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Bert Pope bio power point
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Bert Pope bio power point


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Published in: Real Estate
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  • 1. About MeSaturday, January 29, 2011
  • 2. I am a third generation Tallahassean whohas always enjoyed the “Mayberry”quality of life. Like my grandfatherbefore me, I have been a realtor for over22 years. I have always enjoyed beingable to help people find a home lookingfor that same quality of life.I enjoy what I do . because of the thrill Iget when a person puts me in charge ofhelping them with their real estate need,either buying or selling. It’s like havingone piece of a puzzle and now the fun isfinding that other piece of the puzzle.After the two pieces come together, I amthe hero of the day.Saturday, January 29, 2011
  • 3. How I got into Real EstateAfter I graduated from college, I was 21 and shucking oysters at Barnacle Bills. My roommate camehome one day in a white Cherokee Jeep with a logo on the side saying, “KILLEARN PROPERTIES.” Iasked him where and how he got the Jeep (at that time I was driving my grandfathers 1975 Dodge Dart.)He said that he got a job at Killearn Properties showing people around and getting paid to do it whileenjoying this nice vehicle.Since the home I was born in was the first in the subdivision of Killearn, I knew more about Killearn thanmost people. I quickly got the job and the vehicle! After 4 years, I ended up being one of the Realtorsinvolved in the overall sale of the remaining real estate held by Killearn Properties for 25 MillionDollars. Without a job and developer, I teamed up to work together with my good friend Kevin Davis atBlue Chip Realty in 1993.Bert Pope and Associates LLC was started in 2000 and has enjoyed assisting people with their real estateneeds ever since.Saturday, January 29, 2011
  • 4. Cool things I’ve done • I created a TV program on NBC TV 40 called the Real Estate Weekend Showcase. It highlighted areas of interest to visit in Tallahassee as well as over a hundred homes being marketed throughout town. • I hosted a Real Estate Radio program on ESPN on Saturday mornings at 9am. Every week I had guests from the real estate community come to give insight to the real estate market through historical data and sharing where new communities were going to be popping up. At the end of the show I did a “top 10 best buys in Tallahassee.” • I’ve been featured multiple times of Fox news nationally during the real estate segment. • I’ve had a multi-million dollar listing highlighted in USA Today.Saturday, January 29, 2011
  • 5. My biggest tool that I have is my ears. In the beginning of my real estate career someone told me to SHUT UP and LISTEN to the people and their needs. Along with listening, I make sure the process of buying or selling that can sometimes be so overwhelming is not. The process should be enjoyable not stressful. I take pride in taking that burden from my clients.Saturday, January 29, 2011
  • 6. My Family My wife Jill and I were married in May of 2006. Every other year since then we have added to our family. Kent our oldest was born in February 2007, followed by our daughter, Lilly in 2008, and our third baby, Banks, in 2010.Saturday, January 29, 2011
  • 7. My Goals My goal is to produce over 15 million in sales this year. For the homes I will market this year,I am dedicated to keep updating and creating my Strategy for Selling that gives my sellers optimal exposure to the market. My main marketing focus is through individualized marketing, each home depending on price range may have an address specific web site, send out 1000 broker to broker e-mail flyers about the home with photos, use the internet/ my web site /plus syndicate throughout all the major search engines and web sites for real estate, plus a rider on my real estate sign with eye catching on-site texting ability for that homes information. No other realtors I know of around Tallahassee are doing this. For the buyers I work with this year, I am going to focus, as always, on the area and price range of interest. If there is no current home offered that meets their needs. I will enter into the MLS their e-mail address and instantly when a new home comes up in MLS in their area of interest it will be sent directly to them.Saturday, January 29, 2011
  • 8. An Invitation I have the advantage of being from Tallahassee and most of my clients come from referrals. If you don’t really know me and are trying to make the decision of who you would like to help you with your real estate needs, feel free to contact any of my past clients and read through my testimonials. I try to treat all my clients like family. I go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied. My success is measured by your satisfaction. My only rule in real estate is the golden rule. I want to be your realtor.Saturday, January 29, 2011