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Openbravo Forge Presentation: Jordi Mas, Rayesh Iyer
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Openbravo Forge Presentation: Jordi Mas, Rayesh Iyer


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Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Openbravo World Conference Introduction to Openbravo Forge Speakers: Jordi Mas and Rajesh Iyer Barcelona, 19th of April
  • 2. Objectives Openbravo Forge objectives Openbravo Forge is a collaborative development platform target for developers • Provides the home for Openbravo ERP and POS core projects • Provides an infrastructure for community members to develop verticals, plug-ins and localizations • Provides an infrastructure for partners and custom development to privately share verticals, plug-ins and localizations • Provides a way to recognize peoples' contributions and make them visible • Hosts the central repository, the modularity repository • People can place a link to their own web-store to sell licenses or support • Provide a directory of available projects for ERP & POS • Provide a member directory Page 2
  • 3. Projects directory Projects directory Openbravo directory can host: • Projects registered within the Forge • Projects hosted fully or partially in external systems •Projects can are classified in a browsable category taxonomy •Users can: • Search the directory • Browse using the category taxonomy • See latest additions following the Latest Activity • Sort it by different criteria (creation date, alphabetically, etc) Page 3
  • 4. Member directory Member directory Openbravo member directory contains all the registered users of the Forge • Will evolve as a ecosystem directory (including companies) • It is connected to our Single Sign On System • Allows search by name & username • Key to break the anonymous character of the web Page 4
  • 5. Incentives to adopt the Forge • For everyone – Registering a project in the Forge is a pre-requisite to publish it in the Central Repository • It is a great tool to increase dissemination of both free and commercial products • People can place a link to their own web-store to sell licenses or support for registered projects – It allows community members to increase their visibility and recognition • Partners – The New Forge as a Professional Tool: Partners have the exclusive right to register private projects • This is designed to give them all the tools (code repository, bug tracker, documentation repository, …) to manage client customizations – Projects sold in collaboration are encouraged d to be performed in the Forge Page 5
  • 6. Openbravo community web properties summary Openbravo web properties summary • Openbravo Wiki. ( Openbravo POS & ERP project documentation. • Openbravo Issues ( Openbravo ERP & POS public issues database. • Openbravo Code ( Openbravo ERP & POS source control system. Contains Openbravo project source code. • Planet Openbravo ( Blog aggregator. Main communication channel for the Openbravo ecosystem. • Openbravo Forge ( To register and develop projects in a collaborative manner with others. Openbravo core projects home • Openbravo ERP home: • Openbravo POS home: Page 6
  • 7. Openbravo Forge 5 minutes demo Page 7
  • 8. Commercial Forge • Company Sponsored Online Community • Core Developers, Application Testers, Localizers, ISVs, Partners, Customers and End Users • Collaborate, Communicate and Work Together Remotely • Using Industry Leading Tools • Social Networking • Rich Content & Web2.0 User Experience • Push Button Project Creation with Fine Grained Permissioning • Banner Ads, Web Analytics, Lead Generation, Maturation & Commercialization • Enterprise Search and Single Sign-On • UTF8 and Cross-Browser Complaint Page 8
  • 9. EssentiaESP – Powering Forge Admin – Forge, Project, Portal Projects – User, implementation, partner, localization, verticals, plug-ins, etc. Dev Tools – SVN, Release, Tracker, Lists Social Tools – Wiki, Blog, Docs, Forum Commerce – Marketplace, cart Workspace – My Pages, Site, Project Retrieval – Search, Browse Access – Role Based, Single Sign-on Performance, Availability, Reliability 04/16/09 Copyright © 2008 Essentia. All rights reserved. Essentia confidetial. 9 9 Page
  • 10. • Products – EssentiaESP - Online Communities – EssentiaBCT – Online Experience • Services – Open source Implementation, sponsored developments – Dedicated development centers – Offshore distribution/support/services • Industry leading customers, Global presence – Headquarters - San Francisco, California & Houston, Texas – Chennai, India – Malaysia & London • Privately Held – Founded 2006, Open Source + On Demand 10 Page 10
  • 11. Questions and Answers Thank you! Page 11