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OpenAIRE OpenAIREplus: an overview of activities – Najla Rettberg

OpenAIRE OpenAIREplus: an overview of activities – Najla Rettberg



OpenAIREplus workshop - “Linking Open Access publications to data – policy development and implementation” (June 11, 2012)

OpenAIREplus workshop - “Linking Open Access publications to data – policy development and implementation” (June 11, 2012)



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    OpenAIRE OpenAIREplus: an overview of activities – Najla Rettberg OpenAIRE OpenAIREplus: an overview of activities – Najla Rettberg Presentation Transcript

    • OpenAIREplus – Overview of Activities Copenhagen, June 11 2012, Najla Rettberg, OpenAIRE, University of Göttingen,
    • Welcome to Workshop #1 Thanks to Nordbib! First of 4 Workshops 2. Interoperability – Portugal - Jan 2013 3. Linking Research – Belgium - May 2013 4. Legal, Sustainability – Lithuania - Late 2013 2 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • Opening up Science „Sharing Data and having the forum to openly use and build on what is shared, are essential to science“ Neelie Kroes Vice President for EC Responsible for Digital Agenda, Rome,2012 3 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • Why a focus on Data Policy? Data is key part of Research Landscape OpenAIREplus: Links OA Publications to Data OpenAIRE Community has to be aware Understanding of Data Management and Policy 4 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • Today we will Learn about… OpenAIREplus Data Landscape ‚Enhanced Publications‘ Publishing Data Policy – – 5 Institutional Funders Copenhagen, June 2012
    • What is OpenAIRE? 2009 – 2012, 27 countries EC Open Access Pilot, Mandate, SC39 OA Publication Infrastructure Measure Impact of FP7 Services Open Access repositories FP7 Project Information
    • OpenAIREplus = Phase 2 Dec, 2011, 2.5 yrs, 33 countries Building on OpenAIRE Linking OA publications to datasets Linking to Funding, outside FP7 Service for Users 7 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • 41 Partners… 8 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • Covering ‘European Knowledge’ 9 Copenhagen, June 2012 ESFRi, EU wide infrastructures Open Data Infrastructures OA Publication Infrastructure
    • The Vision CRIS User Creates Links Orphan 10
    • The main Parts of the Project Technical • Building up the infrastructure • Linking publication and data Outreach • Promote the service • Engage Users Service • Functionalities for users • Support, statistics, usage 11 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • What Data are we Gathering? CRIS, (CERIF) Projects/Funding Studies Licenses EC, National Metadata Publications (metadata) DRIVER, OpenAIRE (Text) 13 Datasets (metadata) Guidelines for Data Providers OpenAIRE Guidelines Data Repositories
    • Cross-Discipline Infrastucture “..any roadmap for OA infrastructure must address this natural tension between diversity and infrastructure” Meier zu Verl, & Horstmann (Eds.) 2011. Studies on Subject-Specific Requirements for Open Access Infrastructure. 14 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • Protypes of Enhanced Publications Data types, citation, metadata, usage 15 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • Supporting OA in Europe Network of EU Open Access Knowledge Champion Open Access Helpdesk 4 Reach out to: Users, Researchers, Collaborate 2 3 1 17 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • Data Survey 25 Respondants out of 33 Do you have an Institutional Repository Do you have a data policy at Institutional level Do you have a data policy at Funding level Need for awareness Identify repositories, initiatives Compare Results 18 Copenhagen, June 2012 # % 4 16 4 16 6 24
    • Training Identify Training Needs: Researchers, Librarians Pilot Training Event with Life Scientists – – 19 Q: Impact of Data Citations? Q: Different licensing schemes for different data? Copenhagen, June 2012
    • But….Issues Raised Sharing data? No thanks. Maybe Later. ‚Powerless‘ to achieve open access Relevance for Researchers? Win the ‚Hearts and Minds‘ of Researchers 20 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • An Eye on Research Practice “Forget PDFs, imagine an ideal publication where you click on tables to get through to raw data, where you can… discuss …and later update …a paper in subsequent versions. The latter is similar to Wikipedia, actually.” – 21 Copenhagen, June 2012 PhD Student, UGOE
    • Who is this Relevant for? FUNDER POLICY MAKER PUBLISHER REPOSITORY MANAGER 22 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • The Portal
    • Services for Users User: – Search, Access Statistics – Deposit Files and Metadata Publications and Datasets into Orphan Repository – Create/Infer to links between Objects Information in Context RDM Workshop
    • Expand Helpdesk Topics 26 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • Others ‘Users’ Content provider – Repository managers Third-party application developers – Bulk-fetch content via APIs – Authority files – Enhanced Publications Data ‚Curators‘ – 27 Validate, Enrich Data, Links, Citations Copenhagen, June 2012
    • Data Management Policies „For open access repositories, technology and infrastructure preceeded policy. First impressions are that for data repositories this will be the other way around“ Steve Hitchcock 30.5.12, Datapool.soton.ac.uk 28 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • Now to Data and Policy Remember: Linking to Data Repositories Understand Data and Linking Examples of Policies Breakout: – – Data Policy - Funders‘ perspective – Publishers and researchers – Technical – 29 Data Policy – Institutional General Copenhagen, June 2012
    • najla.rettberg@gwdg.de www.openaire.eu – – facebook.com/groups/openaire – 30 @openaire_eu linkedin.com/groups/OpenAIRE-3893548 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • Credits CC BY-SA 2.0 LittleBiGsis, source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/69842277@N00/226854249/ CC BY-SA 2.0 rdecom source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rdecom/7336830168/sizes/z/in/photostream/ 31 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • What is Data? Research data: factual records, which may take the form of numbers, symbols, text, images or sounds…that are commonly accepted in the research community as necessary to validate research findings Robello, R, Griffith University, ANDS Guide, 2012 32 Copenhagen, June 2012
    • From Static to Dynamic <Slide from Jens Klump