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OK Labs and Citrix Introduce the Nirvana Phone
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OK Labs and Citrix Introduce the Nirvana Phone


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Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs), the leading global provider of embedded virtualization software for mobile phones and broadband Internet devices, and Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS), today announced …

Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs), the leading global provider of embedded virtualization software for mobile phones and broadband Internet devices, and Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS), today announced the “nirvana phone” reference architecture, using virtualization to enable both mobile communications and office desktop-type productivity. The nirvana phone concept goes beyond traditional smart phones by allowing users to access their corporate virtual desktop and applications from a single device, in any location. With support for docking to full-sized displays, keyboards, mice and other PC-type peripherals, nirvana phones will offer mobile workers a complete “virtual desktop in your pocket”, allowing them to take their desktop anywhere without the need to carry around a full laptop.

Published in: Technology

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  • (Informa) Logistics and introduction
  • Informa: Review outline-> Content overviewLater you will be able to:Download the presentationDownload the Reference designLink to the NirvanaPhone Demo
  • Informa/BW – introduce participants
  • BW:So what’s all this noise about virtualization?
  • BW: “Virtualization is a technology that has been called(BW) Killer app enable in the data center, on the desktop and -> -> ->(BW) Enabling green IT and underlying Cloud ComputingChris Fleck of Citrix will provide an overview of Enterprise/Desktop Virtualization
  • (BW) Chris, How do Citrix customer use virtualization?
  • (CF) Transforming vision of enterprise IT, the web, the desktop(CF) Delivering enterprise applications to all types of client devices(CF) Complete Windows desktop experience as an on-demand service
  • (CF) more about E/D virtualization (BW) For those who are not familiar with Citrix, Chris, can you provide a brief introduction->
  • (CF) Citrix leadership stats
  • (BW) Virtualization is now in embedded/mobileMature concept and technology retargeted at emerging needs
  • (BW) Rob, Why mobile virtualization(RM) High-level overview of mobile virtualization
  • Lower-cost phone
  • Quicker Development
  • Energy Management
  • Security and Trusted Computing(BW) Rob, can you tells us a little about OK Labs for those of us who are not familiar with the company?
  • (RM) OK Labs stats - the Leader in Mobile Virtualization
  • 500 Million mobile devices
  • (RM)Worlds first commercially available fully virtualized phone
  • (BW) We’ve talked about Enterprise/Desktop virtualization and mobile virtualization-> Where do these technologies come together and why?
  • (CF) We have a growing mobile workforce that has Mobile Needs
  • (CF) Need for secure mobile access to business-critical data and applications(BW) Why not just use web applications or iPhone and Android mobile apps?(CF) Answer
  • (CF) Security for a situation when a phone is left in a cab
  • (RM) Requirement to support flexible provisioning and BYOD (Corp World vs Personal World)(RM) Delivery channel for desktop virtualization onto mobile devices
  • (RM) The joint solution currently offered by Citrix and OK Labs is M2E or Mobile-to-Enterprise virtualization
  • (BW) Are we changing the way we work? The answer is clearly yes
  • (BW) Traditional desktop computing giving way to mobile paradigmNeed to accommodate current global workforceSpawning new form factors, experimentation(BW) Highlights need for truly converged computing and communications(BW) Voice communications, messaging and multimediaEmail and web accessMix of device-centric and hosted enterprise applications
  • (BW) Chris, What challenges does this new paradigm present, to mobile workers and enterprise IT?
  • (CF) Form FactorTraditional desktop/notebook form factors too large for ubiquitous portability,Even netbooks unsuitable for the role of personal communications->Not portable enough, not green and clean
  • (CF)ProvisioningIT staff and workers don't want to provision/maintain/carry multiple devicesEmployees want to leave their laptop home for short trips Users want to choose their own devices (BYOD)
  • (CF) Rich Media, Enterprise ApplicationsMobile phone screen, keyboard too small for productivityMobile phone experience is a compromiseOkay when mobile, but productivity demands access to large display, full-size keyboard, mouse, etc->
  • (BW) BYOD presents challenges-> What kinds of convergence among devices will help meet these challenges? Goldilocks
  • (CF) The answer is the Nirvana Phone
  • (CF) Smartphone form-factor for portability & ubiquityM2E-enabled for secure access to enterprise applications and dataDockable / extensible for desktop/notebook rolesAdd keyboard, mouse, HD display
  • (RM) Connect to Virtual Desktop hosted in the cloud or data center Enable productivity, presentation, multimedia experienceSupport use in the office, on the road, in the home(RM) OK Labs helps by -> -> -> (BW) Can we give webinar participants a demonstration of Nirvana phone capabilities?
  • video
  • (BW) Wow, very impressive, who benefits from this technology?(CF) Benefits(CF) Reminder to Download the presentationDownload the Reference designLink to the NirvanaPhone Demo
  • (BW) Q&A Section
  • Transcript

    • 1. <li>Mobile Computing Nirvana: <br />The Convergence of Mobile and Desktop Virtualization in One Device<br />February 2010<br /></li><li>In this webinar:<br /><ul><li> Virtualization Overview</li><li> Enterprise/Desktop Virtualization</li><li> Introduction to Mobile Virtualization</li><li> Mobile-to-Enterprise Virtualization</li><li> Mobile/Desktop Convergence</li><li> Introducing the Nirvana Phone</li></li></ul><li>Rob McCammon<br />VP, Product Management Open Kernel Labs robm@ok-labs-&gt;com<br />Chris Fleck<br />VP, Community and Solution Development Citrix christopher-&gt;fleck@citrix-&gt;com<br />Bill Weinberg<br />Principal Consultant and Independent Analyst Linux Pundit bill@linuxpundit-&gt;com<br />James Middleton<br />Managing Editor, telecoms-&gt;com Informa Telecoms &amp; Media james-&gt;middleton@informa-&gt;com<br /></li><li>Q<br />So what’s all this noise about virtualization?<br /></li><li>H E L L O<br />my name is<br />Virtualization<br />Killer Application<br />“ This is what I do-&gt;-&gt;-&gt; ”<br /></li><li>Q<br />How do Citrix customers use virtualization?<br /></li><li>Enable virtual working from anywhere &amp; any device<br />Transform static datacenters into dynamic delivery centers<br />Users<br />Datacenter<br /></li><li>Repeater<br />Gateway<br />Receiver<br />Controller<br />Content<br />HBO<br />Showtime<br />CNN<br />Pay-per-view<br />Delivery Network<br />xBox 360<br />xBox 360<br />Data Center<br /><br />Cloud Services<br />Blu-ray DVD<br />SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101<br /><br />Apple TV<br /></li><li>BranchRepeater<br />Receiver<br />AccessGateway<br />XenDesktop<br />XenApp<br />XenServer<br />NetScaler<br /><br />Cloud Services<br />Data Center<br />SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101<br /><br /></li><li><ul><li> 200,000 customers worldwide</li><li> 100M daily users</li><li> 75% of Internet users</li><li> 100M online collaboration sessions</li><li> 4,500 professionals</li><li> 5,000 business partners</li></li></ul><li>H E L L O<br />my name is<br />Mobile<br />Virtualization<br />Killer Application<br />“ Did I mention <br />I do mobile-&gt;-&gt;-&gt; ”<br /></li><li>Q<br />Why mobile?<br /></li><li>$<br />Want to <br />spend less ?<br />[ ]<br />Lower-cost phone<br /></li><li>Want to <br />use less ?<br />[ ] <br />Quicker development<br /></li><li>Want to <br />see less ?<br />[ ] <br />Energy management<br /></li><li>Want to <br />have more ?<br />[ ] <br />Security<br /></li><li><ul><li>World’s leader in mobile virtualization</li><li>Founded in 2006, 15+ years R&D</li><li>IP commercialization with National ICT Australia</li><li>OK developer community surpasses 2,500 members</li><li>Solutions for Android, Symbian, Linux, and more</li></li></ul><li>500<br />OKL4 deployed in more than<br />MILLION<br />DEVICES<br /></li><li>OKL4 inside<br />World’s first virtualized mobile phone<br />Motorola Evoke QA4<br /></li><li>Q<br />What problems do Citrix and OK Labs solve?<br /></li><li>Mobile Workforce with Mobile Needs<br /></li><li>Secure Mobile Access<br /></li><li>What if this happens?<br /></li><li>Bring Your Own Device<br />BYOD<br /></li><li>+<br />+<br />x<br />x<br />+<br />≤<br />≥<br />≥<br />y<br />½<br />½<br />π<br />≤<br />π<br />x<br />½<br />y<br />y<br />π<br />+<br />+<br />≤<br />≤<br />x<br />x<br />π<br />π<br />M2E<br />Citrix+OK Labs=<br />≥<br />x<br />π<br />y<br />+<br />x<br />π<br /></li><li>Q<br />Are we changing the way we work?<br /></li><li><ul><li> Mobile & Desktop </li></ul>Convergence<br /></li><li><ul><li> Mobile & Desktop </li></ul>Convergence<br />Challenges<br /></li><li>Mobile &amp; Desktop Convergence<br /></li><li>Overload-&gt;<br /></li><li>Everyone has a laptop…<br />[ ]<br />but they wouldn’t mind leaving it a home-&gt;<br /></li><li>Mobile &amp; Desktop Convergence<br /></li><li>Q<br />How do we overcome these challenges?<br /></li><li><ul><li> Introducing the</li></ul>Nirvana Phone<br />A “just right” converged solution<br /></li><li>Smartphone <br />= mobile phone + PDA<br />Nirvana Phone <br />= Smartphone<br />+ Full-sized display<br />+ Keyboard &amp; mouse<br />+ Virtual desktop<br />+OKL4 mobile virtualization<br /></li><li>Nirvana Phone <br />Mobile Device<br />Device’s Native Screen<br />OKL4 Display Drivers<br />Native Device Applications<br />External Monitor<br />Receiver Start <br />OKL4 BT Mouse &amp; Keyboard Driver <br />Native OS Device Drivers<br />Native Device OS<br />Citrix Receiver <br />De-privileged<br />Privileged<br />OKL4 Microvisor<br /></li><li>To view the video:<br />http://www-&gt;youtube-&gt;com/user/OpenKernelLabs<br /></li><li>Who benefits?<br /><ul><li> Mobile Workers: </li><li>Road Warriors: travel with and deliver presentations easily</li><li>ER Heroes: quickly plug into a display anywhere in the hospital</li><li>Selective Shoppers: BYOD and use the device you like</li><li>Roaming Consultants: select a cubicle, dock, and work</li><li>IT: allow safe access to company apps and data, empower employees who want BYOD</li><li> Device OEMs:create new devices, generate demand, increase sales</li><li> MNOs:roll out new services, add data users, increase revenue per user</li></li></ul><li>Questions?<br /></li><li>citrix-&gt;com ok-labs-&gt;com<br />christopher-&gt;fleck@citrix-&gt;com robm@ok-labs-&gt;com<br />Documents to Download now:<br /> Slides with speakers’ notes from this presentation<br /> Nirvana Phone Concept Specification and Reference Architecture<br /> Demo video: Nirvana Phone in action<br /></li>