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Open energymonitor saw lightning talk jan 2013
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Open energymonitor saw lightning talk jan 2013


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  • 1. OpenEnergyMonitor.orgOpen-source energy monitoring@openenergymon, Glyn Hudson, SAW Bangor, Lighting Talks Jan 2013
  • 2. 2012 Trystan 2012 UK Average 2030Sustainable Energy Target*Tools to help us work towardssustainable energy in a way thatadds up. Energy Stacks based on David Trystans Stack 2012 MacKays book: Only 17% Sustainable Energy *CAT
  • 3. An open source technologyIs a technology where the source code, CADdrawings, technical documentation is openlyavailable.
  • 4. Building technical Freedom to do capacity All these things Innovation Free-willed Intrinsic motivationCollaboration By making it easyParticipation to build upon theContribution Open source work of others we can solve problems Technology faster. Learning through movement how-to-guides, freely There is a real enjoyment available source code in making and sharing. and hardware designs empowerment inspiration
  • 5.
  • 6. The OpenEnergyMonitor System
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9. An open-source web app forprocessing, logging andvisualising energy, temperatureand other environmental data●Open-source, downloadableand installable on your ownserver●Specifically designed withprocessing and visualisingenergy data in mind.● Written in php, mysql,javascript, jquery● Follows MVC
  • 10. Visual Dashboard EditorDrop & drop, customisable graphs, re-sizeable widgets, buttons and live feeds
  • 11. Raspberry Pi
  • 12. Home Electricity MonitoringMy house: Electricity Reduction of ~47% over 4 yearskWh More than 2kW Kettle & immersion heater less than 2kW Lights and computers less than 500W Fridge freezer & standby
  • 13. Solar PV monitoring
  • 14. Heat Pump MonitoringJohn Cantor, heat pump consultant●Remotely monitor heat pumpperformanceIdentify problems●●Optimise control by providingfeedback
  • 15. Bee Hive MonitoringClive Hudson, Meirionnydd Bee Keepers RF Link Solar Winter 2010 PV Ambient Temp probe Battery Core temperature probe
  • 16. A normal bee temperature week
  • 17. Bee hive swarmHalf of the bees leave the hive●Bad news for the bee keeper●Possible to detect on the monitor● SwarmCore temperature rises above 34degrees for first time all year●Alert bee keeper via SMS to takeaction
  • 18. Open technologycommonsopenenergymonitor.orgTutorials, How-tos●Source code on github●●Hardware schematics an board filessolderpad.●All under open source licence(GPL)●Forums – dev discussion,questions, bugs..
  • 19. Open-source sustainable technologiesTechnology that empowers us to participate in creating a futurewhere we live within ecological limits.
  • 20. OpenEnergyMonitor.orgOpen-source energy monitoring@openenergymon, Glyn Hudson, SAW Bangor, Lighting Talks Jan 2013