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OpenGen Kick Off 062910

  1. 1. Kick-Off Meeting • June 29, 2010
  2. 2. What is OpenGen? 1 •  Not for profit council of industry experts in the practice of family history •  Creating a universal set of standards for the recording, exchange, preservation, and sharing of genealogical data •  Real Time data exchange (API’s) •  Format for data portability (.FTM, Gedcom, XML) •  The industry evangelist community for the adoption of the standards
  3. 3. Purpose of OpenGen 2 •  Create and maintain an objective standard for the definition of digital standards for genealogy and family history data •  Build on past work to deliver a contemporary standard that is open to all constituents and companies interested in genealogy data interoperability
  4. 4. History of Genealogy Data Sharing 3 •  Gedcom •  First introduced 14 years ago by the Church of Latter Day Saints •  The de-facto standard for genealogy data •  No formal mechanism for social media (commenting, tagging, etc.) •  API •  Gaining in relevancy and adoption as the means through which systems share data and family history information •  As our industry grows, new players and solutions introduce opportunities for increased data diffusion
  5. 5. Why are we here? 4 •  Kicking off a collaboration of experts in the field. •  Create the standards •  Recruit the right people to lead and execute this effort •  Strategize for the widespread adoption of this new standard
  6. 6. Who’s behind OpenGen? 5 •  Scott Mueller, Founder and CEO of •  Wikipedia-style public and open family tree of the world •  Currently in beta, and launching in the fall •  Advocates of free and open collaboration for people and systems to advance the practice of family history •  Funding the kick-off of the project
  7. 7. 6 Site will officially launch in early July as the resource for the committee members, works in process, discussion forums, and project updates.
  8. 8. OpenGen Structure 7 The chairperson sits for a •  Alliance term of 2 years and Chairperson oversees the activities of the 3 core OpenGen committees Scott Mueller •  REST API •  Bibliographic •  Outreach •  Hub & Spoke data •  Communication •  Coordination •  Persistent •  Administration Identifiers API’s Content MarComm
  9. 9. Next Steps 8 •  Identify interests of participants •  Follow-up to align interests and committee needs •  Sharing of past work •  Forums and discussion boards will launch with website •  Open invitation to post and share •  Call for more volunteers •  Need your help inviting parties that would benefit from or would be beneficial to OpenGen
  10. 10. Questions? 9 •  We’re open to your thoughts and feedback. •  The success of this alliance relies on the open participation of members representing a wide cross-section of our industry