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  • If information had a ‘gold standard’ what would it be?At Verifeed we believe valuable information is useful information – contextually relevant, sources you can trust, and reliable enough in real time to act on. I’m Melinda Wittstock, CEO & Founder. I’m a serial media-tech entrepreneur and award-winning journalist.Verifeed is unique because our algorithms seek to replicate how the best journalists assure accuracy – pattern recognition, source qualification, and more… so our platform can verify social streams in real time toprovide useful social intelligence for enterprises.
  • Let’s face it – a lot of businesses and brands feel like this. So much noise, 300 billion gigabytes of social data, three times the grains of sand on earth doubling every two years. Verifeedmakes sense of the world’s conversations – for enterprises that need to be::: First to know – and right – like hedge funds and day traders:: Closer to their customers like consumer brands who need to source fresh insights, identify and reward ambassadors, engage people around contextual social content:: Focused on driving traffic, time on site and other metrics to monetize content such as broadcasters and publishers
  • We have a massive addressable market in US…and globally. Our focus is on the $1bn now being spent on social software, which has a growth trajectory at pace with growth in social data itself.
  • Price points start at $1,500 a month and top out at $15K
  • Our team knows this market, how to innovate and drive revenue and results. My grandmother was first to call me disruptive at age 5 when I earned my first $100 door-to-door. I’m aserial entrepreneur, proven executive and award-winning journalist - creating content, driving revenue/ratings/traffic,and building businesses.Verifeed is third company. We have a top notch tech team led by Chief Data Architect Paul Herzog (Nuance, JP Morgan Chase, MacSpeech, NBA, Cendant), with hands-on advisors Duncan Work (fmr Chief Scientist, LinkedIn), Peter Harrison (fmr CEO Global Logic),Matt Prohaska who has sold or managed teams selling $2.5bn in digital advertising and platform licensing deals from CNET in 1995 through AOL and the New York Times, among others.
  • Verifeed scales … with recurring revenue vertical by vertical, upsell by upsell, worldwide. We believe this is a $100mm+ revenue company in 5 years.
  • Verifeedsoft-launched the Twitter platform in March. Within two weeks we’d built a pipeline of more than 260+ top companies. We are busy with early demos and pilots (and qualification of early adopter leads) –enhancing user experience and analytics on our platform so we can shorten our sales cycle. We now convert pilots into paying customers with at least 15 paying customers by the year-end with monthly revenues targeted for $40K by December.
  • Why Verifeed? It’s scalable, high margin, and game changing.One platform, multiple large addressable markets, and global reach. Verifeed is the first platform to transform unfiltered social noise into actionable accurate information – and viral engagement. It’s a win-win-win for our partners, their end-users, and those who invest now…in the future. It’s time to make news with us. Thank you.
  • What’s the big risk?
  • Please see to get the demo – and
  • Verifeed open analytics_3min deck_071713_final

    1. 1. Sifting the world’s social conversations for ‘information gold’
    2. 2. make better business decisions create contextual content identify, engage, and reward customers, sources, ambassadors Why Verifeed is a global opportunity We make sense of the world’s social conversations so enterprises can:
    3. 3. Scaling in massive global markets Brands Publishers Financial $432 Bn US Consumer Goods $118 Bn Content marketing spend, 2013 $470 Bn US Sports Industry, $100 Bn US News Publishing & Broadcasting $1.3 Trillion US Financial Services $10 Bn Financial spend on advertising, 2012 $1Bn Social software spend Gartner, 2013
    4. 4. Early Use Cases & Metrics Sports: March Madness Challenge: Boost traffic, engagement Action: Publish relevant real-time Tweets from/about the players and coaches Result: Time spent grew from 10 to 26 seconds, Twitter referral traffic up 129% Brands: Iams Dog Food Challenge: Find customers Action: Filter real- time Tweets about Iams & competitor products, consumer attitudes Result: Engaged potential converts, sourced contextual content to engage users PR: Fame or Shame Challenge: Crisis Communications Action: Source Tweets about client, engaged ‘influencers’ to guide crisis response Result: Pilot goal to unearth and meet consumer objections to change opinion
    5. 5. How Verifeed makes money B2B Platform Licensing Enterprises pay recurring monthly fees with 3 pricing tiers based on: ―Data usage ―Social sources ―Service level
    6. 6. Eliot BergsonTim Berglund Peter Harrison Renee Lewis Duncan WorkMatt ProhaskaDavid Lawrence Why we’re the right team to execute Paul Herzog Chief Architect Melinda Wittstock Founder & CEO
    7. 7. How Verifeed forces global growth Beach-heads first US verticals Up-sell with more social sources / data & features Grow market penetration Grow globally Sports Brands PR Add verticals Financial Publishing Politics
    8. 8. Timeline to Stage Execution Market Validation ― Debuted SXSW ― Grew pipeline to 260+ in 2 weeks ― 62% wanted next steps post SXSW Pilot Programs ― Prove metrics ― Test use cases ― Find early adopters ― Incorporate customer feedback ― Average of 9 demo requests per day Product Paying Partners ― Convert pilots to charter revenue ― Expand reach & revenue within each company ― New use cases ― Up-sell new features ― Add social sources ― Enhance algorithms Product Platform Growth ― Expand sales & biz dev team ― Expand into next verticals ― Hire Engineers ― Enhance Algorithms ― Mobile X-Platform ― Ongoing UX/UI improvements MARCH 2013 PRESENT – 3Q 2013 4Q 2013 1Q 2014 ―-Enhance UX/UI ― Reputation scoring ― E-commerce
    9. 9. Hire Growth Hacker Engineers Support Add’l Social Sources User Experience Data Costs/Marketing Enhance Algorithms Mobile X-Platform Add social sources Expand BD, Sales, Engineers Investment Sought $600K Bridge $3mm+ Series A $50K Monthly Revenue Dec 2013 $5mm Run Rate Q1 2015 Cash Positive $95mm Annual 2017 Now Q1/14
    10. 10. Trusted social intelligence for the enterprise. Get the demo at Thank you Melinda Wittstock | CEO & Founder Melinda @ 202 274 1479 @Veriate
    11. 11. Appendix
    12. 12. Primary risks Large company pivots into Verifeed’s differentiated space: Verification for accuracy and source credibility is Verifeed’s number 1 focus. Twitter changes terms of service to undercut Verifeed or offers rival service: Verifeed soon diversifies to offer all social feeds; partners will not want multiple service providers if Verifeed can aggregate all sources at a lower cost Data Costs Rise: Verifeed margins can absorb price increases
    13. 13. • Limited to 5% of fire-hose and single term searches by #hashtag @handle Twitter • Strong social management dashboards, but average Twitter search Social media management tools • Focused on Twitter brand monitoring Twitter-specific search engines • Focused on user influence (not credibility); not intended for search Influencer assessment • Comprehensive but will exceed many clients’ needs & budgets Broad social data search tools Uncovers true credibility of influencers Reduces redundant, off-topic, inaccurate search results Allows instant custom publication Enables real-time engagement/recruitment of users Soon adds new social sources Competitive Differentiation
    14. 14. Product Snapshot – Backend Filters Eliminates irrelevant, inaccurate, unreliable Tweets Intricate filters – 30+ combinations (phrase, keyword, geo-location, hashtag, about or from @handle & more) Eliminates repetition Establishes source influence & reputation Real-time interactions, user recruitment.