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Presentation given to group at Manchester City Council outlining reasons for Open Data

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  • \n
  • FutureEverything CIC - Not for Profit that exists that was a Festival that explored the interface between arts, culture, technology and society. Has grown into a Festival and Living Lab that has been conducting research with local universities since 2007\n
  • MCC public commitment to Open Data\n
  • From the start we decided that the Open Data Cities project would focus on the Conceptual idea of the city rather than the administrative. The population of the metropolitan region is 2.6 million people with 10 local authorities and many pan regional public bodies. Each with their own structures.\n\nAdvantages were that working with the pan-regional bodies like transportation would have greater impact, and potential market for services and applications. It would also create a safer environment for Local Authorities to dip their toes in the water.\n\nDisadvantages it meant that we were working with 10 local authorities all with their own structures and methods.\n
  • Greater Manchester used to be at the forefront of Open Data Practice\n
  • Greater Manchester used to be at the forefront of Open Data Practice\n
  • Timeline of Open Data in Manchester\n
  • There is a very engaged developer/activist community in Manchester and by working with them to create the Open Data Manchester community we were able to create a demand side case for Local Authorities to release data. The community meets every month and has developed into one that includes developers, journalists, public officials, policy people, artists, activists…\n
  • Underpinning legislation\n
  • Washington DC’s journey to open data off the back of internal organisational transformation\n
  • TrackDC - Transparency led by OCTO implemented by CIO Bryan Sivak under as part of Mayor Fenty’s leadership\n
  • Trafford Council could see how open data could help them internally. This is the predicted figure that they arrived at for Greater Manchester although this can’t be verified.\n
  • Through this process of communication business models and arguments are starting to be formed. TfGM stated at the end of 2010 that it wanted to make as much data open as it could. Citing that in the economic climate it made sense to release data such as real time bus data for people to build applications on rather than spend money on fitting passenger information displays to bus stops. The cost of a Passenger Information Display Install costs approx £1,500 per display\n
  • By releasing data interesting services are developed and new insights that are beyond the scope of public institutions are gained\n
  • Helsinki pushed forward its regional datastore\n
  • London DataStore led by Emer Coleman on behalf of the Mayor of London’s office\n
  • Digital Birmingham are adopting an Open Data Policy\n
  • NESTA Make It Local funded the development of the Birmingham Civic Dashboard\n
  • DataGM created through a partnership between FutureEverything and Trafford MBC\n
  • Releasing data\n
  • Linked data pages developed by Swirrl for Scottish Govt\n
  • Allowing easy analysis\n
  • This data is for developers and others who can then use the data to create applications and interpretations for a wider audience\n
  • Data visualised\n
  • The same data visualised differently \n
  • Ultimately the project intended to create an ecology where components feed into each other. This is starting to happen but is happening slowly. Once an ecology develops the release of data becomes more sustainable\n
  • Part of the Open Data Cities project was to create a porous interface between the city and developers/citizens. Hackdays and Grand Challenges enable the city to suggest problems and issues that may need to be tackled.\n
  • Washington DC ran an Apps for Democracy contest publicised as creating $2,300,000 of value for $50,000 investment. Although these figures were based on estimated time committed by developers\n
  • HSL/HRT the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority ran a hackathon. 700 expressions of interest, 36 apps developed. Population 1.4 million people\n
  • CitySDK project involving MCC and FutureEverything delivering a hack event in March 2013\n
  • Manchester City Council Presentation

    1. 1. Open Data and Manchester Julian Tait Ric RobertsPresentation for MCC 31st August 2012
    2. 2. "Open data is changing the world - people andbusinesses, governments and cities are puttingincreasing amounts of their data online free forreuse using open standards. Just as the originalWeb of documents changed the way we live so toowill the Web of Linked Data. Manchester can be inthe vanguard of a new breed of 21st century city -cities which make their data freely availableproviding a base for innovation and the creation ofnew kinds of social and economic value." Prof. Nigel Shadbolt - Open Data Institute Co-instigator of
    3. 3. Conceptual overadministrative model of city Rochdale 206,500 Bolton Bury 262,400 183,300 Oldham 217,273 Wigan 305,500 Salford 218,000 Tameside Manchester 215,500 503,100 Trafford 211,800 Stockport 281,000
    4. 4. Conceptual overadministrative model of city Rochdale 206,500 Bolton Bury 262,400 183,300 Oldham 217,273 Wigan 305,500 Salford 218,000 Tameside Manchester 215,500 503,100 Trafford 211,800 Stockport 281,000
    5. 5. OpenData Cities
    6. 6. OpenData Cities
    7. 7. OpenData Cities
    8. 8. 2010 2011 2009 da LoJAN JAN JAN ta nd .g on ov .u Da k ta lau st nc o re M he sFEB FEB FEB Da IIF ta co G n M tra so ct ft sig lau nc ne h dMAR MAR MAR Fi O OAPR APR APR rs pe pe tL n n ov El Da ely ec ta tio M Da n an ta pr ch ha oj O O e es OMAY MAY MAY pe ck pe Co ct te n da n all r pe n Da y Da iti on Da ta ta ta st st go ra ra ve Ci n d nd rn tie s Bi M m co g ofJUN JUN JUN IIF of F en Ch fu E FE t nc eiv ip nd in ed Aw g ar en ds ds M G In MJUL JUL JUL IIF itia G PT E lc at on ew re ve ay lea rs 2 se at io su b da n Yo m ta In wAUG AUG AUG un itt itia ith g ed lc M on :K Re w ve C ire rs d at io St ns at Pr e wSEP SEP SEP Co op m ith Open Data Cities and DataGM Timeline bi os NE ne al d fo ST bi rM A d IIF ap pr daOCT OCT OCT ov ta ed . go v.u k MOMENTUM CONTINUES go es Fi in En Ap toNOV NOV NOV rs ha t Da pl ica Be nc ta ed ta tio G n ac M to tiv m M ity ee I IF ap tin g suDEC DEC DEC p ro b v m ed itt ed
    9. 9. Legislation
    10. 10. Business Case - GM Local AuthoritiesEach day there are an estimated up to 600 staff in thepublic sector in Greater Manchester looking for data,trying to access databases and converting data intosingle formats for cross analysis….Cost estimated at £8,500,000 p.a.
    11. 11. Business Case - TransportTfGM14,000+ Bus Stops15 Bus Stations50+ trams stops – soon to be 100+200+ Train Stations2,000+ Bus Routes300,000,000 passenger journeys40+ Bus OperatorsAs well as highway infrastructure
    12. 12. Five stars of Open Data★ make stuff available★★ make it structured★★★ non-proprietary★★★★ use URIs★★★★★ linked data
    13. 13. Themed Hackdays and Grand ChallengesOpenData Manchester
    14. 14. ReittiGPS, 1st Prize (everyday solutions) RouteClock , 1st Prize (GUI inventions) Seutuseikkailu ,1st Prize (concepts)Markus Halttunen / Essentia Solutions Janne Käki Tuomas Husu & team AudioReitit , 2nd Prize Rate a Ride (GUI inventions) 2nd Prize (concepts) Juho Kostiainen Teemu LaineTässä.fi 2nd Prize (everyday solutions) Markus Tallgren & team / Addfore Technologies Andropas, Honorary Mention Aki Lehtinen Kyyti, Honorary Mention Ilkka Pirttimaa
    15. 15. Consortium of the CitySDK projectThe consortium consists of 22 partners in 9 European states. Inaddition to experienced SMEs, large ICT and media companiesand research partners the consortium includes eight cities, fivebeing Capital cities or Capital regions. The total population livingwithin the authority of piloting project partners’ organisations isover 31 million. Helsinki Manchester Amsterdam Rome Istanbul Barcelona Lisbon Lamia Transport Innovation Challenge - March 2013