OpenEnergyMonitor Home Camp 4, London Oct2011


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Presentation given by OpenEnergyMonitor at Home Camp 4 energy monitoring and home automation conference and Open-source hardware camp organised by OSHUG.

Presentation details latest developments on our end-to-end open-source wireless web-connected energy monitoring system; both hardware and software.

Blog post about the event:

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OpenEnergyMonitor Home Camp 4, London Oct2011

  1. 1. Home Camp 4, C4CC London29/10/2011 Glyn Hudson and Trystan Lea
  2. 2. “A project to develop and build open-source energymonitoring, control and analysis tools for energy efficiencyand distributed renewable microgeneration”
  3. 3.
  4. 4. DS18B20 one-wireOptional AC voltage temperature bus IRQ pulse counting(for real powermeasurement) Status LED (upside down!)JeePorts forcompatibility withJeeLab shields 3 x CT channels 3.5mm jack forAtmega 328 @ 3.3V Seedstudio CTs(Arduino bootloader) 100A max AA battery input (3.3V max) 5V USB RFM12B 5V FTDI power Wireless Arduino IDE compatible
  5. 5. RTC plug 16Ch PWM LED plug Barometric pressure plug Motor plug Infra red plug MOSFET plugLight intensity plug 512Kb memory plug OOK plug Relay plug
  6. 6.● Electricity consumption monitoring● Renewable generation monitoring● Heat-pump monitoring●Water, gas and flow monitoring (from pulseoutput meter)● Temperature monitoring● Multi node distributed monitoring network
  7. 7. ●web-connected base-station●receives monitoring data from the emonTx●posts to a remote or local server for web-based logging and visualisation●emoncms or a service like Pachube.
  8. 8. emonGLCD emonGCLD demo – point your web-connected:device towireless open-source click on emonGLCD demographical LCD unitApplications●Energy monitoring data●Pachube feeds The perfect complement to●Simple graphics – graphs, lines, shapes etc. Nanode-RF●Grid demand / renewable energy mix●Temperature data – onboard and remote●Twitter feeds, weather, email alerts, RSSetc.
  9. 9. emonGLCDwireless open-sourcegraphical LCD unit Temperature sensor tri-colour ambient indicator LEDs Atmega328 Light sensor Arduino bootloader Mode change / FTDI programmer general function push-button 5v USB powerJeeLabs 512Kb memoryexpansion plug Hope RF 3.3V 128x64 px GLCD RFM12B RF wireless JeePort - transceiver Expansion
  10. 10. Home energy dashboards, heatpumps, solar hot water
  11. 11. An open-source web app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data. ●Open-source, downloadable and installable on your own server. ●Specifically designed with processing and visualising energy data in mind. ● Written in php, mysql, javascript, jquery ● Follows MVC
  12. 12. Input processing Inputs Feeds Power Power power kWh/d to kWh/d Scale, offset Temperature Temperature x 1.1 + 0.2 Voltage x input Power Current
  13. 13. EcoBro community energy projectInspiration Saul Griffiths - Wattzon Poptech 2008Saul Griffiths, and David MacKay on sustainable energy plans that add upThe questionCan we make community scale sustainable energy plans?What we did1.) Understand energy use of a group of people interested in sustainabilityIn the Snowdonia North Wales area.Next: 2.) Use this as the foundation for building a sustainable energy plan...
  14. 14. The results The group gets 24% of its transport, heating And electric energy from renewable sources Group breakdown National breakdown
  15. 15. Energy use per person breakdownA B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P
  16. 16. Electricity consumption breakdownA B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
  17. 17. Thank you for listening.