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Presentation we gave at Elektro Camp in Offenburg, Germany May 2012.
Includes emonTx, emonGLCD, emoncms and Community Energy Plan Maker.

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  • Hallo an alle...hello everyone! Sorry but we don't speak much German, this is my first time in Germany. We have spent the last few days driving down here from North Wales in the UK. Looking around since we go into Germany, It's fantastic so see so many large PV installations. My name is Glyn Hudson and this is my friend Trystan Lea, we're here to talk about our project openenergymonitor. This is something we have been working on for the past couple of years.
  • 30K views a month 316 registered users OpenEnergyMonitor is a project to develop open-source energy monitoring tools, these tools can be used to help us relate to our use of energy, our energy systems (heating ect.) and the REAL challenge of sustainable energy.
  • The system we have developed so far consists of both hardware, corresponding firmware and web-based software. Hardware wise the system consists of three main units: A wireless sensor transmitter node - emonTx A wireless graphical LCD display unit – emonGLCD And a web-connected base station – emonBase We currently use a NanodeRF but we also have a couple of other alternative boards which do the same job in testing. These units communicate via 433/868/912Mhz wireless using RFM12B wireless modules and are based on the JeeNode design and are Arduino compatible using an Atmega328 mirocontroller with an Arduino bootloader.
  • At the heard of the system is the emonTx, wireless Tx node. This board can take inputs from: up to three clip-on CT current sensors, Interface with solid state utility meters with an optical pulse sensor Multiple one-wire digital temperate sensors – heat is often linked to energy consumption and is often a useful thing to monitor. Monitoring temperature is particularly useful when the system is used to monitor the performance of a heat-pump heating system – more on this later
  • This is the emonGLCD a wireless open-source display which we use to display energy monitoring information. It can be easily customised to display other sorts of data. Its got an on-board temperature sensor which can record the temperature of a room, its also got a couple of multi-colour LED's which can be used to indicate if the amount of energy a PV system is generating is meeting your needs – more on this later
  • Recently we started selling the hardware units, currently in electronic kit form through an online shop. We believe this is a great way for people to get started, learn about electronics, understand how the system works and even get involved with development. And obviously use the technology for a real application
  • The simplest implementation of our system is a web-connected single-phase home energy monitor. The data is displayed wireless on the emonGLCD which could be located in in a living space and logged online for more in depth visualisation and logging. The web part of the system is powered by emoncms a powerful energy logging and visualisation web-app that Trystan has been developing. He will be talking more about this later I'm sure I don't need to mention the benefits of monitoring energy to you guys!
  • 2 x CT's Crucial link between home owner, office worker and their solar PV installation, answers the obvious question: AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME ARE MY PV PANELS GENERATING ENOUGH POWER FOR MY NEEDS? This question is answered at a glance by looking at the colour of the LED's on the top of the emonGLCD. They glow green when the pv is meeting your demand and red when it's not. The emonGLCD display is updated with live data every 5s from the emonTx. We have found this real-time link between your energy consumption and your generation to be extremely engaging and actually triggers a reduction in energy as the amount your consuming it put into context .
  • We have recently been working with a local HP expert to adapt our system for monitoring air source heatpumps. With 13 temperature sensors, two AC current CT sensors and a voltage adapter it's possible to monitor the performance of such a heatpump. We think this open-source approach to independently monitoring heating systems has great potential. To *validate manufactures claims * quality of installation *on-going performance and effect of control system optimisations Here is an hours worth of data collected by the system It has become evident that a significant number of the UK’s heat pumps are not reaching their energy-efficiency potential. In ordered for us to learn how best to install, set-up and operate heat pump systems, some form of real-time monitoring is vital. This tool is as valuable as the stethoscope and X ray is to a doctor. It allows a heating system to be analysed in detail and observed over time so that settings can be modified, use-patterns changed, and system modifications be made Our first test was on a heat pump in Scotland. The owner initially had some very high electricity bills. After a brief spell of monitoring, we were able to pinpoint a few issues. These related to the electric boost heater coming on unnecessarily and the under-floor heating poorly balanced causing frequent compressor ‘cycling’ (stop/start). However, this installation was generally a good example. The data can be seen here
  • This is what a weeks worth of HP data looks like
  • Elektro Camp, Offenburg - OpenEnergyMonitor Presentation

    1. 1. ElektroCamp, Offenburg03/05/2012 @openenergymon Glyn Hudson and Trystan Lea
    2. 2. “A project to develop and build open-source energymonitoring tools”
    3. 3. Home energy monitoringSingle AC channel monitoring using clip-on CT current sensor
    4. 4. Solar PV monitoringhttp://openenergymonitor.org/emon/emontx/solarpv
    5. 5. Solar PV monitoringhttp://openenergymonitor.org/emon/applications/solarpv
    6. 6. Solar PV monitoring
    7. 7. Heat Pump Monitoringhttp://openenergymonitor.blogspot.de/2012/03/heat-pump-monitoring.html
    8. 8. Heat Pump Monitoring
    9. 9. An open-source web app forprocessing, logging and visualisingenergy, temperature and otherenvironmental data.Open-source, downloadable andinstallable on your own server.Specifically designed with processingand visualising energy data in mind. Written in php, mysql, javascript, jquery Follows MVC architectureopenenergymonitor.org/emon/emoncmsgithub.com/openenergymonitor/emoncms3
    10. 10. www.withouthotair.comAn open source book
    11. 11. Community Energy Plan Makerhttp://openenergymonitor.blogspot.com/2012/01/community-energy-plan-maker.htmlhttps://github.com/openenergymonitor/CommunityEnergyPlanMaker
    12. 12. Energy use per householdA B C D E F G H I J K L M N O PStack graphics and methodology based on David MacKays book:Sustainable Energy without the hot air
    13. 13. Community Energy Plan Makerhttp://openenergymonitor.blogspot.com/2012/01/community-energy-plan-maker.htmlhttps://github.com/openenergymonitor/CommunityEnergyPlanMaker
    14. 14. Thank you for listening.