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Qt for developers alebo súčasnosť a budúcnosť vývoja aplikácií pre telefóny Nokia
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Qt for developers alebo súčasnosť a budúcnosť vývoja aplikácií pre telefóny Nokia


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  • 1. April 2011Qt for DevelopersQt 4.7 DPM Program | Product Marketing Stream Lead
  • 2. Apps are at the heart of the smartphone 3 Top smartphone ecosystems 22 Qt-powered Nokia smartphones with Ovi StorePUBLIC2| © Nokia 2011
  • 3. Why build an app for Nokia?Access to a New Significantly New ways toglobal scale in simplified way improved createlocal markets to design, revenue consumerall over the develop and opportunities excitement &world distribute demand for apps Ovi Store and appsPUBLIC3| © Nokia 2011
  • 4. Ovi Store: the home of apps on Nokia 5+ 190+ 36 Million Countries, of Markets with downloads daily which 90% in local billing from 112 language operators 158 80% Developers with apps that 40k+ traffic converts to Apps available achieved a download >1m downloadsPUBLIC4| © Nokia 2011 Data as at: 12 April 2011
  • 5. New devices drive Ovi Store growth 16% 5m 14% 12% 4m 10% New Symbian devices as % of total Ovi Store 8% 3.5m downloads Nov/2010 Dec/2010 3m 2.3m 1m Feb11 Apr11 Dec10 Nov10 Oct10 Ovi Store daily downloads Feb10PUBLIC5| © Nokia 2011
  • 6. Qt powered devices get more excitingPUBLIC6| © Nokia 2011
  • 7. Global scale at all device segments & price pointsSymbian MeeGo Series 4075 million 150 million shipping 600 millioninstalled base future shipments H2 2011 installed base addressable market Java addressable marketPUBLIC7| © Nokia 2011
  • 8. Local apps and content are major download drivers. Over 80% of these consumers can purchase from Ovi Store using their local currency.PUBLIC8| © Nokia 2011
  • 9. Beautiful & rich apps, with lessA complete, easy to Create beautiful, fluid Richer mobile experiences with Qteffort.use toolset in a single,simple install. UIs with Qt Quick Mobility APIs More intuitive APIs mean ~70% less lines of code, compared to Symbian C++. Future-proof with Smart InstallerPUBLIC9| © Nokia 2011
  • 10. Qt product offeringFramework & SDK AppsA collection of libraries. Tools to develop on Apps are the framework. apps. Qt 4.x Qt SDK 1.x Core GUI Qt Creator 2.x (IDE) OpenGL Webkit -> Qt Quick Tooling* Scripting Multimedia Simulator Networking XML Emulator Database Unit Testing Tool Chains Qt Declarative* Plug-ins (includes QML*) Qt Add-ons Mobility 1.x Other Add-ons * Qt Quick is made up of 3 parts: a) Qt Quick incl. in Qt Creator, b) QML, and c) Qt declarative module in Enablers Qt libraries. Qt Quick components will be available inPUBLIC upcoming releases10| © Nokia 2011
  • 11. What’s coming up in Qt? Available wk18 Qt SDK 1.0 Qt SDK 1.1 Qt SDK + 1 First all-in-one Qt Quick for Qt Quick SDK for Nokia amazing UIs Components Full set of widgets in devices up to Unleash creativity QML 70% better Global rollout productivity Qt WebKit with Smart Installer and HTML5 media device updates in 1H Smart Installer Video and Audio 2011 Access to 75M+ devices in Ovi Store Additional mobility Comprehensive features | Camera, mobility coverage New mobility features Bluetooth, NFC, … Location, Calendar. in QtPUBLIC11| © Nokia 2011
  • 12. Qt Quick• New UI Creation Kit for designers and developers• Rich and fluid touch-enabled UIs and lightweight apps with transitions and animations• Rapid prototyping and pixel-perfect UI creation• Uses QML, a JavaScript-like declarative language that is easy to learn• No C++ knowledge requiredAND SOON…• Pre-configured Qt Quick components will be availablePUBLIC12| © Nokia 2011
  • 13. Qt SDK• Single, simple install• Qt Creator 2.1 IDE • including Qt Quick tooling• Simulator, emulator and tool chains• C++ based Qt for mobile app developmentPUBLIC13| © Nokia 2011
  • 14. Qt Mobility APIs available Qt Mobility APIs roadmappedAPIs on Qt SDK 1.1 Service APIs available Service APIs roadmappedPublish & Doc Contacts Feedback Versit Location LandmarksSubscribe GallerySystem Maps & Bearer Messagin Multimedia Organizer CameraInformation Navigation Management g Beta Beta Qt Service LocalSensors Framewor Calendar Vibra Bluetooth NFC Connectivity k Beta Beta In-app In-app OviHeartbeat Notifications Analytics purchasing advertising Services PUBLIC 14| © Nokia 2011
  • 15. Improving revenue opportunities starting starting with S^3 with S^3 In-app In-app Purchasing AdvertisingPUBLIC15| © Nokia 2011
  • 16. In-app purchasing beta starting with S^3 Monetize from within the application • Additional components of the application or content available for sale e.g. new game level, new city map • Virtual goods or currency/credit acquired via sale and retained online for use in app • Subscription or payment after use revenues Leverages Nokia’s Billing  Footprint • For credit card purchases, or operator billing environments • Nokia offers Operator billing with 112 operators in 36 markets • 2.5x increase in markets with Operator Billing Great User Experience • Explicit purchase confirmation required for each purchase • Nokia Account Required • Operator or CC billing notification uponPUBLIC purchase16| © Nokia 2011
  • 17. In-app advertising beta starting with S^3 Soft launch week 24 Commercial availability Q3Best solution to Easy Centralized Easy-to-usemonetize integration of reporting and dashboard forlocation aware* in-app display payments publishers &apps ads from advertisers multiplePUBLIC networks *in key markets17| © Nokia 2011
  • 18. Co-marketing New ways to create consumer excitement & demand for Ovi Store and appsPUBLIC18| © Nokia 2011
  • 19. Co-marketing: local advertisingPUBLIC19| © Nokia 2011
  • 20. The business opportunity with Nokia is getting better. Qt lowers the Qt Quick and Operator billing New devices increase app creation Qt Mobility and new revenue consumer effort for the vast enable richer opportunities on a excitement and Nokia apps and user growing Ovi demand for apps and smartphone experiences Store content on Nokia marketPUBLIC20| © Nokia 2011
  • 21. Start now. Develop with Qt SDK 1.1 on| © Nokia 2011
  • 22. Kiitos. Thank you. Děkuji za pozornost.PUBLIC22| © Nokia 2011