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Global accessibility day  untapped minority
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Global accessibility day untapped minority


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Published in: Design, Technology

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  • 1. The Untapped Minority: Social, Economic, and Service Implications Of Increasing the Use of Accessible World 2.0 Technology Pratik patel President & CEO, Patel EZFire Enterprises LLC 718-928-5529
  • 2. Presentation OverviewStats on disabilitiesCategories of disability and their interaction with ITAccessibility benefitsMore reasons for accessibility
  • 3. Presentation Overview (2)A few suggestions on what to doDemosresourcesFor more information
  • 4. Stats of DisabilitiesNorth American ImpactWorld-wide population of people with disabilities: 650million (2010)U.S. population of people with disabilities: 60 Million(2010)Canadian population of people with disabilities: 4.5 million(2006)Combined population: approximately 10% of all people withdisabilities
  • 5. Categories of DisabilitiesAbout these categoriesBlindness or visual impairmentHearing disabilitiesMotor disabilitiesLearning and cognitive disabilities
  • 6. IT Interactions: Blindness or Visual Impairment Text relayed via braille or audio Require visual concepts to be turned into text Sufficient color contrast and color combinations Clutterless UI and layout
  • 7. IT Interactions: Hearing DisabilitiesSound, audio, and videoTranscripts or captioningUI design and visual clues
  • 8. IT Interactions: Motor Disabilities Disabilities very Usage characterized by alternative input methods such as speech recognition, keyboards, and pointing devices Effortless navigation and UI
  • 9. IT Interactions: Learning and Cognitive DisabilitiesContent is kingWell-written, simple contentLogical organizationEffortless navigation and UI
  • 10. Other Benefits of AccessibilityAlternative text can be used by people whoare blind, or blind and deafturn off images to speed downloadturn off images to lower bandwidth chargesAre search engine bots
  • 11. Other Benefits of Accessibility (Continued)Transcripts for audio (podcasts, or videos) can beused byPeople who might not listen to the audio or watchthe video – deaf or hard ofhearing, busy, language, bandwidth, environment, …More traffic to your info, e.g., SEO. Search enginescan index the transcript, but not the audio or video
  • 12. More Reasons for AccessibilityUnited Nation’s Convention on the Rights of Personswith DisabilitiesCanadian Human Rights Act- Duty to AccommodateAccessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act(AODA) - IntegratedSection 508 of the Rehabilitation ActAmericans With Disabilities Act
  • 13. A Few Suggestions on What to DoInclude accessibility from the very beginningUse authoring tools that support accessibilityMake WCAG 2.0 Level AA a requirement, includingwhen procuring websitesInclude real users throughout development processcreate culture of accessibility throughout theorganizationWhen updating, use current best practices
  • 14. A Few Suggestions on What to Do (2) Provide alternative text for images and other audio and visual elements Use tagged and structured PDF files Make Flash objects fully accessible Provide appropriate labels for other interactive elements such as form fields Ensure keyboard focus and activation
  • 15. DemonstrationsWherein Pratik demonstrates his prowess with screenreaders and web sitesAndWherein Pratik tries to show off “things”
  • 16. ResourcesRègles pour laccessibilité des contenus Web (WCAG) 2.0(French) Wide Web Consortiums Web Accessibility Initiative Web Accessibility In Mind
  • 17. Resources (Continued)Section 508 http://www.Section508.govAdobe Accessibility Resource Center Accessibility training tools for ITprofessionals Accessibility
  • 18. For More Information Pratik Patel President & CEO, Patel EZFire Enterprises LLC Mobile: 718-249-7019 Twitter: @ppatel