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Open Bravo POS y OpenTPV - OpenSistemas
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Open Bravo POS y OpenTPV - OpenSistemas


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Open Bravo POS y OpenTPV - OpenSistemas

Open Bravo POS y OpenTPV - OpenSistemas

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Customer challenge: - Problem / Challenge (Pain) - Reasons for problem - Negative organization impacts Capability: - How we solve the problem - Positive business outcomes as result
  • Transcript

    • 1. Open Sistemas Experts in Linux Solutions
    • 2. 00.
    • 3.
      • 01. Features
      • 02. Technology
      • 03. Custom Developments
      • 04. Solutions
      • 05. Success Stories
      • 06. Contact Information
    • 4. Commerce Area 01. Features Openbravo POS Openbravo POS offers all the range of features that the retail sector demands: sales, refunds, daily reports, cash management, warehouse management, etc. OpenTPV Custom-made system for touch screen of franchise commerce, restaurants and fast-food restaurants that allow a better control of these type of business.
    • 5. Commerce Area 01. Features Master Data Management Products, categories and subcategories, images, taxes, warehouses, restaurant areas and table distribution, users and roles, etc. Organise and centralize the key data of your business. Guarantee the coherence and tracking of your processes. Organize your stock list with attributes of your products for an easier management. Available in several languages
    • 6. Commerce Area 01. Features Sales Management, Refund and Cash Receipt edition, product search, tax management, bar codes, discounts, offers, payments, etc. Edit simultaneously and in a flexible way several receipts from one or more terminals. Easily integrate the point of sale system with surrounding third-party systems. Manage refunds efficiently.
    • 7. Commerce Area 01. Features Warehouse Management Product properties, product movements, stock list recount, product receipt, etc. Manage multiple warehouses transparently. Keep your stock list always up to date. Always know the exact location of your products. Reports and Graphics Report generation, filtering, graphics, etc. Supervise the condition of your retail business. Obtain the information you need in the moment you need it. Improve the decision taking process of your business.
    • 8. Commerce Area 01. Features Restaurant Module Booking management, customizable restaurant areas, occupation, etc. Now the occupation level at your restaurant. PDA request capacity. Menu creation Kitchen orders management, through touch screen
    • 9. Commerce Area 01. Features Restaurant Module Booking management, customizable restaurant areas, occupation, etc. Manage your bookings from start to end. Customize the different areas of your restaurant to facilitate their identification.
    • 10. Commerce Area 01. Features New Features Customer management, collections, new developments... Customer management. Invoice creation. Financial risk control. Customer loyalty program. Commission management per salesman. Price and offer management (3x2, 10%...) Creation of a sale package ( “X“ products to choose with a closed price, menus) Appointment management (Customers, Patients, Solarium.....”)
    • 11. Commerce Area 02. Technology Openbravo POS has been developed with the most advanced technology to have the maximum benefit from open software. Fully developed in Java. Use of the standard interface JDBC to provide independence from the data base. Reports and graphics provided by the powerful tools JasperReports and FreeChart. Compatibility with a wide range of point of sale hardware. Compatibility with the most popular point of sale technologies. Simple and direct localization process. Embedded ETLs for integrations with Openbravo ERP and other applications.
    • 12. Commerce Area 02. Technology A product with a high capacity of customization, that can be adapted to any users needs. Several configuration templates will let you adapt it to the business needs. Execute the most common setup tasks through a local panel. Create and modify configuration options through an integrated resource editor. Use of XML language that uses the template engine Apache Velocity. Take advantage of macro functions to implement the business logic. As it is an open source product, you will only pay for the support that you need, without contracts and licenses and with absolute independence from the provider that you choose. You will also have the guarantee of having the complete code of your application and customization.
    • 13. Commerce Area 04. Custom development Integration with other software (accounting, invoicing, E.R.P...) Training Maintenance and support Open Sistemas helps companies to improve their business management, make their sales and internal organization processes more agile, and achieve a better customer satisfaction improving profitability at the same time. To achieve this, Open Sistemas offers all needed services to easily customize and deploy the tool Turnkey project deployments Customization: Custom-made module developments Custom Branding Graphic interface modifications Reports Business Intelligence / Data analysis
    • 14. Commerce Area 04. Custom development Modules and Extensions Open Sistemas is an Openbravo POS certified company, and is constantly executing new custom developments for its customers, including the following features: Custom developments Integration with payment methods (Conexflow, Paylink..) Price sampling management Hardware integration Development of auto-orders for fast-food Booking management and down payments Reporting Integration with other applications Perishable goods management Marketing polls
    • 15. Commerce Area 03. Solutions Adequate for any business, regardless its size , that is willing to deploy an POS professional solution with high quality and completely supported in an environment with a standard or advanced setup. It supports a scalable architecture that can be extended from a terminal in a shop to a server with a cluster architecture managing multiple terminals in multiple shops on a centralized way . Includes an life second level support contract for Openbravo POS in several operative systems and databases: Windows/Linux, Oracle/Postgres/MySQL/HSQL/Apache Derby DB. Professional Edition
    • 16. 05. Bocatta: Reliable and adaptable POS Identified Demand / Problem:
      • POS needed that would work in Windows and Linux
      • Adaptation to the special needs of Bocatta (fast food, menus, kitchen monitor, ...)
      Description : How the problem was solved: Business outcome:
      • Reliable solution, cheap and with all needed features
      • Free new versions with more features and corrected bugs
      Success Stories
      • Previous custom software had bugs and was not flexible
      • Proprietary software prevented the inclusion of new features
      Negative impact in customer:
      • Consulting phase to select the best Open Source software
      • Required functionality implementation
      • Implantation testing
      • Modifications shared with open source community
      • Constant service interruption affected sales process
      • Impossibility to add new features to a closed software
      • Very high maintenance costs
      Commerce Area
    • 17. Contact Information +34 902 107 396 (Spain) 06. Contact Information v2.02