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OpenMEAP presentation

  1. 1. OpenMEAP Presentation
  2. 2. Mission“Our mission is to transform the way companies think about enterprisemobile development by providing an open source mobile enterprise application platform to normalize business cost”
  3. 3. Summary• OpenMEAP provides open source mobile application software that removes the need for developing mobile apps natively across multiple platforms. Our software enables organizations of all sizes to efficiently develop, deliver and manage mobile applications while using their existing web development and designer resources• OpenMEAP customers will be eager to drive their mobile development costs down and improve efficiency, now that it can be accomplished with a fraction of the time, money and overhead required by other Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) products on the market to date
  4. 4. CostOpenMEAP is available free of royalties and fees.•From a business perspective the purchase cost of software is only one factor; totalcost of ownership (TCO) is what really matters. TCO for OpenMEAP includes: – Zero purchase price – No need to account for copies in use, reducing administrative overhead – Reduced need for regular upgrades which lowers management costs – Near-zero vulnerability to viruses eliminating need for virus checking, data loss and downtime – Better adherence to standards permits competition in the market, reducing vendor lock-in and consequent monopoly pricing – Availability of source code provides greater continuity and security against • Financial collapse of MEAP vendors • MEAP vendors choosing to withdraw support for unprofitable products – Protection against being required to fit your IT strategy to the cash needs of your MEAP provider
  5. 5. Auditability• A huge benefit of OpenMEAP is its auditability. Closed-source software forces its users to trust the MEAP vendor when claims are made for qualities such as security, freedom from backdoors, adherence to standards and flexibility in the face of future changes. If the source code is not available, those claims remain simply claims• By publishing the OpenMEAP source code as Open Source, authors make it possible for users of the software to have confidence that there is a basis for those claims. Whether this takes the form of a superficial and informal inspection or more rigorous auditing, whats clear is that without access to the source, third party inspections are impossible
  6. 6. FlexibilityFlexibility when using OpenMEAP’s software• OpenMEAP’s view is that flexibility should really mean business flexibility, so that as requirements in the business change, solutions should not be unreasonably constrained by the software• Flexibility to use any HTML5 or responsive design frameworks – By allowing any mobile HTML5 or CSS3 framework to be used on the OpenMEAP platform, this enables your company the ability to choose what mobile framework best suits your needs• Flexibility to use any mobile user interface (UI) development tools – Now that browsers are supporting HTML5 and CSS3, mobile UI developers are using free tools to help simulate devices screen resolutions where custom IDE’s are not required anymore• Flexibility to use any deployment model – Deploy in the cloud, hosted or on-premises, OpenMEAP provides your organization with the ability to choose a deployment that fits your current IT strategy.
  7. 7. FreedomOpenMEAP’s software provides further flexibility through freedom.• Freedom from a single vendor – Software vendors can go out of business, and they can arbitrarily decide to cease development of a product. OpenMEAP’s software allows you to retain not just the right to use the software you already have, but the ability to continue to use it as your needs change• Freedom to modify your software – You arent limited to what one company believes you need. Proprietary MEAP vendors must cater for many different companies, predominantly their own. OpenMEAP’s software can be tailored for the way you do business. If in-house development skills dont exist, an email to OpenMEAP will usually find a suitable consultant or partner• Freedom from integrated development environments (IDE) – MEAP vendors usually have their own IDE’s that developers need to learn in order to develop mobile solutions. Using these custom IDE’s create a learning curve in order to move to another solution• Freedom from mobile client-side development – By eliminating the need for outsourcing and hiring developers who know Java, Objective-C and C- Sharp, OpenMEAP enables web developers and designers the ability to create and manage mobile applications in a straightforward and simple manner
  8. 8. The Technology
  9. 9. Good luck with yourOpenMEAP project! Contact Us OpenMEAP Demo OpenMEAP In The News