OpenGen Webinar 121310
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OpenGen Webinar 121310



Slides for the International OpenGen Alliance webinar

Slides for the International OpenGen Alliance webinar



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OpenGen Webinar 121310 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Housekeeping – OpenGen Webinar1 •  Webinar Housekeeping •  This webinar is being recorded •  Recording will be available at tomorrow afternoon •  A list of webinar attendees will be included in the slides published at the close of the call •  The webinar slides will be posted at SlideShare following the webinar, and commenting will be enabled •  Comments and questions are welcome during the call •  Please use the G2W tools to pose questions, raise hands, or chat with members during the webinar. •  Questions: Ask written questions to the presenters using this dialogue •  Raise your hand: Request permission to speak directly to the group via your voice connection •  Chat: Offer comments/questions to the entire audience or a specific member
  • 2. Update – OpenGen Webinar2 •  OpenGen Update & Housekeeping • was taken offline in September to regroup, and reconsider the process and structure •  Multiple Committees •  Model Collaboration •  Meeting Frequency •  Tool set for collaboration and communications •  501c(3) foundation is a formal legal entity •  Represented by the law firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP •  Foundation Bylaws written and filed with foundation •  Membership Update •  Currently 35 members signed up
  • 3. Collaboration – OpenGen Webinar3 During the OpenGen quiet period, the BetterGEDCOM initiative was launched and has a lot of demonstrated interest. 1. Update on conversations and intentions with BetterGEDCOM originators 2. Questions regarding the folding in of other like- minded genealogy initiatives. Action Item: Compile a complete list of all such initiatives
  • 4. Lessons Learned – OpenGen Webinar4 1. Collaboration on work product with an open agenda around the desired product outcome doesn’t work •  OpenGen needs to do a better job at clarifying the desired work product outcome(s) 2. Multiple committees create a tax on people’s time and focus •  Focus on delivering the work product first, THEN adoption 3. Publishing a rudimentary model without reinforcement of the intent of doing so alienated participation •  OpenGen will strive for greater clarity around the work product and the process in achieving a result going forward 4. Perceived leadership on the initiative within the control of a single commercial entity leads to questions around motivation. •  OpenGen will accelerate the call for candidates to elect a BOD
  • 5. Near Term Goals – OpenGen Webinar5 •  OpenGen wants to deliver a contemporary standard for genealogical data exchange •  OpenGen’s file format will initially be XML-based •  First round product ready for review in early 2011 •  OpenGen seeks to serve as an independently run standards body with an influential and objective voice in the definition and maintenance of the standard for genealogical data •  OpenGen seeks to invite widespread adoption of the standard by the major players in the industry by the end of 2011
  • 6. Long Term Goals – OpenGen Webinar6 •  OpenGen will aid in the authoring of the process and workflow through which genealogical data preservation and exchange issues are considered and executed. •  OpenGen will maintain a library of updated documentation for the standards of genealogical data exchange and preservation. •  OpenGen will function outside of the control of any single commercial entity or interest. •  Maintain a set of open source software and services that facilitates open data exchange and preservation.
  • 7. Process Review – OpenGen Webinar7 Reigniting the OpenGen workflow with a concentration first on the product and then adoption. PROCESS FLOW: 1.  Definition of the initial work product •  Define and clarify desired refinements to existing standards This discussion will be the subject of the next meeting 2.  Building the data model •  Online collaboration and feedback through & Basecamp 3.  Write the XML and XML Schema code for a file format •  Target an alpha product release date
  • 8. Working Tools – OpenGen is the free online tool through which ourdeveloper community can collaborate on theOpenGen model.www.Gliffy.comBasecamp is the tool through which meetingminutes are recorded and shared, documentationis housed, and project schedules are
  • 9. Next Steps – OpenGen Webinar9 The next scheduled meeting for OpenGen is: Tuesday, December 28, 2011 1:00 p.m. PST / 4:00 p.m. EST / 9:00 p.m. UTC details will be available at
  • 10. Participant Summary – OpenGen Webinar10 Participants for the webinar included: •  Andrew Hatchett Retired •  GeneJ Composer Family Historian / BetterGEDCOM •  George Farkas XGenML •  Gordon Clarke FamilySearch •  Greg Lamberson Genealogy Enthusiast / Lamco IT Solutions •  Pat Richley GeneaBlogger / BetterGEDCOM •  Peter Cook PGCC, Inc. •  Rysa Pitner / •  Scott Mueller / •  Tamura Jones Independent Consultant / Computer Scientist