Analysis of the socio-economic profiles in Europe

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Presentation to GIS Day event on Geo-analysis for implementing policy in Kortrijk, Belgium 20 November 2013

Presentation to GIS Day event on Geo-analysis for implementing policy in Kortrijk, Belgium 20 November 2013

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  • 1. Geo-analysis for implementing policy Analysis of the socio-economic profiles in Europe Mike Thacker, Porism Limited (UK) Kortrijk – 20 November 2013
  • 2. To discuss 1. Evidence-led policy 2. Metrics structures 3. Example data analysis by area 4. Socio-economic profiles 5. Profiling by area across Europe 6. Small area profiles 7. Natural neighbourhoods 8. Further information How open data applied to geography can influence and be used to implement policy
  • 3. Evidence-led policy Policy Metrics Services Increase healthiness / quality of life Obesity Psychiatric illness Cardiac illness Dietary advice, School meals Green spaces, Recreational facilities Increase economic activity Employment Street crime Educational attainment Careers advice Policing, CCTV Schooling, Adult education Safer roads Road accidents Traffic control, Signage ce en u infl Policies Policy Metrics determine cha nge Services
  • 4. Metrics structure Metric type has Metric value has Date/ Time At a point 2012 or Over a period 2010-12 2011/12 has Dimensions Examples •Age •Gender •Severity has Organis ation has Example •Norfolk County Council £75.3M governs Examples •Miles of roads •Road accidents •Spending on roads Σ EoE £573.2M Σ England £208.8M Area Example 6,142.5 353 •Norfolk administrative area •East of England 24,027.8 2,473 •England 183,003.4 21,534
  • 5. Example data analysis Full report: Live PDF
  • 6. Socio-economic profiles • Use statistical clustering techniques to see which groups have similar metrics values • Label these groups and describe their characteristics • Identify services and message which modify outcomes for each
  • 7. Example: Metropolitan strugglers
  • 8. Example: Rural inheritance
  • 9. Where different groups live
  • 10. Small area metrics analysis UK small area metrics report
  • 11. Natural neighbourhoods Unofficial geographies URI
  • 12. Further information • • European / North Sea profiles UK: – Metric types – Dimensions (Circumstances) – Municipalities – Administrative areas – Natural neighbourhoods: – Tools • Opening Up resources