11 Interview Tips To Keep Your Recruitment Consultant On Side


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A satirical guide through the recruitment process: a jobseekers guide to keeping the recruitment consultant on-side. 11 tips.

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11 Interview Tips To Keep Your Recruitment Consultant On Side

  1. 1. A jobseeker’s guide through the interview process 11 tips to keeping your recruitment consultant on-side 23/12/09
  2. 2. www.onlymarketingjobs.com Tip 1: peace, not war Contrary to popular believe, recruiters are on your side. Working to an agenda that’s different to your consultant’s will end in disaster. Remember, you both want the same thing.
  3. 3. www.onlymarketingjobs.com Tip 2: be a sniper, not a bomber Nothing infuriates a recruitment consultant more than inaccurate job applications. Applying for jobs you aren’t qualified to do loses you respect and wastes time.
  4. 4. www.onlymarketingjobs.com Tip 3: manage your expectations Only fools register with more than four recruitment agencies. Research which agencies best meet your requirements and stick with them. This saves you time and anguish.
  5. 5. www.onlymarketingjobs.com Tip 4: don’t be a pest A guaranteed way to annoy your recruitment consultant is to call him every hour. Rest assured, good news for you means good news for your consultant. Avoid this man by playing it cool
  6. 6. www.onlymarketingjobs.com Tip 5: turn up to the interview Your recruiter’s slogged his guts out and your patience/persistence/skills have won you an interview. If you don’t turn up karma should reward you with a sole-destroying factory job, somewhere near Hull.
  7. 7. www.onlymarketingjobs.com Tip 6: in the interview, ask questions Incurious people are stupid. Don’t just nod, prod. Interviews are a two-way thing and asking open questions highlights your interest and sparks engagement. If the interviewer wants a lap-dog, walk out.
  8. 8. www.onlymarketingjobs.com Tip 7: don’t skulk in the shadows Once you’ve had your interview call your recruitment consultant immediately. Waiting for him/her to call you is tedious and shows a lack of respect. If you’re not interested, say so. Fast.
  9. 9. www.onlymarketingjobs.com Tip 8: snowballing You’ve made it through to the next round: good work. Keep the momentum going by organising the second interview as soon as possible. Build it up quick before the interest thaws.
  10. 10. www.onlymarketingjobs.com Tip 9: questions to avoid Never ask the following questions in an interview: 1. What is the salary for this position? 2. What are the hours? 3. How much holiday do I get? Ask useless questions like these, you’ll be reciting them again down at local Co-Op
  11. 11. www.onlymarketingjobs.com Tip 10: be transparent If you’ve got other ‘irons in the fire’ please let your consultant know. This manages expectations. After weeks of graft nothing is more infuriating than the bolt-from-the-blue job offer. And it won’t win you any friends. Blue Bolt: even more annoying than he looks
  12. 12. www.onlymarketingjobs.com Tip 11: show some love Go on, give your recruiter a hug. Take in a movie or share a pizza, perhaps. Forging a good relationship early will be better for everyone’s longer-term prospects.
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