Open Works Janitorial Franchise Newsletter May 2013


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Open Works Janitorial Franchise Newsletter May 2013

  1. 1. In ThisIssueEnsure YourBiggest AssestSmile!‘Newest’UnbelievableChemical HardSurface CleanerFranchiseeBusiness MeetingSchedulesTraining CalendarFranchise ReferralProgramT H E F R A N C H I S E E S ’ N E W S L E T T E R F R O M O P E N W O R K S ®M AY 2 0 1 3The people that make up your crew are by far your most important asset. The human beings on your crew provide95 percent of the service delivery and it is critical that you mitigate the risk of injury to ensure that your assets don’tturn into liabilities. When running a business with this in mind,there are five angles upon which you should focus yourtime and your money.There are specific measures for each one and failing in any of these areas will put your people and yourbusiness at risk.peningDoorsLeadership.It is demonstrated through actions from the top sothat all crew leaders and staff know that safety is a seriousmatter.Find opportunities to visit your customer locationsand engage with both your staff and your client. Listen totheir safety concerns and do whatever is necessary to lessenthe risks presented. If everything sounds as though it is fine,that is when you need to start asking questions.Safety processes.Safety requires clear accountabilities at all levels andeffective measurement systems. Safety plans should be inplace for unforeseen circumstances, such as inclementweather,when risk levels can increase significantly.Your roleas the leader of a business is to ensure that the controls arein place and as many of them are working as effectivelyas possible.Let’s remember that safety is something that can neverbe fixed completely and is never something that we canwalk away from thinking that the job is done.But it is criticalto ensure that we actually deliver on the commitments wehave made,and when we say we are going to fix something,it gets fixed.Our credibility is at stake.Collaborate with yourcustomers on site, ensuring compliance with regulationsand your own internal safety procedures.Communication and training.To ensure that your entire crew understands haz-ardous situations and the risks they create,it is critical theyreceive proper training and know how to react if they occur.Using work equipment in the right way, wearing personalprotective equipment,and maintaining a safe place of workare things that need permanent attention and reminders.Regular and relevant safety training and communication toall employees must be a key part of your business plan.Look to your local health agency or OSHA for resources andtraining sessions.continued on page 4EnsureYour BiggestAssets Don’tTurn IntoYour Biggest LiabilityLeadershipReportingSustainabilityCommunication& TrainingSafetyProcesses
  2. 2. CUSTOMER SERVICE CORNER“Safety is a cheapand effectiveinsurance policy."AUTHOR UNKNOWN“Prepare and prevent, dontrepair and repent."AUTHOR UNKNOWN“Working safely may getold, but so do thosewho practice it."AUTHOR UNKNOWN“Prepare and prevent, dontrepair and repent."AUTHOR UNKNOWN“Tomorrow - your rewardfor working safelytoday."ATTRIBUTED TO ROBERT PELTON“Safety First" is"Safety Always."CHARLES M. HAYES“Out of this nettle,danger, we pluck thisflower, safety."WILLIAM SHAKESPEARESure it seems like asimple tip, but this isone of the greatestways to make a customerfeel appreciated and/orchange their state of being.The smile has a way ofbrightening a situation ormaking an unpleasantatmosphere a little moretolerable.Try This: Whenyou, or your crew,first enter yourcustomer’s location,greet them with a warmsmile. How do they react?If the customer seems a littledry or cold, what happenswhen you smile at them?Trust me, even if you don’tsee it, there’s amazingpower in a simple smile.And not only does it makethe customer feel better…itenhances your outerappearance too.Smile!S
  3. 3. source:WAXIEBETTER BUSINESS PRACTICEAccording to our WAXIE Representative, Dan Good,“The product trulylives up to its name. I thought it was pretty“gimmicky”to call it unbelievable,but at this point I don’t know what else you would call it. This bio-active tech-nology is becoming a bit of a game changer in the janitorial industry. One ofthe best places we have found to use Unbelievable has been in kitchen andbathrooms. The product has been engineered to“eat”organic material. So itdoes not just clean grout and tile, but as long as it stays damp it penetratesthe grout and continues to eat away the caked in material. It also reproduces,so its effectiveness remains strong; as long as it has a food source. Over timethe grout simply looks amazing (2 whole cleanings). The fun part is that onceyou have mopped and scrubbed with it,you send it all down the drain. It thenhas the same effect on all the nasty garbage that clogs commercial drains.Odors are gone almost instantly and over time will help maintain drain lineflow. Pretty cool stuff.”To order this or one of WAXIE’s other bio-active products please contactthem directly at 800-995-4466. Your Regional Operations Team can also be agreat resource when trying to find out which chemicals work best for yourcustomers’specific needs.Microbes are one of the earliest life forms on earth andthey are highly diverse.They include bacteria,fungi,algae,plankton,etc.WAXIE has developed a family of bioactive products that use naturallyoccurring microorganisms,which are non pathogenic and not harmfulto plants, animals or humans. They break down manure, fats, oils &grease (FOG), urine, petroleum hydrocarbons and many other organiccompounds into the base molecular components of carbon dioxideand water by way of the Krebs Cycle.The Krebs Cycle is an aerobic metabolic process present in everyaerobic organism and utilizes oxygen to create chemical reactions at amolecular level.The specific bacterial species used in WAXIE’s bioactiveproducts can be used in sinks,floors,drains,lift stations,compost,inter-ceptors or grease traps where organic materials cause problematic orunderperforming conditions.Oxygen in the presence of bacteria utiliz-ing the Krebs Cycle significantly reduces or eliminates unwanted organ-ic materials in water drainage systems and grease traps,thereby improv-ing system performance and decreasing physical maintenance costs.Inaddition,when considering a total lifecycle assessment analysis,the pos-itive impacts of aerobic bacterial treatment in drains and grease trapssignificantly outweigh those of alternative options, such as causticchemical treatment or mechanical removal of grease for disposal.A number of our franchisees have been test driving one of thesenew products and highly recommend it:WAXIE Unbelievable Hard Surface CleanerMunicipal/Industrial Strength Hard Surface Cleaner and Degreas-er with Advanced Surfactant System WAXIE Unbelievable Hard SurfaceCleaner is an all-natural and powerful cleaner & deodorizer designedfor every day use or for use on the toughest jobs. Contains‘fermenta-tion enzymes’and seven microbial species chosen for their high pro-duction enzymes useful in hard surface cleaning.Fragrance free.Waxie UnbelievableHard Surface CleanerDilution:1:32 to 1:64.Recommended for use in:• Commercial kitchens• Hard surface cleaning• Grout cleaning• Urine saturated concreteodor removal• Edible grease embeddedsurfaces• And more!Waxie UnbelievableHard SurfaceCleaneris available in5 gallon and1 gallon sizesTHE KREBS CYCLE"Newest" Unbelievable Chemical
  4. 4. FranchiseReferral Program— Regional Contacts —ArizonaDon SpeckDonS@OpenWorksWeb.com602.772.3027CaliforniaBob HurdBob.Hurd@OpenWorksWeb.com562.428.9210,x402IllinoisRyan DosenberryRyan.Dosenberry@OpenWorksWeb.com847-993-9826TexasDon SpeckDonS@OpenWorksWeb.com602.772.3027WashingtonTony OrsoTonyO@OpenWorksWeb.com425-827-0550,ext.305Please forward your comments,newsletter contributions,or suggestions to:Opening Doors Newsletter4742 North 24th StreetSuite 450Phoenix,AZ 85016fax:602.772.3028E-mail the editor:info@openworksweb.comwww.openworksfranchise.comARIZONAMeetings will be held on select Fridays:12:30pm – 3:00pm. Space is limited, RSVPto your regional office to reserve a seat!Meeting topics are subject to change.Friday, June 14thCommunicationCALIFORNIAMeetings will be held on select Fridays:12:30pm – 3:00pm. Space is limited, RSVPto your regional office to reserve a seat!Meeting topics are subject to change.Friday, June 21stCleaning for Health – Green CleaningILLINOISMeetings will be held on select Fridays:12:30pm – 3:00pm. Space is limited, RSVPto your regional office to reserve a seat!Meeting topics are subject to change.Wednesday, June 12thNew Technology / Equipment advancementsTEXASMeetings will be held on select Fridays:11:00pm – 1:00pm. Space is limited, RSVPto your regional office to reserve a seat!Meeting topics are subject to change.Saturday, June 8thUp Selling to your Clients:Additional Servicesand Tag JobsWASHINGTONMeetings will be held on select Fridays:1:00pm – 3:00pm. Space is limited, RSVPto your regional office to reserve a seat!Meeting topics are subject to change.Friday, June 7thFloor Work2013 FranchiseeBusiness Meeting SchedulesFirstWorksTM TrainingGraduatesCongratulations to the following graduateswho successfully completed the intense 10-dayFirstWorks training program.ArizonaMaria SahagunJonatan SandovalCaliforniaLaura BurciagaWassi MerhzaiTexasFelina Smith & Marlow OgdenBelkis Brene & Ramiro PerezWashingtonAseel AtaTony DisadilaSustainability.There is no sustainable business without a focus on the long-termwell-being of its people.To be a responsible leader,one needs to incor-porate sustainable business operations.Sustainable management canbe used to improve employee productivity,the environment,businessatmosphere, and personal lives using technology, work-life balancemeasures,and community engagement,among other things.Reporting.We need to throw some light on accident reporting.Even if accidentsare most often caused by human error,reporting them is hugely beneficialfor the learning curve.A series of incidents in the same area or task mayflag weak safety processes or a need to redesign your safety training pro-gram. Encourage your crew leaders to always report accidents,no matterhow minor they may feel they are.For more information on how to create a comprehensive safety training program for your business pleaserefer to the safety section in your Franchise Owner’s Manual or reach out to your Regional Operations Team.The program is very simple – just callthe Regional Director in your regionand give him/her your name and thename and phone number of theperson whom you are referring.If thereferral decides to purchase anOpenWorks franchise,then you make…First Referral = $ 750.00Second Referral = $1,000.00Third Referral = $1,250.00----------------------------------------------* referrals that result in a sale *Protect Your Most Important Assets continued from page 1Source: European Cleaning Journal