Competing in the Digital Economy


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Competing in the Digital Economy

  1. 1. w w w . c g n g l o b a l . c o m CGN GLOBAL Competing in the Digital Economy March 2014
  2. 2. 2 | CGN Global - Confidential Agenda • Defining the digital spectrum • Business @ speed of light • Big Data, Hairy decisions, Audacious results • The customer – value equation
  3. 3. 3 | CGN Global - Confidential The digital spectrum is a multi dimensional living, evolving ecosystem and there is a recipe that works for you and your customers – you just have to find it! Channel to market Real time decision making Target resolution Privacy Framing the contextual problem becomes a critical first step in the digital economy Data drives business drives data …and so on
  4. 4. 4 | CGN Global - Confidential Superior business models in the digital age will have to deliver on competing business priorities without dropping the ball Closeness to customer Product / Service innovation Operational excellence Crowd sourceTele-management Zerolatency Ultrascale Micro-targetedGeo-located Psychographics convergence A/Btesting Access / availability Technology is forcing traditional businesses to decouple their processes and arrive at newer models to remain relevant under continuously evolving market conditions
  5. 5. 5 | CGN Global - Confidential Competing in the digital age involves synthesizing relevant insight from multiple data sources – structured and unstructured…… AND ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING WITH IT! Technology capabilities are moving from just analytics to actionable insight but the truly transformative scenario would be adaptive decision making.
  6. 6. 6 | CGN Global - Confidential Healthcare: Patient centric approach to delivering value in an integrated care delivery environment Asset tracking for improved utilization Patient tracking from the time the patient walks into the door Resource monitoring for improved productivity Reduction in the lead time to serve patients, through real time data collection & analytics capability Location Where are patients within the facility? Where is staff within the facility? Where are devices/assets within the facility? Traffic Patterns Hot/Cold zones within the facility Dwell times Core metrics: unique visitors, visits etc. Repeat visitor ratio, visit frequency, recency Key Metrics Identity Who is in the facility? What is the profile of patients within the facility? Analytics How many patients are in the facility Where do patients spend most time What are the paths they take How many are repeat visitors
  7. 7. 7 | CGN Global - Confidential Healthcare: The true business value of big data is in delivering structural cost improvement and improving financial stability of the enterprise Salaries & Wages 51% Services & Supplies 27% D&A 5% Revenue 100% Higher operating network efficiencies Optimized fixed costs & procurement Gain Increased throughput resulting in greater visits & revenues Higher efficiency of administrative activities through technology interventions Operating Income 4% Other exp 11% Interest exp 2% Impact on Provider • Fewer resources & associated costs • Reduced administrative & transaction costs • Ability to generate greater revenues through improved patient throughput • Improved resource & asset utilization Right sized assets
  8. 8. 8 | CGN Global - Confidential CPG / Retail: Putting the customer in charge of the product discovery and buying experience and allowing unfettered exchange of information in return for real value Susie goes to the store Susie decides to host a party and checks out wine options online Connect with Susie as she looks at inventory at a client’s web property (FB page, Twitter handle, website, etc.) Promote the client app / web property / products in Susie’s and her “look alikes’” news feed and sends her coupons / ads / app downloads Recognize her smartphone as she enters the store and tracks her as she walks towards the wine aisle She walks through the store occasionally stopping to check out various products Suggest other products based on her current location as well as recommended wine pairings with those products. Additionally, it sends her relevant coupons and offers She completes her trip and checks out Update her profile with the list of products bought for future recommendations Susie goes online to review the wines Update the sentiment profile for the product and aggregates feedback to the retailers and brands Brand Awareness Personalized Promotions Social Sentiment Product Innovation Dynamic Pricing Customer Engagement Susie invites her friends and downloads the app
  9. 9. 9 | CGN Global - Confidential CPG / Retail: The power of the medium is in connecting with the core audience with pin point accuracy and scaling that universe using network effects with efficiency Reach – 3,500k Reach – 2,500k Reach – 120k Step 1: Identifying the most engaged audience • Core audience on FB (177K) and Twitter (30K) • Subset of this audience interacting with a particular video post – 50K • Look alike audience harvesting – 100K to 120K • Targeted, personalized messaging through sentiment and emerging theme analysis • 3-5% app download – 3K to 6K Step 2: Expanding reach across the web • Expand audience on Youtube (500K) and ShareThis (1,000K to 1,500K) • Understand audience psychographic and behavioral characteristics • Look alike audience harvesting – 2,000K to 2,500K • 1-3% app download – 20K to 75K Step 3: Reaching audiences in context • Incentivize engaged audience to spread the message through their network – 1,000K • 1-1.5% additional app download – 10K to 15K • 2 way communication with 100K consumers inside stores through the app • Store analytics and strategic screen marketing in context of the shopping activity Converting an ever expanding universe of engaged eyeballs to spending consumers
  10. 10. 10 | CGN Global - Confidential CPG / Retail: The digital journey roadmap drives distinct value to the business performance buckets at each stage – The key is tracking and measuring it SG&A 22%Own Data • Key statistics • Correlated price and volume movements • “Halo” effects Digital Media Advertising Platform • Increase ROI on advertising • Micro targeted messaging • Behavioral segmentation Location Based Services • Extend online profile to physical location • In context messaging • Personalized app content management Integrated Business Decision Support • Extend online profile to physical location • In context messaging • Personalized app content management Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Gross Margin 32% Revenue 100% Net Margin 10% Cost of Goods Sold 68% Cost of Goods Sold 68% Cost of Goods Sold 68% Cost of Goods Sold 68% Cost of Goods Sold 66% 34% 11% SG&A 22% SG&A 22%21% SG&A 21% SG&A 21% 13%
  11. 11. 11 | CGN Global - Confidential Automotive: A seamless customer experience delivering actionable sales insight for a frictionless buying process Sam goes online to research a car System analyzes his behavior and influencers System tracks Sam’s choices and preferences System alerts dealership of Sam’s choice and identifies his vehicle Sam walks into a dealership System tracks Sam’s data and enriches profile Sam buys a car System tracks Sam’s comments and sentiment Sam goes online to talk about his experience System prompts personalized messages for a new car Sam is ready for a new car System up-sells service packages Sam brings his car for service Sam configures a car online
  12. 12. 12 | CGN Global - Confidential Automotive: The business value lies in creating an ecosystem of engaged consumers and developing multiple touch points through the relationship lifecycle Actionable intelligence from real live conversations across 700 M users and 50,000 brands and live location feed from every single customer in the dealership Track and target influencers for your context Win mindshare across the competitive landscape Take the online relationship into the dealership and vice versa Execute end to end from insight generation, targeted messaging as well as relationship management One source of data to track the whole lifecycle from intent generation to first time purchase, servicing and then repeat buyer
  13. 13. 13 | CGN Global - Confidential Insurance: Real time catastrophe response management to optimize field resource deployment and service distressed policy holders in their times of need
  14. 14. 14 | CGN Global - Confidential ImpactFin&Strat Levers Insurance: The business value comes from recognizing that efficient response to crisis not only minimizes the impact of the catastrophe but also creates lasting brand equity Accurate claims processing • Right resource, right place, right time • Early response, limited damage • Lesser time in ancillary support (hotel, rental cars, etc) → lesser expense • Cost of latency for claims adjustment • Cost of ancillary support / affected policy holder Combined ratio ↓ Optimized resource deployment • Predictive resourcing models • Real time monitoring of ground realities • Targeted response with required resource instead of max coverage • # of deployed resources • Optimized mix of deployed resources (training, supervisory, etc.) Expenses ↓ Procurement efficiencies • Proactive positioning based on real time feedback for optimized response • Pre-staging reduces prices of hotel rooms, rental cars, etc. • Pre buy impact on ancillary support / affected policy holder • Reduced wastage Expenses ↓ Brand equity & market share • Real time sentiment management • Proactive engagement with policy holders and quick response • Visible leadership • Market share • Cost of retention vs. cost of acquisition • Competitive pricing advantage Premium income ↑ SourceBenefit
  15. 15. 15 | CGN Global - Confidential A fair and transparent exchange of information for commensurate value between the provider and consumer drives sustainability VALUE = QUALITY PRICE Performance Best in class Frictionless experience Features & attributes Customized offering Highly responsive $ Personal information Time Competing in the digital economy is about generating business (value) by serving greater market complexity (quality) without sacrificing operational simplicity (price)
  16. 16. 16 | CGN Global - Confidential SAURABH DEY SENIOR MANAGER E. SAURABH.DEY@CGNGLOBAL.COM P. 617.755.4881