Integrating Content Marketing and Social Media


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Instructed by Donna Papacosta.

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  • I like being on page 1 of Google results for some searches. Do YOU ever look at page 17?
  • Not just SEO!
  • NOT the same as your traditional marketing materials, brochures, etc.
  • Recent stats on content marketing. It’s EVERYWHERE!
  • DON’T BORE PEOPLE. They don’t care about your mission statement!
  • Various kinds of content work better at different stages of the buying cycle.
  • Content marketing helps you answer the question – WHAT are we going to SAY on our social media accounts?
  • Paul Lima writes about freelance writing. He helps solve writers’ problems.
  • Use Twitter to amplify your OWN content, plus curate content from others.
  • G+ is getting more and more popular. Important trend: GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP!
  • People keep talking about information overload. NOT TRUE! It’s filter failure. You’ve probably seen this quote many times in the past couple of years. Remember it. SO – it’s not that we have too much info. It’s just that we are doing a lousy job of filtering it.
  • Todd suggests 70% of your content should be curated and 30% branded because the rest of the world is at least 70% more interesting than your brand. Plus, promoting external content builds social capital, and makes grateful fans of influencers.
  • Adobe runs and maintains for Chief Marketing Officers.  Contains both original thought leadership content as well as more frequently updated curated content from various marketing oriented publications such as BizReport, Adage and MediaPost among others.  Adobe has taken the high ground by positioning this as a vendor neutral-site with a minimal sponsorship advertisement.
  • Verne Global, wholesale supplier of data centre space, achieves global recognition as green IT leader using Curata
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune to curate.
  • Power of syndication
  • If you have a fantastic blog post but no one knows about it, what’s the point?
  • Integrating Content Marketing and Social Media

    1. 1. Content marketing + social media = success November 2013 [Edited version!] @DonnaPapacosta
    2. 2. Benefits of content marketing • Get better SEO. • Build word-of-mouth buzz. • Be known as thought leader. • Generate more leads and business.
    3. 3. Content marketing defined • Creating and publishing relevant, valuable content that attracts and engages a clearly defined audience. • Must have an objective. • Not sales-y material.
    4. 4. B2B Content Marketing Report From Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs • 93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing. • 73% are producing more content than last year.
    5. 5. NO ONE cares about your mission statement but you. CONTENT MARKETING + SOCIAL MEDIA = SUCCESS
    6. 6. Types of content • Text • Audio • Video, photo • Blog • Podcast • E-newsletter • Industry news • Webinar • Infographic • White paper • E-book • Survey • Case study • How-to guide
    7. 7. Social media + content marketing CONTENT MARKETING + SOCIAL MEDIA = SUCCESS
    8. 8. Get known, get remembered, get blogging • Blog consistently, with your goals in mind. • Write for humans, but think of SEO. • Use photos, graphics, multimedia. • Make it easy to share and subscribe.
    9. 9. What to blog about? • Industry news • Insights, opinions • Tips, lists, how-to • Original content plus curated content by others
    10. 10. Blog as hub BlogTwitter Google+ LinkedIn Facebook Pinterest
    11. 11. Twitter
    12. 12. Google+
    13. 13. Be sure to set up Google Authorship
    14. 14. Slideshare
    15. 15. “It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure.” – Clay Shirky CONTENT CURATION
    16. 16. Why should YOU care about curation? • Helps you keep up with rapid flow of information. • Positions you as a learner and thought leader. • Helps differentiate you. • Can boost your content marketing efforts.
    17. 17. Original and curated content Follow the 70/30 rule (With thanks to Todd Defren of SHIFT) Branded Curated
    18. 18.
    19. 19. Measuring content marketing success • Page views • Shares, likes • Email and blog subscriptions • Thought leadership: Speaking and blogging invitations • Leads and referrals • Sales!
    20. 20. Best practices for content marketing • Know your audience; what problems are they trying to solve? • Don’t overtly sell; it’s not about YOU! • Use an editorial calendar.
    21. 21. Best practices for content marketing • Be sure all content is easy to share. • Amplify content with social media. • Don’t try to be everywhere. • Create, curate, syndicate.
    22. 22. Content marketing pitfalls • Don’t overtly sell your services. • Don’t be dull. • Don’t forget to curate as well as create content. • Don’t ignore the power of social media.
    23. 23. Action steps • Remember your audience’s needs. • Keep your end goal in mind. • Think like a publisher. • Create, curate and syndicate. • Amplify your content with social media.
    24. 24. Contact me for a free report on content marketing. Donna Papacosta 905.844.7645 @donnapapacost a