WUDMAC Travel & Tourism Digital Marketing Conference Part 2 - Cairo - Dec 2012 - Day 2


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Day 2: 3-day Online and Digital Marketing conference organized by Dr. Hossam Darwish of the World-Wide Union for Digital Marketing and Consulting, Cairo.

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  • Quiz: Handout with Top 10 Mistakes to follow quiz
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  • Quiz: Handout with Top 10 Mistakes to follow quiz
  • Quiz: Handout with Top 10 Mistakes to follow quiz
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  • Quiz: Handout with Top 10 Mistakes to follow quiz
  • Quiz: Handout with Top 10 Mistakes to follow quiz
  • Quiz: Handout with Top 10 Mistakes to follow quiz
  • WUDMAC Travel & Tourism Digital Marketing Conference Part 2 - Cairo - Dec 2012 - Day 2

    1. 1. Welcome Your Customers Are Already Online ... Are You? Internet Marketing Courses For Beginners & Intermediate 13-14 DEC 2012 – Cairo Nefertiti Hall - Shepherd Hotel
    2. 2. Session One: Social Media – That WORKS!! With Andy Medlam
    3. 3. Understanding the Purpose of your Social Media: Increase Engagement and Interaction around your product Build Market Authority Drive Social Engagement as an important part of SEO Develop the „Know, Like and Trust‟ Factor, which drives more sales
    4. 4. Promotion + Process = Positioning + RESULTS!!
    5. 5. •You can CHASE Sales but You’ll ALWAYS be COMPETING against price!! •You can CHASE Sales but YOUR competitor will always be there to UNDER cut you!! •You can CHASE sales but your competitor will ALWAYS BE there waiting to ADD more VALUE to their package to CLOSE the SALE, that you’ve been working on!! Do you ALWAYS want to be in that ‘Price Driven Market’ FIGHTING to WIN a Sale or do you want to be SMARTER than your competitors??
    6. 6. Remember... 99% of YOUR Visitors Leave Your Website... We can work hard, or we can work SMART but you can’t do both!!
    7. 7. Build Market Authority Adding VALUE!! You Need To Be Different & Start POSITIONING yourselves as the AUTHORITY in the Market Place
    8. 8. How to Build Market Authority • You need to Become the Expert in your Niche Market Cruise Down the River Nile Egyptian Pyramids Tour Guide Exclusive Luxury Egyptian Holidays Australian Outback Tours Become The ‘Go-To’ Person For Your Niche Market
    9. 9. Give Something Away For ‘FREE’ In-Exchange For Their - Name - Email Address - Contact Number (Maybe) Perceived Value!! E-book –Video – Webinar – Telephone Consultation - Newsletter
    10. 10. Needs, Wants & Desires....Or even FRUSTRATIONS & FEARS!! Top 7 Places To Visit In Egypt That Other Travel Company’s Will NOT tell you about... 10 Top Safety Points To Follow When Travelling To or Through Egypt!! Visiting the Ancient Tombs Of Egypt? READ About The ‘Top 7 Discoveries’ That YOU Don’t want to MISS!! Follow Our ‘10 Step Guide’ To Assure You Have the BEST Romantic Luxury Holiday In Egypt... Watch Our Free DVD Now & Experience Our Unique Luxury Holiday Packages Custom Designed To Your Needs!!
    11. 11. Start Of Your Sales Funnel
    12. 12. Sales Funnel •Video •Blog Post •Facebook Page •Article •Images •Website Know Like Trust
    13. 13. • You need to Be Visual • How often are you seen associated with your niche market online? • When people talk about your niche market do they think of YOU? • When people look at your social media presence do they see YOU as an Authority figure or just another Travel Business? You Can’t Be An Authority Figure If ALL You Are Doing Is Pitching Your Business!! Building Market Authority
    14. 14. How To Increase Engagement & Interaction around your product There isn‟t just a „One Thing‟ secret that‟s going to give you MASSIVE RESULTS!! It‟s everything done Collectively, Consistently each and everyday that brings you RESULTS!!
    15. 15. Increasing Engagement – „Give It That Human Touch‟ • Highlight the team behind your Brand • Your followers don‟t want to connect with your brand or logo… They want to talk to YOU. • First names ALWAYS. • Brands that ALLOW their Social platforms to have real conversations with their followers are much more likely to have Active, Engaging Conversations.
    16. 16. • Engagement is about getting your followers to take ACTION. • Get followers to post on your Page, comment on your posts, click the „Like‟ button next to your posts and share your content • Engagement is about showing up daily and taking an interest in your Fans likes, interests and opinions Cultivate Engagement with 2 Way Dialogue!
    17. 17. Make It Fun: What was the last movie you saw? Two thumbs up or was it a waste of time? Let them promote themselves: Do you have a Facebook page? Post your link below to share with the group! Keep it easy: One word answers generate more engagement 3 No-Fail FB Questions
    18. 18. Increasing Interaction Social Plugins: What are they, why they’re important, and how you can use them to expand your online presence. • Like button • Send button • Like box • Login button • Registration • Recommendations • Activity Feed • Comments • Live Stream
    19. 19. What are they and why are they important?? Social plugins are tools that connect your website with Social Media Platforms and enable social activity among users directly on your site. With Facebook social plugins, you create an identical experience of your Facebook Page while maintaining control of your content and brand.
    20. 20. Like Button
    21. 21. This Button Is Pressed 2.3 Billion Times Per Day
    22. 22. Like Box
    23. 23. Send Button (New!)
    24. 24. Really Simply Facebook & Twitter Share Buttons
    25. 25. If Your Content is the BEST Then Your Followers WILL Want to Share It!! “Content is King”
    26. 26. Develop the „Know, Like and Trust‟ Factor, which drives more sales • If you are CONSISTENT, People get to KNOW YOU!! • If you are being HUMAN, People Get to LIKE YOU!! • If you are HONEST, People Get to TRUST YOU!! People Buy From People So DON’T Try & Be Something YOU Are NOT!!
    27. 27. Driving Social Engagement as an important part of SEO
    28. 28. Search Engines such as Google are now looking at MORE than Just „Keywords‟ to Rank Websites on the 1st Page… It’s now ALL about: • Social Interaction • What People Are Saying About Your Brand • How Often You Are Showing Up • The Engagement Around your Brand ‘Plus Your Keywords’
    29. 29. How To Choose the Right Social Media Platform for YOU: • Your Personality Type or Marketing Style Depends on Two Things: • Where Your Customers Are
    30. 30. • Where Your Customers Are Before you can answer that… You need to know WHO your customers ARE!! • Know Your Audience In order to determine what platforms your local business should ultimately have a presence on, it is vital to understand where your current and potential customer base is likely to congregate.
    31. 31. Do Your Homework spend some time compiling what you know about potential customers you want to target with your social media efforts. • What is the demographic of the audience I want to attract? • What are the demographics of those who interact with my current promotional materials? • What types of messages appear to engage my audience most? • What type of content will I be primarily seeking to share?
    32. 32. Six Main Platforms
    33. 33. You Also need to take into Consideration Your Marketing Styles… Or should I say, “Your Strengths & Weaknesses” • If you are NOT good in front of a camera then YouTube isn’t for you! • If you need a Visual Platform then Twitter may not be your choice! • If you want to share Images about your services then you may be interested In looking at Facebook & Pinterest
    34. 34. Building Your Social Media Tribe:  How To Increase „Likes‟ / Followers  How to Turn Engagement into Sales  How to Increase Engagement
    35. 35. Gaining More „Likes‟ • Adding your Social URL inside your E-mail Signature • Adding your URL to ALL offline marketing materials • Daily ‘posting’ on similar pages • Join Groups within the same niche • Link Your Personal Profile with your business page • Search on Facebook Search Bar • Paid Ads: Facebook Ads, linkedIn Ads, YouTube Ads • Sponsored Stories • Promoted Posts • Direct Ads • Add Your URL to External sites with Social Plugins Websites/Blogs/Articles/Videos/Images • Get Your Current Customers to link-up with you online
    36. 36. 5 Steps to Create a Strategy Guide That Really Works 1.Identify your Social Media team. Who will Update, Monitor, Engage and Build Community? Think multiple admins! 2. Set time chunks to update/monitor your platforms. 3. List your main topics of discussion. 4. Decide what & when you’ll post: Links? Videos? Photos? 5. Be flexible!  How to Increase Engagement
    37. 37. Ask yourself these key questions to plan your posting strategy... 1. How often will you post updates to your page? 2. What will you post about? 3. When will you use text-only versus links? 4. Will you use third-party content to add value? 5. Will you mix up media and use video, audio, photos?
    38. 38. Always have a Call To Action!! Like – Comment – Share – Re-tweet- Add - Connect
    39. 39. Top 10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes 1) Marketing as a „company‟ not as a real person 2) Poor profile picture: Using your company logo instead of promoting a human face to your company – people can‟t interact with a logo 3) Spreading yourself too thin. Trying to be „everywhere‟ and ending up being „no-where‟ 4) Trying to automate everything. Social Media needs a „human voice‟ 5) Not understanding „where‟ your customers are and so marketing to them on the wrong platform
    40. 40. Top 10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes 6) Thinking of social media as a „selling platform‟ rather than a relationship-building platform 7) Not having a Social Media Marketing Strategy 8) Driving sales far too early to their website 9) Not understanding how to turn a potential client into a paying customer 10) Expecting results too early (unless you have a paid daily budget for paid ads)
    41. 41. BONUS MISTAKE: Lack of interaction. Not knowing ‘how’ to engage with your audience so you end up talking ‘at’ people!! Thank You, Andy Medlam
    42. 42. Facebook Casestudy: With Khalid Fahad AlThawadi
    43. 43. Anatomy of a Great Facebook Page:
    44. 44. Cover Banner Profile Image About Section Custom Created Tabs x1 – x2 – x3 Username
    45. 45. Anatomy of a Great Twitter Profile:
    46. 46. Your Image & Username Snappy Bio with URL Back Ground Image Relevant Content
    47. 47. Anatomy of a Great LinkedIn Profile:
    48. 48. Top 10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes
    49. 49. Break for Prayers & Lunch
    50. 50. Session Two: Facebook „Hotseats‟ With Mandy Swift and Andy Medlam
    51. 51. Break
    52. 52. Session Three: The Power of VIDEO With Mandy Swift
    53. 53. Why Video? • The major search engines Place much more importance on web sites that have video • YouTube Is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google • It‟s not just a US phenomena Over 70% of videos are watched outside of the US 5.5 billion videos are watched every month in the UK alone
    54. 54. Think your customer isn’t watching video? The Average person spends 15 minutes a day on ... doesn‟t it make sense to be getting marketing in front of your customer in a place where they already are?
    55. 55. What is the REAL Power of Video?  Build credibility Fast  Build trust and rapport – fast  Build “real” relationships With video you instantly “Stand Out”
    56. 56. Why does it work?  People can look you in the eyes (only 7% communication is verbal) Video dramatically shortens the sales curve With video you instantly “Stand Out”
    57. 57. “Social Video” - the new buzz word - This is where the true is happening Taking the power of video and social media and Combining them into ONE even more powerful strategy Magic
    58. 58. “social video is social media on STEROIDS” ... the more “amateur” your video looks, the better it performs ...
    59. 59. Anatomy of a Great YouTube Channel:
    60. 60. Anatomy of a Great YouTube Video:
    61. 61. Break
    62. 62. Session Four: Video & YouTube „Hotseats‟
    63. 63. Wrap-up: Summary and Key Points from Day 2, plus Q & A
    64. 64.  Video has been the emerging trend of 2011 & 2012  It‟s set to EXPLODE in 2014 – Why?  By 2014 Cisco predicts that 90% of the information we digest online will be via video I.E - Within two years Cisco predicts that 90% of the www. will be Video!
    65. 65. “Your customers are already watching video, so if they‟re not watching yours... …they‟re watching someone else‟s! ”
    66. 66. How To Choose the Right Social Media Platform for YOU: • Your Personality Type or Marketing Style Depends on Two Things: • Where Your Customers Are
    67. 67. How To Get ‘Found’ on Social Media:  You have to get off your page – Don‟t wait for people to find you - Find Them!  Use Your Bio wisely!  Don‟t Forget Your Keywords
    68. 68. Building Your Social Media Tribe:  How To Increase „Likes‟ / Followers  How to Turn Engagement into Sales  How to Increase Engagement