Open Data Support in a nutshell


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Take a look at our brochure and find out what is Open Data Support and how can we help you

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Open Data Support in a nutshell

  1. 1. PwC The mission of Open Data Support is to improve the visibility and facilitate the access to datasets published on local and national Open Data portals in order to increase their reuse within and across borders. This will be achieved by providing homogenised access to metadata descriptions of open datasets via a single point of access. DATASUPPORTOPEN Open Data promises cultural, social and economic benefits for society and business. Open Data initiatives around Europe are expected to promote transparency, foster collaboration across government and beyond, reduce government costs, allow the creation of innovative services, and inform decision-making. Although more than 150 Open Data portals have already been developed at a national, regional and local level all over Europe, the reuse of open datasets remains low due to the physical fragmentation of existing data portals and the lack of awareness (within and across borders and sectors) of available open datasets. Building better access to open datasets across Europe “Currently accessibility to and awareness of open datasets are limited” 150+ Open Data Support is a 36 month project funded by DG CONNECT of the European Commission. Open Data portals 6 3 1 10 1 1 1 21 9 26 4 21 26 1 6 2 2 5 1 Datasets are hard to find Unknown authoritative source of the data
  2. 2. PwC We help (potential) Open Government Data publishers to prepare, transform and publish reusable metadata descriptions of their datasets. Publishing services Training services Consulting services We train public administrations across Europe on the value of (Linked) Open Government Data and help them build capacity in effectively and efficiently publishing data. We provide consultancy services tailored to the needs of public administrations covering a wide spectrum of topics from IT to licensing and business implications of (Linked) Open Government Data. We help you improve access to your data and increase its reuse Find us on Join us on Follow us on Contact us Twitter: OpenDataSupport Raise awareness of the economic and social value of (Linked) Open Government Data. Build new knowledge, skills and hands-on experience on Linked Open Government Data technologies. Comprehend and formulate the added value of Linked Open Government Data. Understand the publishing life cycle of Linked Open Government Data Acquire hands-on experience on Linked Government Open Data technologies. Increase visibility of datasets. Improve discovery of open datasets. Enlarge and empower community of re-users. Improve quality of data and metadata. Slideshare: OpenDataSupport LinkedIn: Open Data Support Daniele Rizzi Are you publishing Open Data or thinking about it? Would you like to know more about Open Data principles and its technology stack? Do you still need more help? Open Data Support is funded by the European Commission under SMART 2012/0107 ‘Lot 2: Provision of services for the Publication, Access and Reuse of Open Public Data across the European Union, through existing open data portals’ (Contract No. 30-CE-0530965/00-17). DATASUPPORTOPEN