From innovative to commercial open source edition / Patrick Moreau


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From innovative to commercial open source edition / Patrick Moreau

  1. 1. From innovative to commercialopen source editionThe building and management of communities inpublic researchPatrick Moreau 23 /09/
  2. 2. Inria in a nutshellInria, the French national institute of digital science is dedicated tofundamental and applied research in information andcommunication science and technology (ICST).Budgetary Resources:• 250 M EurosHuman Resources:• 4,300 persons including 3500 researchersScientific Activities:• 208 research teams• 4,850 scientific publicationsIndustrial Relations:• Around 1000 software - But INRIA is not an editor: research prototypes only
  3. 3. Inria, a player in free softwareInria is convinced that free software plays an essential role indeveloping a digital society• Inria distributes today over 500 free softwareNumerous OS communities : Scilab, Monolix, Amaya, Coq, …CeCILL licensesStrategic member of OW2Launch of the IRILL, (the Initiative for Research and Innovation inFree Software)
  4. 4. Impact and TransferWe believe that• Integration of research results => Increase of competitiveness• In open source components => significant productivity gain• Open source => fluid transfer and innovation activities.Open Source software coming from research activities , calledinnovative OS, is a really interesting object for technology transfer,which is essential to produce the innovation on which thecompetitiveness of modern industry relies.• IMPACT: to use• TRANSFER: to editThe good period:• From a Me Too period to an innovative one
  5. 5. ObservationA large part of innovative open source is not visible by the industryWHY???Not so easy to answerA lot of literature on commercial open sourceDifficulties to apply directly this literature on innovative opensource• High complexity, requiring real expertise• Innovative
  6. 6. Launch of an analysis of Inria’s open sourceassetThe followed method is• Internal poll to identify the visible open source software• Interviews• Analysis• Identification of common points50 visible software have been identified20 have been deeply analyzed
  7. 7. Definition Utilisateurs passifs Utilisateurs actifs Développeurs/ leaders Communauté Contributeurs Owner / Core developers
  8. 8. First resultsA very few community of contributorsMost of them are communities of usersMotivation of researchers is a key element• Requires a lot of personal involvementCommunication is essential• Mailing list• IRC• Beautiful website• Documentation + tutorial
  9. 9. Ideal life cycle of innovative open source Identification of a common life cycle based on OSRL (Open Source Readiness Levels) • 5 – 15 years • Community may evolve Size of the communitySoftwarematurity Research First steps Communauty Project in Open building project maturation Source OSRL 1 OSRL 2 OSRL 3 OSRL 4 Logiciel Communauté t Qualification Birth of a community Start of maturation Output of users Birth of a community ff contributors
  10. 10. ConclusionA common language with industry: OSRL• In which OSRL phase is your software?Professionalization => ConfidenceIt remains several obstacles to maximize IMPACT and TRANSFER=> WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR !!! OWF 2012To be noted: “open source innovation catalyst” track duringOW2Con the 24rd of November 2011 in Paris.
  11. 11. Thanks for your attention Do you have any questions?