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Moving apps to_the_cloud

  1. 1. Webinar: Moving Microsoft & SAP Applications to the Cloud Quickly and Cost EffectivelyFeaturing:Mark Yohai, VP Worldwide Sales,AppZeroJon Beck, SVP Sales & BusinessDevelopment, OpSourceSlide 1 © 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Agenda• Housekeeping• OpSource Overview• AppZero Presentation• Q&A SessionSlide 2 © 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Welcome!• Moderating: Jon Beck, SVP Sales & Bus. Dev, OpSource• All phones are set on mute• If you have a question, please use the Chat Q&A box located below the presentation panel• We will collect questions throughout the webinar and answer as many as we can at the end• If we don’t answer your question, we’ll follow-up with an answer via email• Full-screen button will let you toggle between a larger image view and the view with Q&A box to type in questions – you can use it throughout the webinarSlide 3 © 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. OpSource Company OverviewSlide 4 © 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. OpSource Hosting Solutions Go Beyond Traditional HostingVertical Solution Leverage OpSource’s Unique Differentiation SaaS ISVs Cloud Telecoms & Platforms Distributors Application White Label Operations API Integration End-User Billing Support Billing Sales Support Multi-region Support Cloud Managed Hosting OpSource is a Cloud and Managed Hosting Provider with Strong Vertical Solutions for SaaS, Telecoms and Cloud Platforms Slide 5 © 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. OpSource Cloud HostingCombines Cloud Benefits with Enterprise Requirements Availability Easy online sign-up and purchase Provisioning infrastructure in minutes Flexibility Pay by the hour, only for what you use Access via web or through APIs Community & Support Rich community support Third-party add-ins & configurations Security Virtual Private Clouds Customizable firewalls Control Role-based user permissions Complete reporting Performance Multi-tier architecture Sub-millisecond access timesSlide 6 © 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. OpSource Serves 400+ Clients with Millions of End-Users Slide 7 © 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. World Class Partner EcosystemBest of breed strategic, technology, and consulting partners focused on the CloudBest of breed strategic, technology, and consulting partners focused on the CloudSlide 8 © 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. AppZero and OpSource Cloud• Best of breed application enablement on top of best of breed Cloud/Infrastructure as a Service• Lowering the bar to Cloud adoption for the enterprise by addressing reduced implementation time and expense of moving enterprise IT applications to a carrier class secure certified infrastructure• Try AppZero to OpSource Cloud FREE – Offer details at the end of the webinar.Slide 9 © 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Introducing the Presenter –Mark Yohai, VP Worldwide Sales, AppZero • 20-year record of growing revenue and leveraging partnerships for VC-backed software companies • Charged with leading the worldwide sales and business development effort • Previous experience as senior director of business development for Citrixs virtualization software division where he established and grew relationships with a number of global independent hardware vendors including NEC, Fujitsu-Siemens and Intel • Prior to Citrix, Mark Yohai held key executive, sales and technical positions at leading software companies including Ardence where his growth of sales led to Citrix acquisition, Cisco Systems, Informix and Applix Slide 10 © 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Q&A Session, AppZero & OpSource Free Trial• Please use the Q&A box located below the presentation to ask a question.• Questions for OpSource? Call 800.664.9973 or email• Questions for AppZero? Contact: or connect directly with Mark Yohai at• Try AppZero to OpSource Cloud FREE – Offer details at the end of the webinar. – AppZero: Download Free 2 Week Trial on – OpSource: Sign up for an OpSource Cloud account with code WAZ01 and your first $200 of use are on us. Sign up at 11 © 2010 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. Move your Microsoft and SAP apps to the CloudMark Yohai – June 23, 2010
  13. 13. Today’s Topics• Setting the Stage: – Virtualization’s Next Phase• Focus on what’s critical: – It’s about The App• AppZero in Action – Case Studies
  14. 14. Virtualizations Next Phase % of x86 Workloads Virtualized • “This next wave in 50 adoption is what IDC 45 40 terms Virtualization 35 30 2.0, and it will be 25 2011 2012 supported not just by 20 15 2009 2010 the Global 2000 but 10 5 also by the Global 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 200,000.” – IDC, Aug 2008 WW Spending on Server Virtualization Software 6 5 • “Cost stands out as 4 the biggest inhibitor to 3 2009 2010 2011 2012 companies virtualizing 2 these remaining 1 systems” – IDC, Aug 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2008Source: Microsoft Partner Network 2010, Gartner, IDC, 2009, 2010
  15. 15. The Next Phase ( continued )
  16. 16. Virtualization/Cloud Computing Adoption + Costs Accelerating sts in co Mgt/adm While server consolidation and Cloud Services adoption accelerate…so do the management and admin costs
  17. 17. AppZero Perspective: • High Software Costs Its • Long provisioning About times • Costly Management/ The Lifecycle • How to leverage App! Cloud?
  18. 18. Application virtualization is an umbrella term that describes software technologies that improve portability, manageability and compatibility of applications by encapsulating them from the underlying operating system on which they are executed. A fully virtualized application is not installed in the traditional sense[1], although it is still executed as if it is. The application is fooled at runtime into believing that it is directly interfacing with the original operating system and all the resources managed by it, when in reality it is not. In this context, the term "virtualization" refers to the artifact being encapsulated (application), which is quite different to its meaning in hardware virtualization, where it refers to the artifact being abstracted (physical hardware).
  19. 19. AppZero Extends Server Virtualization to the App App App App App App App App App App AppZero AppZero OS OS Windows Virtual Machines AppZero Virtual Machine Virtual Machine App App App OS Application OS OS OS ESX Server OS ESX Server Physical Server Physical Server Physical Server Physical Server Server Virtualization App Virtualization Data Center 1.0 2010-2025 Pre - 2001 2001 - 2015 Server Software Consolidation Consolidation App Mobility
  20. 20. Installing an App…Changes the OS App Server 2003
  21. 21. AppZero isolates those changes A Virtual Application Appliance ( VAA ) is a collection of files that includes Everything the App needs … but with ZeroOS ZeroOS VAA Server 2008
  22. 22. VAA’s are 100% Mobile VAAPhysical Virtual Datacenter Cloud
  23. 23. How do I create a VAA? Virtualize to VAA Output Source VAA VAA Physical or VAA Virtual AppZero VAA Creator machine Two approaches to creating a VAA VAA based on snapshot capture and template approach: 1. Install app VAA VAA 2. Scoop & move app VAA Data Center
  24. 24. AppZero for SAP - ECC - ABAP, Java - Oracle, SQL Server - Change SID - Change Host Name - No AppZero or SAP install
  25. 25. Impact Analysis of 100% Mobility for SAPOur experience running ECC6/7 on a new machine: • AppZero reduces total steps from 50+ to 1 • AppZero total time from 40 hours to 15-20 mins 5 EEC6 AppZero approach AppZero approachDeploy EEC6 With SAPINST from cloud storage from copy mediaSteps 50+ 1 2Wizard hours 0 0Install 40 hours 0 0Deploy 1 instance 0 2.5 hours (copy)Start application 15-20 min 15-20 min 15-20 minTotal Time 40+ hours 15-20 min <3 hoursECC6/7 formally SAP R3
  26. 26. Putting it all togetherData Center Life Cycle Action Data CenterNetwork Storage Server Pool Instant Provisioning: VAA Catalog No Install/Config headaches App 1 App 1.1 Updates: App 2 App 2.1 Risk and Hassle free Rollback: •Cloud Cloud App 3 App 3.1 Public or Private Simple & Easy Rollbacks Utilization: Dynamic/flexibleApplication Data OpSource Single Gold Image: Reduces errors Stateless: Movement D2C2C
  27. 27. Case Study: Fortune 100 Financial Services Co Business Challenge: Solution: • 50% of Servers utilized under 10% - • Move to a “stateless” Private Cloud across both production and non- computing model with production ( e.g. dev/test ) scenarios • Gold OS Images ( Citrix PVS ) • Provisioning times for business • Gold AppImages ( AppZero VAA ) requests for new infrastructure average • Workload Manager ( 3rd Party ) 2-4 weeks • Federate Private Cloud with Service • Early adoption of Server Virtualization Provider “semi private” Cloud created dramatic improvements in both utilization and Provisioning, but created problems too: • Hasn’t gone far enough on either Benefits: dimension • Newer infrastructure w/VAA are 80% cheaper to maintain • New problems with VM Sprawl • Less to maintain due to VAA • SW lifecycle issues not reuse addressed/affected ( e.g. Windows Server:admin ratios not • Fewer Images reduce sprawl improved ) • VAA mobility across Hybrid Cloud accommodates unforeseen bursts16
  28. 28. Instant Provisioning, D2C2C2D VAASQLData Center NJX90 NJX92 MS Windows 2003 MS Windows 2008 NJX91 MS Windows 2003 VAASQL VAASQL VAASQLEC2 Storage EC2 1 EC2 2 Windows 2003 Windows 2003 OpSourceOpSource Storage GG 1 GG 2 Windows 2008 Windows 2003
  29. 29. Case Study: SAP Partner Business Challenge: Solution: • International SAP Partner with over 50 • Created VAA for SAP consultants regionally; conducts 8-10 • Saved best practice VAA for future re- Proof of Concepts (POC) per Month use • Leveraged Cloud Computing to remove • Hardware and staff constraints created hardware bottleneck bottleneck, limiting quality and number of POCs – Each POC requires 1-2 man weeks to set up – Each POC requires its own dedicated hardware Benefits: • Instantaneous POC on Cloud ( Amazon EC2) with under 1 hour set up • Eliminated need for dedicated Hardware at Partner’s facilities • Direct Savings: $50k in capital expense, ongoing $100k in OpEx due to labor savings18
  30. 30. Software Consolidation: ValueApp App App App App App App App App appzeroCPU CPU CPU App App App App App AppApp App App appzero Server Software Consolidation App App App Consolidation App App AppCPU CPU CPU appzeroApp App App hypervisor hypervisorCPU CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU Capital Cost Reductions Server Server + Software Percentage Consolidation Consolidation Initial Savings Savings MSFT Operating System Costs $ 5,998 $ 2,997 $ 3,001 50% MSFT System Center Costs $ 1,598 $ 1,046 $ 552 35% SAN Storage Costs $ 4,500 $ 3,750 $ 750 17% Totals $ 12,096 $ 7,793 $ 4,303 36% Operational Cost Reductions Server Server + Software Percentage Consolidation Consolidation Annual Savings Savings Security / Patch Management $ 4,941 $ 1,647 $ 3,294 67% Sources: Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Datacenter & Enterprise Edition pricing from, SAN Storage Costs ( $5/GB @ 100G per VM from ), Average Cost/Server/Year for Security / Patch Management ($549 ) from report authored by Wipro, Audited by Meta Group.
  31. 31. Case Study: $4B SI’s Hosting Division Business Challenge: Solution: • Current Managed Service offering for • Created VAA for Content/Spam Filtering Content Filtering runs on 200+ Single U Software Physical Infrastructure • Consolidate VAA / OS at 4:1 – reduce • Server Consolidation will reduce number of OS, OS license Fees, and footprint – BUT patch upgrade surface area • Wont impact SW Licensing ( • Leverage AppZero R/O Application Gold MSFT SPLA for OS ) Image + Identity model to drastically • Wont impact OS+App Patch lower SW Lifecycle Management • Problem ( Licensing + OPEX ) only goes Benefits: up over time as 20%+ CAGR of service • Leveraged VMWare to gain HW adoption ( e.g. from 200 to 250 units this Footprint reduction year, 275, next year, etc ) adds more requirements on SysOps org • Leveraged AppZero to run multi VAA per OS Instance • Seeking competitive advantage to boost margins and lower costs to customers • SW Licensing ( OS ) reduced by 50% • App Lifecycle reduced by > 90%20
  32. 32. AppZero• Enables 100% mobility for Server apps to and from cloud – Your Server Apps – Zero Lock-in• Enables a Simple 1-2-3 process – Create from installed App – Copy to Cloud – Run• Helps lower Costs: – Lifecycle – Licensing