RQ WKH ZHE DW ZZZ2SWHOHFFRP help you remember to take your medication properly and never WR ILQG WKH EHVW VROXWLRQ IRU RXU GDLO DFWLYLWLHV skip a dose. Tabbed compartment doors open easily and snap 9102 $5.45
  • 23. %ULQJLQJ -R WR RXU /LIH OFFICE TECHNOLOGY 45ZLWK WKH (OHFWURQLF /RZ 9LVLRQ3URGXFW 6HOHFWLRQ -YWZKM^7SXS BIG PRINT ADDRESS BOOK WITH 20/20 PEN -VOK@SOa See telephone numbers despite visual impairment with our large print address book! Wide spaced lines provide ample space for large writing and easy reading. Slim and stylish - yet still enough space for over 500 listings in large print format. Flexible plastic coil binding. Durable covers with inside front and back pockets. Measures 8” x 9 ½”. 8821 $13.95 BIG PRINT DATE CALENDAR 9LVLW XV RQ WKH ZHE DW ZZZ2SWHOHFFRP Keep track of appointments with our large print calendar! Months WR ILQG WKH EHVW VROXWLRQ IRU RXU GDLO DFWLYLWLHV open to a huge 11” x 17” fold out. Extra large easy-to-read dates. Monthly notes/appointments pages with bold lines 1/2” apart. Laminated covers with pockets. Size closed 9” x 11”. 8822 $12.95
  • 24. OFFICE TECHNOLOGY OFFICE TECHNOLOGY 46 47 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • www.ShopLowVision.comBIG PRINT CHECK REGISTERKeep control of your finances despite visual impairment! BIC® BOLD POINT PERMANENT MARKERSlim format offers 350 entry spaces yet allows you to You will be able to see your printing with our heaviest linedwrite large numbers for greater visibility. Approximately pen. Tough, durable marker with extra-large tank designone full year of transactions. Bold column headings for for long-lasting ink supply. Easy-grip, tool-like barrel haseasy reference. Extra large entry boxes for easy figuring. full-length grip for maximum comfort and control. DurableSize closed 5” x 9”. chisel tip makes bold, medium or narrow lines. Will not dry8825 $5.95 out even if cap is left off for up to two weeks. 9058 $3.25BOLD LINE CHECK REGISTER EASY READER STANDTake control of your finances! Write with our 20/20 pen Reading with a hand magnifier is easier and more(item #8840) for greater visibility of your printed material. comfortable when using a reading stand! Great for peopleAllows over 250 entries. Measures 8 ½” x 5 ½” stapled with arthritis or limited dexterity. Holds books completelybooklet. on its own. Keeps pages flat. Has six angles to ensure8549 $5.25 comfortable posture. Folds flat for easy transport. Fits in a8550 Refill $3.95 backpack or briefcase. Size 14” x 9”. 8849 $21.95SHOPLOWVISION.COM BOLD LINE PAPER PAD ABLE TABLEBold lined paper makes writing letters, notes or grocery The most versatile reading stand and table on the market.lists easy despite poor vision. The bold, black lines printed Can be used in multiple positions for extra comfort. Useare printed on white paper, with lines ¾” apart. Sold in 100 while lying down in bed, sitting in an easy chair or at yoursheet packages. No holes. Measures 8 ½” x 11”. desk. Locks in position. Strong elastic straps hold material in8620 $3.95 place. Folds for carrying. Table surface height adjusts from 9” to 18”. Supports up to 30 pounds. Measures 18” x 12”. 8600 $46.9520/20 PENThe classic easy-to-read pen for people who are visually LAP DESKimpaired. The 20/20 pen has a special felt tip point that Hold your reading material at a comfortable viewingprovides bold, easy-to-read writing. Ink will not bleed angle! Moldable terry cloth cushion. Sturdy hard plasticthrough paper. desk with ledge. Adjusts from flat to 20 degree angle.8840 $0.95 Posture-slanted, durable fabric cushion top. Total weight only 20 ounces. Measures 15 ½” x 13 ¼”. 8847 $22.95UNIBALL® GEL IMPACT Now you will see what youwrite with the heavy line of our ink gel pen! Dark black inkprovides excellent contrast for greater visibility. Smoothgel pen with a 1mm ball for guaranteed smooth writing. TIP: When writing, use a black tip pen and specialContemporary barrel design with a rubber grip for comfort lined paper. Additionally, use writing templates forand control. Black fade-proof ink helps prevent check fraud!9057 $3.95 envelopes, checks and greeting cards.
  • 25. OFFICE TECHNOLOGY OFFICE TECHNOLOGY 48 49 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • www.ShopLowVision.comHINGED WRITING GUIDE KIT SHOPLOWVISION.COM TALKING POCKET CALCULATORThis item is a great solution for those looking that are for a Easily total purchases when shopping or when writing apackage answer to all of their writing needs. This kit includes check! Lightweight and portable, super-responsive speech.(1) hindged letter writing guide (1) hindged check writing Talking and large print. Large print LCD screen with half-inchguide (1) hindged legal envelope addressing guide (1) hindged high numbers. Built-in memory for storage of results of yourstationary writing guide (1) hindged greeting card envelope last calculation. Ultra-compact measuring just half an inchwriting guide. Items also sold seperatly. thick and measures 3” x 5”.8556 $29.95 0492 $9.95CHECK WRITING GUIDESimply insert a check and the guide acts as a template for fillingin the necessary information. Fits a standard size check. Plastic. JUMBO DESKTOP 8-DIGIT CALCULATOR8557 Hinged $6.95 You will never misplace this full function calculator! Large8521 Unhinged $2.95 print, tactile 1.125” rubber keys. Ultra thin making it easy to stow with books and laptops. Solar powered. Measures 11SIGNATURE GUIDE ¾” x 8 ¼” x ¼”.Write your signature on checks and documents easily with our 8727 $20.95signature guide template! This signature guide provides highcontrast for greater visibility. TALKING DESKTOP CALCULATOR8510 Standard Plastic $0.35 calculator/alarm clock with talking8512 Standard Plastic (10pk) $4.00 feature, large print display and big buttons. Alarm clock.8608 Heavy Plastic $2.35 Jumbo-sized buttons are easy to identify by touch because5294 Extra Thick $3.95 the function keys ones are longer than the number keys. Calculator lets you perform all basic math operations.ENVELOPE GUIDE 8802 $12.95Simply insert greeting card envelope and the guide acts asa template for filling in necessary information. Guide holdsenvelope firmly in place. Plastic. SCI-PLUS 200 SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR8606 Greeting Card Hinged $5.95 The only large display calculator that allows people with8523 Greeting Card Unhinged $2.95 low vision to perform scientific, statistical and trigonometric8558 Legal size Hinged $6.95 calculations.8520 Legal size Unhinged $4.95 8991 $275.95STATIONERY WRITING GUIDEContinue to write letters and remain independent despite visualimpairment with our stationery guide! Simply insert a sheet ofpaper and the guide acts as a template for writing. The guidefolds on to stationery holding it firmly in place. Heavy dutyplastic is 1mm thick.8559 6 x 8 Stationery Hinged $6.95 TIP: Make simple addition, subtraction and8612 6 x 8 Stationery Unhinged $3.95 multiplication easy with a big button or talking calculator.8524 8.5 x 11 Letter Hinged $9.958530 8.5 x 11 Letter Unhinged $5.95
  • 26. OFFICE TECHNOLOGY OFFICE TECHNOLOGY 50 51 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • AMERIPHONEŒ TALKING PHONE The phone that talks to you! Repeats each number back ŒBELL BIG BUTTON CORDED TELEPHONE as dialed. High contrast, jumbo keys with Braille. FeaturesWith large, easy to read buttons with braille (button size Clarity® Power technology that not only makes words louder,1” x .5”) this phone is great for visually impaired users. more clear and easier to understand. Increases incoming callsFeaturing a Visual ring indicator, hands free speakerphone, up to 37dB. Adjustable volume and tone control. Visual ringspeakerphone volume control, redial/flash/pause indicator.5455 $15.95 0551 $98.95 AMERIPHONEŒ PHOTO PHONE ŒBELL LARGE BUTTON/BRAILLE PHONE This telephone gives new meaning to “reach out and touchMulti-purpose phone with large print and Braille buttons! someone”. If you have hearing problems or have difficultyFeatures 90dB tone ringer, speakerphone, oversized seeing when dialing the telephone, this is the perfect solution.buttons, last number redial, flash button, visual ringing Nine programmable photo-dial memory buttons make dialingindicator, hearing aid compatible. One year warranty. easy and fun. Simply touch the picture of the person you8514 $19.95 wish to call and the Photo Phone dials the number for you. Adjustable ringing volume. Handset is hearing aid T-coil compatible. Bright visual ring flasher, hold, redial, flash andJWINŒ BIG BUTTON CALLER ID PHONE mute buttons.Sleek, stylish phone and caller ID in one! Features large 0550 $41.95print, lighted keys. Flashing ringer light. Caller ID displayedon adjustable LCD display. Speaker phone. Can be hung CLARITY BIG BUTTON CORDLESS PHONEon the wall or set flat WITH ANSWERING MACHINE8513 $14.95 Clarity Power technology for loud and clear conversations that amplifies incoming sounds up to 30 decibels. Large high contrast and easy to press buttons. Call waiting caller ID. DigitalNORTHWESTERN BELL “DECT 6.0” CORDLESS TELEPHONE answer machine. 30 name and number phonebook with nineThis universal cordless phone features DECT 6.0 technology for memory buttons. Light weight and ergonomic handset.interference free communication, increased clarity, enhanced 5547 $79.95security and wider range. Large keypad buttons, it features 50 AMPLIFIED PHONE WITH CALLER IDphonebook memory, handset speakerphone, distinctive ring The reliable phone! Caller ID displayed on 7.4” LCD screen.tones, call waiting / caller ID and visual ring indicator. The phone Large, easy dial, back-lit keypad. Speaker phone. Displays realis hearing aid compatible. time clock and date. Adjustable, extra loud ringer and bright5581 $89.95 strobe visual ringer flasher.VOCALLY VOICE ACTIVATED PHONE DIALER 8515 $81.95Just say the name or number vocally and this dialer will call foryou! Great for those who are visually impaired or have limiteddexterity. Just pick up the phone, say the name or number of TIP: For greater visibility, use a large print phonethe person you wish to call and let Vocally do the rest. in either black with white letters or white with black9051 $198.95 letters. Preset the buttons with numbers most dialed.
  • 27. OFFICE TECHNOLOGY OFFICE TECHNOLOGY 52 53 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • ZOOMTEXT™ 9.1 SCREEN MAGNIFIERKEYBOARD LABELS ZoomText™ Magnifier enlarges and enhances everything onUse a keyboard despite visual impairment with stick on your computer screen, making all of your applications easykeyboard labels with large print! Large print in white with to see and use. Our revolutionary new ‘xFont’ technologyblack background providing high contrast. Standard English displays crystal clear text at all magnification levels.labels are for all keyboards. Fit Mac and PC keyboards. Provides 1X to 36X MagnificationEasy-to-stick labels! 0866A $395.000511 White/Black $11.950507 Black/White $13.950509 Black/Yellow $11.950514 White/Black Braille $22.950508 Black/White Braille $22.95 ZOOMTEXT™ LARGE PRINT KEYBOARD Easy typing and quick access to ZoomTextŒ 9.1 Makes typingKEYS-YOU-SEE® KEYBOARDS faster and easier than ever before. Each key and button label isThese keyboards feature a large print keyboard with large easy to see, even in low light, thanks to its 36-point text. Use withprint keys, 104 keys, and USB connection, largest print ZoomTextŒ text enlargement and speech software (item #0866Aavailable for full sized keyboard, one-touch internet and e-mail and 0866X). Start ZoomTextŒ; zoom in and out to any magnificationbuttons, one-touch media control buttons and three power level; activate color, pointer and cursor enhancements; launch themanagement keys. Measures 19.1”x 1.18”x 6.89”. ZoomTextŒ finder; togglethe ZoomTextŒ speech on and off; adjust0504 Black $32.95 the reading rate; launch AppReaderand DocReader.0505 White $32.95 0861 $98.95 Yellow/Black0506 Yellow $32.95 0862 $98.95 White/BlackVERILUX® BOOK AND READING LIGHTPalm-sized, full-strength Natural Spectrum light! Tuck this ZOOMTEXT™ 9.1 SCREEN MAGNIFIER/READER2.2 ounce light into your purse, pocket or briefcase and treat Combining the revolutionary new features of ZoomText™ Magnifieryour eyes to VERILUX® flicker-free, glare-free indoor sunlight with a powerful set of reading tools, ZoomText™ Magnifier/Readeranywhere! Clips or stands and folds down to form its own gives you the total computer access solution. See and hear whatprotective, travel ready case. Includes built-in battery you’re doing in all of your applications and give your eyes a restcharger for added convenience. Uses two AA batteries or while ZoomText™ reads your documents, web pages and e-mail.two rechargeable AA batteries and can operate battery-free 0866X $595.00via USB connection to a computer.4708 $19.95 ZOOMTEXT™ EXPRESS ZoomWare™ is an affordable screen magnifier designed for thoseTIP: Increase the font size on your computer monitor. who squint at the computer screen and lean in to read the fine print. ZoomWare™ provides a gentle boost of magnification (up to 2 times).Use a keyboard or mouse with built-in magnifier or the Apply a soft tint to white areas of the screen or reverse all colors to eliminate that familiar blinding glare.magnifier in the accessories/accessibility program in 5358 $49.95your computer.
  • 28. OFFICE TECHNOLOGY OFFICE TECHNOLOGY 54 55 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • www.ShopLowVision.comFIND WHAT YOU NEED ON THE WEB VERILUX® HAPPY EYES DESK LAMP This deluxe lamp features the exclusive parabolic light diffuser. This classic lamp is still light years ahead of the imitators. Adjustable steel gooseneck plus an electronic power system assure decades of reliability. Energy saving VERILUX® 27-watt included. 4702 $49.956KRS/RZ9LVLRQFRP RIIHUV RYHU ORZ YLVLRQ VROXWLRQV IURP HOHFWURQLFPDJQLILHUV GDLO OLYLQJ VROXWLRQV PDJQLILHUV DQG DVVHVVPHQW WRROV DAZOR® 26” COOLCOMBO DESK LAMP Combination two color fluorescent light. The Cool Combo Desk Lamp is the advanced alternative to older “hot” incandescent BIG EYES COMBO MAGNIFIER DESK LAMP combination lamps. It combines two colors of fluorescent light to Provides excellent light and magnification! Great for crafts, writing achieve optimal balance for accurate color perception. A 15-watt and the work bench. Combines illumination and magnification. screw-in fluorescent provides incandescent color to blend with a 5” magnifying lens provides a large, distortion-free viewing area. 22-watt cool white circline. Substantially improves visual acuity with its 2X magnifier and 2780 $251.95 direct light source. Includes two 40-watt high intensity bulbs. 8420 $84.95 DAYLIGHT® ULTIMATE TABLE LAMP BIG EYES™ TABLE LAMP MAGNIFIER Enjoy crafts and reading again with the ingenious Daylight® Ultimate Great for crafts, work bench, writing and any place where Table Lamp! Complete with magnifier, clamp and tray. It is ideal for magnification and illumination are needed. 14” flexible arm. 5” needlework, quilting, cross-stitch, sewing, beading, knitting, crochet, diameter, 2X distortion-free lens on an 18” arm. Includes 40-watt reading and more! Quality acrylic, 5” diameter, rimless magnifying high intensity bulb and 40-watt low intensity bulb. lens with 1.75X magnification. Supplied with a 20w low heat, daylight 8431 $109.95 simulation, giving excellent color correction and improved clarity. 2658 $139.95 DAZOR® 28” MAGNIFIER LAMP An energy-efficient 22-watt fluorescent sheds even, shadow-free DAYLIGHT® COMPACT LAMP light. The 5-inch diameter crown-optical glass comes standard in The perfect lamp for use when reading, doing crafts and working a 3-diopter lens that provides 75% magnification and focal length in the kitchen. A completely portable, plug-in solution to lighting of 13 inches, but it is also available with an optional 5-diopter lens when traveling. Features a 13-watt natural Daylight® tube that that provides 125% magnification and a focal length of 8 inches. gives even daylight lighting to any task. Features a 28 inch adjustable arm on a weighted base. Available 2652 White $35.95 in black, white, almond, or dove gray. 2651 Lamp Case $15.95 2750 3D 1.75X $249.95 2751 5D 2.25X $268.95 FREEDOM COMPACT LAMP ™ ELECTRIX DESK LAMP Battery or mains operated, you choose! Use the lamp anytime The multipurpose task light to suit all your needs! The ElectrixŒ all anywhere for up to 3.5hrs. Work in optimal comfort with 13w purpose lamp has a spring suspended, self balancing arm for easy (75w equiv.) Daylight™ light. The slick design of this fantastic positioning of light. Arm reaches 28”. 6 1/2” heavy gauge shade. lamp integrates a strong handle for easy transport. And with the 7” diameter heavily weighted base. 8’ cord with plug. Approved Daylight power technology™, it even charges when used on the for 100-watt incandescent bulb (not included). Black color. mains…clever isn’t it? 0428 $61.95 2666 $99.95
  • 29. OFFICE TECHNOLOGY OFFICE TECHNOLOGY56 57 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • DESIGNPRO FLOOR LAMP Specially formulated with a precise balance of contrast and OTT-LITE® VISION SAVER PLUS brightness, the low heat, low glare illumination dramatically helps Portable appeal for superior visual reduce eyestrain. The lamp features a flexible neck to adjust the lamp acuity! Powerful and lightweight head up/down and side to side. The extended shade illuminates large with handy adjustable shade areas – perfect for reading, doing puzzles computer work, crafts, which raises up/down to illuminate sewing and more. Flexible neck adjusts lamp head up and down and larger or smaller areas. Compact, twists for easy light positioning. Includes energy efficient 24wHD tube fold-up design includes a handle – rated to last up to 10,000 hours. for easy portability and swivel 0430 $149.95 base. Flip lid activates on/off. Full spectrum low glare light. Genuine DAYLIGHT® FLOORSTANDING LAMP 13-watt OTT-LITE® VisionSaver Provides true daylight simulation to provide extra contrast when Plus tube lasts up to 10,000 hours. reading and true color for crafts! This practical reading lamp comes 0431 $39.95 in a clean white finish with a bright 18–watt Daylight® tube (included) and fine polished 1.75X, 5” acrylic magnifying lens to see in comfort. Two flexible, positionable arms. BIG EYES® FLOOR LAMP MAGNIFIER 2661 $138.95 Floor lamp with magnifier provides magnification and illumination where it is needed! 18” flexible arm with heavy base DAZOR® 5D 42”LAMP WITH CASTER STAND and telescoping stand adjusts from 30” - 66” high. 40-watt high The craft and task lamp you cannot be without! Each magnifying intensity bulb and 40-watt low intensity bulb included. lamp has a 5” precision ground optical glass lens with less distortion. 8427 30” - 66” $147.95 Mobile base and 42” adjustable arm. Uses 1 Circuline Fluorescent 8424 22” - 44” $113.95 bulb (included) for true color rendition. Available in black, white, almond or dove gray. 2761 $334.95 BRANDT® MOBILE FLOOR LAMP Add bright light to any task! Lamp with polished aluminum shade and faceted aluminum inner reflector. Mobile base. DAZOR® 5D 42” LAMP WITH FLOOR STAND Powder coated mobile base. Chrome plated, adjustable tube The craft and task lamp you cannot be without! Heavy desk base and set ranging 30”–58”. 12” chrome plated flexible arm. 6 pounds, 42” adjustable arm. Uses 1 Circline Fluorescent bulb (included) for 10.5” diameter round base (bulb not included). true color rendition. Available in black, white, almond or dove gray. 8836 $113.95 2763 $309.95 BRANDT® ALUMINUM FLOOR LAMP Add bright light to any task! Lamp with polished aluminum shade and faceted aluminum inner reflector. Stationary base. Powder coated mobile base. Chrome plated, adjustable tube TIP: Place contrasting tape around a light switch or set ranging 30”–58”. 12” chrome plated flexible arm. use a switch plate in a contrasting color to increase 6 pounds, 10.5” diameter round base (bulb not included). visibility of the light switch. 8785 $73.95
  • 30. OFFICE TECHNOLOGY OFFICE TECHNOLOGY58 59 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • LUXO® LC SERIES TABLE BASE DAYLIGHT® TABLE TOP LAMP Rugged and reliable, this widely used task lamp combines a 60- Enjoy reading, hobbies, crafts and other watt incandescent bulb with a 22-watt circline fluorescent tube in detailed tasks again when using the one fixture for optimum color perception. Bulbs can be operated Daylight® Table Top Magnifying Lamp. individually or together using a 3-button control. 30” reach. Gray color. This easy-to-use lamp and magnifier 4906B Black $241.95 *edge mount available lets you place the light and magnifier 4906W White $241.95 call for detalls where you need it. The lamp can be adjusted to minimize glare. The light and DAZOR® COOLCOMBO CLAMP LAMP the magnifying lens are mounted onto The CoolCombo lamp combines two colors of fluorescent light to individual 18” long flexible arms, enabling achieve optimal balance for accurate color perception. Head has a the most comfortable working position. convenient handle for easy positioning, light switches for each bulb Rimless 1.75X acrylic magnifier lens. and is mounted on a floating arm. Clamp base. Available in colors: 18w bulb simulating natural daylight. Black, White, Almond, and Dove Gray. 2653 $64.95 2782 26” Arm $218.95 2784 40” Arm $218.95 ® ® DAZOR® 8MC - 200 CLAMP ON CIRCULME MAG LAMP VERILUX NATURAL SPECTRUM FLOOR LAMP The craft and task lamp you cannot be without! Each magnifying See better instantly! Now 20% brighter, the original Natural lamp has a 5” precision ground optical glass lens with less distortion. Spectrum® “indoor sunshine” lamp uses 50 years of Clamp to clip on to most sturdy surfaces and 42” adjustable arm. research to scientifically tune light for the eyes of readers, Uses 1 Circline Fluorescent bulb included for true color rendition. crafters and computer users. Patented 10,000-hour 27-watt Available in black, white, almond or dove gray. bulb with twoway brightness. 2754 3D $222.95 4701 $89.95 2755 5D $233.95 LUXO® LS SERIES EDGE MOUNT LAMP One of the most widely used all-purpose task lights! Rugged and reliable, DAYLIGHT® ULTRASLIM FLOURESCENT it features an 8.125” diameter shade on a 45” reach arm. External It is bigger, it is brighter, see better! 7” diameter, 1.75X glass springs are calibrated to balance the arm properly in all positions, with no magifying lens. Extra strong 28-watt Daylight® tube for slippage. Edge clamp bracket to securely attach it to desks or tabletops optimal lighting. Clamps on to any sturdy surface. up to 2” thick. Three-prong grounded power cord. 2650 $158.95 4884 Gray $129.95 4884B Black $129.95 4884W White $129.95 DAYLIGHT® DOUBLE FLEXI-CLAMP If you need both hands free, but need to check a pattern, design, text or photo as you work, then this is the ideal handy LIGHT BULBS ACCESSORIES working companion. Clamp it to your table, drawing board or Call 866-999-9188 and speak to our knowledgeable representatives work surface and angle it to the perfect viewing position. to help you find the right bulb or accessorie for your needs. If you 5115 $20.95 cannot find something you are looking for, let us know!
  • 31. TRAVEL MOBILITY60 TRAVEL MOBILITY More Products Available Online • 61 Before purchasing a white AMBUTECH® 5 SECTION FOLDING CANE For those individuals who need to be identified as visually impaired and also mobility or support cane, all require the use of a mobility cane. Folding guide canes are constructed visually impaired persons should from durable ½” aluminum tubing, the same tight fitting joints as the receive Orientation and Mobility AmbuTech Aluminum Folding Mobility Canes. Durable double stranded elastic cord. White reflective tape with either 6” of red reflective tape on Instruction. This training bottom section or all white to suit local customs. prepares a visually impaired Aluminum Graphite individual to travel about their 48” 9615 $22.95 48” 9616 $39.95 56” 9631 $22.95 56” 9633 $39.95 home and community safely, 58” 9635 $22.95 58” 9637 $39.95 proficiently and with confidence. 60” 9639 $22.95 60” 9641 $39.95 Orientation and mobility instruction is provided by AMBUTECH® 6 SECTION FOLDING CANE qualified trained individuals and UltraLight Folding Graphite canes are strong and lightweight. Unique is available in every state. composite construction with aluminum ferrules and finger guards protect the elastic cord and ensures a snug joint fit, even after many miles of use. Greater flexural strength than aluminum canes. White reflective tape with red stripe. Weighs 5.6 to 9.8 ounces. Includes marshmallow tip and rubber grip. Aluminum Graphite 46” 9611 $22.95 46” 9613 $39.95 AMBUTECH® 4 SECTION FOLDING CANE 54” 9628 $22.95 54” 9630 $39.95 UltraLight Folding Graphite canes are strong and lightweight. Unique 48” 9617 $22.95 48” 9619 $39.95 composite construction with aluminum ferrules and finger guards protect the 56” 9632 $22.95 56” 9634 $39.95 elastic cord and ensures a snug joint fit, even after many miles of use. Greater 50” 9621 $22.95 50” 9623 $39.95 flexural strength than aluminum canes. White reflective tape with red stripe. 58” 9636 $22.95 58” 9638 $39.95 Weighs 5.6 to 9.8 ounces. Includes marshmallow tip and rubber grip. 52” 9625 $22.95 52” 9626 $39.95 60” 9640 $22.95 60” 9654 $39.95 Aluminum Graphite 36” 9600 $22.95 36” 9601 $39.95 38” 9602 $22.95 38” 9603 $39.95 AMBUTECH® VIP ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT CANE WITH Classic Modern 40” 9604 $22.95 40” 9605 $39.95 CLASSIC OR MODERN HANDLE 42” 9606 $22.95 42” 9607 $39.95 North America’s premier support cane designed for the visually 44” 9608 $22.95 44” 9609 $39.95 impaired and used worldwide. Lightweight aluminum and high-impact 46” 9610 $22.95 46” 9612 $39.95 plastic. Sure-grip rubber tip and an 8” adjustable bottom. 48” 9614 $22.95 48” 9618 $39.95 Classic Handle Standard Length 8873 $24.95 50” 9620 $22.95 50” 9622 $39.95 Classic Handle Extra Length 8874 $24.95 52” 9624 $22.95 52” 9656 $39.95 Modern Handle Standard Length 9642 $24.95 54” 9627 $22.95 54” 9629 $39.95 Modern Handle Extra Length 9643 $24.95
  • 32. GLARE CONTROL62 GLARE CONTROL More Products Available Online • 63 NoIR Medial Technologies has been providing fashionable, functional and affordable sun filters for the partially-sighted since 1973. With over 50 lenses, NoIR filter system manages the light that reaches the eyes to maximize functional vision, enhance contrast and provide comfort against disabling glare. The NoIR filter system manages overall visible light transmission (VLT) to allow the proper amount of lightGlare is difficulty seeing in the presence of bright light, such as direct or reflected energy to reach the eyes. Many people require differentsunlight or artificial light such as car headlamps at night. When the eye is exposed filter transmissions for cloudy and bright conditions or for inside versus outside glare, the pupils constrict and limit the amount of natural light transmitted tothe retina, and therefore, limit the image that the eye perceives. Glare can also UVShields – offering UV and Visible spectrumreduce the contrast of the rest of the visual scene by the scattering of the bright protection.light within the eye. NoIRs – offering UV, Visible and Infrared protection (for cooling relief from the sun).The most effective way to reduce or eliminate the adverse affect of glare isto protect the eyes with polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglass lenses are GlareShields – a series of filters offering UV and Visible Spectrum protectionsavailable in a wide range of tints and transmissions, but to deal with glareeffectively, it is important to use lenses that have 100% polarization efficiency. Although a limited selection of NoIR sunglassesCheck with your eye care professional to assist you in finding the right glare are listed in this catalog, carries every style of frame and color filter that NoIRshields for your needs. has to offer. Please visit us on the web or call 866- 999-9188 for additional ordering assistance.
  • 33. GLARE CONTROL GLARE CONTROL 64 65 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • 7R YLHZ DOO 6KRS/RZ9LVLRQFRP 7R YLHZ DOO 6KRS/RZ9LVLRQFRP *ODUH 6KLHOGV 9LVLW *ODUH 6KLHOGV 9LVLW ZZZ6KRS/RZ9LVLRQFRP ZZZ6KRS/RZ9LVLRQFRP Live Eyewear offers the world’s highest quality OveRx® (over prescription) sunwear;Fitovers® Eyewear continues to design the collections feature optically correctthe finest fit-over sun wear available. scratch resistant lenses, adjustable Flex2Fit®Maintaining their original emphasis on temples, and a limited lifetime warranty.comfort, quality and visual performance, The patented frame designs comfortablyFitovers Eyewear utilizes state-of-the-art and securely slip over existing correctiveframe and lens technologies to provide eyewear to completely isolate the eyes,modern prescription frame wearers with providing unsurpassed protection froma sunglass that meets the needs of their blinding glare and damaging UV light.frame styles and their lifestyles. Each pair includes a protective caseWHICH LENS? and lens cloth.PDX Polarized Amber – increases Polarized Lensescontrast, providing greater depth • GRAY: 16% light transmission.perception in situations where visual Neutral color definition with excellentacuity over long distances is required. glare reduction.Ideal for lower light situations, like fishing • AMBER: 15% light late afternoon or early morning. Improves contrast by eliminating scattered blue light.PDX Polarized Gray – maintains true • COPPER: 17% light transmission.color definition regardless of varying General purpose lens tint that heightenslight. Transmitting all colors equally. visual acuity.Ideal for driving or any general purpose • YELLOW: 27% light transmission.outdoor activity where annoying glare is Improves contrast and creates “highlight” effect in low light conditions.present. Non-Polarized Absorptive FiltersPDX Polarized Blue Mirror – ideal • BOYSENBERRY: 15% light transmission.for high or intense light conditions. General purpose filter.Maintains true color definition in all Excellent glare reduction.conditions regardless of the varying light. • HAZELNUT: 18% light transmission. Blocks 98% of blue light.Trilenium Gold by Eagle Eyes – The Improves contrast.premium “Gold” polarized lens filters out • LEMON: 82% light light completely. Filtering out blue Blocks 40% of blue light and alllight can be beneficial for patients with visible light up to 470 nm.eye disorders. The Trilenium Gold lens • ORANGE: 34% light transmission.absorbs the most dangerous blue light, Blocks 100% of blue light and allenabling sharper and clearer vision. visible light up to 520 nm.
  • 34. RESOURCES CELL PHONES RESOURCES 66 CELL PHONES 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • 67 LOW VISION ‡ /DUJH EDFNOLJKW NHSDG PDNHV GLDOLQJ HDV REHABILITATION SERVICES ‡ %ULJKWFRORU VFUHHQ 1. To find a local eye doctor who specializes in low vision rehabilitation, call GLVSODV QXPEHUV your states Optometry or Ophthalmology Association. You can also call the ZLWK FODULW American Optometric Association, Low Vision Section (800-365-2219 x4225),)RU DQRQH ZKR SUHIHUV VLPSOLFLW the American Academy of Ophthalmology (415-561-8500), or ‡ 3DWHQWHG GHVLJQ GHOLYHUV (866-999-9188). ‡ KRXU 86EDVHG RSHUDWRUV FOHDU VRXQG DQG UHGXFHV DUH DOZDV WKHUH WR DVVLVW RX EDFNJURXQG QRLVH 2. Vocational rehabilitation services, independent living services and mobility instruction are provided through your state’s Department of Economic Security ‡ 0RQWKO SODQV VWDUW DW ‡ 1R FRQIXVLQJ PHQXV or Commission for the Blind. They will also guide you to other services located D PRQWK ZLWK QR FRQWUDFWV ‡ $FFHVV DOO RSWLRQV in your state. ZLWK VLPSOH ³HV´ RU 3. The US Department of Veterans Affairs provides low vision rehabilitation3HUVRQDOL]HG VHUYLFHV DYDLODEOH ³1R´ TXHVWLRQV services and low vision aides for eligible veterans. Call your local VeteransVR RX KDYH RQO ZKDW RX ZDQW ‡ DOO :DLWLQJ ‡ 5DLVHG VSHDNHUSKRQH Hospital or Veterans Health Benefits call center (877-222-8387) for more DQG 2Q2II EXWWRQV information. ‡ 9RLFH LDO ‡ 9RLFH 0DLO ‡ +HDULQJ DLG FRPSDWLEOH 4. To receive training in the use of a low vision aid or receive in-home Independent living services, call your state’s Occupational Therapy Association for ‡ 7H[W 0HVVDJLQJ ‡ LDO ³´ WR UHDFK information regarding local Occupational Therapists who specialize in low vision ‡ 5RDGVLGH $VVLVWDQFH DQ RSHUDWRU rehabilitation. ‡ KRXU QXUVH DGYLFH KRXUV D GD 5. Every state provides free talking book library services as part of the National Library Service Talking Book Program. This service provides books, magazines and newspapers on cassette tapes or CD’s. These materials are sent free through the mail to the individual’s home. They also provide a recorder or CD (QMR WKH VHFXULW RI D FHOO SKRQH SHUVRQDOL]HG WR player at no charge. A health care provider must confirm a person’s visual PHHW RXU QHHGV :LWK WKLV -LWWHUEXJ® FHOO SKRQH WKHUH¶V impairment. For more information, call your state’s Talking Book Library or call QR KDVVOLQJ ZLWK IHDWXUHV RX¶OO QHYHU XVH ,I RX QHHG KHOS the National Library Service (800-424-8567). GLDOLQJ RU DGGLQJ QDPHV WR RXU DGGUHVV ERRN WKLV RQH 6. Descriptive Video Services provides many television programs and videos with FRQQHFWV RX WR D IULHQGO RSHUDWRU DW WKH WRXFK RI D EXWWRQ narration of key visual elements and action. Please call (800-333-1203) for ,QFOXGHV $ FKDUJHU *UDSKLWH RU ZKLWH more information. )RU SXUFKDVLQJ LQIRUPDWLRQ SOHDVH FDOO *UDSKLWH 7. Most banks provide deluxe low vision checks. The checks are printed on yellow :KLWH paper with large black print and tactile lines (the lines are raised so that they can be felt as well as seen). Ask your bank about these checks the next time that you reorder new checks. Download a sample check to take to your bank at
  • 35. RESOURCES RESOURCES 68 69 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • Foundation Fighting Blindness Lighthouse InternationalLOW VISION 11435 Cronhill Drive Owings Mills, MD 21117-2220 111 E. 59th Street New York, NY 10022REHABILITATION RESOURCES (800) 683-5555 1-800-829-0500 (212) 821-9200 or (212) 821-9713 (TTY)American Academy of Ophthalmology Association for Education and Rehabilitation of Guide Dogs for the Blind http://www.lighthouse.orgP.O. Box 7424 the Blind and Visually Impaired P.O. Box 151200 National Association for Parents of ChildrenSan Francisco, CA 94120-7424 1703 N. Beauregard Street, Suite 440 San Rafael, CA 94915-1200 with Visual Impairments(415) 561-8500 Alexandria, VA 22311 1-800-295-4050 P.O. Box 317 1-877-492-2708 or (703) 671-4500 Watertown, MA 02471American Academy of Optometry (The) Hadley School for the Blind 1-800-562-6265 or (617) 972-74416110 Executive Blvd., Suite 506 Association for Retinopathy of Prematurity and 700 Elm Street, MD 20852 Related Diseases (ROPARD) Winnetka, IL 60093 National Association for Visually(301) 984-1441 P.O. Box 250425 1-800-323-4238 or (847) 446-8111 Handicapped (NAVH) Franklin, MI 48025 22 W. 21st Street, 6th Floor 1-800-788-2020 Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind New York, NY 10010American Optometric Association (212) 889-3141 or (212) 255-2804243 N. Lindbergh Boulevard Youths Adults (HKNC) Blinded Veterans Association 141 Middle Neck Road http://www.navh.orgSt. Louis, MO 63141(800) 365-2219 477 H Street, NW Sands Point, NY 11050 National Family Association for Deaf-Blind Washington, DC 20001 (516) 944-8900 (NFADB) 1-800-669-7079 or (202) 371-8880 141 Middle Neck RoadAmerican Association of the Deaf-Blind (AADB) Independent Living Services for Older Sands Point, NY 110508630 Fenton Street, Suite 121 Braille Circulating Library, Inc. Individuals Who Are Blind 1-800-255-0411Silver Spring, MD 20910-4500 2700 Stuart Avenue U.S. Department of Education, OSERS 495-4403 or (301) 495-4402--TTY Richmond, VA 23220 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Room 3326, MES National Federation of the Blind (804) 359-3743 or (804) 359-3771 Washington, DC 20202-2741 1800 Johnson Street Choice Magazine Listening (202) 245-7404 Baltimore, MD 21230American Council of the Blind (410) 659-93141155 15th Street, NW, Suite 1004 85 Channel Drive Port Washington, NY 11050 Jewish Braille Institute of America http://www.nfb.orgWashington, DC 200051-800-424-8666 or (202) 467-5081 1-888-724-6423 or (516) 883-8280 110 E. 30th Street National Library Service for Blind New York, NY 10016 and Physically Handicapped Council of Citizens with Low Vision 1-800-433-1531 or (212) 889-2525 Library of CongressAmerican Foundation for the Blind Washington, DC 2054211 Penn Plaza, Suite 300 International 1155 15th Street N.W., Suite 1004 (The) Jewish Guild for the Blind 1-888-657-7323 or (202) 707-0744 (TDD)New York, NY 10001 nls@loc.gov1-800-232-5463 or (212) 502-7600 Washington, DC 20005 15 West 65th Street 1-800-733-2258 or (727) 443-0350 New York, NY 10023 1-800-284-4422 Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic -American Printing House for the Blind (212) 769-6200 Headquarters1839 Frankfort Avenue DB-LINK: National Information Clearinghouse on Children Who are Deaf-Blind 20 Roszel RoadP.O. Box 6085 Princeton, NJ 08540Louisville, KY 40206-0085 345 N. Monmouth Avenue Monmouth, OR 97361 1-800-221-47921-800-223-1839 or (502) 895-2405 (609) 520-8031 1-800-438-9376 or 1-800-854-7013--TTY
  • 36. RESOURCES RESOURCES 70 71 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • www.ShopLowVision.comGLOSSARY Glaucoma—is a disease that causes gradual damage to the optic nerve that carries visual information from the eye to the brain. The loss of vision is not experienced until a significant amount of nerve damage has occurred. For this reason, as many as half of all people with glaucoma are unaware of theirAge-related macular degeneration (AMD)—is a condition that primarily effectsthe part of the retina responsible for sharp central vision. It does not cause total disease. About 2.2 million Americans age 40 and older have been diagnosedblindness. There are two forms of AMD—dry AMD and wet AMD. Because AMD with glaucoma and another two million do not know they have it. Most cases ofoften damages central vision, it is the most common cause of legal blindness and glaucoma can be controlled by medication or surgery and vision loss slowed orvision impairment in older Americans (AMD rarely effects those under the age of halted by timely diagnosis and treatment. However, any vision lost to glaucoma60). While there is no generally accepted treatment for dry AMD, laser therapies cannot be restored.or injectable medications can help destroy leaking blood vessels and can help Legal blindness—In the United States, where normal vision is considered toreduce the risk of advancing vision loss in many cases of wet AMD. Research be 20/20, legal blindness is defined as visual acuity with best correction in thesponsored by the National Eye Institute has recently shown that a combination of better eye worse than or equal to 20/200 or a visual field extent of less than 20zinc, vitamins C and E and beta-carotene may also reduce the risk of advanced degrees in diameter. Most states use these standards to provide rehabilitationAMD by 25 percent. services and benefits to people who are visually impaired. Some of these benefitsCataract—is a clouding of the eye’s naturally clear lens. Most cataracts appear and services include an IRS income tax exemption, free telephone directorywith advancing age. The most important factor in cataract formation is increasing assistance, free Talking Book Library Services through the National Libraryage, but there are additional factors, including smoking, diabetes and excessive Service and Vocational and Independent Living Services through individual stateexposure to sunlight. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world programs.and effect nearly 20.5 million Americans age 40 and older. By age 80, more than Please note the term Legal Blindness does not mean that a legally blind personhalf of all Americans develop cataracts. Cataracts are sometimes considered is blind or has no usable vision. Most people defined as legally blind have usablea conquered disease because surgical treatment can eliminate vision loss. The vision and can perform most daily tasks with the use of special glasses or lowcataract is removed surgically and a plastic lens, called an implant, is placed in vision products.the eye restoring normal sight. Low vision—A visual impairment that cannot be corrected by standardCertified low vision therapist (CLVT)—The CLVT works as part of the eyeglasses, contact lenses, medication, or surgery, that interferes with the abilitymultidisciplinary team, often in conjunction with an eye doctor, and provides low to perform everyday activities. Macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy,vision aid evaluations, training in the use of these low vision aides and referral to glaucoma, and retinitis pigmentosa, along with many other eye diseases, areother appropriate resources. The CLVT also evaluates performance of daily living causes of visual impairment or low vision. Most people begin to experienceactivity, ability to cope and access community resources. difficulty with daily activities such as reading when their vision reaches 20/60 orDiabetic retinopathy—is a common complication of diabetes. Retinal blood worse and should seek out the care of a low vision specialist.vessels can break down, leak or become blocked, effecting and impairing vision Low vision solutions—prescription and nonprescription devices that help peopleover time. Nearly half of all people with diabetes will develop some degree of with low vision enhance their remaining vision. Some examples include specialdiabetic retinopathy during their lifetime and risk increases with age and duration low vision eye glasses, telescopic lenses for driving and other distance tasks,of diabetes. People with diabetes are encouraged to seek annual dilated eye microscopic reading glasses, magnifiers, desktop video magnifiers (CCTV’s), largeexams. Currently, laser surgery and a procedure called a vitrectomy are highly print books, check-writing guides and white canes. All optical low vision aides,effective in treating diabetic retinopathy. including eyeglasses, magnifiers and telescopes should be prescribed by either For more low vision rehabilitation resource an optometrist or ophthalmologist to ensure the correct power and success of listings visit the patient.
  • 37. RESOURCES RESOURCES 72 73 866-999-9188 • Call Now To Order More Products Available Online • www.ShopLowVision.comOccupational therapist—occupational therapists are skilled professionals who Shipping For office use onlyhelp individuals achieve independence. They can provide treatment with the Order Number:prescription of a medical doctor or a doctor of optometry. Occupational therapists Account Number: Namewho specialize in low vision rehabilitation train their clients to use optical and Date:non-optical devices, adaptive techniques and educate in community resources. Street Apt. Initial:Ophthalmologist—a medical doctor (MD or DO) who specializes in eye and visioncare. Ophthalmologists are specially trained to provide the full spectrum of eye City State Zip Send Catalog to a Friendcare, from prescribing glasses and treating eye disease to eye surgery. Daytime Phone E-mail (optional)Optician—a trained professional who grinds, fits and dispenses glasses by Method of Payment Nameprescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Check or Money Order (payable to AddressOptometrist—Doctors of optometry (ODs) are the primary health care professionals American Express Discoverfor the eye. Optometrists examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, MasterCard Visa Cityand disorders of the visual system, the eye, and associated structures as well asidentify related systemic conditions affecting the eye. State Zip Credit Card Number Expiration Date Who Referred You?Orientation and mobility specialist—a person who trains people with low visionto move about safely in the home and travel by themselves. Signature Billing Address (if different from above) Doctor/ Agency NameSpecialist in low vision rehabilitation—An optometrist or ophthalmologist whospecializes in the evaluation and management of low vision rehabilitation. These Toll Free Phone 800.826.4200doctors help their patients enhance their remaining vision with special low vision Name Toll Free Fax 800.368.4111eyeglasses and microscopic and telescopic low vision aides. The doctors will alsoprescribe other optical and non-optical low vision aides as well as appropriate ORDER ONLINE! Street Apt. www.ShopLowVision.comlow vision services. They help their patients perform their daily activities despitea visual impairment so that they can enjoy life and remain independent. A doctor City State Zip *Please Call forwho specializes in low vision rehabilitation does not take the place of your current Shipping Taxoptometrist or ophthalmologist. They will work in conjunction with your eye doctor Daytime Phone E-mail (optional)to maximize your remaining vision. Item No. Description Qty Price TotalVision resource teacher (VRT)—sometimes called Itinerant Teacher of the VisuallyImpaired. The VRT often works with visually impaired students to help ensurethe child’s safety, independence and success in school. The teacher will makerecommendations for the student, parent and all classroom teachers. Somtimes a product may be out of stock, pleasse let us know Shipping* which option you perfer: If on back order, hold all items until order is complete. Ship in -stock items now; ship back order when possible. Tax* For more low vision rehabilitation resource Ship in -stock items now; cancel back order. Total Amount listings visit
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