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Update given by TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) to the Open Data Manchester community on 29th May 2012.

Presentation gave insight into the types of data the organisation is trying to make available

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TfGM Open data update - Transport

  1. 1. Open Data UpdatePresented By:Craig Berry (Information Manager)Dave Busby (Integrated Transport Systems Manager)29/05/12
  2. 2. Metrolink Fares• Received approval to release Metrolink fares data• Working to ensure available in an open data format• Probably available via TfGM website. Could link from DataGM• Aim to release Jujy 2012
  3. 3. Road Traffic Accidents in GMAccident_Index Junction_ControlLocation_Easting_OSGR 2nd_Road_ClassLocation_Northing_OSGR 2nd_Road_NumberLongitude Pedestrian_Crossing-Human_ControlLatitude Pedestrian_Crossing-Physical_FacilitiesPolice_Force Light_ConditionsAccident_Severity Weather_ConditionsNumber_of_Vehicles Road_Surface_ConditionsNumber_of_Casualties Special_Conditions_at_SiteDate Day_of_Week Carriageway_HazardsTime Urban_or_Rural_AreaLocal_Authority_(District) Did_Police_Officer_Attend_Scene_of_AccidentLocal_Authority_(Highway) Pedestrian1st_Road_Class Non-motorised vehicle (Rider/passenger)1st_Road_Number Powered 2 wheel (Rider/passenger)Road_Type Private vehicle (Driver/passenger)Speed_limit Passenger vehicle (Driver/passenger)Junction_Detail Goods Vehicle (Driver/passenger)
  4. 4. Bus Routes• We have now identified and tested an efficient and effective methodology to create an open data version of the bus route mapping, with approval from OS. This open data version is based upon the OS VMD road network dataset, which is itself a free open data product.• The data we propose to release would: – be published in multiple GIS file formats such as Google Earth (.kml), MapInfo (.tab), and ESRI (.shp); – contain a separate route line for each bus service; – contain attribute information such as route number and description. – 1:25,000 scale OS VectorMap District
  5. 5. Bus Routes Field name Description ServiceID Unique ID, created from Service_no + “_” + Suffix + “_” + Direction + “_” + Day + “_” + Variation (NB: values can be null, making the field variable length) Service_Key Unique ID, created from “* “ + Service_no + Suffix + Direction + Day + Variation + “*” with all fields padded to a fixed length using spaces Service_no bus service number Suffix bus service number suffix Direction Inbound / Outbound / Circular Day 1 = Weekdays / 3 = Saturday / 4 = Sundays / 5 = Bank Holidays Variation bus service variant Service_Type General / Night Service / Schools / Works / Yellow School Bus Route_Desc Description of the main locations served on the route
  6. 6. Other Datasets - Awaiting ApprovalFrequent bus services in GM 2000 - 2011 - The number of frequent bus services operating in GM 2000 - 2011. Source:TfGM Bus & Rail.Bus patronage UK & selected EU cities - Bus Patronage in the UK & Selected EU cities. Source: PTEG / EMTA / DfT.Bus Lanes in GM by district - Bus lanes in Greater Manchester by district, location and length. Source: TfGM (HFAS).Metrolink Km per passenger 1993 - 2010 - Total Passenger Km travelled on Metrolink 1993 - 2010.Metrolink park & ride spaces - Park & ride spaces by Metrolink station / stop. Source: TfGM Metrolink.Rail Park & Ride spaces - Park & Ride spaces at Rail stations in GM. Source: TfGM.Categories of railway stations in GM - GM railway stations by category & facilities operatorRail patronage GM - Rail patronage in GM 1980 - 2011. Source: TfGMMetrolink patronage 1993 - 2010 - Metrolink patronage in GM 1993 - 2011. Source: TfGM Metrolink.Mode of travel to work GM & Districts - Mode of travel to work by GM and district. UK figures included. Source: 2005update of 2001Taxi and Private hire use in GM - Taxi statistics available for GM, including travel to work/school by taxi. SourceDfT/TfGM data.
  7. 7. Car Parks Real-Time Data Feeds• Proposal to release car parks data: location, capacity and real-time data feeds showing number of available spaces• Feeds are generated every 10 minutes.• Available in a lightweight JSON format• Awaiting for a costed proposal from database supplier• Budget has been identified• Awaiting approval• Approximately 1 week development work• Target release date – August 2012
  8. 8. Metroshuttle Real-Time Location Data• Discussions with Actia• Received proposal• Posted proposal on Open Data GM Google Discussion Board• Gathered comments from open data community and entered into further discussions with Actia• Discussions with Microsoft over hosting real-time data in the cloud (Windows Azure) (TfL approach)• Release target date – August 2012
  9. 9. Metroshuttle Real-Time Data Challenges• Limited real time data available• The position of the bus, stationary/moving• Every 60 sec• Possibly bus running board route information• 3 floating buses that can do any route
  10. 10. Metroshuttle Real-Time Data Challenges• Data may take 60 sec to arrive on TfGM site• Data will be time stamped• GPS location data may suffer drift• Stop information, schedule & route currently available • Buses park at station prior to start of each service
  11. 11. Metrolink Real-Time Feeds from PassengerInformation DisplaysInformation derived from the Tram Management SystemStage 1.Feed of display information for each stopWill come on line as each stop feed comes on lineStructured as a display feedTarget date September 2012Stage 2.SIRI real time feed providing complete schedule/Real time feedTarget Spring 2013
  12. 12. Real-time architecture• TfGM working with Microsoft to develop an information architecture that is suitable to host real-time data• Hosted in the cloud – Windows Azure• Always up/available• Unlimited storage• Enables quick deployment
  13. 13. FINALLYTfGM will support developers where we can We want this to work for Manchester