Getting Attention in 15 Seconds or Less: How to Turn Any Cold Call into a Warm One


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OpenView Labs presents:
"Getting attention in 15 seconds: How to turn any cold call into a warm one"
With Sales Trainer Extraordinaire, Jeff Hoffman

In this webinar, Jeff will cover prospecting and sales best practices that will be sure to boost your sales productivity and harness the power of momentum selling.

At the end of the day, activity determines greatness in sales. Jeff teams up with Devon McDonald and CeCe Bazar of OpenView Labs to empower sales reps to convert a territory of possibilities into a continual flow of leads. He has mastered effective management of the pipeline, so that your energy, enthusiasm and action yield massive results.

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Getting Attention in 15 Seconds or Less: How to Turn Any Cold Call into a Warm One

  1. 1. Getting Attention in 15 Seconds or Less: How to Turn Any Cold Call into a Warm One Featuring Jeff Hoffman, Devon McDonald, and CeCe Bazar @mjhoffman @DevMcDee @howbazar #warmcalling
  2. 2. Agenda •The Importance of Cold Calling •The Truth about Cold Calling • Why traditional techniques don’t work •How to get attention in 15 seconds •Strategic problem solving •Q&A #warmcalling 2 |
  3. 3. The Importance of Picking Up the Phone •Calling leads and prospects is still relevant •People still pick up the phone •However the days of just “checking in” are long gone #warmcalling 3 |
  4. 4. The Truth about Cold Calling •The meaning of AIDA •The ultra-competitive in-Box •The metrics #warmcalling 4 |
  5. 5. What are the Challenges To Cold Calling S&MM’s study of the relationship between cold call “touches” and closed deals… 48% reps averaged 1 touch per lead 13% reps averaged 2 touches per lead 7% reps averaged 3 touches per lead 3% reps averaged 4 touches per lead 80% of sales take a minimum of 5 cold calls. - S&MM Magazine Survey #warmcalling 5 |
  6. 6. How can we overcome these challenges? #warmcalling 6 |
  7. 7. Getting Attention is 15 Seconds •Calling the C-Suite •Leveraging the Gatekeeper •The “Why You? Why You Now?”™ Approach 7 |
  8. 8. Calling the C-Suite •Why Cold Call at the Executive-level? – Best source for research – Establishes internal credibility quickly – Source of better referrals – Competitor-proofs the Account – Not easily intimidated by the sales process – Better investment in your career – Less popular – Lands in front of a live audience 8 |
  9. 9. Calling the C-Suite •Accountants, lawyers, bankers •Airport lounges •Annual reports, SEC filings •Book endorsements •Business Directories/Who’s Who •Chambers of Commerce •Charitable Organizations •Civic Organizations •College Alumni Orgs •Competitors websites •Current customers •Current partners •Current/former coworkers •Former customers •Fraternal Orgs •Friends/family •Local/National news •eNetworking (LinkedIn, twitter,...) •Other sales reps •Professional Orgs •Prospects •Public filings •Radio/TV interviews •Seminars •Speeches and inteviews •Subscription lead generators •Trade magazines •Trade orgs •Trade shows •VCs •Want-ads/job boards •WWW #warmcalling 9 |
  10. 10. Leveraging the Gatekeeper •Identify the type of gatekeeper •“We’ve never met..” •Engage them directly 10 |
  11. 11. Why You? Why You Now? 1. Start with the “WHY YOU?” • A specific reference to the person (or company.) • Relates back to a “sales trigger.” 2. Next, introduce the “WHY YOU NOW?” • Relates back to a “sales trigger.” • Must be shorter than the “Why You?” 3. Finish with an (Open-ended) Close • Something you WANT • Easy to deliver and “outbox” #warmcalling 11 |
  12. 12. Why You? Why You Now? From: M. Jeffrey Hoffman Sent: Sun 22-Oct-09 8:17 AM To: Bx, Michael Subject: Your cover story in SMM Hello Michael, I just got off the phone with Barbara after she shared your interview with me in this months issue of SMM. I found your recent sales shift to "discipline, structure, and focus” intriguing. Many technology companies rely on our approach to sales training due to the very same principles. Who do you recommend that I contact at EDS to introduce our training programs? Best regards, Jeff Hoffman MJ Hoffman and Associates, LLC. 617-371-2905 From: Bx, Michael Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2009 9:33 AM To: Jeff Hoffman Cc: Lx, Margaret A Subject: FW: Your cover story in SMM Jeff Thank you for the email - Margaret runs this area and I have copied her on this email so you can connect. Regards, Michael 12 | #warmcalling
  13. 13. Strategic Problem Solving #warmcalling 13 |
  14. 14. QUESTIONS? Ask away… #warmcalling 14 |
  15. 15. THANK YOU Connect with Jeff: @mjhoffman & @YourSalesMBA Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our next webinar on Structuring SaaS Sales Comp for your team Thanks for joining us today! Happy Prospecting! #warmcalling 15 |