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OSS Presentation by Bryan Badger

  1. 1. Scaling Storage WithoutCompromising on Features Bryan Badger, CEO Integral Networks
  2. 2. Agenda• Company & Technology Overview• Nexenta Architecture• Best-Practices• Q & A Period
  3. 3. About Me• Bryan Badger CEO/CTO• Oversees daily business & technology operations• Two primary and one secondary data center locations in Rancho Cordova and Natomas, Calif• Hosted Service Provider’s Perspective on Nexenta
  4. 4. Company Overview• Integral Networks, Inc was founded in 2004 and is based out of Rocklin, Calif.• Established provider of turn-key cloud-based technology solutions,• Managed services, infrastructure management, and value-added technical services to the channel and organizations of all sizes and from all market sectors
  5. 5. Technology Infrastructure• 140+ servers – 90 VMWare vShpere and 50 XenServer, 1 physical server no hypervisor – 500 Virtual Servers / 1100 Hosted Desktops – 2500 Hosted Exchange Mailboxes / 800 Websites• Dell PowerEdge C6105 & R710 powered by VMware vShpere & Citrix XenServer hosted in SunGuard Availability Services & Webion Internet Data Center facilities
  6. 6. Day-to-Day IT Workload• Serving 1100+ Hosted Desktops, 2500 Exchange Mailboxes & 400+ Virtual Servers for both in-house infrastructure and clients – Highly-Accessible, Always-on Business-Critical Services, 24x7x365• Data Protection: Hourly Exchange & Data Back-ups, Nightly VM Images
  7. 7. Previous Storage Platform• NetApp FAS2020 – Backend SAN – Unable to keep up with I/O load; caused poor performance – Storage costs per gigabyte almost 20x more than NexentaStor solution• Dell EqualLogic PS5000/6000 Series – Backend SAN – Cost-prohibitive scale-out solution as business needs out-grew capacity – Finite amount of storage per head node
  8. 8. Legacy Storage Pain Points• Storage costs per GB almost 10x more than NexentaStor solution (both NetApp and EqualLogic)• Network Bandwidth to low, 10Gb, Fiber costs prohibitive Meet growing network storage needs without spending a fortune!
  9. 9. Finding the Right Solution Storage needs Storage solution • Rich feature-set Open Storage• Scale-out solution that is not solution that tops legacy SANcost-prohibitive technologies• High availability to hostedservices while eliminating a • Cost-effective scalability, assingle-point of failure business needs grow• Support for VMware ESX &XenServer • Active/Active failover for•Ability to Virtualize multiple always-on access to datavendor storage systems•Unlimited Snapshots, Offsite • Vmware, XenServer-ReadyReplication, De-Duplication Solution•Multi Protocol Support, iSCSI,NFS, CIFS and AD Integration
  10. 10. The Business Value of Nexenta for High Availability Nexenta ArchitectureIT Infrastructure • vShpere Cluster •XenServer •ISO & File • 400+ VMs Cluster Repository • AD, DB,Exchange •1100+ Desktops •VM Templates NFS NFS NFS/CIFS 10Gb Networking Community Edition Enterprise Edition • Replication • Snapshots
  11. 11. StorageDirector l Z SeriesDual Head Nodes (Active/Active)• 2x Intel® Xeon ® 5600 Series CPUs• 82GB DDR ECC Memory• 2x Intel 2-Port Copper 10 Gigabit Adapters• OS Drives: 2x 73GB 10k 2.5” SAS Drives• NexentaStor™ w/ HA Cluster Plug-inJBOD Expansion• 8x Intel X25-E 32GB SSD for Logs• 8x Intel X25-M 80GB SSD for cache• 26x Seagate 2TB 7.2K 6GB SAS• 13x 300GB 15k 6GB SAS• 4x LSI JBOD ChassisVolume(Disk) Configuration• 2x Volumes w/ 12 disks in 3 groups of raidz1 w/ SSD drives for logs and cache w/ 1 spare• 1x Volume w/ 12 disks in 6 groups of mirrored sets w/ SSD drives for logs and cache w/ 1 spare
  12. 12. Enterprise Storage w/o the Cost Technology Benefits  Unlimited Snapshots  TBD  TBD  Community Edition Business Benefits  Scalable solution that’s 20x less than legacy SAN  Ability to add HA & virtualization
  13. 13. Services Best-Practices Deploy a complete solution to minimize risk  Use Nexenta pre-tested & pre-certified hardware solutions  Pogo Storage Director hardware configuration had gone through the rigorous testing and QA by Nexenta Take advantage of Nexenta Professional Services Test and document: failover, expected IOP loads, and de-duplication scenarios – cannot over- emphasize this!
  14. 14. Deployment Considerations Use SAS SSDs for shared write log(zlog) and/or cache (l2arc) Use aggregate network ports for redundancy Dedicate NAS network traffic; separate management network RAM in headnodes is essential for De-Duplication