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OSS Presentation NexentaStor™ OSS Presentation NexentaStor™ Presentation Transcript

  • Benefits of NexentaStor with VAAI, VASA, and SVA Dan Boggs Sr. Product Manager, Nexenta2 Nexenta Systems, Inc.: CONFIDENTIAL
  • • What is VAAI? – Vmware’s vStorage API for Array Integration – Requires ESX/ESXi 4.1 or later – Not really an API in the classic sense • Set of SCSI-3 commands supported by ESX/ESXi3 Nexenta Systems, Inc.: CONFIDENTIAL
  • • Why is it important to a customer? – VAAI is a set of SCSI-3 commands which offload certain operations from the host CPU and memory – Enables more efficient use of host CPU and memory – First three commands are supported in ESX/ESXi 4.1 and later. Feature Benefit Write-Same Offloads initialization of a virtual disk by having the array controller write all zero’s to the v-disk ATS Enables Vmware to lock a region on a LUN without requiring the entire LUN to be locked allowing commands to continue. Think cloaning Block-Copy Offloads copying a region on a LUN to another location from the host CPU by having the array controller perform the task Unmap Enables ESX/ESXi 5.0 and later to destroy VM’s and return the freed storage to the Zvol4 Nexenta Systems, Inc.: CONFIDENTIAL
  • • How do I get it? – Upgrade to ESX/ESXi 5.0 – NexentaStor 3.15 Nexenta Systems, Inc.: CONFIDENTIAL
  • • VASA – vSphere Storage APIs – Storage Awareness – Future capability of NexentaStor • Initial VM placement – Identify the datastore – What is the underlying LUNs ID – Engage with the SAN admin • Is the LUN Thin Provisioned • Deduplication • Tiered storage • etc6 Nexenta Systems, Inc.: CONFIDENTIAL
  • • Wouldn’t it be nice if a LUNs characteristics were easily discovered in vSphere? • VASA provides this capability – It enables features of physical storage devices to be displayed in vSphere • LUN characteristics are passed from a storage appliance to vCenter via a vCenter plugin • Future capability being planned7 Nexenta Systems, Inc.: CONFIDENTIAL
  • • What is SVA? • Storage Virtual Appliance – NexentaStor running as a VM – Effectively turns DAS into shared storage • Good option for VDI8 Nexenta Systems, Inc.: CONFIDENTIAL
  • 9 Nexenta Systems, Inc.: CONFIDENTIAL
  • • Why run NexentaStor as a virtual appliance? • Easily provision new storage • Ability to grow or shrink hardware resources • Deploy storage infrastructure in the cloud10 Nexenta Systems, Inc.: CONFIDENTIAL
  • • How do I get it? Download the Free Trial images for VMware or Citrix OR Download the standard Free Trial11 Nexenta Systems, Inc.: CONFIDENTIAL
  • Thank You!12 Nexenta Systems, Inc.: CONFIDENTIAL