20130924 presentation of OpenAIRE


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Presentation of the OpenAIRE project for FP7 project kickoffs

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  • TGoodmorning, my name is Gwen and I represent the OpenAIRE project. he OpenAIRE project, acronym stands for Open Access infrastructurefor Research in Europe, is an FP7 project thatfocuses on providing access to the research output of otherprojectsIt was originallyset up to assist researchersfrom a selectednumber of FP7 projectsto make surethattheir peer reviewedpublicationswere made Open Access, in accordancewith the EC andERC’s OA policy, It has now expanded to target all research output fromall FP7 projects. OpenAIRE offers aninfrastructure, tools forresearchersand project coordinators, information about Open Access and a helpdesk system.
  • OpenAIRE offers assistance toresearchers, project coordinatorsand data providers.OpenAIRE helpsresearchersto share andarchivetheirresearchers, andtomaximize the use of their research output. A lot of funders have Open Access demands, OpenAIRE also assists individualresearcherstocomplywiththem. Quiterecently, OpenAIRE has expanded its scope anditfocusesnowalso on the linking of publicationstoassociated research data.OpenAIRE alsoworks on project management level byassisting project coordinatorstocomplywiththeirfunder’s OA demands. Offer tools thatcanbeusedforshowcasingpublications on project websites, tocompile performance indicators such as usagestatisticsandalsotofacilitate the linking of publicationsto datasetsThirdly, OpenAIRE also assists data providers, whetherthey are institutions, repositories, journals, projects or individualresearchersto make their data more visible , toensurethatoabecomes the default for datasets (meanwhilenotignoringlegalandethicalbarriers) andtoensureinteroperability - eg between project databases andrepositories.
  • What does OpenAIRE has to offer for project coördinators and managers? OpenAIRE makes projectreportingeasier, byprovidingyouwith performance indicators such as usagestatisticsand tools Thepossibility of linking research data topublicationsfacilitates the re-use of research andallowsforcontextualizationsOpenAIREhelpsyour project tocomplywithfunder’s Open Access demandsOpenAIRE alsoallows export of the publication data, which means thatyoucanintegrateautomaticallyupdatedpublicationlists on your project websits
  • 20130924 presentation of OpenAIRE

    1. 1. OpenAIRE Open Access Infrastructure for Research In Europe Gwen Franck Project assistant OpenAIRE, UGent @openaire_eu @openaccess_be
    2. 2. What is OpenAIRE? Open Access Infrastructure for Research In Europe OpenAIRE = aims for the widest possible dissemination of and access to research output. Offers infrastructure, tools, information and helpdesk system. Facilitating the Open Access policy of the European Commission www.openaire.eu
    3. 3. Only a few steps towards Open Access through the OpenAIRE portal • Submit publication to journal of choice • OA = good! • Deposit open access version in repository • Almost all publishers allow this! • OpenAIRE harvests publications from network • Makes them visible through OpenAIRE portal OpenAIRE & Open Access www.openaire.eu
    4. 4. 1 2Helps researchers to • share and archive research • maximize the use of their research output • comply with funder’s Open Access demands • linking publications to datasets 3 Aids data providers • to make content more visible • to make Open Access a daily reality in knowledge management • to ensure interoperability with repositories, CRIS systems and project databases What does OpenAIRE offer? Assistance for project coordinators • compliance with funder’s Open Access demands • reporting publication progress and research output • searching and compiling performance indicators for a project • linking publications to data www.openaire.eu
    5. 5. • Open Access means more visibility for your work • Search function for research output • Usage statistics • Archive for research output • Own repository • Zenodo repository (hosted by CERN) Researchers: What’s in it for you? www.openaire.eu
    6. 6. Making research OpenAccess increases Visibility and Re-use
    7. 7. Project coordination: What does OpenAIRE offer? OpenAIRE provides you with performance indicators and reporting tools Linking publications to Data to facilitate the re- use of research output and describe research in its context OpenAIRE helps your project to comply with funders’ Open Access demands View and export publication progress reports and integrate them in project website www.openaire.eu
    8. 8. OpenAIRE makes LINKING & REPORTING of research output easy!
    9. 9. • Now (FP7): pilot • Limited areas • SC39 • Peer reviewed articles • Horizon 2020: expansion to all research output • Open Data : pilot OpenAccess: Future of EC funded research www.openaire.eu
    10. 10. Thank you! www.openaire.eu www.zenodo.org Gwen Franck Project Assistant OpenAIRE, Ghent University Gwen.Franck@UGent.be