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Gil yehuda commoditization open source
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Gil yehuda commoditization open source


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. StrategicOpen Sourceat Yahoo!Gil YehudaDirector of Open Source22 November 2011
  • 2. Yahoo! isthe premier digitalmedia company.
  • 3. Yahoo! issites are #1 inmost10 Yahoo! one of the their7 of ouris oneusers top 10 most700M unique aretheper month,Yahoo! reaches more than 48% sites of ranked #2 incategory technology companies intrusted (e.g. News, Finance, Sports,influential per Estate,their category. month. Autos,12B visits brands in APAC. Local)of global internet users.Flickr, omg!, Realthe world.
  • 4. In India: Yahoo! reaches 81% of the internet users More people read Yahoo!News than read the leading English papers: Times of India and Hindustan Times. Yahoo! Sports is #1 here. Yahoo! Cricket had 310M page views during the ICC Cricket World Cup. Yahoo! Movies, omg! and Y!Messenger are also #1 sites in India.
  • 5. Y! Private Cloud processes 100 billion events/day.We manage 200 petabytes of content: This grows by 50 terabytes/day.Y! runs a 16 terabyte MOLAP Cube: It processes 50 gigabytes/hour.We process 3.7 billion display ad impressions/day.We generate 13M versions of the homepage/day.
  • 6. Standards
  • 7. Standards Code
  • 8. Standards Code Deals
  • 9. Standards Code Deals Pride
  • 10. Standards Code Deals Pride Protect
  • 11. Standards Code Deals Pride ProtectManage
  • 12. Standards Code Deals Pride ProtectManage Talent
  • 13. “I work for an Open Source company.” Using Giving Selling
  • 14. Apache Hadoop, Pig, Zookeeper, Oozie, Hive, etc.Apache Traffic Server, User Fiber FrameworkYUI libraryL3dsrPlutonMojitoPlus many Open APIs and SDKsPlus support of many Open Standards activitiesPlus support for Random Hacks of KindnessPlus code from Hack DaysAnd much more
  • 15. FOSS Proprietary Products code code PlumbingCommodity platforms
  • 16. Yahoo Digital Media Experiences Ads User ContentIngestion, Scoring, Optimization and Ranking Serving & Storage (Serving Environment) Hadoop (Async Platform) Cloud Services Cloud Fabric
  • 17. Why Open Source Hadoop? Developer Tech debt discipline Talent Code quality seeding and sourcing Business Competitors deals
  • 18. Livestand and Mojito 3rd Party Livestand apps Mojito Manhattan Ychrome Phonegap Sidewinder Yahoo! Node.js Runtime Deployment Content
  • 19. Yahoo! Inc. Government Marketplace CommunityPhoto Credit:
  • 20. Yahoo! loves Open Source We use Open Source tools, products, and code. We give back to projects by way of big fixes and extensions. We sponsor Open Source projects, large and small.