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OpenEnergyMonitor Home Camp 4, London Oct2011


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Presentation given by OpenEnergyMonitor at Home Camp 4 energy monitoring and home automation conference and Open-source hardware camp organised by OSHUG. …

Presentation given by OpenEnergyMonitor at Home Camp 4 energy monitoring and home automation conference and Open-source hardware camp organised by OSHUG.

Presentation details latest developments on our end-to-end open-source wireless web-connected energy monitoring system; both hardware and software.

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  • 1. Home Camp 4, C4CC London29/10/2011 Glyn Hudson and Trystan Lea
  • 2. “A project to develop and build open-source energymonitoring, control and analysis tools for energy efficiencyand distributed renewable microgeneration”
  • 3.
  • 4. DS18B20 one-wireOptional AC voltage temperature bus IRQ pulse counting(for real powermeasurement) Status LED (upside down!)JeePorts forcompatibility withJeeLab shields 3 x CT channels 3.5mm jack forAtmega 328 @ 3.3V Seedstudio CTs(Arduino bootloader) 100A max AA battery input (3.3V max) 5V USB RFM12B 5V FTDI power Wireless Arduino IDE compatible
  • 5. RTC plug 16Ch PWM LED plug Barometric pressure plug Motor plug Infra red plug MOSFET plugLight intensity plug 512Kb memory plug OOK plug Relay plug
  • 6.● Electricity consumption monitoring● Renewable generation monitoring● Heat-pump monitoring●Water, gas and flow monitoring (from pulseoutput meter)● Temperature monitoring● Multi node distributed monitoring network
  • 7. ●web-connected base-station●receives monitoring data from the emonTx●posts to a remote or local server for web-based logging and visualisation●emoncms or a service like Pachube.
  • 8. emonGLCD emonGCLD demo – point your web-connected:device towireless open-source click on emonGLCD demographical LCD unitApplications●Energy monitoring data●Pachube feeds The perfect complement to●Simple graphics – graphs, lines, shapes etc. Nanode-RF●Grid demand / renewable energy mix●Temperature data – onboard and remote●Twitter feeds, weather, email alerts, RSSetc.
  • 9. emonGLCDwireless open-sourcegraphical LCD unit Temperature sensor tri-colour ambient indicator LEDs Atmega328 Light sensor Arduino bootloader Mode change / FTDI programmer general function push-button 5v USB powerJeeLabs 512Kb memoryexpansion plug Hope RF 3.3V 128x64 px GLCD RFM12B RF wireless JeePort - transceiver Expansion
  • 10. Home energy dashboards, heatpumps, solar hot water
  • 11. An open-source web app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data. ●Open-source, downloadable and installable on your own server. ●Specifically designed with processing and visualising energy data in mind. ● Written in php, mysql, javascript, jquery ● Follows MVC
  • 12. Input processing Inputs Feeds Power Power power kWh/d to kWh/d Scale, offset Temperature Temperature x 1.1 + 0.2 Voltage x input Power Current
  • 13. EcoBro community energy projectInspiration Saul Griffiths - Wattzon Poptech 2008Saul Griffiths, and David MacKay on sustainable energy plans that add upThe questionCan we make community scale sustainable energy plans?What we did1.) Understand energy use of a group of people interested in sustainabilityIn the Snowdonia North Wales area.Next: 2.) Use this as the foundation for building a sustainable energy plan...
  • 14. The results The group gets 24% of its transport, heating And electric energy from renewable sources Group breakdown National breakdown
  • 15. Energy use per person breakdownA B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P
  • 16. Electricity consumption breakdownA B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
  • 17. Thank you for listening.